Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New and Old







Aaaww, I am so flattered.  Thank you all for the emails, but all is good.  Honest!  I've not given up graphics, not one bit.  I took a break from my tag journal during the preparation for the 3rd Anniversary Celebration as I knew I would not be able to get the tags out in the manner I like and you've grown accustomed.  I've just not gotten back to posting another.  I'm flattered beyond belief with the notes.  Thank you!  I will post a few snags here next and get a new tag up soon.


Home life is good and my iron is working just fine thank you.  I've not had any issues with safety latches or outlets.  I don't like it but it does the trick.  It definitely falls into the category of 'you get what you pay for.'  I figured I would go cheap as it's been a staple in my house and the last few just did not last.  But dang it's so light weight and I feel like I could do the ironing with my bare hand if I could get it hot enough.  Alas, I have wrinkle free clothes and I can relax.


Work has been good.  Busy, but good.  I am having a very successful month and hope it will translate into some $$$$$ soon!  LOL  Need to invest in a few more toys for me and no shite get ready for Christmas.  Can you believe summer is just about over?  School is starting across the country/world and it won't be long before you see the decorations in the stores.  It use to be that Christmas things didn't come out until after Thanksgiving, but that is no longer the case in my neck of the woods.  They all overlap.  I find Halloween mixed in with back to school, mixed into Thanksgiving, and yes even Christmas.  ARGH!!! 


I'll admit it, I've also gotten caught up in live chat.  I just can't get over it.  I don't mind typing, but damn it is so much faster, and less likely to have things taken wrong.  I'm probably a bit behind the times too.  No doubt some of you already knew, but like I said after my experience years ago I never tried again.  I haven't been a big chatter in years.  I got disgusted with chat rooms unless they were more or less private and with a group of folks I knew, but if you do chat and haven't tried it let me suggest you give it a whirl.  It's free and so easy!  No doubt you'll never go back :)


A few more weeks and my boys will be on the ice!  Whuuu huuuuuu I am stoked!!  I got a bit of sad news today tho.  One of my fav's will not be back.  JP Dumont will be playing in Nashville.  He ended up going to arbitration for his salary negotiations and the arbitrator just went to high for management to accept, making him a free agent.  He was free to go wherever.  They did make him an offer, and I had such high hopes he could put the bitterness behind and come back.  No such luck.  My eyes filled with tears when I heard the news today.  Good Luck JP, you deserve good things.  I wish you and your family well. 




Monday, August 28, 2006

Busy weekend

Wow!  I can't believe the weekend flew by and Monday is over already too.  Well, ok Monday didn't fly by, but it's over!  I even cheated a bit and left work a tad early.

Saturday was spent running errands and then in the late afternoon I had a wedding reception to attend.  It was one of the best receptions I've been to.  The rain held off and the Bride got her wish of being married on the private beach of her parents.  I wasn't at the actual ceremony.  That was pretty much for immediate family, which accounts for probably 100 people.  The reception was held at beach bar and had a very casual Hawaiian theme.  It was out of this world!  The rain had held off so it was a bit hazy but very warm and humid.  I can't imagine being out on the beach with the sun too.  We'd have been fried by more then the alcoholic beverages.  I decided to post this picture of the sailboat as it sat a short distance off the beach almost the entire time.  I of course added another shot that I took of the sea gull.  I actually took a picture of the bride and groom and misted into the foreground of this same picture, but I need to get permission to post that.


Sunday was a pretty relaxing.  I did a little around the house and played a bit with the new toy.  It was a hoot doing the sound bite.  At first I couldn't stop laughing long enough to talk. Then the length became an issue.  But it did make it, short and sweet.  And I will tell you, that was hard!  Believe me, I'm a talker, just ask Steve.  After dinner last night Steve and I jumped on MSN and actually talked real time.  It was out of this world!  It was as clear as if he were sitting in the next room.  I've talked over the Internet in the past, maybe 10+ years ago.  Back then the connection was horrible and I was on dial up to boot.  Just wasn't worth the aggravation.  Last night was so different.  No lag time, no jumping with the sound, and to be honest it was a better connection then I actually get on my home phone at times.  And Steve, OMG!  I could understand him fine and we talked like two long lost pals.  Each talking a mile a minute and more then once you could hear the excitement as we both talked at the same time.  Not to be rude of course, but we just had so much to say.  Though he has a web cam, I don't so we just talked... and talked... and talked.. in to the wee hours of the morning.  Hardly felt that we talked as long as we did, but it was hours.  I am still in awe of the modern technology.  Hearing the LOL's, the umms, the aaahh, the snorts during heavy laughter.  It was wicked!  Near the end of the conversation he did turn on the cam and I could watch as we talked.  What a hoot!  Seeing his facial expressions and movements as he showed me around his computer room.  And the dimple... OMG!  He is even more precious then the video's he posts show.  I know what I will be getting, and soon. Yeap, a web cam!  Too cool for words.  Some how I don't see IMs in the same light. 


This evening the kids are here for a short while.  During that time I got an alert and we went to check out the entry.  What a hoot!  Here we have Steve singing 'Brown Eye Girl' as only he can do.  ROFLMAO!!!  The kids had to put on the headset and listen full boat.  Bug, well she loved it.  She danced and hummed right along with him.  I had to grab the camera.  Busted!  But she loved it and asked me to play it over and over again.  Too funny!  




Sunday, August 27, 2006

Keeping Up with the Brits!

No offense to my friends from across the pond.  You have videos and music, and whatever else your little heart wants so I wanted to try.  LOL ok so I'm an ass, what can I say!?!  I went out and bought a new headset/microphone for another purpose but got to thinking, yeap, that can be dangerous!  If I can get music files on my journal, why not record my voice and see if that would work.  I know AOL has a feature for audio files/entries, but you have to pay for it.  Not that $5 a month is bad, but I won't use it enough so why bother.  So I get everything set up and record.  OMG!!!  Voice is horrendous but ohhh well, it's me.  I save the file and upload it.  Wow!  It worked!  Well, sort of.  Apparently the file was too big so it kept cutting me off.  I couldn't convert the wav file, not sure why, but I will work on that if I decide to do it again.   So back to record again, something shorter.  Me the talker?  With a time limit?  This should be a trip!   And it was, but I did get a little bit of a voice entry.  Good gawd, I said I was an ass!  ROFL but it was fun. 

Keeping up with the Brits! click here

Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't Kid Yourself!

There is never extra time, not ever!   Silly me forgot that this morning.  I got up with the first ring of the alarm.  Ok, so I wake to music but you get the point.  I didn't hit snooze and I didn't have to drag my arse out of bed.  Just popped up and even had an extra spring.  I should have known right then and there! 


So I walk out of my room and start my daily routine.  Turn PC on, go make coffee, stop and throw some water on my face.  I sit down and notice the time on the computer, cool I have time.  I read my mail, check alerts, and then decide I have time for a quick graphic and an entry.  I find the blue bird and fix it up all purdy like and post a little something.  Then off I go to get ready for work.


I'll first start by stating I iron everything, whether it needs or not.  Always been that way.   Yesterday morning I turned the iron on and when I went back it wasn't hot.  I jiggled the wires, and turned it up a bit higher.  Still nothing.  So I lift it up to examine it, like I'd see anything!  But yes, yes I did.  I saw the water pour out the bottom.  Great!  What am I going to wear to work.  I rummage through my closet and believe me I found nothing like I wore for the red carpet event.  All I was looking for was something that could pass without an iron.  Gawd I hated dressing.  It wasn't bad, but I iron everything!  So fine, on the way home last night I stop and get a new iron.  No big deal Friday will be better. 


This morning I went to get the iron out of the box.  I get a paper cut under my nail.  DAMN!  That hurt!  No crying, I just went and set it up and turned it on. Went to my room to pull out the clothes for the day.  I get back to the iron and it's not hot.  WTF!?!  I turn it off and check out buttons and knobs.  Ok, how hard can this be?  Turn knob over to here and it gets hot.  NOT!!!  So now I'm thinking it's not the iron but the outlet.  I bought a new iron for nothing.  I grab the little table lamp and plug it in.  Ah hah, I have light.  Great, I bought a broken iron!!  So I look at all the buttons and knobs, what the hell am I missing?  How come I can't get this freaking thing on?  How come there are so many knobs and buttons.  It's a damn iron for Gawd sake!  An 8$ iron, not a 50$ one.  I need it to get hot, have steam, and maybe a spray, that's it.  I've got nothing!  So I go to the box and say ok, I've never had to read directions for an iron before, but lets see what it says.  Hmmm Caution:  Do not submerge in water while plugged in.  NO Shit!  Really?  I wanted to do that!  Caution:  Do not touch plate while on it is extremely hot.  NO shit!?  It does get hot?  How come its not.  So then I look at all the little pictures of the knobs and buttons.  Yeap I knew all that.  But how the hell does it go on!  There buried in the fine print is a notice about the safety latch.  HUH?  Safety latch?  I've never in my life heard of such a thing.  I suppose it's a good idea but I had to wonder how many of these irons got returned because folks didn't get them to work and weren't as spazzy as me about ironing.  So I go back to the iron and there buried on the bottom between the casing and the plate is this itty bitty tiny little switch, knob, whatever.  I pull it out and presto!  :::shaking head:::


Clothes ironed and laid out.  I get to the shower turn it on and jump in. Ok, not literally!  Since I'm wearing tan Capri's I decide I best shave my legs.  I mean I generally do  but definitely need to today, no skimping.  I lather the legs, grab the razor.  My one foot on the end of the tub.  I bend over to glide the razor across my leg and whhhhhhhhhoaaa

my other foot slips.  I'm going to do a half ass split in my tub.  I've not done a split since cheerleading days and there was no way my legs were going to do that today.  I grab and of course pull on the shower curtain.  No, the whole thing didn't come down, but a few ringlets ripped through.  At the same time the razor takes a nice chunk out of my leg.  Oh hell that hurt and now I'm bleeding all over.  I'm cursing as I try to regain my composure, get the bleeding to stop and finish my shower.  Grab shampoo and wash my hair.  Now you may or may not know from previous entries but I got a wild head of hair.  So conditioner it is or I'd never be able to get a comb through it.  Bend over grab bottle and squirt.  I start working it through my hair only to find I grabbed the liquid bath soap and I'm sudsing up all over.  Rinse and try again. 


Ok all done.  I didn't kill myself in the shower.  Wrapped in a towel I stand at the mirror to put mascara on.  My hair still up in a towel.  OMG!  I just blinded myself poking the tip of the mascara wand into my eye.  Burning, tears, and more burning.  Rinse my eye and get dressed while the redness and tears clear up some what so I can start over.  I get dressed without incident but I did check to make sure I had my under garments on.  You never know with the day I was having.  Finish makeup, brush my teeth, rinse, gargle, all that good stuff.  Get to my shoes and I have one.  One?  How the hell did I take off my shoes and lose one?  Ok, find it buried under other shoes.  Must have been in a hurry the other day when I just threw them in the closet. 


Go to leave and damn it!  I needed to make my car payment.  Log back on, get to the site and wouldn't you know I can't seem to remember my password.  How can that be?  I use the same one or a variation of the same one for everything so this doesn't happen.  Finally get in and click click and done. 


Extra time?  Spare time?  Not on your life!  I have to fly to get to work on time.  Then I get to the toll booth.  Yes I pay to go to work every day.  Sucks!  It's only 75 cents so I will live.  Pull up to booth, I have a $20 and nothing smaller.  OMG!  Felt like I was in a comedy skit. 


Day did get better, and seemed to go by without a hitch.  Lets hope I make it to my bed tonite without killing myself.

It's Here!

The Celebration Video has been posted.  As you'll see by Steve's entry he had some issues, but it is up and running.  I'll let his entry explain.  Go check it out it's awesome!  Steve did an absolutely wonderful job!  Thanks Steve, you rock!!  


You're still here?  Git, git going!  You don't want to miss out.

...  have a great day! 


I've been so crazy busy here I forgot all about this picture.  The other morning I was getting ready for work and there was a helluva commotion outside.  I went to the window to see what was going on and to my amazement my backyard was covered in birds.  There had been a fairly heavy dew early on so no doubt these guys were out for breakfast.  Most were big black birds with a few robins mixed in.  Then I noticed this little fella on the roof of the garage next door.  I went to get my camera to try and get a shot.  I was in my bathrobe so there was no way I could actually go outside, my neighbor was already up and moving in his driveway.  Instead I went to the bathroom window.  Damn!  He was gone, I thought the racket the other gems 'scared' him off, but no he had just flown to the ground to join the party.  Well somewhat anyway, as he was a bit of a wall flower.  Off to the side in a garden area.  Of course, he wasn't were the beautiful flowers were, but rather near the edge. I took the shot anyway and was amazed when I got it on the computer.  I could see his eye!  'Here's looking at ya.'


This morning it is raining a bit so it's pretty quiet out there.  Only hear the splash of tires as cars drive by.  I hope the sun decides to come out.  I have a few errands to run after work and I really don't want to be running in and out through the rain drops. 


Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, things are pretty much back to normal.  Work has settled down, even after my 4 hour meeting today.  ARGH!  Well, actually two separate meetings, but they lasted a total of 4 hours.  Back to back, both conducted by men with very very strong foreign accents.  The first was with an Indian Dr from the local University.  I was selected to take part in a study that he was conducting for the school.  Impact of relationships.  It was pretty interactive and since I am pretty blunt and open about things like that it was actually not too bad.  That is except for a bit of strain trying to understand what it was he was asking, or what he was looking for.  After 2 hours he asked me to come back for part II, oh the joy.  I wasn't given a choice the first time around, well not really anyway.  I was just sent a meeting request, I suppose I could have said no for part II, but I didn't. 


The second meeting was a Chinese man talking about our business and the culture in China.  Laws, what the process is, the impact, and the changes in the Chinese cultures.  This was not interactive at all.  I sat in our conference room right next to the CEO.  There were times I actually has to shift my position as I felt my eye lids getting heavy and feared I would just fall forward smacking my head on the table.  It was hard to follow at times.  Not only the accent, but it was conducted over the phone/web and the connection was not the greatest and the gentleman was pretty soft spoken.  Added to the fact that I had already been in meetings.  My head was spinning!


I got back to my desk and finished out the day without incident.  Well, almost.  I needed a break and decided to clear my head with non work related reading.  I found myself reading the funniest story.  So much so that I laughed, cried, snorted, and about choked from lack of air.  Co-workers came to my aid not knowing exactly what was happening.  I couldn't even catch my breath to tell them.  I laughed so hard the tears rolled down my face taking every bit of makeup with them.  Lovely black streaks on my cheeks, and dropson my desk.  I grabbed a Kleenex and noticed that my co-workers were actually laughing right along with me and didn't even know why.  It was so refreshing.  It caught me so off guard but cleared my head and my lungs.  It felt good to laugh like that, but then again over the past few weeks I've been doing a ton of it.


I often say things happen for a reason.  We don't always know right away what that is, but something brought the event on.  I'm a strong believer in that.  We certainly force the direction of our lives by the choices we make. A decision, an answer, a social event, how we interact with people, and of course timing.  What we do with those choices are what make us who we are.  Yet, why did we do it that way?  I can honestly look back on some of my choices and be totally baffled as to why.  It was out my character but for some reason I did it any way.  Regrets?  Sure I have some, but the positives I've gained far outweigh the negatives.  I have thought 'what if', but know any other choice would completely change the make up of my life along with so many others.  Good or bad.  I don't think I'd change a thing.


An event of this nature took place not too long ago.  I met a wonderful person, so gentle, sincere, unique, and humorous.  I had to start a conversation as the person made a connection to me right off the bat.  Fate?  Don't know, but I know it was something.  As we talk and get to know each other there are little connections that actually are spooky to an extent.  Not, BOO spooky, but OMG I know that, I feel that, I've done that spooky.  A day or conversation hasn't gone by where I haven't scratched my head at one point and said to myself, is this a parallel life?  Have I really known this person for years or in another life?  I am sure you've all experienced something like this.  Where immediately walls and fences come down and you feel 100% comfortable and safe with someone you've just met.  In the process of getting to know this person in this life, (because yes, maybe I did know them in another)  I've found myself crying uncontrollably over stories of their past, their present, and their dreams for the future.  I've laughed so hard I actually thought I'd wet myself it didn't stop.  I've looked forward to my dreams and hopes as well as theirs.  I've been taken to places I haven't been in a very long time and can only hope I've had some type of impact on them in return.  I do think I have.  I look forward to the next conversation, the next story, the next event.  I just can't imagine not having made the choice I made those weeks ago.  I can't imagine having them not warm up to me with a response.  I would be missing out on such a wonderful experience, such a great relationship with no strings or expectations, a friendship found that without a doubt will last a lifetime.  Call it fate, call it coincidence, call it the wonders of the world.  Things happen for a reason and if we follow our heart and soul, the journey to find those reasons can be the most wonderful experience.  I'm assuming you made it to the end of this rambling mush of an entry so I want to say Thanks!  Thanks for being part of my life, I'd have it no other way.  Why this entry?  Why today?  Maybe the meeting this morning, maybe in my far out, round about way I wanted to say thanks.  Who knows... the world is full of wonders.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Change in Plans

I was hoping to do an entry tonight using a different graphic and announcing the JLand video.   :::giggle:::   

Unfortunately, Steve ran into some issues.  Minor I'm sure, but he is working his hump off to make it perfect for everyone.  The good soul that he is, he wants everyone to be 100% thrilled with it.  Like we wouldn't be?!?  Hellloooooo!!??! 


I also know he had some great news today.  Once again, he has reached out and touched someone in his loving manner, so surely that took a bit of time.  I know he will do his best to get it done and posted ASAP.  In the meantime, lets all send good vibes, positive feelings, and happy thoughts his way.  Hopefully that will calm his nerves, get him settled, and have the 'dream' he wants for himself and all of us.  'Cmon, you can do it, send those good vibes :)

I think I Recovered!

I wanted to do this entry yesterday but time got away from me.  I was chatting in IM and all of a sudden it was midnight.  Again, a late night!  Today at work about 2 I think I could have closed my eyes and slept 'til quitting time.  I didn't try it, though I'd love to be home playing all day I really can't afford it.  LOL  Who would pay my bills?  Damn where is that sugar daddy when you need him!?


Anyway I wanted to just say Sunday's celebration chat was an absolute blast.  I never laughed so hard in my entire life.  Well, maybe I have, but you get the point.  I arranged my day, chores and errands, so I could stop in for the UK chat.  I wanted to have a few minutes with my friends across the pond.  Did I say stop in?  OMG I never left!  It was a hoot.  Eating, dancing, joke telling, getting to know each other.  Everyone let their hair down and halo's slip a bit off to the side.  I've read journals and they've read mine but this was so much more personal.  Sure words on a screen an all, but it was more relaxed and spontaneous.  Just check out Guido's log and you'll see.  He didn't start at the absolute beginning, but he was kind enough to stay in the room all night long to save it for us to have as a memory.  Thanks Guido, you rock!!   These folks across the pond can party, let me tell you!  Eventually the chat morphed into the US chat.  Loved that saying Guido!!! 


I think the room got up to almost 40 at one time.  As text whipped across the screen you couldn't help but get a bit dizzy.  Or was that from the shots?  Chris help me out here?  How many bottles?  Lots of dancing and singing.  Oh, and yes we got a private concert by Stevie,  babes you sing YMCA wonderfully!!!  Of course it was cut short because he didn't want to get TOS'd.  Chicken!  LOL  And folks, I will never view the word 'sack' in the same light.  Just thinking about it I start laughing.  I have to think Dianna's feet are a bit sore from dancing.  Thank Gawd she stopped with the shots shortly after jumping on the piano.  I was far from a wall flower, lol, but it is with great sadness I was asked to dance then he slipped out the door before he could honor.  Damn!  Just my luck!  I hope it wasn't my scratching someone's arse that scared 'em off.  ROFL  If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about maybe you need to join us in our next chat :)~ 


K, enough spilling the secrets.   I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.  Your participation made this years celebration a huge success. I so look forward to more chats and get together's.  Thanks again Guido, and we appreciate you cleaning up the mess in the morning!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Past Year in J-Land

I moved into the neighborhood back on June 18, 2005.  I quietly unpacked and looked around the neighborhood.  I was so busy getting things settled in my own place but I wanted to see my neighbors, find out what I got in to.  Everything appeared to be perfect!  I started a little decorating and a few neighbors stopped by to say hello and welcome me.  It was great getting to know them as they helped me around.  Showed me the 'cool' spots, gave me tips on the how 'to spruce up.'


It wasn't long and I was addicted.  I wanted my own graphics to match my entries.  I got hooked on PSP and things took on a life of their own.  One thing led to another and I was having a blast with my new found hobby.  Never did I think I'd change the world or folks outlook on life, but it was fun to be part of the neighborhood.  Then it was time for the Vivi's.  I was a newbie and had no clue what it was.  Then the whirlwind.  Nominees, votes, parties, winners.  To my amazement I was nominated and more and more neighbors stopped by.  It was so much fun entertaining.  I had no expectations of winning but it was so much fun to partake.  Then the winners were announced.  I was shocked!  Being so new and I had won.  Not only new to the neighborhood but new to making the graphics that won me the award.


Time went on and I got comfy. I noticed the neighborhood was just like others.  You have the neighbor who throws late night parties.  The one down the street who knows everything and sees it all, and just as quickly jumps on the phone to spread the word.  The old crank around the block who doesn't want you on his grass, but comes to yours and, well, lets his dog do his duties.  It's what you make of it.  It's what you put into it. 


I've watched anger spoil things but it cannot over shadow the good.  The genuine caring, the love for folks, and the ability for folks to share.  I don't think anyone here thinks they'll change theworld or bring world peace, but it's so nice to be part of a community that tries to make a small portion of the world a good place to be.  The friends I've made are endless, and I enjoy each one of you!  You've made my move in special and I don't foresee moving again for some time.

Graphic Change

After a short discussion about the graphic last night it was decided to make a slight modification.   Please update and spread the word.  Thanks and so sorry for the confusion.  Some folks had difficulty getting the smaller one to fit in their sidebar.  Not sure why, mine fit ok as did  few others.  I've done an even smaller one if you need it.  It doesn't have the same clarity, but......   Remember save as a .gif file to keep the animation.







Sunday, August 20, 2006

We Have A Winner!!!

UPDATE:   We made a slight modification to the graphic.  Please click on 'back to journal' ^--- up there to see it.  Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you everyone who participated.  We had so many great entries it was very hard to pick. The judges had to pick one, and Julie (I hope I have that right) over at Set Me Free submitted the winning entry for our lighthouse graphic.  Congrats!!  I love it and hope you all will too!


Snag either graphic or both.  The smaller one will fit in your sidebar.  Any resizing may distort the image or make the animations disappear so be careful.  Can't wait to see J-Land filled with the graphic :)


Thanks again for playing along!  We have a great community!!





Got it! Yeah!

Ok well I won't bother with the graphic, but the song I had to do!!  Turn your speakers up... LOL  Only took AOL all day to let me get this.   Geezeeee

If you don't hear it automatically click away :)

Stevie Again click here

Having Fits!!!

Ok folks I am having fits over here.  I've been attempting to get things ready for my 'chat' entry and for some reason my file manager/ftp site will not recognize anything I put in there today.  What's up with that?   No graphics, no sounds, nothing!!  I'm ready to jump out the window as I had something so special planned.  First I lose power for hours this morning and now this!  Good thing I'm on the first floor.  LOL


So... going with plain text  :(   So sorry... and thanks to everyone who tried to help!


Chat across the pond is about to start and we'll be meeting in the same room 8est.  Hope everyone can drop in and say hello


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Once Again!

Okay some wrote and said they couldn't hear Ste the way I had it.  Just click on the link and it will play.  It is a pretty big file so give it time to load :)  Once again, Ste your voice is magnificent!


Listen to Stevie click here

Memorial Quilt Squares

Shelly has posted her Memorial Quilt Squares.  She has done a fabulous job!!  Got chills when I read through them.  Great job Shelly and thank you so much for giving of yourself for this.  You are an absolute gem!



Friday, August 18, 2006

Evening Setting

Damn I am glad this week is over!  It has been so hectic.  I had a bit of a breather yesterday but this evening it was total madness once again.  Got out of work early but had to go the Dentist.  No pain, but I hate going and I will have to go back.  ARGH!!!  I am not looking forward to this.  Why do they make medicine that has side effects that damage your teeth?  Damn it that should not be allowed!  


After dinner it was so calm and relaxing.  I had a wonderful IM and got the most beautiful thing sent to me.  Hear it?  No?  Turn up your speakers you will :)  For an explanation check out my previous entry.  :::grin:::  I have been listening to him sing for hours, and each time I get tears and chills.  Beautiful!!!  Absolutely beautiful!  Ok I'll stop bragging on him, for now anyway.  That is 'til the next song goes up.  Yeap, I got more.  ROFL  Thanks Pat!!!! 


Well, refresh if you want to hear again.  LOL  I'm off to bed... sleep well


Turn up your Speakers and Sit Tight!

Ok folks...  no graphics in this entry.....  but I have something even better.  A beautiful voice singing for his Mum on her wedding day!  Yeap it's Ste!!!  Good gawd Cagger your voice is beautiful!!!  Brought me right to tears....   Muuwwwahhh!!!  You don't give yourself enough credit!!


Now don't get mad at me... your Mum... it's her fault!!  LOL  thanks Pat you have no idea how much I appreciate you sending :)   I got several alerts from her journal but each time I went the entry was gone... so of course I emailed.  She couldn't get it to work.... but guess what... I did!!!   She about begged me to put it up... and you know me I was happy to oblige.  I don't know how to get to be a clicky linkie... so I added it the way I knew how....  Way to go Ste, you are beautiful!!!!!  Now it took a bit to load so if your speakers are on and up give it a second... you won't be sorry!  

Friday Morning Scenes




Thursday, August 17, 2006

All shapes & Sizes

New and old ones... just wanted to organize my graphic folders.  With the celebration graphics and work graphics I'm doing I needed to have a better setup.  Work graphics, oh yes, I have been getting holiday e card graphics ready already.  Can you believe it?  Apparently no one wants to wait until the last minute.  Good for me though :::grin::: I will get paid earlier too.  LOL  Maybe even add a few more this year.  Keep your fingers crossed! 









I can Breath

...yes things have been hectic this past week.  Spreadsheets, word documents, power point presentations, access data reports, client set ups, client changes, data base maintenance, sales pitches.  I think I've been working in each and every program you could find on a PC, both for personal and business reasons.  I'm caught up now, and have a sense of accomplishment.  Caught up but not completely done, yet it is refreshing to be able to just play.  To sit back and listen to the nearby brook as it weaves through the countryside.  The subtle noise as it finds its way around the bend and over the pebbles and stones in it's path.  The church bells ringing in the distance.  Smell the fresh summer air.  Fresh cut grass, sweet scents from the garden.  Watch the sun as it sets and throws glorious colors over the horizon.  :::pinch:::  Wake up, you're dreaming, that is not your house!  Just a place to go in your thoughts to relax after a hectic week.


Years ago when I got my first computer I was virtually a spazz with it.  I had no idea what anything was and used it basically for email and chat.  How things have expanded.  As my son got older we worked together to figure out programs and the how to's.  Sure it was nice to have it to play games, and draw in the paint program pre-installed.  Is that even still on here?  I'd have to look.  My son drew so many pictures in BMP format but neither of us have even touched it in years.  We both decided we needed to learn what we could and make this more than a toy or hobbie.  It's nice to know that he can now find his way around and do what he needs to do as a young adult.  LOL sometimes I even have to call him to ask, 'how do I?'  What a difference a few years make.  My great nephew, and great niece for that matter both have some skill on here and can't wait to help teach them the finer points of a computer. 


What do you use your computer for?  Is it just a toy?  Do you use other programs?  Do you know the programs you have?  Curious.....

Good Morning

What a peaceful morning it is!  It's hard to believe it is Thursday already.  It has been one crazy week!  Wanted to post a quick entry and let everyone know Dianna has gotten her memorial up.  What a wonderful job she has done with both the graphic and her poem.  She 'speaks' from her heart.  Thanks Dianna!!


Also wanted to remind everyone about Krissy's 'My past year in J-Land'.  Stop by, get the details, and start writing.  With that said Krissy has had to take her husband John back to Hershey.  Please keep them in your prayers.


Monday, August 14, 2006

This and That Scenes




Red Carpet


Get your outfit and post in your journal.  Click on the graphic and post a link back to your entry.  Hurry you don't want to be late!



It's Raining Photo's

Check it out!  I will let the entry explain everything, but surely this will be as great as it has been in the past!!



Sunday, August 13, 2006

Playing Around

I was in a really silly mood today and did a few things a bit different.  Some experiments you might say.  Some same 'ole same 'ole. 


I do love the way the giraffe came out, different but I thought pretty cool.  Magic Forest, while I am not sure.  I tried to get the 'splash' effect but don't think it worked all that well.  Back to the drawing board.  The others, same 'ole same 'ole.  I get requests for the rain, so I thought I'd put this one out there.  A fairy, is a fairy, is a fairy.










Life is a Treasure

... and should be treated as such.  I had an absolutely glorious day.  The mood around my house was light and full of humor.  Phone calls to family members and friends full of good topics and lots of laughs.  Seems no matter how much time passes in our busy lives we still treasure the time spent together or just talking on the phone.  Funny we finish each others sentences and always seem to know what the other will say. 


Then there was time on here.  IM's and email threads that went on for sometime, it brought me to tears.  I swear had I not got up I would have pee'd myself laughing.  Spewing coffee all over seemed to be the 'norm.'  What a treasure to have such confidence in a relationship that you don't hold back, but you can be yourself.  No cover up, nothing fake.  Genuine caring.  One of the many things J-Land has brought me, a treasure chest full of friendships that span the globe and grow each day.  Thank You!  I was going to leave the celebration out of this entry, but while on the topic how can I?   Ste's video is worth a thousand words.  He did an awesome job!   What a great tribute to the community and the love and friendships it shares. 


I also did several graphics today.  Time did allow for me to play a bit.  It's so nice having the time but will admit on occasion I do miss the hectic schedule of being a single Mom.  Today while the football game was on I remember all the practices and games I attended while my son was young, from little league, to modify in middle school, to JV and Varsity.  I remember the loss I felt when it all ended.  First he was driving himself and I would only go to games, then it was completely over.  He grew up.  He has since moved out and has his own.  Supports himself rather nicely.  Yes, I am proud.  He stopped by earlier and it was nice to chuckle about a few things, talk about serious plans, and then it was time for him to go.  Still breaks my heart when he walks out the door even if he only goes a few blocks.  He is my greatest treasure and I cherish him with all my heart.  I can't imagine days going by without seeing him or talking to him.  For all you Mom's that deal with that, my thoughts are with you, I can't even imagine the ache in your hearts.  Hugs to you!   Life is a treasure!

Red Carpet

Well, I am pretty broke this month and really don't have the funds to go shopping.  Instead I went through my closet to see if I had anything fitting.  Thanks Cagger and Di for your help in deciding.  The modeling show was fun.  I never laughed so hard in all my life.  'Babes' in not thrilled at all with the change of clothes.  He really wanted me to wear that pretty pink outfit, he thought I looked as hot as a tamale in it.  He liked the makeup better to, go figure?  Men, they have no style do they?  Anyway, this rag was hanging there waiting to be shown off so I decided on it.  Hell, I can still wear the 'fancy' shoes I had on in the pink outfit, babe is pleased with that.   Thought this back drop worked better then the front yard.  Babe thinks I might be embarrassed or something, not sure whatever gave him that idea!?  Hopefully no one else will have the same dress on, I know for sure the pink one would have been unique. 




Video Preview!


Ste has simply out done himself with this tribute to us here in J-Land.  Go check it out.  He has a screening now.  You still have time so if you haven't gotten your picture to him do so quickly.  Thanks Ste you did awesome!!!  


Woke up this morning about 5:45.  My son asked for a little help, and of course I couldn't turn him down.  His schedule changed this past week so he was working 7am-7pm today.  That after the same shift yesterday.  Last evening he called about 11ish to ask if I could call him just in case.  He had been out and wanted to make sure he didn't sleep through his alarm.  I logged on the computer and waited until 6 to give him a ring.  He answered, but sounded so very groggy, saying 'I'll get up in a minute.'  I played a bit and called back in about 15 minutes to make sure he didn't fall back asleep.  He's a lot like me in that regards.  If I don't get up and move it is very easy to just doze off again.  Well he was up and moving, as a matter of fact he was getting in his car to go.  He's doing so good with the new job.  He will be getting a raise in a week or so and then a cost of living increase mid September.  Not bad!  Not bad at all.  I am extremely proud of him and how he has grown into a responsible young adult. 


Since I knew he was off to work I shut down the computer and went back to bed.  It is so very nice to have that luxury.  I did my job of getting up at the crack of dawn to take care of children.  Fixing breakfast and making sure all was ok.  Now I just get up on occasion to make a call.  LOL  It was pretty chilly this morning and it was wonderful to climb into bed and pull the comforter up around my chin.  The fresh air made it's way into my room through the open window and smelled so clean.  I could hear the birds and a few passing cars but it didn't deter me from falling back into a slumber.  Like an early fall morning.  Relaxing as hell!


I really don't have much planned today.  I took care of my errands during the week, so I thought I would just relax around the house.  Maybe do a bit of laundry.  It's Sunday you know and football has started.   So, yes, there is a game on in the background.  A jock at heart, but I prefer my hockey.  The temperatures warmed up a bit and it has turned into a beautiful day.  A bright blue sky with only a few clouds to be seen.  None of them the same by the way :)  The leaves on the trees are dancing in the soft breeze and I have birds and butterflies moving about in my front yard.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flutter fairly close to the window.  I jumped, even knowing bats don't visit during the day.  To my delight it was a hummingbird.  It was small and moving rather quickly from flower to flower.  I grabbed my camera in an attempt to snap a shot, but no such luck.  The swift flutter of the wings were nothing but a blur and the screen in the window made it non recognizable.  Damn! 


Ohhhh... I got a great alert, yesterday I think, and I wanted to spread the word.  Linda is back!  She has changed her username and journal title but she is back.  She is doing as well as can be expected but surely could use some words of encouragement through this rough time.  If you have a moment drop by and welcome her back :)


Well I'm off to enjoy some free time.  Happy that I can sit back and reflect on how well my son turned out, that I have a clean and happy home, that I have so much to give and live for, for all my friends here and in the real world, and my family.  Ahhhh Life is good.

Celebration Chat

Mark your calendars, the date is quickly approaching.  Join J-Land for a celebratory chat.  Details in the graphic and the link will be proved soon.  Don't forget to get your outfit ready too!  See the Red Carpet entry and start shopping! 



Great Event!


Krissy over at Sometimes I Think has posted an entry on a writing event for our 3rd Year Celebration.  She named it  'My Past Year in J-Land.'  What an awesome way to celebrate together.  I'll let her explain.  Check it out!!  I hope to read a ton of entries. 


Saturday, August 12, 2006


Perfection: 1 : the quality or state of being perfect: as a : freedom from fault or defect b : the quality or state of being saintly
2 a : an exemplification of supreme excellence b : an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence
3 : the act or process of perfecting


I had this conversation a bit earlier today.  What is perfection?  Is it the perception of yourself or that of someone else of you? 


Is it a size 2, perfect hair, perfect complexion?  Having all that is desired?  Being handed everything?  Waking up happy and healthy?  Working hard to accomplish something?  Having a ton of friends or a few close friends you can trust with your life, no strings, no expectations?  Watching your child grow?  Watching your grown child succeed? 


It's funny how we all have our own definitions of perfection, how one's life is defined by that definition.  How boring life would be if everything was perfect.  No flaws in the flowerbed to have a unique beauty stand out.  All lawns would look the same, each blade of grass a vibrant green and the same size.  Clouds would always look the same on a plain blue sky.  Nothing would change it would be 'perfect.' 


I'd like to think my life is perfection.  I work hard each day and have a sense of accomplishment when the day is done.  I make mistakes and own up to them.  I try to live each day without hurting folks, but unfortunately I don't always succeed.  I strive to perfect my downfalls, and make things right.  Having everything in place would be 'perfect' to some but not to me.  Waking up each day and having something to strive for, a goal to tackle, a smile on my face.  The simple things in life.


Ever think about what perfection is for you?   Do you define yourself by this?  Others?  Friends, family, strangers?  Curious........

In need of Help

Ok, so I know I've been asking for help regarding the 3rd year celebration, and I do appreciate all you've done!  We all do! 


2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11.

On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11. Each person will pay tribute to a single victim

Can you help?  Drop by and see if you can.


Friday, August 11, 2006

All the Drama

Lurkers are amongst us.  Yeap, they come, they read entries and comments, and then low and behold they go to someone else's journals to leave comments and discuss what is done here.  Why?  To stir up trouble? What the hell?  It's the freaking Internet!  Here I am minding my own business and get pulled into some crap drama, yet this person doesn't even have the 'knads' to do it in their own journal (do they even have one?) or confront the issues head on, instead they hide behind a little dark cloak.  I do know you're reading, so enjoy.  I won't bother again, you won't piss on my parade.  I have a life, and I am extremely happy.  Am I perfect?  Hell no, but can you say you are?  Hardly, if you find enjoyment in what you're doing.  Don't leave a comment, don't send an email, go about your business putting your nonsense and graffiti on other journals in the hopes that they join your crusade, whatever that might be.  You're not hurting me, not one bit, you are only showing your true colors.  A battle of wit with an unarmed opponent bores me, move on, I'm done.  Piss on your own parade since that seems to make you happiest. 

Saturday, August 5, 2006

More Graphics & A Note

Wow!!!  What a response so far for the contest!!  Some great entries!!!!  I/We thank you all for taking part.  This celebration is all about us, so lets continue to spread the word and get as many people involved as we can.  I hope I can count on you to do an entry and send your readers to make a suggestion.  With that said lets keep in mind the space for the text is limited.  I have a few more options on the larger graphic, but the one for the sidebar is pretty small so if there is a ton of words it will be hell on this old ladies eyes to see it.  Hint hint.. short and sweet. 


Joseph Manna (edited and corrected) did a great entry on the history of journals from day 1.  If you're interested in seeing how things developed check it out.  We've come a long way baby!!


Several more things in the pipeline, so keep your eyes and ears open. 










An Open Invitation....

UPDATE:  No more entries being accepted, things are in the judges hands now.  Good Luck everyone!!!  Winner announced soon.  Thanks for participating.


...... to participate in a little contest revolving around the Anniversary of J-Land.   Joe was kind enough to supply the AOL 3 year icon, but we decided to also create another graphic for our sidebar.  We went over what we thought it should say on it, and decided to have folks offer their suggestions and have a contest.  The Court Jesters will be the judges and will have a winner by August 21.  There is no great big prize but we will have another sidebar graphic giving recognition to the person who's suggestion appears on the graphic. 


The AOL graphic will be done in both sizes so they can be used in an entry or on our sidebar.  We thought a lighthouse would be a great symbol to use.  I put sample on them now so they are not snagged prematurely, but obviously it will not have that when we present them for use.


DsDesignsAOLLighthouseSample.gif        DsDesignsAOLLighthouseSmallsample.gif


So what do you do? 

Leave a comment with your suggestion of what should be written on the lighthouse graphic.  Remember space is limited and the smaller one will be even tougher.  So it should be short and sweet :)  Look at the samples above to see what might fit these will be the actual sizes. 


You can havemore then 1 entry, but please one comment, one entry. 


All entries must be in by August 16th.  Nothing afterthat date can be considered because we want to have the 'winner' by the 21st, plus have the graphic available by then. 


All entries will be sorted by date.   Feel free to look at the other comments to avoid this from happening.  If by chance it is a duplicate suggestion that wins, the person who posted it first will be chosen.


Spread the word via your journal, email, or however you see fit.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to see all journals displaying this icon?  We also want to have everyone make a suggestion.  Feel free to snag the cordially invited graphic and use it in your journal to spread the word but the comment/suggestion needs to be on this entry only so make sure you make it clear and link here.


Please do not snag the sample lighthouse.


You do not have to have a journal to enter. 


Put your thinking caps on and leave your 'words'.



See what's happening in J-Land

Sugar was kind enough to do a memorial for pets lost this past year.  Stop by her place to get additional details.  Spread the word.



Friday, August 4, 2006

Get Your Badge ..... and some graphics

Things are starting to take shape for J-Lands 3 year anniversary.  Joe has the sidebar badge available at his site.  Check it out here.  I have mine up already :) He also gives some direction to 'tag' your celebration entries to find all related posts.  You will see I have added the information on my entries, if you click on it you will be redirected to find all entries related (not just mine).  What an awesome tool to keep you in the loop.  It was just set up, and slowly but surely you will see more things there, so keep checking.   There are several folks involved so different information will be posted at different sites.  Confusing, maybe, but there is no way one person can handle all the entries.  If you find something interesting make sure you link it up so your readers can see what's going on.  More news to follow.


Here are a few more graphics to snag and use for your entries.  I hope you will find something you like.  I will have more soon :)











Thursday, August 3, 2006

It's Not a Fantasy

.....AOL is now free for those bringing there own carrier.  I know several folks who called and got the same answers as I did but I did my change through Live Tech Support.  Apparently I had a much quicker response time as those calling had to wait a good 40-45 minutes on the hold before talking to someone (with limited English no doubt.)  I was taken care of in less then 15 give or take a few.  (and I had no accent)There seems to be a lot of folks inquiring or changing.  To get to live tech, go to keyword: billing  Once you give your 'code' you can select live tech for billing.


Here is what I found out. 

If you have your own carrier there will be no charge.  You cannot dial in using the AOL software, but have access to everything but tech support.  Your mail is not effected.  There is no limit on how much mail you can get or how much you can store.  (I've had issues with storing when I paid so I sure as hell will not store now that I'm not!) 

Journals are not effected in anyway.  (They took care of that back in November when they added the advertisements.)  Your FTP/File Manager has not changed you will still get the same storage amount.  If you need to reinstall the software there will be no issues with getting your username.  There will be no issues with getting favorites or address book. (Or should I say, no more issues then the paying customer)  There are no charges for canceling or changing no matter what your term was for.  IE if you had to commit to 12 months to get a certain price all fees for ending early are waived.  If you are in the middle of your billing cycle you will be charged until that months cycle is up, no pro-rate for what has not been used.  If you subscribe to premium or additional services you will still be charged for those or you need to cancel them.  I don't have any so I am not sure if there is a charge for canceling that. 


Needless to say, I am free!  Like the butterflies I am free!  If I encounter any issues I will be sure to let you know, but for now I can live without the 'tech support.' 

Take Your Pick :)

Feel free to snag a graphic to use in your entries celebrating J-Lands anniversary.  The challenge it out there.  It doesn't  matter if you have been journaling for 1 day or all 3 years.  Let's celebrate.  Feel free to link back when you challenge your readers to spread the word.  Hook them up to Vivian too so they know what's going on.  The clock is ticking!  I will be doing more so check back :)  'Cmon, get moving.

























Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Odds and Ends

I swear I did this graphic before last nights episode, but had I thought about it I'd of used this one in my morning entry.  Yes, two days in a row I did a morning entry.  I was told journals and alerts were down earlier this morning, so if you missed it click 'back to journal' ^------- up there and you will see it.  Be ready for the heebie jeebies though. 


Not sure if you heard the buzz today, but apparently the article I posted the other day about AOL for some was going free is true.  John posted about it.  I read the comments left and there are still a ton of questions out there.  It doesn't say if you will still have access to your journal, and someone posted they called and there is no tech support if you go free.  Now tech support is not something I'd brag about if I were AOL, but it might be needed.  Will the ads increase?  Will they increase for all?  What about that pay for spam?  It was only just announced so I am sure things will be clarified shortly.   What about the folks who just changed their billing plan?  So many questions and very few answers so far.


I've been a wild woman with graphics so stay tuned.  I promise if you requested something from my tag journal I will get them in the next day or so.  I had a glitch with email today.  Apparently one of the groups I am in changed the rules and instead of it being just one person sharing graphics it became a 'send all' over night.  I got home from work today and I had over 500 pieces of mail.  It used to be that you had a limit of 500 so I was a bit pissed that some might have been bounced.  It took me a bit to get through the crap I needed to delete and then get through actual mail.  I will be cruising by your place soon, I promise!  I just didn't have time tonight, and now I'm my brain is fried.

3 Years!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a chance to stop at Vivian's to begin the planning for celebrating the 3 year anniversary of AOL Journals.  There was some confusion regarding awards and celebrating.  So please check her out.  This is a community event so spread the word, decorate your journal, give feedback and ideas.  Have some fun, be creative, and lets get everyone involved.  It's about communication and the more folks involved the better it will be.  There is really no way to get the word out to everyone so it's up to us to do it.  Post an entry today :)


When I started my journal a year ago I had no idea where I would end up, but through word of mouth I went from maybe 1 or 2 visitors a week to 15-20 a day.  Remember how you felt when you started getting traffic?  When the comments started coming?  When folks would email you if you had posted in a bit?  I do!  I hope the family/community here in J-Land will spread the word so everyone is involved.  Let's make it a mission that no one gets left out.  No one feels like it's a click.  If we don't speak up, spread the word, get involved we can't complain.  So I challenge you to get a few of your readers involved.  Not the ones that are already.  The ones who may be a bit shy, may not be real sure.  If you fit in that category let your hair down and speak up.  Vivian is looking for comments and checking, so lets go!



Good Morning

Another quick entry.  Yesterday was a blast and I will share more with you later.  Unless I go back over to my sisters tonight after work to cool down.


Karen and I told our story from the night before and everyone got a good laugh.  Her son Mike decided he would stop on his way home later in the evening and see if our bird was in the basement and get it out.  Now, Mike is 25 and a big guy, well over 6 foot.  He loves to tease his aunt and is regularly trying to scare me or get me on some practical joke.


He went into the hall and told his Mom and I he could hear it in the basement.  We walked out our door to listen at the basement door.  We heard nothing.  Karen came back in to turn off the fan and that's when it happened.  Mike squealed like a little girl and cowered in the corner of the hall.  I thought for sure he was trying to get my goat and I was determined to be strong.  That was until the damn thing flew by my head and back in my house.  WTF!?!  It was not a freaking bird, but a bat!  My instincts the night before were correct but I believed Karen.  Or.... I just wanted to believe her. 


Karen hid behind the door in the living room, I hid in the kitchen with a towel over me.  I've always heard those damn stories about bats getting tangled in someone's hair.   Mike cursed and chased the damn thing through our house.  Closing doors so not to let it get in the bedrooms.  What a site.  The ladies hiding and this 6'5', 300 pound guy chasing a bat with a broom trying to get it out of the house and out the front door.  Which we were smart enough to open first. 


Our friend apparently didn't go it the basement last night, but found a comfy spot in the upstairs hall to rest for the night and all of yesterday.  I am not real sure what brought him out last night, maybe the lights in the hallway.  Either way, Mike was able to finally gather it in a toweland get it outside to set it free. 


I didn't sleep for shit last night, I kept thinking I had bats in my belfry.  I did finally dose off, but I liked it a whole lot better when I thought it was a bird!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Good Morning!!

Yes it's a bit odd that I do an entry early in the morning during the week.  I'm usually too tired and just trying to wake up enough to get myself ready for work.  This morning I was up at 5:30 am.  No, not because I heard the flapping of wings, but because it was hot!  I mean hot, hot, hot!  The sun is barely up and it is 82 degrees.  They've been warning us of this, but since when is the weatherman right?


I'm not kidding when I say warning.  There are trailers on the TV about the temps being in the mid 90's with a heat index of 105-110.  A heat advisory is in effect.  A bit different then the lake effect warning we are use to.  Summer school sessions are canceled, and hints and tips on how to beat the heat are being broadcast regularly. 


I know how I'm beating the heat.  :::giggle:::  I took a 2 hour pass today so I will be out of work at about 2.  I will be coming home only to get my swimming suit and dinner.  We will be taking hamburgers and salad to my sister Pat's and spending the afternoon floating in her pool.  A good pay off I think.  I also think I will be eating dinner in her kitchen with the a/c!!  Beating the heat!!


Stay cool out there and drink plenty of water.  Let's hope the power grids don't go down and put us in a black out because of the electricity use.