Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, my dear boy I am not jealous of you or any other hockey player (any athlete to be exact) and I wouldn't get within 10 feet of your buttock!

Yes, I know JR has whined that he was taken out of context and the entire interview wasn't aired, only the negative parts.  His statements were strong as he was interviewed recently. 

"If people are going to sit and chastise pro athletes for being cocky, they need to look at one thing and that's the deal we're going to be signing in about three weeks,'' Roenick said. "Pro athletes are not cocky. Pro athletes care about the game. Everybody out there who calls us spoiled because we play a game, they can kiss my a**.''  

Like I said I wouldn't get within 10 feet of his buttock!  I love my hockey and the players, but they could have all worked harder to get this done a lot sooner.  Not just the players, but the owners too!  

"I will say personally, to everybody who calls us spoiled, you guys are just jealous," Roenick said.  

Jeremy my boy, I am not jealous of any athlete!  What I am jealous of is the fact that there are teams out there that have maybe 3-4 players who's combined salary matches or exceeds my entire teams payroll!  I am jealous of the fact that other sports have shot up on the charts leaving the NHL below what looks like freakin bowling.  Texas Hold 'Em out ranks hockey on ESPN???  'Cmon  Things needed to be fixed to bring back the game and it's glory.  Listening to players whine that they won't be making 11 million a year does sound a little spoiled doesn't it?  

"We're going to try to make it better for everybody, period, end of subject. And if you don't realize that, then don't come," Roenick said."We don't want you at the rink, we don't want you in the stadium, we don't want you to watch hockey," he said  

Yikes!  What can be said about that?  How can he even try to defend that.  Out of context?  How's that?  What could possibly make that acceptable?  JR, the game needed to be fixed and fans need to be brought back into the arenas after a year layoff.  How in the world does that help or fix anything?  

On to other things.... Has anyone noticed the magnitude of signings going on recently?  Coaches hired, GMs contracts renewed, proposed sales of teams.  Sounds to me like things are moving in the right direction!    

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Update - this and that..........

I will start with work.  So far so good.  No announcements on changes but I do know that one change is my report up.  So far my boss remains the same, but she reports to someone new.  No one really seems to know if that will change.  I have lost that 'gut' feeling somewhat so maybe that is all that is coming.  Besides, it is not October!  LOL  Just a brief explanation on that....  almost every year without fail something major changes in my department in Oct.  New bosses, lay offs, departmental changes, job duty changes... you name it, I've been through it.  The one good thing is, I haven't been laid off!  Keep your fingers crossed!  :)   

Heat.... OMG!  It has been hot here.  In the 90s for several days straight.  We've even broke some records along the way.  Today it has cooled down a bit, only high 70s/80s.  The bad thing, goes back to work..... yesterday about noon the air conditioner blew.  In a matter of an hour or so the temperature inside the building was over 80 and NO AIR!  'we are suffocating!'  Well, not really, but no blower, no cool air, no windows to open and about 60 computers running, printers, copiers, faxes, and lots of folks exhaling.  EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW it was like an oven!  We were allowed to wear shorts today.  Yyiiiipppppppeeeeeee but it wasn't much help.  Only part of the office space is in 'hell,' and of course it is where the majority of us work.  This morning when I walked in and went down the hallway to my work space it was like I hit a wall.  I swear the temp went up 30 degrees.  It smelled like someone's lunch from yesterday and it about forced me right to the floor.  Good thing I have a small fan on my desk, it was wonderful to have regurgitated stale hot air flowing around me. Yeah right!  By noon I, along with most of my coworkers, were ready for bed and miserable.  About 3 we got an email.  'We are so sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's patience.  The part is on it's way but the shaft it has to go in won't be here until Tuesday.'  TUESDAY??????  Are they nuts?? It will be back up to 80/90 with humidity in the 70s by Thursday afternoon.  Oh fun, oh joy!  'You can wear shorts all week.'   Oh thank you, thank you very much.  :)  The show must go, but I will be off Friday and we're closed Monday, so I am not as bad off as others.  

Journal........ well, I have directions on how to add music to my journal.  Thank you all that helped!  You guys are the best!!  It's great to know such folks that are willing to go out of their way and help others be successful in their attempts. :)  Now... I need midi files and not exactly sure what music I want.  For those of you that know me you know if there is something that can be done I need to find out how and try it.  Any suggestions on music?????????  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm???  A little help??????  <grin>  


Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Seasons..........

Thought I'd share the seasons at the Falls.  Beautiful no matter what time of the year you visit!



Another Hot one!

Another HOT one today.  And who said it only snows in the great white north?  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful and today is the same.  I had a few errands and chores again today but planning on doing 'bobs on the grill after a dip at my sisters.  It's a good thing she lives about 5 minutes from me.  Makes it pretty easy to run over for a swim and get back home at a decent hour.   I will pack the cooler again, and will definitely bringing 'my drink' with me.  A few weeks ago I was turned on to Vanilla Vodka and Pepsi.  We've since experimented with Orange Crush and Root Beer.  Gawd, they are good and refreshing.  Next experiment will probably be something along the line of a frozen sipper.  Of course you can't drink too many as the sweetness of the pop would be enough to make you a bit ill.  Floating in the pool with a refreshing drink like that can't be beat, especially when you're under the palm tree.  LOL  




Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday Morning.........


It's over 80 degrees here this morning and it is hot!  Humidity is close to 55%.  We beg for nice hot sunny days on the weekend so we can enjoy them.  I know I do!  Yet, early on a Saturday morning when the temps are so high I cringe.  I'd much rather be at the beach or floating in my sisters pool, but alas I have the normal domestic things to do.  Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping are my typical Saturday chores and cannot easily be put off.  I've begun the first two but feel that the grocery shopping can wait.  Hey, it's too hot to eat anyway, right?  I have to do laundry, I'm sure my coworkers would not enjoy me coming to work naked or in dirty clothes.  LOL  Yes, I have enough clothes to get me through part of the week at least, but who wants to do laundry after work?  After spending over 8 hours working, doing dinner, cleaning up, the last thing I want to do is do more work.  That is my time!  My online friends would wonder where I was or what happened :)  Besides they are calling for high temps all week so it doesn't look like it will be any better the longer I wait.  I should have used more of my PTO!!  I've already scheduled Friday off to enjoy a bit extra around the holiday weekend, but I could sure use more time this week to enjoy.  Dang maybe I should start playing lotto and hope for a big win.  

Well, the sooner I get back to my 'chores' the sooner I can float!  Surely it will turn into a pool party by mid afternoon.  The 'lil ones will more than likely show up and turn the afternoon into a laughing-fest.  They both love the pool and are fearless.  Dinner will end up being something on the grill, burgers or dogs and a salad.  Making a mental note to make sure the camera gets taken so I can get some silly pictures.   

Ya'll have a great day and stay cool!!!  

PS Did I say I was chillin'?  Meant to say I would be chillin' when I get to the pool :)

Friday, June 24, 2005


Found this on the net today and had to share it. 

Cap will give Leafs fits

Not on same level as Sabres

By MIKE ULMER -- Toronto Sun

Once, for reasons known only to Him, God decided to span the gap between the hockey haves and the hockey have-not.

He called it the Peace Bridge.

Those days are coming back, and not in a way that will please fans of the Maple Leafs.

The Leafs are about to pay, and dearly, for their fruitless moves to capture a Stanley Cup.

It was a spirited try, and now, with the matrix new economic framework set to be superimposed on the game, it's time to pay up.

To appreciate the Maple Leafs situation, consider the Buffalo Sabres, maybe the most salary cap-ready franchise in the NHL.

The Leafs have $27 million US in salary committed to eight players. The Sabres have seven players signed at a combined cost of about $7.5 million. That's nearly a $20 million difference which, you know, is a lot.

The Leafs certainly have a better team for their money: Mats Sundin, Owen Nolan, Ed Belfour, Bryan McCabe, Tomas Kaberle, Ken Klee, Darcy Tucker and Matt Stajan.

Still, it must feel a little disquieting to the Bay Street money men that the top four players on the roster account for $20 million toward a cap that many are pegging at $36 million.

Even if, as my colleague Steve Simmons wisely noted, a buyout clause will allow the Leafs to purge Nolan's $5.6 million salary without affecting the cap, the Leafs are in a bind. Their top three, Sundin ($6.8 million); Belfour ($4.56 million); and McCabe ($3.45 million) account for nearly 40% of their cap room.

As for low cost replacements available from the minors ... ah, no.

The Leafs are hoping Kyle Wellwood and perhaps Ian White can stick but neither prospect looks like a lock.

Two years ago, when all signs were beginning to point to a lengthy lockout, Sabres GM Darcy Regier began to shuffle personnel with an eye to the brave new world projected by league commissioner Gary Bettman.

"We decided we wanted to create as much flexibility and as few commitments as we could, not knowing what the new collective bargaining agreement would look like," the Sabres GM said.

And so the Sabres, who haven't had a playoff date since they traded away goalie Dominik Hasek in 2001, continued to play the have-nots.


Underachieving forward Curtis Brown and defenceman Rhett Warrener were traded. Talented defenceman Alexei Zhitnik was kept but his contract not extended. Regier looked on as the Leafs acquired Nolan for Alyn McCauley and prime-time prospect Brad Boyes and watched the Leafs trade a first-rounder in 2004, a 2005 second-rounder and prospects Maxim Kondratiev and Jarkko Immonen for Brian Leetch.

The Sabres will use $7.5 million to pay goalie Mika Noronen, defencemen Jay McKee, Rory Fitzpatrick and Dimitri Kalinin (provided Kalinin does the expected and exercises his player option). Forwards Chris Drury, Andrew Peters and Adam Mair also are under contract.

Unlike the Maple Leafs, the Sabres have a handful of young players who can step into the lineup. Goalie Ryan Miller is ready for prime time and that should allow the club to cut its ties with Martin Biron, who played for $2.8 million in 2003-2004.


Jeff Jillson played in the American League and will be a depth defenceman for less than $1 million. Kitchener Rangers graduate Derek Roy should be ready to step into the lineup and gifted goalscorer Thomas Vanek looks ready as well.

The Sabres can qualify as many of their first- or second-line Group 2 free agents as they like. They can return Maxim Afinogenov, Daniel Briere, J-P Dumont and Jochen Hecht to fill out their top two lines for another $6.1 million.

That's a core of 15 players at, say, $15 million. As it stands now, that's what the Leafs will direct to Sundin, Nolan, Belfour and McCabe.

And the Sabres control their fate. They know a buyer's market looms for teams with the most cap room. Regier said he doesn't find the notion that 40% of the players in the league will change teams out of line.

"That doesn't seem outrageous. I've seen figures that about 20% of the league moves over the course of a a regular year," Regier said.

He even has sympathy for his colleagues in Toronto.

"Teams like Toronto had different circumstances than us. They were really in the thick of it and had a tremendous club," he said.

Not anymore.

The 'lil ones

Yeah, I know it took awhile to get the 'lil ones here, but here they are!  My great niece and nephew.  I won't try and say how much they mean to me or how much I love them I will just let you see their faces and I'm sure you'll understand :)  



and the NBA is over

  Well, the NHL has still not come to terms with the players.  A local report stated that some of those 'inside' the room wanted to wait until the NBA season was over.  At first I shook my head and rolled my eyes, then it started to make some sense.  Maybe it's the heat and humidity that is making me delusional, but it did make some sense.  If the finals were still going on and the announcement was made that a deal was done, where would the media coverage be?  Probably still on the finals and in a little blurb across the ESPN ticker there would be something saying, 'the NHL and players come to an agreement, more to follow.'
I wrote the other day about Jagr and his feelings about not taking a deal sooner.  Now Mario Lemieux has come out and virtually said the same thing.  "They should have taken the deal back in February," Lemieux said Thursday, referring to the last-gasp negotiations that took place just before the 2004-05 season was canceled. "The cap was at $42.5 million, that was the offer from the owners, now it looks like it's going to be a lot less than that."
Reports are also coming out of NYC that when the deal is done the Rangers would seriously consider buying out Holik's contract.  Apparently, there will be a clause in the new CBA that teams can buy out contracts for two-thirds of the existing contract to get under the cap.  One catch would be they could not re-sign the player they buy out.  With two years left on his $45 million contract.  With what is left, his salary alone would take a huge chunk out of the expected cap of $36 to $38 million cap.  Even with the 24 percent rollback, Holik's remaining salary would be over $6 million per year.  I personally never thought he was worth that money, but the bidding war began and the biggest spender won.  That is why I thought the lock out and salary cap issue was so important.  I hate that I lost a season, but this definitely needed to be fixed!
With all that said, I for one am looking forward to the season beginning.  It will be a little hectic at first as players and teams shuffle to get under that cap.  Imagine how many other players may be 'bought out,' how many might be available for the smaller market teams to make a bid on them.  How much more exciting a game will be as the teams won't be so lopsided.  
The NBA is over, game 7 was won by the Spurs.... Let the announcements begin!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sigh of Relief

Well, I was somewhat accurate in my feelings of last night, that gut feeling gave me a heads up.  It wasn't exactly what I thought, but there were a few changes.  The biggest would have been an email from one of my largest clients this morning stating she resigned from her company.  She will do all she can to keep their business coming my way, but her last day is July 8.  YIKES!!!!  That was a bit of a shocker and came out of left field.  I had talked to her earlier in the day and there was no mention of it at all.  She is leaving for personal reasons and is actually moving out of state.  I believe her when she says she will help me all she can, but changes in my industry can be devastating.  I will need to work extremely hard to build a trusting relationship with a new contact and keep the business flowing.  As soon as the change is announced at her company she will introduce me to her replacement and I will begin spreading my charm :)
Rumor also has it there has been some minor management changes in my company.  Nothing is official as of yet, but I am sure if they are true they will be announced in no time.  If they are as minor as I hear things will be fine.  I've become accustomed to change.  Over 13 years and more then changes then I care to admit!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A favorite Picture

So I took a rest and came back :) a little refreshed I might add.  Just thought I'd share one of my favorite pictures.  It's old, but it is so cool.

Nags Head, NC     


What a day

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you worked, worked, and worked, yet when it was all said and done you feel like you got nothing done?

I had a day like that today and I am absolutely exhausted!  My brain is fried and my body feels like it was hit by a truck.  I work at a desk for the most part so it's not like I was lifting heavy boxes, or running heavy machinery, but I am pooped out.

I love my job and have been there for 13+ years.  Really not a long time but in this day and age it really is a long time.  I read someplace the average nowadays is about 10 years.  I've survived many downsizes and re-orgs along the way.  I have that GUT feeling though.  You know the one.  The one that tells you something is up.  Lots of closed doors, the heavy feeling in the air.  The unsure hello's etc.  This has been in the 'air' for a few weeks and I really feel like something is about to come down.  Will it effect me?  I don't know, I'd like to be positive and think not, but one is always at 'risk'.   I guess that added stress is what has me so beat tonight.  Keeping this low key as I just don't have the brain power.  I want to have a warm cup of tea, wrap up in a no thought chat or movie and go to bed early.


                                                     SLEEP WELL ALL!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I could go on and on about "The Boys." They have given me so many memories, but I would need days and several pages to complete the stories.  Don't be disappointed if I haven't yet highlighted one of your favorite times, I am STILL working on this. I just want to start with a few of mine :)


The early days when my Aunt Marg made sure I got tickets to the open practices during the Christmas break.  My dad dropping my girlfriends and I off at the "Aud" on his way to work and the giggles that escaped us as we found our way to the best seats in the house.  Those seats were not necessarily where you could see the ice the best, but rather closest to the gate and walkway to the dressing room.  It was always an adventure to wait after the games and practices to see our favorites come out and get pictures or autographs.  How many times we waited for Danny Gare!  OMG, I think back then I could have been classified as a stalker : )   No matter where the man went, if it was publicized I was there!  How many autographs and pictures did one need?  I just never got my fill.  It was common knowledge that he was my favorite, and to this day I still get razzed about it. The scrapbook my friends made so many years ago still has its place in my closet.  I can't bring myself to throw it away.  I laugh and/or cry each and every time I look at it.  Oh how sweet and innocent we all were back then.






The poster child for the lockout?


   Arrgh!  Can you believe the NBA came to an agreement on their CBA in one night?  A six year deal!!!  The NHL has been going on their lock out for 278 days!!!  Bettman and Goodenow barely talked before the existing CBA was up and the lock out was called immediately as the CBA expired with very little talking at all.  In Feb the entire season was called off after a mad dash to try and settle things. 
The biggest hold back was the salary cap issue.  Owners wanted one, players said no.  Anyone see Jagr's recent comments? 
Jagr was quoted, in Czech, on the Czech Ice Hockey Association's Web site.  "We started the fight because we didn't agree with the introduction of salary caps," Jagr said. "Now, we'll be happy to get them. We didn't expect the owners to be so tough and persistent. It was a risk that didn't pay off."
It is being reported that the NHL and the Players' Association recently agreed on a cap and the final details are being hammered out.  There will also be some rule changes in the new CBA.  Smaller goalie pads for one.  Pads will be limited to 11 inches as they were in the old days instead of the 14+ inches many are wearing now.  Blockers and catching gloves will also be reduced in size.  I personally like that idea better then changing the size of the nets.  Apparently one of them 'has' to change. 
I've heard rumors that both sides are working feverishly to get this done before the end of June.  With TV contracts not being renewed and season tickets needing to be sold (if they can be) it is a necessity to hurry.  Hurry?  Ha!  After all this time now they want to hurry!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Dominik Hasek


Dominik Hasek

Born: January 29, 1965; Pardubice, Czech Republic

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 180

Catches: Left


Buffalo acquired Dom from Chicago on August 7, 1992.  Buffalo traded Stephane Beauregard and a fourth round choice (Eric Daze) in the 1993 Entry Draft.  Who do you think got the best end of that deal?


Dom won the 1998 Olympic Gold Medal for the Czech Republic and shut out Russia in the championship game.  He is a five-time winner of the Vezina Trophy, two-time winner of the Hart Trophy (NHL's Most Valuable Player), twice won NHLPA's Lester Pearson Award as the League's outstanding player.  Led the NHL in save percentage in six seasons.  He was named to the NHL First All-Star Team five times.  Four times he was named NHL Player of the Month and six times named NHL Player of the Week.


Dom has given the city of Buffalo a ride through out his 9 years here.  The most precious prize has not been won as of this writing, but no one can deny the talent this man has.  He is looked at around the world as one of "the greatest."   In 2001 Dom donated 1 million dollars to the city of Buffalo to build a recreation/hockey center in the city limits.


Dom was traded to Detroit prior to the 2002 season.  Many were upset at the way things transpired and how Dom may have pulled the strings, but he will always be remembered here.


           THANK YOU DOM!!


Can I just say this is driving me nuts!  I've never had such a hard time getting graphics into any site I've done.  Mind you, it has been awhile, but dang I didn't think things changed that much!!

I really want this to work, and I want to have some fun, but I feel like this....


ok so I borrowed a graphic, but it surely fit the mood :)


Jail Time?

Well, sentencing came down today after several delays.  John Rigas and his son Timothy are paying for their indiscretions.  John was the founder of Adelphia Cable and x-owner of the Buffalo Sabres and sentenced to 15 years.  His son Timothy was the CFO and given 20.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, and still letting it sink in.  

I keep hearing "we'll give you the tools to finish the job."

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

   Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!  And the Mom's who have dual roles.  I am sure everyone has at least a few good memories about their Dad.  I know I do!  I come from a family of 7.  Dad had to work hard to give us what we needed, but he always made time for us and made sure we got our summer vacation, whether it was in a tent, in the pop up camper, or renting a house at the Outerbanks, NC.  Growing up I got to see the majority of the East Coast, even the World Expo in Montreal CN.  The line my father grew to hate, "are we there yet."  Being a single Mom, when I moved back to WNY my Dad took my son under his wing.  I can remember a trip down south in my parents RV.  My son didn't ask "are we there yet?"  Instead, he'd say, "Grump, are we where we want to be?"  I really don't remember how he knew to ask it that way, but he did and we all got a kick out of it.
  Today my family, the entire family will spend the day at my sisters.  We'll do steak on the grill and enjoy the company.  Kids, grand kids, and great grand kids will come together to celebrate.  I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day and can spend it with family members to enjoy and remember the good times.   Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What's up with that........

I mentioned June 8, and having more time for the net.  I use to spend a lot of time participating on the AOL message boards.  On June 8 that ended.  AOL made some business decisions and the CL program ended.   Sure, I was disappointed and saddened by the news but it was a volunteer position.  Things change and life goes on.  One door closes and another opens, isn't that what they say?

Anyway, I decided today to get my journal going.  Giving it a shot and see if I can have some fun and share some.  During the initial set up I get an IM.  I decide to take it and see what's up.  To my dismay and disappointment it's another former CL who has not yet come to terms with the changes.  His anger is spouted in all directions and most is coming right towards me.  I tried to be pleasant and understanding, but it didn't matter.  The negativity spewed all over was brining me down.  WAY down!  I had to stop what I was doing and regroup.  Hours later here I am putting this entry in.

Maybe it's me, maybe I don't see the whole picture with some of this.  I know this.  I've had several years of fun and great times being part of a team.  I noticed months ago the changes taking place and came to the realization that AOL is a business and not just here to make my volunteer 'life' fun.  They really owed me nothing.  Sure I put in hard work, sweat, and some tears but it was my choice.  I really didn't appreciate an IM that was running non stop about the bad things.  Accusing me of things I had no idea about.  What's up with that?  Then when I get to a point where I've had enough I'm told to leave him alone??????? 

I understand that some folks had or are having a difficult time dealing with the change and need a place to vent.  I was just amazed that someone would randomly pick me from a message board comment I made.  We didn't know each other and had no dealings with each other prior and here I am being warned and threatened of my demise if I don't listen to him or join his 'group'.

What's up with that?

A little more about the boys :)

Growing up in a large family and having only one TV was horrible, so when the basement got “finished off,” and a TV was added I was in my glory in the winter months!  Sitting there glued to the set watching the boys as they took on their opponents.  It was no secret I loved the game, and each year my Aunt would give me tickets to the open practice to be held the day after Christmas, similar to the All Star Skills competition of today.  Several of my friends and I would have a parent drop us off on their way to work.  We'd make our way in to ohhh and aaaah over the “cute” guys.  Comparing notes on plays, speed, agility, and of course looks.  In that day there was hardly a helmet to be seen.  Goalies wore the “Jason” type mask.  Most just white, and then the logos began to get popular.  Remember when Gerry Desjardins went from his plain white to the blue with the crossed sabres and charging Buffalo?  It was Jan of 1977, after the 9-2 Montreal pounding of the Sabres.  That same year Rick Martin was selected as the outstanding player in the 30th annual All Star Game.  He received a Dodge Charger and $700.00 what do the MVPs get this day?  The looks of Rick Dudley, current GM in Tampa, Afro, headband, and then long last the helmet.  I believe he stated during the transition that he was at a disadvantage.  Most fighters in the league had started wearing the helmets and all he was doing was rattling his fists off them.


Getting Started

Well, like I said as of June 8, I was given more free time to play on the net, and thought I'd try my hand at some writing.  I am not going to proclaim to be the best, but I hope you enjoy the reading.

I am from the Great White North and have lived here the majority of my life.  I did a stint in Dallas, TX but couldn't wait to get home to my family, friends, and familiar surroundings.  Yes, sometimes it gets cold, sometimes we get snow, but the area is wonderful and you will see it can be fun. 

  The sunset picture was taken on a summer night looking across the St. Lawrence River up near the Thousand Islands.  The family visits there often.  It's close enough to home, but far enough away to rest and relax. 

Like I said, I am a huge hockey fan.  I've been a fan since I can remember, or since the local team came in to existance :)

The Buffalo Sabres have been in the area for over a quarter of century.  Many will say this is a "small market town", but it does not stop the fans from backing their team and supporting them.

I personally have been a fan my entire life.  Through good times and bad you will see me sporting the "boys" colors and cheering them on.  Often you will find me sharing opinions and insight on message boards throughout the internet.  

Growing up, I can remember the Sunday football games my Dad would go to.  I recall the visits to the Auditorium to see the Buffalo Braves.  I also remember the shock when my father realized “his little girl” loved hockey.  His favorite line, “go to a fight and watch a hockey game break out.”  Something so many said, but coming from my Dad it use to make me mad!  The quickness of the players, and the ability to move and handle the puck with such finesse would draw me in like no other sport.  Sure, there were hard hits, and fights, but it was part of the excitement.  The best was watching Gil Perreault skate from end of the ice to otherand foil the goalie and score.  Rick Martin, how many 50-goal seasons did he have?  Rene Robert?  Danny Gare?  I remember the heartache and tears when I heard that Tim Horton had died.  Part of the term “defense” seemed to die with him.  At the risk of sounding cold, whenever I see a sign for Tim Horton’s doughnuts I grin ear to ear and remember!