Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~ Winter Sky ~

Looking out my window this morning was deceiving.  I could see a bright powder blue sky and the sun rising over the houses across the street.  It actually looked like it might be warm outside. A faint orange glow surrounded the dark bare trees.  When I headed to my car I was quickly proven wrong.  The snow still laying on my driveway crunched with each step.  It sounded as though I was walking on thin pieces of styrofoam, and it was breaking beneath me.  The snow on my windows glistened in the light and looked like it was from a movie scene and fake.  I really didn't need my snow brush to wipe it clean.  I could have just blown it off.  Hmmm.. some might think I have enough hot air to do just that.  As I turned my key to start the car, I heard a deep rumble of a groan.  My car didn't want to move this morning either.  It did start no problem, it was just cold.  Bitter cold!


Driving into work was peaceful.  The roads were clear and dry, covered only with the remnants of salt that had been used earlier to help clear the snow and ice.  It sparkled like tiny diamonds in the sunlight.  It actually looked beautiful and amazed me how much damage something so pretty could cause.  Something so fine could eat away the metal of your car.  No wonder the car wash is always so busy on the nice days of winter.  Driving on the highway is when I realized Mother Nature was at work.  Driving to work I am headed straight towards the lake.  The sky was bright powder blue with huge white clouds over the lake.  To the south the clouds were not as white but more a gray with a hazy orange/gold blanket laying on the top of them.  The sky was a deep dark blue.  Wisps of aqua blue trails stretching as far as the eye could see.  I definitely knew there was a heavy snow band there.  No doubt they were getting hit hard and heavy.  Thin cotton like candy pastels of soft white, yellow, pink, and purple to the north.  They danced with the wind and moved like the ocean.  The brightness from the sun made it almost look like it was animated with glitter.  I was in awe, the beauty was calming and true to a winter sky.  Tiny specks of glitter fell to the ground.  To think each speck was of a different shape and yet you could barely see it.  If the sun wasn't out I don't think I would have.  I wouldn't even call what was falling snow, it was more like tiny slices of ice.  Maybe Mother Nature was dusting after her wonderful job painting the sky for me.  Yes, you see she did it for me.  I was in need of something calm and beautiful to start my day. 


Ending my day wasn't as calming.  The sky was dark, gloomy.  Snow flakes the size of quarters were falling.  The road was no longer shining, it was a sloppy thick mixture of snow, water, and salt.  It was grungy gray and as slick as an oil spill.  Trucks flew by as though they had no worries of slipping, some cars drove as though they had no traction at all.  I moved at a snails pace and held on to my stirring wheel rather tight.  Why folks just can't drive normal.  Leave some extra space between you and the next car.  No.. instead they speed up to get on the bumper of the car in front of them and then ride their brakes.  Grrrrrrrr  Others need to change lanes only to speed around the car in front of them and then pull back in front of them to drop their speed by 15 mph.  It's no wonder more folks don't die in winter driving accidents.  


I arrive home safe and sound and hoped for just a relaxing evening.  Not so lucky!!!  My nephew showed up to visit with his Mom... or to get away from his Dad and Grandma not sure which.  He hasn't said a word to me and believe me I like it that way!   I just wish he wouldn't talk at all.  He's loud and constantly telling stories that are so obviously exaggerated.  Makes my skin crawl these days.  No worries, I can act like nothing happened just like him.  That is until he needs to use the computer to sign for unemployment.  NOT!!!


Both graphics tonight are pictures I took the other day.  I had a few requests to see them a bit larger.  I had to animate the crick... LMAO and the other well... a different version of Mother Nature :)~   Might add a few snags later.  I'm just tired and trying to get back to that place I was this morning as I saw the perfect winter sky.






Tuesday, January 30, 2007

~ Long Day ~

I can't believe it is after 11 already.  I guess that happens when you don't come right home after work.  Never finished eating dinner until almost 8.  OUCH!!  No doubt not a good thing to eat so late, but dinner was soup so I think I'll be ok.  No nightmares.  LMAO no pun intended.    My niece also stopped over.  I wanted her to try the french braid up, and she did.  OMG!  Laughed my ass off as I had this Pebble's type poof going on.  It went up with ease so I think a regular french braid is doable.  I will be calling tomorrow to set the appointment.  Now I just need shoes.  I think that will be a breeze.


Spent the evening watching the hockey game and the boys looked good.  They hadn't started the new year out that great, but tonight they played with some heart and desperation.  Well, as much desperation as you can have when you lead the conference by so many points.  I just want them back on track.  The 7-1 win tonight was a good start!   I did have a couple graphics from the other night.  Just posting two and my new tag offer.  Feel free to click on the graphic to make a request. 


I hope you enjoyed the clip regarding the blizzard of '77... talk about snow!  I will do a proper entry tomorrow.  I'm just tired. 









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~ Tuesday ~

Well, the drive into work wasn't half bad.  I had grabbed my camera and took it with me just in case.  I never did get shots on the way in and downtown was not nearly as 'snowy' as at my house.  So on the way home I stopped at the park and took some shots of the creek... or would that be crick?  LMAO!!!  This park is not far from my house and is the same creek I mentioned that runs behind the tree line in my backyard.  Though in order to get to it from my yard you'd have to climb down a cliff.  Because of it being twilight and so cold the pictures came out with a bluish tint.  I thought about adjusting it, but I rather like the effect.  Just thought I'd share them with you :) 


I also went searching on youtube... thank you Ste.. you got me addicted to something else now!  Anyway, while looking around I found this interesting clip about the Blizzard of 1977.  I was in high school at the time and remember it vividly.  It really shows the danger of snow, winds, and a frozen lake.  I think this is how we got the honor of 'snow capital of the world.'  This is not the norm folks, I swear.  Enjoy the footage...... and watch for those buried cars, houses, and street signs. 


Brrrrrrrrrrrr and you want snow? 


~ A Little Peek ~

Mother Nature can't decide what kind of flakes she wants to drop.  One minute they are huge big flakes, the next they are slivers of glitter.  They are saying the snow band is breaking up, but it is expected to continue to snow through the day.  This footage is from earlier this morning but it will give you taste of winter.   Feel free to click on the link :)


No schools are closed, and yes I have to work.  To answer a few questions, if I had off they would announce it on the news just like they do school closings.  Another dead give away would be a driving ban.  Neither which has happened so I'm off to the office.  


Have  great day!



Monday, January 29, 2007

~ One Difference ~

Yes, you can actually see the house and lights in this graphic unlike at my house.  I'm wiped out.  It was a long busy Monday.  After dinner I sat on the couch to relax and just veg out.  Before I knew it I was laying and sound asleep, that is until my phone rang.  Steve called to tell me thanks for yesterday and to go on with what his girlfriend had to say.  She had fun too and looks forward to another day.  YEAH!  She didn't think I was some geeky Mom.  Believe me he would have told me if she thought that.  I got up to get a drink and when I came back into the front room I moved the curtains to look outside.  What did I see?  Nothing.  Not a damn thing but white!  It's coming down fast and furious right now.  The news is reporting as much as 2 inches an hour and it's to go on until mid day tomorrow.  I guess I haven't knocked on wood hard enough, nearly enough, or something.  I can see the glow of the street lights but that is about it.  I can't make out the actual bulb, just the yellow surrounding it, and it's at the end of my driveway!   What traffic is out there is moving at a snails pace and even that slow the cars are throwing clouds of snow along their path.  Oh the joy of the morning commute!  I already have a good 3-4 inches on my car. 


I had done a few graphics the other day for times like these............ 'calgon, take me away!'   LOL  I'm off to bed.  I have a feeling the ride in is going to be long and frustrating.  HEY!  Stop that!  Stop that clapping!!  I know you're thrilled this is a nice short entry after the extremely long ones the last few days :)~   Good Night... stay warm.








~ A Quickie ~

Good Morning!  I hope this finds everyone well.  I just want to thank you again for all your support and kind words.  I also want to clarify that my son is  not getting married, not yet anyway.  Paaaleassee don't push that :)  Dinner yesterday was just to meet his new girlfriend.  Nothing more, nothing less.  She will be accompanying him to his cousins wedding in a few weeks and we thought it best that she meet some of the family prior. 


Have a great Monday!



Sunday, January 28, 2007

~ Perfect Sunday ~

Yes, you heard it right.  I went from shitty Saturday to perfect Sunday.  The morning started great as you may have read.  I showered and ran to the store.  I was still uncertain of what I'd make for dinner but as I walked the isles and fought through the mob of Sunday shoppers I decided I would do Italian and have stuffed shells.  I grabbed what I needed and headed out rather quickly.   While in the store the snow had started coming down again and there was a slight coating in the parking lot.  As I headed towards my car an elderly woman had slid and fallen.  I went to her side and helped her up.  Making sure she was ok and helping her wipe herself off.  She looked so frail.  Such white wrinkled skin, a touch of pink lipstick, shiny white hair tucked under a rain bonnet, and the bluest eyes.  Piercing blue but such a softness about them.  I swear I saw her kind sweet soul.  She thanked me a few times and I made sure she was ok.  Before I could walk away she looked me in the eye with a perfectly straight face and said, 'Thank you my dear, all I could think of was I'd have to yell,  help me I've fallen and I can't get up.'  We both cracked up.  I had tears immediately, from such a bad day to such a good one. I thanked her.  She grabbed my hand and thanked me again telling me she was not hurt.  I helped her to her car and I was on my way.  The whole drive home I giggled at what she said.  She was as quick as a whip, and I still can see those blue eyes.  I wondered if my Grandma would be like that.  She has been gone so long now I barely remember, but I bet she did have that sense of humor once upon a time.


Once in the house and groceries put in their place I started the sauce and mixed the meat for meatballs.  As I seasoned, browned and turned I remembered all the times I would yell for my son as I made them, 'you going to be my tester?'  He wasn't there and I had to go by instinct and smell.  When they were ready to go in the sauce I left one out to cool.  No, I tested it, I didn't wait for him.  I'm such a bitch!  The meatballs simmered in the sauce all afternoon.  The smell filled the house and made me so hungry I wanted to eat right then and there.  I settled for dipping a piece of bread.  YUM!  Now if 5 o'clock would just get here.  I messed around and waited patiently for them to arrive.  Patiently?  ROFL!  Yeah right, I was excited, ok and maybe a bit nervous.  Why?  Who knows, if I remember correctly she should be the one nervous. 


Well, she is perfect.  She is very pretty with blondish brown hair.  It's past her shoulders and she wore it perfectly straight.  She did say she does have a little curl but nothing like mine.  Dinner went without a hitch.  We sat and talked, giggled, and got to know each other.  Ohh, and Steve asked who tested the meatballs.  Told him it's someone else's job now I guess.  He looked a bit puzzled then told him it was me.  He gave me a smile with his gorgeous dimples.  She was a bit shy and a little quiet, but as the evening wore on she talked a bit more and more.  We talked about what she does and what she wants to do.  Get this.  She had a job interview on Wednesday to work at a graphic place.  Her Mom has worked there since she got out of high school.  OMG!  Well, you know where and what that lead to.  We chatted some more and had a nice time.  We ate dessert (cheesecake with cherry topping) in the living room as we all watched Titanic for the gazillionth time.  Great movie!!  We talked through it at times.  After a couple hours it was time for them to head out.  I fixed a 'to go' bowl of shells, sauce, meatballs, and some garlic bread.  I wonder if it will make it until tomorrow. 


What a difference 24 hours makes.  My weekend ended on a very high note.  I do thank you for your support and rest assured things will and have changed.  I did set up my PC to be password protected.  I had hoped it wouldn't come to that, but if you can't follow the rules you lose.  He will not be in the house when one of us is not here.  Though I am sure it will be a long time before he comes by when I'm home.  I know my sister understands and is in complete agreement.  I'm not sure if she has talked to him outside of my presencebut it doesn't matter at this point.  He knows he went over the line.  Lets just hope he doesn't stay away for a few days/weeks and then come back like nothing happened.  I will not change my mind on this issue.  His brother did call today and he was aware of what happened.  Apparently my sister told him.  He was pissed at his brother and couldn't get over the rudeness.  So I guess it wasn't me. 


Well, this turned a bit longer then I had anticipated, sorry if I bored you.  Just wanted to let you know how dinner went.  No pictures... I thought that rude.  LOL But I will get some come the wedding.  Can you believe it's only a few weeks away?  Time flies!!  Speaking of flying.. the weekend is over.  DAMN!!!!  I guess mine was 50/50... hopefully the week will just improve from here.  Wishing you all a good week too!


I'm calling it an early night.  The TV is beeping and a snow warning is crossing the screen.  It's been an emotional couple days and I just want to crawl under my thick comforter and drift off to dream land.  The January tag I made a while ago.  I figured I better use it before it's too late!  The others are some of the snags I worked on while I was fuming.  Nothing gothic this time, and I really like the way they came out.  A little bit of this, and that......   I think some softness comes through and some really good sayings.  Whatcha think?














~ Sunday ~

Good morning!  Yeap, so far it has been good.  I woke up pretty early considering what time I went to bed last night.  Just couldn't sleep.  We're having a heat wave here too.  It's a balmy 25 degrees and snow is falling.  Big fluffy flakes falling at a moderate to slow speed.  It's as pretty as a picture.  There is a fresh coat on the ground and it almost sparkles even though there is no sun.   So clean.  Give it time, no doubt once the world around me wakes and gets moving the roads will be a grungy mess.


The house was silent and peaceful when I came out of my room.  So different then the episode of yesterday.  I made morning coffee and realized my sister did not come home last night.  I don't think she 'ran away', but she either had a few to many beers, or since the kids were at Grandma's she stuck around to give a helping hand.  Either way it's just me right now and it's nice.  Sitting in my jammies, sipping on coffee, reading mail and surfing the net with not a sound around me.  The gentle hum of my computer and the occasional gurgle of my coffee pot in the other room.  It's nice.


I played around with some non animated graphics last night and thought I'd just put 'em out there.  Nothing fancy, nothing great.  Just messing around with Marilyn and Johnny.  LOL  As I was looking for the morning graphic I was stunned at how many I actually did.  It's an addiction I tell you!  I'll no doubt share more later this evening.


I'm off to shower and get moving for the day.  I will be running to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  I'm not really sure what I'm going to make.  Steve said nothing fancy, pizza and wings would be fine.  NOT!!  Not just because I think that is the easy way out, but we just had that the other night.  He mentioned spaghetti and meatballs, but not sure I feel like that.  Maybe stuffed shells or something a bit more interesting.  When I get to the store I will decide.  Hmmm... well I have to now don't I?    I am looking forward to meeting his girlfriend.  I know he likes her by the way he talks about her.  Yes, he actually uses her name and tells me things.  So it's either he is growing up and is comfortable with it or he likes her.  I know he's grown up, I think it's he likes her.  I will definitely let you know if she is good enough :)  LOL


Off and running.  Hope everyone has a great day.  Stay happy, safe, and warm.








Saturday, January 27, 2007

~ Wound Up ~

And yes, still up, but heading to bed now or I will sleep my Sunday away.  Can't do that, I am having my son and his girlfriend over for dinner.  YEAH!!  I get to meet her, finally.  While fuming I did a ton of graphics, that usually calms my nerves.  It worked some what........  not one to go to bed mad I thought I'd just put up some Valentine graphics and with any luck I'll have a peaceful sleep.


Thanks folks.. you all rock!  Night









                       DsDesignsMirrorLoveU.gif  <-- love the way this came out :) 

                   DsDesignsValentineAngel-1.gif <-- thought this one was cute :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

~ Attitude ~

Oh yeah, I had a bit of one today.  I was up pretty late last evening with the idea that I could sleep in, no problem.   I was snug and warm in my bed when all of a sudden I heard a noise and I stirred in my bed to see my alarm clock showing about 4:40.  I heard the noise again and I jumped out of bed.  Thud, thud, thud.  I thought someone was knocking on the door.  I'm sure I cursed, but I was worried.  Who the hell?  What the hell?  I about ran down the hallway as I was trying to get my robe on.  Stumbling slightly as my foot got caught up in the tie as it was dragging on the floor.  By this time my head and heart were racing.  My thoughts immediately went to my son.  Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud..... what the hell!  It wasn't my door, there was no one there.  It was the dog upstairs, his tail banging off the hard wood floors.  Maybe in anticipation of his owner getting up so he could go out to do his thing, maybe his owner was playing with him, or maybe he was having a surprise party and he was excited to see the other dogs.  Regardless, it wasn't even 5 am and I'm now wide awake and pretty pissed.  Not at the dog, it's not his fault really and I'm sure his owners have no idea how loud it sounds in my house in the middle of a peaceful quiet night/morning.  After my heart stopped beating a mile a minute I went and climbed back into bed.  It probably was a good 30 minutes laying in bed before I was actually able to get back to sleep.  I got back up a couple hours later.


The day was pretty uneventful.  I did some cleaning around the house, a few loads of wash, and cleaned up some old files on the computer.  I had looked for a site that was in my favorites the other night only to find it was a dead link.  Grrrr something I hate more then anything, so while was in between loads I went through and cleared the dead ones out.  I checked on ones I hadn't been to in months, if not years, and since I hadn't been there I removed them too.  No doubt some day in the future I will be looking for one of them, but I was cluttered and unorganized.  I went to some of the tutorial sites I had used in the beginning of my graphic days and no sooner did I click on one my virus protection yelled with a warning.  I then spent a bit cleaning up my computer and was good, no viruses, thank goodness.  I am so glad it was caught before it could do any damage.  Needless to say, I've removed some of the tutorial sites too.  Technology these days and these computer jerks get some unknown pleasure causing havoc for others, and you can pick them up anywhere.  Are you protected?  Are you up to date?  It's not that expensive and well worth it.  Don't count on just AOL, they protect us from spam too.  LOL


I also had some fantasy/fairy attitude so I threw some graphics together as well.  I was pretty pleased with the effect on the 'dark moon open heart' one, it almost looks as though the rain is splashing in the water.  Or is it me?  Could be you know.... I think I imagine a bit when I work on the graphics and will myself to think it's something...........  I used a different effect on the water for the 'love isn't fairy', not sure exactly what I think of that, but overall I do like the finished graphic.  I was trying to get the effect of a cement type wall with a design etched in on the 'wall flower fairy', do you think I accomplished it?   Ohhh.. and do you notice the nose on the cat?  Can you see it moving?  To much?  I'm always afraid the blinking, movement, and glitter will look spastic and give someone a seizure.  It's a timing thing with the animation program as well as the number of frames.  Sometimes less is better.  Ya know?  Geeeeeeze did I ask enough questions?   I better just go to bed before I make your eyes bleed!  LOL


Hope everyone had a great Saturday and I wish you a good Sunday! 












~ Tribute ~

Well, it's a football weekend... championship week.  The two 'best' teams in each conference play each other to see who goes to play in the Super Bowl.  Some of you may remember last year I did entries and asked that you pick who you thought would win.  This year I decided I would do an entry as a tribute to some players.  Not all these players will be playing this weekend but I thought the song choices were pretty funny for the player.  Hopefully you can see the humor, I'm really not trying to be mean. 

Gaawd you can find just about anything on YouTube! 


Brady - plays for New England and will be playing this weekend


Roethlisberger - played for the winning team last year and had a rash of injuries in the off season and during the season hurting the Steelers chances of going back for number #2


Favre - one of my all time favorite players but his play is quickly declining and so many say he should just retire.


Moss - great receiver, but he plays when he wants, and openly says so.

Friday, January 19, 2007

~ Thought About It ~

I want to say thank you for all your support and comments regarding my little dilemma... ok the one I created.... but a dilemma just the same.   I'd seriously been considering combining my journals to make it a bit easier.... not sure for who exactly... but I thought it would be easier... some where......   some how.  Then, the past couple of days I've come home to an overloaded mailbox.  I mean over 400 pieces a day easily.  It's just out of hand, and I will have to get off a few lists and out of few groups.  Uh huh.. another dilemma, which ones???  LOL  Anyway, I decided I would keep both journals.  I'd be so afraid I'd miss requests or something and that would just cause chaos for me.  Now, I would never claim to be the most organized, but damn that is just asking for trouble.  I did post a new tag earlier this evening.  Feel free to email me at or click HERE to leave a comment to request it.   


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Forgot to mention that, yes, we did go back to Apple Bee's last night and had a great time.  I ended up getting.................. steak!  Did anyone figure that?  I've actually been doing great.  I go back to the Dentist on Tuesday for another adjustment but I am finding I can eat just about anything, and I've had no real issues.  YEAH!!!  I could kick myself in the ass for not doing this sooner and/or demanding my old Dentist do it.  Ahhh live and learn.


I am so glad this week isover.  I've been so busy at work and I did not getout on time once this week.   I'm not one to shut everything down and wait for quitting time, I work to the bitter end, then shut down.  One of my biggest mistakes is answering my phone at 4:30 instead of getting up and leaving.  You know these are the calls that leave me with the most work to do.  ARGH!  Someday I will just let it go, but it wasn't this week.  I was beat when I got home, yet got a second wind during the boys game.  They ended up beating the Canucks 4-3 in a shoot out.  Vancouver was leading 3-2 and with 39 seconds left in regulation Christopher Drury scored to tie the game and send it to overtime.  Mr. Clutch!  Gotta love him..... ohhhh and gotta love Mr Good Luck Charm too!  ROFL!!!!


Did I say second wind?  I think I just bored myself into submission... I'm off to bed.  My eyes hurt and I should go shut them before they bleed all over my keyboard. 


Night all.......... have a great weekend!






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Thursday, January 18, 2007

~ 35 ~

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If you thought you were going to find 35 graphics, think again!  It's actually 35 degrees out right now and pretty warm in comparison to what it's been.  I did promise more pictures of the ice and I quickly put something together, with the hopes of giving you some idea as to what it looked like.  I took these out front of my office building yesterday.  The building is actually the Anchor Bar, home of the original chicken wing.  I thought the trees gave a true feeling of what each tree looked like.  I hope you see the beauty I saw.  Imagine driving down a road and seeing this lining the streets, filling backyards, glistening in the sun.  The branch was a close up and it was an amazing contrast against the blue sky.  Only thing missing in the picture is the iridescence that you could see with the naked eye.  It looked like someone had blown bubbles and they were floating amongst the limbs.  The other two are just close ups of a couple bushes on the lot next door.  Notice the berries on the one?  I think they were left from the October storm.  Mother nature has been messing with her babies, and I don't think they know which end is up.   Today it did get warmer as I said.  Standing outside was something so different.  As I stood to get in my car I could feel the slight breeze and in the quiet I heard a crinkle, for lack of a better word.  Imagine a plastic type bag, not the soft ones but those that actually crinkle when you roll them up.  That is what I heard.  I stood and listened, trying to figure out what it was.  It then dawned on me it was the branches dancing in the wind and as they brushed against each other the ice clicked together.  Ahhh  I was ready for the bride and groom to kiss.  Ting ting went the spoons on the glasses.  It was a calming sound, but I will admit I was glad my car wasn't parked under any branches.  Needless to say, when I left work today there was very little ice left on anything.


My sister and I did go out this evening.  We were going to Apple Bees for dinner and then to shop.  We didn't time it right at all.  When we pulled into the parking lot it was mobbed.  We decided to hit a store further down the plaza and see if we could find anything and then go back for dinner before moving on.  We walked in and immediately separated as our taste is completely different.  After some combing of the racks I actually found a skirt and a dress that I liked.  I went to the dressing room to try them on.  I put the skirt on and really liked it.  Long black and very plain, with the slit up the back.  Then came the dress.  It was black with white polka dots and handkerchief cut bottom.  It was sleeveless but came with a short red sweater with long sleeves.  I thought it was cute for a Feb 17th wedding and dressy enough.  I came out to see if I could find my sister and low and behold she was trying something on too.  First store, first outfits tried on, and we were done.  Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about!  I bought both and she got a skirt and jacket, and then a few other items she could wear to work.  I just need a purse and maybe some red shoes.  I even picked up some jewelry, accessorize Donna, accessorize!  I will be calling my hairdresser tomorrow to see if she thinks my hair will be long enough for a French braid.  I want her to do it up my head tho, not down.  I just know if I leave it down it will drive me absolutely crazy!  Keep your fingers crossed.


Ok, that's enough of my day.  It's late and I need to get to bed.  I guess the Angels were with me today........ and with that said.......... 


Night all





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Ok shoot me....... it's not the sunrise.......this is actually what I saw in my backyard when I got home last night.  I had my camera handy so I headed straight back to get the shot.  The colors were definitely more vibrant live, but I think this does a bit of justice.  I had to add some effect since I wasn't going to animate it and I actually like it. 


It's freezing here and last night I actually had to sleep with socks on!  I'm a barefoot girl normally but I could not get warm for anything.  Socks?  In bed?  Eeeewwww... but toes were nice and cozy.


Hi Ho Hi Ho... it's off to work I go.................   Have a good day!




Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thought I was Kidding?

I told you I had a bizarre mixture of graphics that I had done the other night.  I'm only posting some tonight, but you can see I had no idea what kind of mood I was in.  A little dark, a little silly, and I have a few angels for later.  Digging through my graphics I saw something, had an idea, grabbed it, and went with the flow.  Maybe you'll find something you like. 


I had to use Miss Piggy as my main graphic because I could sure use a nice bubble bath.  Funny thing, I messed it up.  I didn't mean to have her move, but when I looked at it, she appears to be somewhat washing her hair.. hmmm maybe it's just me.  I decided to just leave it.  LOL  Go ahead say it.... LAZY!!


Today was nuts!  Work went really well.  I took my camera today because I knew the ice hadn't melted off the trees.  How could it when it barely got over 20 degrees?  Only thing, I didn't have time to do anything with them.  I will and post them later for those that asked.  I did so much work today, and it felt good when I walked out the door.  I accomplished a lot!  Logged on to sooooooooooooo much mail.  I had, what felt like a gazillion tag requests that I had to get done, and I did.  :::sigh of relief::: so I'm all caught up there.  I had about 60 graphic items to do for work, which is done.  YEAH!!!  My mailbox is empty, thank God!  Unfortunately I really haven't had time to visit, I'm sorry.  You know I will get around soon tho :)  Of course, I also had to watch my boys play.   :::gasp::: you mean you didn't watch Idol, D?   I confess, we flipped a few times.  :)~  And I really didn't watch... I listened.  I just had to get things done, you know?  Now I can concentrate on editing a picture for a good friend.  It's taking much longer then I expected and I really need to take my time as it is pretty detailed.  I'm hoping in the next couple days I can finish it.


Tomorrow after work my sister and I are going shopping.  My niece gets married in 30 days, and I haven't a thing to wear!!  Can you believe how fast that came?  I avoided looking around the holidays as I didn't want glitter and sequence.  I don't want to look like one of my graphics!  LOL  Actually, that isn't me at all.  Hopefully we will be successful.  Keep your fingers crossed, I am not even sure what I'm looking for, but I have money.  Oh sure, we all know how that goes.  You only find the 'perfect' thing when you're broke!  Grrrrrrr


Well it's late and I need to try and get into work a bit early tomorrow to finish up with the graphics and start my real work, so it's off to bed. 


Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh and real quick thanks to all you that stopped by Ste's journal to congratulate him.  I KNOW he appreciated it and was very flattered. 


Night all, hump day is about over... hope your day went well.














Tuesday, January 16, 2007

~ Thinking..... Pooh ~


For those of you that read Brain I am NOT going to be talking about soap!!!  LMAO

I had a long ride home this evening.  It was snowing pretty good and traffic moved at a snail's pace.  Sure, no sooner did I get home it stopped, but damn if it didn't take me over an hour.  Grrrrrrrrr


I started thinking about JLand and the fact that I'm trying to keep up with two journals.  This one and my tag journal.  Well over a year ago when I started doing graphics I had so many folks ask me to tag something.  A lot has happened between then and now.  I started a second journal to keep my yacking separate, but this journal has become a snag journal as well as my place to BS.  I wonder if I should just combine the two and note those that are snag & those that are tag.  Will folks be able to keep thins straight with all the graphics?  Hmmmmm   Thoughts?  Ideas?  The thought has come to mind a few times prior, and even tonight while doing graphics it came creeping in again.  Maybe I am looking for a reason that I am not feeling as creative as I once was.... maybe I am just over thinking.  Now that would not surprise me.  ARGHH 


So why Pooh?  A few nights ago Ste and I were talking, not sure what prompted me to go to youtube, but I did.  I stumbled across Loggins & Messina.  Ok, so I am showing my age here, but I love them.  Ohhhh and Loggins... nice and gentle on the eyes ::evil grin::  Anyway, found this and tonight I had it playing while I was playing.  I've been all over the board the past few days and tonight was no different.  This kind of grounded me.  Took me back to a place and time when things were simple.  Just thought I would share it.  Hope you enjoy it as muchas I do :)





Again, not sure what I am going to do with journals, you'll know when I do.  LMAO  In the meantime I will just go about my business and drive everyone nuts.  Wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts tho....

help a girl out, eh?


Might be back with my bizarre mixture of graphics if not you'll see them tomorrow. 




Monday, January 15, 2007

Can You Say Ice?


Oh yeah, I can!  I got up early for work, just like I said I was going to.  I looked out the window and it was raining.  I could see spots where it froze, but it did not look bad.  I did my normal routine and headed out the door a few minutes early.  I could see some ice on my car, but the door opened no problem.  I got in and started the car blasting the heat.  Dug the scrapper out from under my seat.  Damn, I've used it very little this year!  I cringed as I thought, this is going to be a bitch to get off.  I pushed the scrapper down fairly hard on my windshield, and Wham!   No, don't worry, I didn't break the window.  The ice came off in one sheet, well almost.  It only broke where the scrapper hit it.  Off it slid on to the driveway shattering into a million pieces.  The rain falling and the little bit of light that was peeking through the clouds and it looked like diamonds.  Hmmmm  a girls best friend!  LOL  The roads going in were not bad at all, just wet.  Further north they were not as lucky and I was driving right into it.  I should have grabbed my camera, but I hate taking it to work.  I'm always afraid it will be stolen. 


Downtown the ice covered everything.  The chain link fences looked like crystal instead of metal, the trees were coated.  There was a haze over everything.  This may sound sick, but it was beautiful.  The day never brightened, but you could see sparkle for miles.  I did take the pictures with my cell phone.  Not the best quality, but you may get an idea of what it looked like.  I couldn't get too close and surely couldn't zoom.  You'd think that they would have that feature on all phones, hell they have everything else!  LOL  I took a picture out one of the VPs windows, I thought I could get half way decent shot.  A tree in the lot next to work, had to walk on water, literally to get it, a vine up the side of the building that is absolutely beautiful during summer and fall, and lastly the picnic table in our back lot.  I had to stop on the way home, and by the time I got here it was way to dark to get any decent shots.  Now?  Oh it's not doing anything.  We got a bit of snow over the ice, and they are calling for 12-18 inches more starting tomorrow.  Winter is here!


I'm dead tired and going to bed.  I've had a great day even with the weather, but one can only do the happy dance for so long.  Laughing, squealing, crying, dancing, it takes a toll on an old lady. 






He Did It!!!!

No doubt the majority of you already know, but you don't think for one minute I'd just skip over this, did you?  Really?  


Yeap, Ste was selected for the band.  Last year he went through auditions and meetings.  He waited patiently for the outcome.  Did I say patiently?  If I know him, he paced around the house wearing out  the hard wood floors and carpet.  Didn'tcha Ste?  Well, the wait is over.  He got the call today and the outcome.............


Congrats Ste!!  I can't express how happy I am for you.  I've seen you accomplish so much in the time I've known you.  The hurdles you've overcome to get where you are is a reason to be proud all by itself.  You had a wish, a dream, and you stuck your heels in and worked your ass off to make it come true.  It couldn't have happened to a better person.  I have good feelings about all this, and remember, no matter what you are always a star in my eyes!  Knock 'em dead babes, knock 'em dead! 




I know I'm late, but if you haven't already, drop by and say a good word to him?  Please.. tho.. no bras and panties... Mum and Mother Hen are watching  ......  ok ok... we'll turn our head for a few of you.... maybe.....   Make sure you give a good girlie squeal tho :)


Congrats again babes, you know I love ya!!  Hope you still love me after you see the pictures..

:::evil grin:::

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Could You............

............ love me for what I am not what you want me to be. 


That is what I first thought of when I saw this bear.  He is just so adorable.   I immediately fell in love with him and played with some effects until I thought it was just right.  I'm pleased, but what the hell do I know.   I've been saying for the past couple days I wasn't inspired, my creative juices have dried up.  I will let you decide.  Don't you just want to take him home?  Hmmm... ladies maybe you can use him as the IOU!  :)~


These are the graphics I tried to post twice yesterday.  Only the Valentine one from earlier today is a tutorial, these are mine ::grin::  AOL did not want to cooperate at all.  Today?  Well, it's a new day and all seems to be good.  :::knocking on wood:::  Thanks so much for all the tips, emails, and ideas.  I've saved them all.  Hopefully I won't need them, but I have them just in case.  I'd say 'go free and this is what you get', but I was still paying the first time it happened and tech support told me what to do.... but of course they don't know shit so I am taking your input for future reference. 


Today was pretty laid back, and I spent a good chunk of the day watching the football games.  No offense to my New England friends, but I really wanted San Diego to win.  Call me bitter, being from Buffalo, but I am so sick of hearing how wonderful Tom Brady and Tedi Bruschi are.   Grrrrr  it's a team sport!  Not that it's their fault, the media plays it up.  I will say congrats to both teams!  


I went to my car a bit ago and it was weird.  It is cold, so the thermometer says, but it didn't feel to bad.  Maybe because it's so cold I didn't feel the moisture in the air.  It isn't doing anything now, but it rained on and off all day.  As I was getting into my car I noticed the tree next door.  It glistened with the reflection of the nearby streetlight.  The branches looked to be covered in ice.  And I swear I saw buds.  Good gaawd those poor babies.. they have no idea what the hell is going on.  My car opened no problem, so I don't think it was as icy as it looked, but I sure as hell hope I don't wake up tomorrow to my car being encased in an ice cube.  Oh the joy!!!  :::making mental note to set alarm a bit earlier just in case:::  HeHeHe.. you see if I do that nothing will happen.  Well, maybe.  They are calling for a winter storm tonight and all day tomorrow. 


The weekend went by so fast I can hardly believe it.  I did get a lot accomplished, but damn I wish I had 3 day weekends!!   My son and I didn't do dinner tonight.  He wanted to veg in front of his own TV, and I don't blame him.  He had worked 10 days straight, and his shift changed on Mon.  He worked 7pm Sun to 7am Monday and then had to go back in at 3 and work until 11.  Ohhh to be young!  I would not be able to do that.  Not unless I could use that couch for a bit :)~ 


Suppose I should get to bed and get some sleep.  I have a feeling I will be scraping my car for a bit tomorrow.  Someone remind me..... next year ask my son for a remote car starter! 


Night... hope all had a great weekend and sending good wishes for a happy Monday.












~ Valentine Tutorial Snag ~

Yeah, yeah, don't remind me, I know what I said about tutorials.  LMAO!!!  I saw this one and just found it to gorgeous to pass up.  So I sat my arse down in my chair and went to town.  I added the little sparkles but the rest is from the tut.  Nice isn't it?  I thought it was absolutely beautiful.  I will be back later, just wanted to get this one up. 




~ I Think I'm Back ~ (SAC)


Well, I've been doing graphics this morning and I think I'm back.  LOL  I have a new tag offer that some might consider SAC.  If you'd like your name added click on the graphic to request it.  I saw something similar in one of my groups.  I changed it up a bit with different pictures, elements, and animation.  Is that considered stealing?  No more so then doing a tutorial..... LOL  Sorry a bit punchy.......


Off to get something eat, I'm starved.  Will also probably watch some football.  Whoever do I cheer for?  No doubt you'll get at least one more alert later... can you stand it?  ::grin::


Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their Sunday.  





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~ Sunday Morning ~


Oh yes, there is a theme....... Baby it's cold outside!  Friday when I did my entry, ok so it was already Saturday when I posted it, but the point I was going to make was it was 50 degrees.  Now, well it's not even 30.  Yesterday when I got up there was a fresh white blanket covering the yard.  The grass wasn't completely covered but it was pretty.  Sort of!  I was actually more in awe of the trees.  They looked pretty.  The broken edges, and shortened branches almost disappeared as your eye was pulled to the bright white laying on the branches, in the crevices, and seams.  It looked a little like winter.  I never did see the snow fall, it did that while I was fast asleep in dreamland.  I know some think I'm wishing for snow.  I am not really.  I just know it's winter and I'd rather have it now then in May or June.  Do it, get it over with.  It's not snowing now, it's more rain, but it is going to freeze.  I've seen on the news were the Midwest got it yesterday, and believe me I feel for them.  Having tree limbs snap is not fun.  Remember October here?  ::::shiver:::: I wish that on nobody.  Hmmm.. well... let me think..... ROFL!  No, I'm teasing.. 5 days without power was the pits!!  I just hope it's not a rerun. 




Speaking of the pits...... freaking AOL once again is up to it's old tricks!!  Yesterday I had more issues then you could shake a stick at.  Believe me there are still plenty of those laying around here.  Awhile ago I had issues with a corrupt file and I had to reinstall.  The last few days I seem to be holding on by a thread.  I open mail and it is listed there but I can't see who it's from or any subject line.  I have to shut down and restore.  It closes my mailbox while I do this, so if you send anything during that time you will get a message stating my mailbox is not available.  I am not blocking, so please try again.  I don't bother blocking.  Even with all the drama of past days it wasn't worth it.  I get so much mail I just go thru it in order, I don't pick and chose.  If I did that it would take a lifetime.   Besides it's easy enough to send mail from a made up name.  Don't open from who I don't know?  OMG!!  I am on so many lists for graphics and hockey I'd be deleting more then I read.  YIKES.. I got off the subject there... the point was my mail is screwed up big time!  If it happens again I will probably reinstall, but in the meantime I'm doing my best :)   Last night I tried to do an entry and I just hung there and then got bounced.  I came back and same thing.. Grrrrrrrr  I went to bed instead. 


I've also heard I'm not alone with the blahs or with the block when it comes to graphics.  Some aren't doing any, others are deleting, and even others are doing tutorials to make it easier.  I'm glad it's not just me.  No doubt we will all bounce back, we always do.. as a matter of fact I'm feeling much better.

Hmmmmm.... ok maybe not much.... but I am better.


Have a good day and I will no doubt be back later :)




Saturday, January 13, 2007



I tried to get the video to embed in the entry, but unfortunately the code given is not compatible with AOL.  Oh, what a surprise!  Seems AOL wants us to use their chosen items and nothing else.  Grrrr


Anyway, I found the video hysterical!   It might be the hockey fan in me, but it is good.   It use to be 'fighting' was a part of the game and each team had an enforcer.  The game is more about speed now and the 'enforcer' is not as needed.  Sure teams still have them but their time on the ice has diminished.  This is a 'news report' about the 'enforcer' on the Sabres, Andrew Peters,  and what he is doing with his extra time.  I haven't been able to find it, other then on this guys page.  It's so over the top, I can't believe that it was actually a news report, but I will say these guys are on the team.  It is them.  I don't think there is anyway it could have been spliced together, take a look and tell me what you think.  Or don't....  LOL  I know most could care less about hockey.  It is good for a little chuckle tho. 


Friday, January 12, 2007

~ Slightly Inspired ~

TGIF!!  Other then not having to work tomorrow, I am not really sure why I'm glad it's Friday.  The week wasn't bad.  I guess I'm just hoping the weekend gets me out of the 'blah' mood.  I can't even explain the mood.  Maybe it's the weather, it's ever changing forecast, ever changing results.  Earlier in the week it was cold.  Not the bitter below temperatures of January of years past, but it was below freezing by a few degrees.  Threats of snow loomed over head with low lying dark full clouds.  Some areas did get snow, but I didn't.  I see my brownish green grungy grass laying flat along the yard.  Bare trees that look so deformed with half branches and blunt ends reaching for the sky, from the storm in October.  Dirt and slop on the side of the road.  Yes, even garbage that folks discarded out car windows.  Where do they think it's going to go when the give it the good 'ole heave hoe?  This evening it is 50 degrees and raining.  WTH!?!   Where is Jack Frost on this January evening?  I'm not begging for snow, but damn could it make up it's mind!?!  You get up and dress for work it's 30, you come home it's 50.  You get up for and dress for work it's 50, you come it's 30.  No wonder we are all sick!!!  No wonder no one can kick the colds, the stomach bug, the 'blahs.'  This reminds me of the winter weather while I lived in Dallas.   Just do something and stick with it a few days.  I'd prefer a clear blue sky.... warm or cold.  Ok, so I'd like it warm but it's January.  :)


My story from yesterday was absolutely true.  No joke!  My co-worker wasn't having the party, she was invited and looking forward to going.  She wasn't at work today.  Maybe she needed the day to prepare?  Maybe I will check with her on Monday to see how it went.  Maybe not!  I don't think I could look her in the eye as she tells me about it.  ROFLMAO!!!!


Didn't go wild with the graphics.  I do think I'm a bit burnt out.  No doubt I will get the inspiration back, but right now snags maybe few.  Sorry, and I hope you'll understand.  I liked the sewing mouse graphic and was going to offer it as a tag, but I decided on a blinkie instead.  If you'd like your name on the purple flower with brushes click on the graphic and let me know what name you'd like. 


Hope everyone is doing great and had wonderful week.  It's Saturday...... YEAH!!!  The 'blahs' can leave now. 









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