Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I won't rant anymore about this lovely service ::cough:: we all pay for.  It's been a pretty peaceful night around here.  Very few journal entry alerts, if any, and even fewer comments.  LOL  I wonder why!?  I allowed me some 'catch up' time, when I could get to journals and comment.  Sorry folks, I tried.  I did get some graphics done tho, that counts, sort of right?  ::grin::


It really has been pretty peaceful here, tho.  The rain has let up, yet are still calling for on and off showers the rest of the week.  There are creeks and water ways that are rushing with high water, but nothing like the East coast.  Please keep the folks in Central New York and Central Pennsylvania in your thoughts and prayers.  They are in dire straights to say the least.  The main Thruway through NY is closed for 150 miles in the area and they are reporting folks in PA are being forced to leave their homes as the water levels are expected to rise 20+ feet.  Roads, bridges, and houses are being washed away. 


So peaceful... I'm going to bed.  'nite

In Need Off............

Holiday graphics?  Or a rant? You can thank AOL for these!  You know the crappy service we pay for?  Well since it rendered itself about useless today (and the last few days) I had time to do graphics.  I got a boat load of alerts and guess what... the freaking link for the specific entry didn't work, but you knew that right?  If you went to the journal by a saved link or the main journal link in the alert you could get in and low and behold there is the entry.  WTF!?!  Sometimes you can comment sometimes you can't.   Sorry for the rant, but I am just a tad pissed.  I need to make a decision on AOL in the next couple of days and the only thing really keeping me is my journal.  I can let this fall on the wayside and be deleted and put up with this bullshit for free by starting a new one on AIM.  The more this goes on the more I am leaning that way.  Nice way to keep customers isn't?  Jam their crap ads down your throat in journals.  Make upgrades to make it better... up this AOL you just keep messing it up!  Resize the ads in email so you  have to resize your mail to take the whole screen just to see some of it.  Then, me the animation freak.... I can't stand the jumping crap in those ads!    Talk about freakin annoying!!!!  Keep upgrading AOL, you will upgrade yourself right out of business!   :::deep breath:::


Ok, the graphics..............










Tuesday, June 27, 2006






Today was a fairly good day, if you could get past the numerous downpours.  For the majority of the morning it came down more often then not.  The sky was gloomy and the dark gray clouds moved across downtown fairly quickly but they were followed by more.  It wasn't until about 2 in the afternoon that the rain stopped and you could see glimpses of blue between the now white clouds.  We didn't get much snow this winter and it's said we are in need of the rain, but I could do without.  Hopefully the upcoming Holiday weekend will be nice.  I took off Monday so I actually have a 4 day weekend.  I'd love it to be nice.  Mind you, I can't sit and bake in the sun like I did as a child.  Lathering up with Keri Oil and letting my skin fry in the sun is definitely something from days gone by.  Now lathering up with the SPF50 and sitting in the shade is more my speed.  LOL 


Went out to lunch with an associate today to reflect on years past and plan for the future.  It was decided we would go to a local Italian place.  I told him if he wasn't nice I was going to pick one of the lunch specials, Chicken Livers.  LOL  Honestly I love them but too rich a meal when you're starving.  We work together in a geographical region and we are creating a plan of attack to increase business.  We talked about issues, resolving many of them.  It was not stop chatter in between bites.  We were both amazed that when we got back to office almost 3 hours passed.  Makes for a great day!  Yeah right, my desk was covered and my voice mail was beeping at me non stop.  I was so busy at the end of the day it made for a quick afternoon.  The downsize was my brain was like mush when I got home.  Instead of my life passing before my eyes I was getting moving clips in my brain of the ideas we discussed and how to implement them.  It seemed everything was in fast forward.  I logged on to read mail thinking it would slow things down but it really didn't work.  Soooooo  I went and laid down.  LOL  I didn't think I slept but as I am writing this I remember very little of that hour so I have to think I did 'shut down' and sleep a bit.


I did do this graphic tonite as I thought the 'reflection' fit in nice with the post.  I really didn't do much else with any other graphics.  I started a couple but after moving, arranging, resizing, changing colors, different techniques I deleted them as I wasn't at all pleased.   Remember that brain of mush?  Well the little snooze only helps so much.  I will look and find a couple that I'd done previously and post them. 


Y'all have a great hump day!

Monday, June 26, 2006

A few to share :)




What a Monday!!!! Can't trust that day.....


Work was a bear today and by about 1 in the afternoon I wanted to run out of the building screaming.  I didn't, but you know the remainder of the day lasted about 25 hours long.  Nothing major to speak of it was just one of those days.  


I got home from work and logged on to find 400+ pieces of mail.  It's not unusual to get that much because of the tag groups I'm in, but some was just nonsense, some goofy drama over and over, and then my glorious tubes.  Since it was the tube groups sending all I had to weed through to find the 'good stuff.'


Then I got to my alerts.  Such sadness, sorrow, and heart ache.  Linda over at, At the Base of the Mountains lost her cousin John this past weekend.   Missie at Missies' Upside Down World lost her Grandpa, and Angel over at Angels Artistic Expressions was in a motorcycle accident with her husband.  I also got an email that one of our own was going to stop her journal.  I won't add more as I'm not sure she wants it completely public yet.  Talk about running out screaming.  I am so sorry for all of you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you!


The day ended on a better note.  I got a phone call from a girl I work with.  Her daughter is really into photography and expressed an interest in PSP.  Today I walked her through some basic steps and got her to get a graphic to snow and one to rain.  I think she had fun and I do hope she will stick with it.  I have a feeling it won't be long and she will be addicted as I am. 


Aaah then my turn.  LOL  I messed with this graphic a gazillion times.  I loved the bridge and played with my sunset picture.  I tried and tried to get some blue in the water, but the water in the original picture was a bit dark and adding blue made it look like molten steel and I hated it.  This is the one I liked best. 


I read over at John's Journal about chatting on your journal.  I was going to give it a shot but just ran out of time.  Maybe later.  Any try it?  I know there will be downsides, but what a cool thing to have in JLand.... or is it?


Ok, off to post a few for you and then to bed.  Sorry 'bout all the links... is that lazy blogging or what? :)~

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good Day


I awoke this morning to an email from Lisa Jo.  It was so nice to hear from her and get an explanation of what happened.  As I read her note I felt horrible, and like a selfish bitch.  Yeap, you see I was horrible to her and didn't even realize it.  I won't go into all the details as it is not necessary but I am thrilled things are worked out, and Lisa if you are reading this again I am so sorry.  If someone pointed her in my direction I thank you :)


Renee' and Mike moved in to their new house today.  They had a ton of 'prep work' to do and it is not 100% complete but they needed to move in and out of their old place.  No way they could pay a mortgage and rent.  I went to the old house and loaded up as much of the small stuff that would fit in my car.   I had mostly house plants and things that wouldn't store well on the truck.  On the way from the old house to the new house I stopped at a local park and took some shots of a gazebo and the water.   I got the pictures and headed on my way.  As I drove down the road I noticed a local unfinished furniture store had rocking chairs out front.  You got it!  I pulled in and snapped a couple pictures.  Earlier this evening I tubed the chair and played around with some graphics to come up with the above.  I did it rather quickly but still think it came out ok.  It won't be the last time you see that chair!


The move went pretty well all things considered, but about mid day we got hammered by a storm.  The rain came down in buckets and I needed to run home to close my windows.  I should have known better, but it was so hot while I was here I never thought about it.  Needless to say my kitchen floor was covered.  A huge puddle that extended well under my table.  ARGH!  At least I got home before it left a dreaded white ring.  It also decided to open up after the truck was loaded and before it had to be unloaded, which was great timing!!  Some places in the area were not as lucky as the rain caused some flooding.   It really didn't last long but it sure hit hard.  They are saying it could happen again and again over the next few days.  How fun!?!


Well it's late and I need to get my fanny in bed. 




Once again, I couldn't decide on which I liked better.  The dark background or the light one.  I'll let you decide.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

You Decide

I got the castle graphic and just had to do something.  I started working and couldn't decide what I wanted or what I liked best.  Good 'ole Martha Karen is always watching out for you.  She suggested since I was making it for snag, to do all of them, and you decide.  So here goes......  Leave a comment and let me know which you like best, if any :)







It's the Heat


..... and the humidity!  Don't get me wrong, I love that summer has arrived and the weather is good.  Well, ok, it's fair.  It's been warm and sticky with haze and overcast skies in the morning and then again in the evening.  The sun tries to burn it off during the day and it does somewhat.  It's heavy and thick air swirling with the fans.  I actually thought today would be a good sunset for pictures, but it doesn't look like it will turn out that way so I am not even heading out down to the lake.  I may take a ride to the local park in a bit, we'll see.  There is a community day carnival going on and tonight is the night for fireworks.  Not sure I want to fight the heat and crowds and attempt to get pictures.  LOL  I'm feeling pretty lazy.


Did errands and some laundry and then headed to the grocery store.  As I walked in all I could smell was fresh fruit.  The honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pineapple.  I couldn't just walk by.  I filled my cart and headed for the things I needed most... coffee and creamer!  Grabbed a bit here and there and headed home.  I got things put away and started cutting up the fruit.  A few for the bowl, one for me.  OMG!  What magnificent luck I had!  The honey dew was sweet and juicy, melting in my mouth as I stole a few chunks before they made it to the bowl.  The cantaloupe was a bit firmer but perfectly ripe.  The flavor burst in my mouth as I bit into it.  Now, the fresh pineapple was a winner.  As soon as I cut the top off, the scent filled my kitchen.  I felt like I was on a tropical island!  I got it all cut and it is sitting in my fridge as I write.  A little bit longer and it will be perfectly chilled for an evening snack on an extremely hot day.


I'd like to take a moment to send Lisa Jo over at Damaged Goods happy thoughts and get well wishes.  She's been released from the hospital, but could still use your prayers and good thoughts.  If any of you talk to her let her know I send my best.  A few months ago she blocked me from commenting in her journal.  I wrote twice thinking it was an error but apparently it is not.  I have no idea what I have done to her. She obviously didn't want to talk about it then and now is not the time.  I just hope she knows there are a lot of folks out here pulling for her.


Speaking of 'doing things', I've apparently pissed someone else off too.  Gawd, see ya'll you didn't believe me when I said folks think I'm a bitch.  I've recently had mail ignored then deleted from someone I thought was a good friend.  Use to be a whole different relationship.  I understand this person has some personal things going on and time is not what it was.  But ignore, then delete?  Bet they are cloaking too.  LOL No worries, I'm over it, life goes on and I have too much good to dwell on it.  Be an adult, fess up, move on.  Like I said I'm over it no need to hide, and no reason to skim through mail for something from me as you've no doubt noticed I am not sending any! 


Well off to find some graphics to share :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Congratulations Lindy!


Lindy was awarded the Jack Adams (coach of the year) Award this evening.  It was the closest voting in history.  He edged out Peter Laviolette by one vote.  Lindy later stated, 'I'd trade him the point for that big silver cup he has sitting over there.'


Lindy is the longest tenured coach in the league and coached the Sabres to a 52-24-6 record for 110 points, setting a franchise record for victories and points.  That is a 25 point improvement over the 2003-2004 season.  The team tallied their highest goal total since the '93-'94 season.  Scoring a total 281 goals without any player placing among the top 60 scorers in the league. 


The season was full of ups and downs and most importantly the battle with his daughters health.  He persevered and lead the team with strong shoulders and words.  The line I loved best in his speech was, 'the team played for the crest on the front of the jersey not the name on the back.'


Congrats Lindy you deserved it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



It feels like forever since I posted.  I mean posted some content.  Lots of graphics and tid bits about this and that, but nothing more.  Then I look back and a good portion of my journal is tid bits and graphics.  Today will be no different.  LOL  Same 'ole same 'ole going on here.   Just been on 'my sail boat' enjoying the scenery and not much to say.


Fact:  Carolina had their parade today for winning the Cup.  Apparently it was held in the parking lot of the arena and about 30,000 folks showed up.  Let me qualify that with a little information.  In 1999 when the Sabres lost in the finals to Dallas we had a rally downtown.   We had about that many show up, and we lost.  Had we won, the city would have closed down for the day to celebrate.  I kid you not!


Fact:  Ted Nolan will be presenting the Jack Adams award tomorrow at the awards ceremony.   Ted Nolan coached the Sabres 9 years ago and won the Jack Adams (coach of the year).  There were changes here and he was offered a one year contract, he turned it down.  Lindy Ruff was hired and still is coach.  He was offered the job in Tampa Bay, and had several offers as assistant coach.  He has not been in the NHL for those 9 years.  He was a great coach and there is much speculation about why he was not hired again.  Regardless it's the past.  He was hired by the New York Islanders about a week ago, welcome back Ted.  Ted had interviewed with the Islanders for head coach back in 2001.  He was not hired, Peter Laviolette (current coach of Carolina)  was.   So what?   Well, I think it is bizarre.  Both Laviolette and Ruff are up for the award. (Along with the coach of the NY Rangers Tom Renney)  Nolan has been out of the league for 9 years and now has the potential to hand the coach of the year award to one of two guys who in essence took away his coaching career.  Bizarre!

And... a little of that...




Love the way these came out :)

A little of this...........

You know the drill on snagging ::grin::  If not see my sidebar, thanks.   I'd like to say thank you to all those who share their tubes and graphics so I can play.








Anyone for the beach? 





Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Pictures From Fathers Day

Just wanted to share a few more pictures that I played with from Fathers Day. 




Bug sitting on my nieces lap.  I was sitting on the edge of the table and was amazed at the look in Bugs eyes as she watched and listened so intently.  I had to grab the camera.  Thought the framing of this one was cute.  I'm starting to get into the digital scrap kit sets and think I might have another addiction.  LOL  Maybe folks will pose for pictures if I don't make 'em move after the fact??  ::evil grin::




Bud is becoming quite the swimmer.  He was so thrilled this year when he got in the pool and grew enough to be able to touch bottom.  He will be signed up for swim lessons this summer and his goal is to get all his cards so he can become a life guard.  LOL He thinks he can do it by age 9.   I misted the shot of him in the pool to soften up the edges as he almost swam right out of the shot.  Got him posing a bit with the goggles, and my tubing is getting a bit better.  Practice, practice, practice!




:::giggle:::  So I didn't make them move here, but I made them 'move.'   You can definitely see they had a full day of swimming and playing in the heat.  Bug was actually up on the deck sunning herself when I snapped this.  Bud is relaxing in a completely different shot.  The sunset is actually from that night.  I tubed the two pictures of them, put them in front of the sunset and added some sand and water.  Not perfect, but not bad either seeing how it's a combination of about 5 pictures in one. 


I had another of bug with my other niece but so far I've been unable to get her permission to post.  She's in her bathing suit and I can't do that without her permission.  If I get the ok I will come back and add it.


UPDATE:  Hehehehe... I got permission :)  She just got my message and let me know it was ok to put this up.  She rocks!!   Love those kids!  All of 'em



Monday, June 19, 2006



Congratulations goes out to the Carolina Hurricane's for winning the Stanley Cup tonight in game 7.  Congrats also go out to the Edmonton Oilers for making it a series, and I a great one at that.


I was really cheering for Edmonton to win for many reason, and sure maybe a little bitterness too.  Not just because Carolina beat us to get there, but more because the area doesn't really understand the whole deal.  If you can get tickets to game 7 of the finals, if your local news cuts away from the celebration to show the news, what does that tell you?  Screams volumes to me and I hate it.  The team played hard and got extremely lucky throughout, and they won so I give them kudos'.  Congrats to Cam Ward for winning the MVP of the playoffs. 


Bill picked the winner of this round.  Congrats Bill!  Total goals scored was 34.

The final cumulative standings even tho not many played this round.


xxroxymamaxx- 9

gaboatman- 7
nightmaremom- 7

mutualaide- 6

debbiewebb4465- 6

justplainbill- 5




Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day is Done and so am I...


Today was a magnificent day!  We all gathered at my sisters to celebrate Father's Day.

Steak and all the fixings were on the menu, the entire family was there, the temps were in the 90's and she has a pool!  Thank God for the breeze or we would have all baked right along with the potatoes!


The fresh air, the heat, all the food has me exhausted.  Just wanted to post real quick.  Besides I saw these pictures of the 'bug' and had to get them up.  She showed up ready to swim!  Her outfit upon entry into the backyard was a hoot!  She also enjoyed swimming her with Uncle Tim (my brother).


I will play more tomorrow, I'm ready to get to bed.



Happy Fathers Day!


I don't recall my Dad ever fishing unless of course he was playing with us while on a camping trip but I thought this graphic was cute and added it to a picture I took of my most recent camp out. 


Today is your day Dad, enjoy it!  Rest and relax and let us take care of you like you've done for us for years.  Always there with a strong shoulder, wise words, and even a stern look.  Speaking of stern, I can think of one saying I heard many a time.  'Two weeks, Donna.'  LOL all the 'bad' things I did it became a staple in my vocabulary, but it was for my own good, right?  :)


There are no way words or gifts that can express the love I have for you.  You are our rock! 


I'd like to take a moment to wish all the Dad's out there a Happy Fathers Day.  Remember anyone can be a donor but it takes work to fill the shoes of Dad.  Happy Fathers Day!

A Few to Say Thanks!

I tried to post these last night as a 'little' thank you after my entry, see below.  AOL was not being helpful and would not let me do it!  ARGH!  So here it is a day late and a dollar short.  Hugs










Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thank You!


I was reminded earlier today that tomorrow is my anniversary here in JLand.  One year and I can hardly believe it!  I started the journal for fun, thinking only family and close friends would visit.  I had no idea what direction I would take, what I'd talk about, or if it would even last.  Now a year later I'm so addicted to the whole 'scene.' 


The journal itself took on a mind of it's own.  How far I've come.  I still don't get into all my little secrets ::giggle:: but I've grown in so many ways.  I've met so many wonderful people and feel like you are family and close friends and I thank you!  You've supported me in so many aspects of the direction of my life whether you know it or not.  It's been a wonderful ride and I look forward to many more miles. 


Through JLand I was introduced to PSP and graphics.  Angel over at Angels Artistic Expressions helped get me started and gave me so much advise and help.  Thanks Angel!!  Slowly I got the hang of it, and now I can't stop.  Like I said, thanks Angel!  LOL  I've tried to help others along the way as Angel has helped me, and I do hope someone got something out of what I said or gave.  


Giving.... it's away of life around JLand.  Support, smiles, advise, help, and even their pictures.  I've had so many of you let me snag your pictures to play with.  I do appreciate it.  Without your blessings some of my graphics would not be what they are.  Thank You!  Take the covered bridge, I snagged it from Betty over at My Day My Interests.  There are so many of you out there I could no way list you all, but do know I appreciate your 'blessing' in using your graphics.




I could go on and on about how great you all, and I probably should but I'd most likely bore you.  Just know I appreciate all of you and look forward to more journeys with each of you! 

Good Morning


Just playing around, so thought I'd share :)

Perfect Place

Wouldn't it be wonderful to grab your coffee and enjoy the view?  I surely thought so!  Ok, so the background is actually a sunset picture I took not to long ago, but it works here too, doesn't it?  ::grin::  Sitting on the dock with the smell of morning coming in off the water.  Fresh scents of nearby flowers and the aroma of your morning brew.  A perfect place to be, a perfect place to start your day.


Instead I have the sounds of traffic on the road and in the air.  Lawn mowers going and my neighbor building something in his garage.  The dishwasher is running and my sister on the phone.  The TV is on, the fan is running and my computer is humming through it all.  Can you say reality!?!


It's 80 degrees here this morning and it is expected to get even warmer.  A little humidity but the breeze is pleasant.  The fan helps!  No, I do not have AC and actually like it better without most of the time.  I like the fresh air and most summer smells.  I can do without the 100% humidity and 90 degree temps, as well as the smell of exhaust.  Fresh cut grass and sweet flowers outweigh the bad so I will live.


Not much planned for today.  Bits and pieces around the house.  I need to figure out what I will be doing for my Dad.  What on earth do you get for the man who has everything and wants nothing?  What I'd really like to do is get him broadband or DSL.  It's so frustrating calling over there only to get BZZZZZZZZ BZzzzz bzzzzz.  He's gone back and forth on it, but for some reason he feels he 'owes' AOL.  WTF???  He'll probably be upset with anything we do.  He feels we shouldn't get him anything and after the Christmas present and spending so much there he'll be nuts.  We told him when we gave him the chair it was a combo gift because of the money spent.  He will not forget it either.  Aaah my Dad... one helluva guy!

Friday, June 16, 2006

More Fathers Day




These are made with my own pictures as backgrounds.  I did the park bench with a subtle animation of the water and one without. 

Fathers Day

 Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there!!




Back to Work


I loved this picture when I got it and felt it fit today.  Beautiful, peaceful, and calming.  A dream view if I say so myself.  Pull up a chair and relax... or in my case... fall asleep.


Holy crap!  I forgot how hard it is to get back into the swing of work after a week off.  I did a lot of running while off, but it never exhausted me as much as this week did.  Nothing major at work, but the routine and having to really think took a toll.  During the week I'd get home, do dinner, read mail, work on a few graphics and when it was done I had no ambition to really write.  The last couple of days I didn't even try, my brain was fried.  Today I got my buttock on the couch after dinner and I was out like a light.  I swear had I climbed in bed I could have slept 'til morning.  I guess that is a sign of getting old! 


Weather has been great here and summer is sneaking in a few days early.  We are planning or get together for Fathers Day.  We spend it at my sister Pat's house.  She has the nice big yard and pool.  Should come in handy with temps expected in the high 80's with lots of humidity.  Not sure if I will venture into the water... BBBRRRrrrr after the cold spell we just had, but might just have to cool down :)  Time will tell.


Will be posting a few graphics for the big day on Sunday.  Some animated some not.  Hope you find something that works for you.