Thursday, October 30, 2008

~ Tuck me in and turn out the lights ~

I hope someone will tuck this journal in and turn out the lights...    I think I've been strung along by the powers that be at both AOL and Blogger and they have no intention of my journal moving.  Since the day after the migration link was published I expressed my issues and concerns.  Never was I given a straight answer, and to this day I've still not gotten one.  I guess they just want me to go away.  :::sigh:::  Tomorrow they have their wish.   This and that, and hockey! will be gone......

I do want to thank each of you that have followed my trials and tribulations.  All the good times, the laughs, the jokes, the fun..  Those of you that gave your shoulder for me to cry on.. or to lean on.  Those that spoke words of wisdom to help get me through the darkest days.  Most of all thank you for the love and support you gave me as I watched my sister move on to a better place.   That entry and the 160+ comments left more has been saved in word.  All 36 pages.  I will never ever forget you for the love you poured out.  It's to bad we are the only ones that see what this community brought.  The money hungry bastards just want to move on and toss us aside like yesterdays paper.  Not I... I will carry each of you with me.

I know some have followed me to blogger and I do appreciate it.  Ds Designs and Other Things will be my home for now.  Stop in and say hi.. let me know you're there, become part of my life.. and let me become part of yours. 

Love you all...... and sending hugs your way



PS don't forget to turn out the lights.....


Saturday, October 11, 2008

~ Lies ~

Remember throughout the years as folks lost journals .. either they just disappeared or were deleted in error?  Remember how they were told there was nothing AOL could do?  LIES!  Not that it matters now, but low and behold during this transfer to blogger they've now been able to restore deleted journals, restore lost comments.  How is that?  Because it was always available but the techs or powers that be could care less or were to damn lazy. 


I am thrilled that so many were able to move their journals without issues.  I'm even thrilled that those that had issues over and over could finally move them.  Mine and lots and lots of other large journals are being hung out to dry.  Literally I'm afraid.  In two weeks this community will gone and so many journals will go poof along with it.  I've been told for 3 days they are working on it.  AOL nor Blogger can seem to fix the issue.  How is that this issue wasn't tested in the past months as they decided to do this?  In my opinion.. no one cared.  They figured several would move and folks would be happy.  They'd have empathy for those that it didn't work for but in a few days it would all be forgotten.  AOL and blogger did wondrous things to try and make it work for all.  :::cough cough:::  I don't buy it.  I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but damn what did they use to test the system? 


Ya know, I was only going to use this as an archive anyway so I guess no one really cares.  My issue now is what size limit is there at blogger?  I've got roughly 1900 entries here, and lots of graphics.  In the transfer I can't get half way.  Believe me I tried.  I let it sit there doing nothing for over 5 hours.  Nothing changed, nothing happened, nothing went to blogger.  Does that mean at 800 entries in blogger I will be done?   We will be done?  Will I not be able to put in graphics, will you not be able to?  I'm not familiar enough with it, but seems to me if there is no limit both large and small journals should make the move easily.  Not happening and they know it.


Speaking out will not help my cause, I know.  But WTF!?!?!  They need to do something for those that have their lives on their journal.   The count down has begun...........  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

~ Waving ~

Hi folks.  As you can see I haven't posted here, but that doesn't mean I'm not posting.  :)  You can't keep a good group down.  I'm settling into my new home, as are so many others.  I have links on my sidebar there to find others.  Surely I don't have everyone yet, but I'm trying. 



I suppose this will be my last entry here...  but I hope you'll join us over at blogger.  Thanks for all the fun times JLand.





PS  OMG this was so freaking slow.  Took forever for my journal to open then again to add an entry.  AOL staff is asleep......... oh wait they have been for years!!!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

~ Mystery Blogger IX ~

Mystery Blogger has moved

~ Mystery Blogger Update ~

You all crack me up.  I was a bit disappointed so many thought the mystery blogger picture looked like bug.  Not because she isn't adorable but I thought I was unique...  damn!  So nope it is not me!  LOL  But I do see 'bug' there too.   Our Mystery Blogger this time is Winivere from the Glass Box...  she is a doll then and now!   I don't think I have a blogger link for her so please stop by her journal here and say hi. 


The rest of the Mystery Bloggers will be done over at my new home...  Ds Designs and other things

If you've sent me your picture please send me the URL to your new blog so I have it.  Sorry but I haven't gotten completely organized with them there yet.  If you don't want your picture going up there let me know. 


I did add a subscribe option there which should send you alerts.  Just fill in your email and then verify...   hopefully it will do what it says :)




Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~ Ohhhhhh One Thing ~

I still have several pictures for Mystery Blogger...  should I do them here or there?   Please advise I don't want to assume if you sent a picture you won't mind it being there.  If you'd rather pass now let me know.


~ I'm Out of Here ~

Hi folks...  I had a rant all planned and decided screw it.  AOL and the journal staff (if you can even call them that) acted in the most unprofessional manner.  To wake up to a few entries with the news and to see a freakin ad banner telling us they were closing shop.  Cowards!!  The ones we depended on most turned their backs and decided to let a select few in on the secret moments before it happened even though they knew for months.   Thanks AOL I'm so glad I haven't given you a penny in the past few years.  I'd rather wipe my a$$ with my hard earned cash then give it to a company that treats its supporters as you did. 


Did I say I wasn't going to rant?  LOL  Well I'm done here.  I probably won't post in this journal again.  I will fill the tag requests and leave my alerts on until AOL decides to shut them down.  If you decide to move please either leave your link in an entry or email me.  I hate the thought of losing such good friends.  I opened shop over at blogger, feel free to stop by.  I left followers up so if you add yourself I can find you there too.  Please take a second to do so.  Until I figure out entry alerts I will be using that as my key.  Good gawd... so much dust at the other place and I barely scratched the surface.  So much to learn!!  I'm going to be screaming for help in no time.  At least I figured out how to get animation to work.  That would totally suck if I hadn't!!


I want to say thank you to all those that have visited over the years I so appreciated your company and the support.  I only wish those that stopped and did not leave a comment would have done so.. there is still the chance tho ::grin::  Hugs to all of you and I do hope I continue to see you around.


love ya