Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scenic Trails to Share


Ok, so they really aren't 'trails' :)  Just a few graphics I've done.  If you snag just remember to give credit and link back.  Please don't alter, in doing so they become distorted and more often then not the animation disappears.  Enjoy.









Hump Day


And what a day it has been.  I had such a hard time falling asleep last night, as I am sure the entire city did.  So many folks wired after the overtime win last night.  As I lay in bed about midnight I could hear cars drive by with yells coming from the windows, 'Go Sabres!'  I tossed and turned and tried to relax so I could fall asleep, said a few prayers in there as well.  Game 7 is tomorrow.  The winner of that game will advance to play for Lord Stanley in another 7 game series against Edmonton.  Wish us luck :)


Woke up this morning to another hot day.  The temps have been in the 80's for the past couple of days and today was no different.  It was hot and sticky with a haze laying low.  Even with the haze you could still feel the suns heat.  They have been calling for rain but it has yet to arrive.  The air is thick and the heat is just adding to the drowsy feeling I have.  I'd love nothing more than to be at the base of that falls feeling the spray and mist.  It definitely would feel cool.  Now, I'm not complaining, we've been waiting for this weather.   They say it will cool down a bit and get back to our normal temps of the 70's in the next couple of days.  Either way so long as the sun is out and summer is here.


I've been a bit preoccupied with my boys these days and I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much hockey talk, but hey... it's me and I love my boys :)  I did work on a few graphics tonight and I will share them in a few.  I haven't been surfing through J Land much either.  I turned off alerts and bowed out of a few graphic groups I'm in but I still came home from my weekend to almost 500 pieces of mail.  I weeded through most of it, but holy crap there was a ton!  I'm still trying to catch up on personal things, household chores, my tag journal, graphics to share.  Hopefully you'll all understand.

I do hope everyone is doing great and that the holiday weekend was fabulous!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stayin Alive!


Chicken skin and teary eyed, the boys did it!  They won game 6 in OT and forced a game 7.   It's down to the best of 1, all or nothing, move on or get out of the way.  I can only hope and pray we are the ones moving on.  This has been a magical season to say the least.  The boys fought hard through out the season.  Injuries, Lindy's daughter being sick, slumps, yet they keep fighting and coming back.  Can they do it 5 more times?  You have no idea how bad I want it!


The boys came out tonight full of piss and vinegar.  It was evident from the drop of the puck they were not going down without a fight.  Teppo tried to play and did go out for a few shifts and played about 4 minutes total.  His hip flexor must have acted up because that was it for him, but he stayed on the bench giving support and no doubt wanting to go out and help.  About 5 minutes in Danny Briere fought hard behind the net and got the puck out front to JP who scored.  Tears welled up right there.  JP was in the penalty box on Sunday when Carolina scored their OT goal.  It was a perfect come back for him.  We out shot Carolina 14-5 in the first but don't kid yourself, Ryan made some awesome stops.  Cam Ward kept Carolina in there.  In the second it was fast and furious with up and down play and a few times Ryan stood on his head and kept us up 1-0.  Shots on net were about equal.  Same with the third, Carolina came hard and really wanted to end it tonight.  They out shot us 12-6 and with about 4 minutes left in the game they scored.  I swore, and prayed.  In to overtime we went.  Several OT games this post ended in the first few minutes, and I wasn't sure how I wanted this to go.  I just knew I wanted the win so bad.  A little over 2 minutes in Carolina took a boarding penalty.  Our power play had struggled this series and I think everything on me was crossed.  With maybe 4 seconds left it happened.  Danny got the puck and wham, in the net.  YES! We are going to Carolina for game 7!  Stayin Alive!! 


Ok, so I'm a bit giddy, a bit delirious, a bit exhausted, but I have a grin like no other.

I can't take credit for the John Travolta dance insert, but  I saw it and had to add it.  Call me a goof!?!  Game 7 is Thursday, and I am so looking forward to it.  Say a cheer, say a prayer, and keep your fingers crossed for me, for my boys, please?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggety jig


Camping was a blast!  We arrived about 1:30 Saturday afternoon and quickly unloaded the car.   I am not sure what I expected from a 'hunting camp', but it looked like it would do :)  The camp was actually set back in a clearing and down a bit of a hill.  The porch faced an open area and then deep woods.  Stepping up on the small porch and entering the main door you arrived into a huge open room.  There sat a huge table that could seat 15 easily.  Surrounding the table were a couple couches and chairs.  Off the back was a small enclosed porch that the hunters used mostly for storage.  This trip it was used as a bedroom with a cot set up.  On either side of the large room were little bedrooms.  I mean little!  But deceiving, one had 10 bunks and the other 5.  Then the kitchen area.  A huge industrial old fashion stove.  No wonder 'back in the day' kitchens looked so small, the stove took up half the room.  The outside wall had the sink, or should I say sinks.  It was a huge restaurant type stainless steel sink with 3 tubs.  More then enough room to wash dishes for an army.  Then one whole wall of cupboards.  It was perfect!  A small restroom with a shower.  Pretty much all the comforts of home.  The electric ran off a generator, so we had power at times or when we needed it. 


Once we picked our bunks and made our beds it was time to relax.  Sitting outside in the fresh air with great people was a wonderful way to relax.  The sky was bright blue with very few clouds.  The sun was overhead and very warm.  The temps were in the high 70's low 80's.  Most of the trees were full of bright green leaves that would occasionally dance in the light breeze.  You could hear the birds sing and the butterflies would make a visit here and there.  We had grilled chicken, several salads, and salt potatoes for dinner.   Once we cleaned up from our meal it was around the campfire.  The sky was clear with a million stars.  We chatted, had a few adult beverages and listened to my nephew play his guitar before we settled in for the night. 


Sunday was an early morning and we had huge breakfast to start our day.  Eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries and the much needed coffee.  It was close to 80 degrees by 10 in the morning.  The kids, or young adults showered and got out by 11, and we did the same.  We took a ride to Casadaga Lake and stopped in Lily Dale.  Lily Dale is pretty famous, but for those of you that don't know, it is a small quaint town that has mediums, tarot card readings, etc.  Most of the homes are absolutely beautiful.  Wrap around porches with fans, some painted bright colors, and the detail in the wood is wonderful.  We didn't get our fortune read or talk to those that passed over this trip, it was too nice a day to spend behind closed doors.  Instead we walked and looked around at the sites.  We stopped at the dock and watched a few fishermen and boaters.  The picture above is looking out across the lake.  The view was magnificent and the quiet  surroundings did wonders for stress.  Maybe it was the town, maybe it was the view, either way you could actually feel the tension leave your body.


Sunday night after a pulled pork dinner with all the fixings, we set up shop to watch the boys play game 5.  My heart is heavy and I'm really not much in the mood to talk about the game, but we did end up losing in OT.  The series now stands at 3-2 in favor of Carolina.  Game 6 is here in Buffalo on Tues and is a do or die game for the boys.  Win and they go to game 7 lose and they are done. 


This is a huge entry for me and it's time to call it quits.  I will talk more about the camp in another entry.  It's time for me to get to bed, I'm exhausted!  I do hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Holiday Weekend


Good Morning!  Just a quick note to let everyone know I will be gone for the weekend.  I am going camping and won't be home until sometime Monday.  I'm so looking forward to the time away :)  I need it!!  I have turned off all alerts so not to completely 'jam' my mailbox as I will not have access.  No, there is no internet connection where I will be :) 


I'm excited about the weekend and getting away but I am so sad and depressed about my boys.  They lost last night 4-0.  The injuries on defense took a toll and our offense was so trying to compensate it appeared they forgot their job of scoring.  The series is now tied at 2 so it's not over yet.  I have faith they will come out blazing on Sunday in Carolina and give it all they got.  I hope it's enough.  Keep your fingers crossed!


I hope everyone has a safe and fun Holiday weekend, see ya late Monday!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bitter Sweet


Henrik Tallinder is done for the playoffs.  It was announced earlier today he broke his left arm in last nights game and will not return this season.  It could prove to be absolutely devastating for the team.  We are already done Dimitri Kalinin with a broken ankle and Teppo Numminen is listed day to day with either a groin injury or a hip flexor.  That is 3 of the top 5 Dmen out.  The boys have dealt with adversity all season long, someone has always stepped up to fill the void, and I truly hope this will be no different.


Henrik has been a force on the blue line all year, and has had a remarkable showing in the playoffs.   He ranks at the top of the league with a +14, has a few goals and several assists.  I feel so bad that his run this year is over.  Get well soon Henrik and know everyone appreciates all you've done and will do in the future!


Game 4 is tomorrow night at home and I hope the boys can come out and play strong.  I still believe, but know the road has just gotten tougher.  A lot tougher!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Excitement!


The boys came out swinging and skating hard after their worst performance in the post season.  My heart was pounding as the players raced up and down the ice.  It was about 14 minutes into the first period before the first goal was scored, but it was heart wrenching as it was the 'Canes on the board first.  This post season there was only 2 games in which the opposing team scored first and we lost both.   Now, the third time, let's not back off boys.  They did for a bit, you could see the wind come out of the sails for a few minutes.  I felt a twinge in my heart and wished with all my might.  Five minutes later while on the power play Christopher scored to tie it up.  The crowd went nuts and the period ended with us on another power play.  The second period started and the boys came out strong and scored another power play goal a minute in.  Buffalo up 2-1.  The crowd was into it and the boys fought harder scoring 2 more goals to go up 4-1.  With less then 2 minutes left Carolina scored again and the period ended on a bit of a downer.  The third period was good, and the boys stood up the 'Canes at the blue line making it difficult to get in and get any good shots.  About 15 minutes while on the power play Carolina scored and got within one.  Can you say nerve wracking?  Five minutes left and we need to hang on for the win.  With about 2 minutes left in the game Carolina pulled their goalie for an extra attacker.  The boys gave up their bodies and played with their souls as they fought to hang on, and hang on they did.  Miller was awesome and stoned them on a few shots. 


Bad news, we lost another defenseman.  Henrik Tallinder left the game in the third period and didn't come back.  No word yet, and with the way things are in the playoffs we won't really know.  That makes 3 of our top 6 defensemen are out with injuries.  Kalinin has a broken ankle and we won't see him.  Teppo has been out the last few games and other then mid to lower body injury we have no idea.  Now Henrik.  I know the boys have always stepped up when need be, but this could be devastating.  Please say a little prayer that we can get 2 back and soon. 


I really couldn't pick a hero for tonight's game, so many guys stepped up.  Miller did a great job keeping us in there when things got crazy at the end of the third, and Danny Briere scored 2 goals.  I won't name the graphic 'hero', but rather just use the likes of them :)  I'm including the flag as a symbol of the fans who showed up and gave their support.   Game 4 is here in Buffalo on Friday.  Go Sabs!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just one........

I'm still sleepy and yawning away here so I decided to do just one entry with a few of the graphics.  I'll get more up later. 







Late Entry


What a day today!  Nothing major happened, it was pretty much same 'ole same 'ole, up early, off to work, home and dinner.  I logged on to check mail and had about 300 pieces waiting for me.  I started working my way through it and all of a sudden I could keep my eyes open no longer.  My head felt like it weighed 100 lbs.  I could not stop yawning and my eyes watered as though I was crying.  I thought to myself, 'what the hell am I doing?'   I logged off and crashed.  I mean crashed.  My head wasn't even down on the pillow for 2 minutes and I was out like a light.  I made myself get up, and when I moved my hand was like stone.  I obviously slept on it and it was fast asleep and did not want to get up.  LOL 


I wanted to do a quick post and let you all know I am fine.  I was saddened last night by the boys play but have faith they will bounce back tomorrow.  The series now becomes a best of 5, with 3 games being at home.  I hope you'll keep your fingers crossed that the boys can pull through this.


I will be sending out a few more alerts as I post a few of the graphics I did for Sunday.  That was before Dianna sent me that door tube.  LOL  I have a few more of that too, but it will be for another day, or my tag journal.  I haven't decided.

Monday, May 22, 2006

So Sad


I am so sad this evening.  The boys lost the game tonight.  It's only game 2 of the series and we did steal one in Carolina and take away their home ice, so it really isn't the loss.  It was the way they played.  They were completely dominated and we looked extremely flat.  It was 4-1 with only about 10 or so minutes and we came back to make it a final of 4-3, but they can't wait until time is almost gone to make an effort.  I know we were short on defense with 2 big guns out.   We had a rookie back there that has only played 10 NHL games, ouch!  He held his own and didn't play much but that meant the 5 other guys (one of them not being a regular either) had to play that many more minutes.  The game was exciting in the beginning with lots of up and down action, but Ryan looked a bit slow and we got no bounces.  I would give you a whole play by play but I'm tired and sad.  I want so bad to win Lord Stanley and bring 'him' here and performances like that will not cut it. 


Ok, I'm done.  Game face on for game 3 here in Buffalo Wednesday.  Get the guns out boys and come out shooting!  Take 'em both in our house!

Sunday, May 21, 2006



This reminds me of the Outer Banks of N. Carolina.  I've vacationed there many a times and have always loved it.  Peaceful and relaxing.  That is pretty much how my day was.  That was until earlier this evening when all of a sudden my mail started acting funky.  Again, I lost a file and couldn't recover it.  ARGH!  I learned last time not to save anything on my PFC and I haven't, but yet it still happened.  AOL Tech's really  have no clue what causes it they just read their flip chart and give you that answer.  I tried the steps I got last time, and while doing it your mailbox is closed so if you tried to mail, and it was blocked, I swear it was temporary.  Needless to say it didn't work and I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling.  At least this time I didn't lose anything but a few settings.  Favorites, address book, and my goodies are still here.  I used a new version since the other has been giving me issues a few times over the past several months, and I am not sure I like it.  I now have to make sure I type in .gif as I download animations.  What a pain in the ass!  Why wouldn't AOL leave that alone?  Go figure!?  I don't think this issue caused any new gray's and it's a good thing, with my boys playing I can't afford any more. 


I promise I will post the graphics I actually had planned for today this week.  I just don't have it in me right now to mess with more graphics.  So, yeap, this will be the last alert from me tonite :)

Dilemma....window? door?

I had a few graphics I was going to post today, but oh no it wasn't going to be that easy.  Dianna from Dianna's Mindless Musings & Sazzy Kreationz got her creative juices flowing, she has great work so if you haven't been by, check it out!  While she was working on a graphic of her own she sent me a graphic/tube that she thought I might like.  Like?  OMG she caused a dilemma.  First, I couldn't decide on what to do with it.  Then, I couldn't decide on if I should use it as a door or window.  A couple hours later I had several done and still couldn't decide which, what, who, how.  So blame it on her, she created a monster!  And... now you have to pick again! ROFLMAO


Seriously, thank you so much Dianna you are awesome!












Saturday, May 20, 2006

One Down


I can breath, and it is a normal in and out.  I swear!  Ok, so that is now, almost 3 hours after the final horn blew, but I am breathing normal :)  You all know how I was this morning, yes a basket case.  I was excited, nervous, confident, and scared.  A mixture of emotions.  Anticipation grew as the morning wore on.  I couldn't decide what to do, stay at home or go to my sisters.  I procrastinated that decision almost 'til game time, but I did end up going to my sisters.  I arrived before the drop of the puck and the snacks were set out.  My Bro in Law was chattering, and my sister was on the net.  On the net??  This, the same woman who never goes on line?  Never checks her mail?  AOL gets tired of holding it for her so they dump it?  She is online?  I thought I was bad!?!


The puck finally drops and I think I was holding my breath.  I couldn't get comfy.  Sliding forward in the chair, sitting back, legs crossed, up and down, turning this way and that.  I felt like a child in the movie theater.  I was waiting for someone to swat me and say 'sit still!'  It was kind of exciting as the game was in Carolina and you could hear chants of 'Lets go Buffalo.'  Definitely not home ice advantage if you ask me.  Tickets for our home games in this series sold out in 12 minutes.  In Carolina you could walk up to the gate and purchase multiple seats together shortly before the game started.  It was well known here that the games were not selling out, so... road trip!  Gawd I wish I could have.  When the 'Canes tickets first went on sale they blocked anyone from out of the area from getting tickets.  It was reported later it was so the home crowd could buy them.  I can't say for sure what that was all about, but I do know there were boat loads of Sabre fans in attendance.  Did I say boat loads?  LOL meant bus loads.


Three minutes in there was a nice little scramble in front of the net, one shot- save, two shot -save, and the rebound bounced out of traffic and here comes Henrik Tallinder, takes his shot and beats Cam Ward.  Buffalo scores first and is up 1-0.  I got up and paced a little as my heart started to beat regular and my breaths came in even puffs.  Ten minutes later Fitzpatrick loses the puck in our zone.  He hammers the guy coming in across the blue line and they both go down leaving Brind'Amour off to Miller's right.  He takes a shot and it goes in over the shoulder of Ryan.  Tied score 1-1.  The remainder of the period was up and down the ice.  Very few penalties and nice good play.  The second period starts and goes about 10 minutes with the same fast pace.  There is a scrum in front of our goal.  Miller gets the puck and clears it to Pyatt who quickly passes it on to Pominville.  Before you know it he spots Briere streaking down the ice and passes the puck to him.  A wiggle here, and jiggle there letting the back hand go and it's in the net.  'Top shelf where Mamma hides the cookies!'  Buffalo leads 2-1  We all cheered, laughed and gave each other high fives.  Our announcer is by far one of the best and hearing him scream his famous line 'top shelf where Mamma hides the cookies' always gets us going. 


The third period started and Carolina was pressing and pressing hard.  In the second period they were out shot 13-4 and they knew they had to do better to tie the game.  There was a ton of action in our zone and Ryan played awesome!  So well in fact I almost picked him as the hero again.  Eleven minutes into the third period there was a mysterious hold and a penalty was called.  The officiating today was so much better but for the life of me I could not find that hold.  No matter, we are down a guy and play goes on.  Our penalty killers have done awesome all day and I hoped this would be no different.  I am clock watching, both time in game and what was left in the penalty.  McKee comes out of the box and joins the play.  He's at the blue line and instead of shooting and does some fancy foot work and stick handling and moves to the middle before letting go the blast.  Wham, it's in!  A sigh of relief, we have a cushion.  3-1


Carolina made it interesting, fighting all the way.  With about 2 minutes left they scored short handed on a wacky bouncing shot and got within in 1.   They pulled their goalie for the extra attacker in the final minute but the boys held on and grabbed a 1-0 lead in the series.  Game 2 is Monday.... keep it up boys!

Seductive Colors

ROFLMAO  I couldn't decide on a color.  So..... you pick :)~

DsDesignsSeductiveYellow.gif DsDesignsSeductiveTurq.gif

DsDesignsSeductiveRed.gif DsDesignsSeductivePurple.gif

DsDesignsSeductiveHotPink.gif DsDesignsSeductiveGreen.gif




I was actually playing with these two graphics last night.  Doing this and that yet I really couldn't get either to do what I wanted individually.  I had them both opened at the same time and walked away to get a drink.  As I headed back to the room, from a distance I saw them on the screen and it looked interesting so I decided to put them together in one picture.  A mixture of pictures, both animated.  I loved the effect and really fit my mood and surroundings.


The calendar says it's near the end of May but if you look out a window or walk out a door it seems more like October.  The sky that you can see is a bright AOL blue, but is scattered with a mixture of bright white clouds that appear to glow and dark full clouds that lay low and seem to be ready to open up and let more rain fall to the ground.  It casts an early evening darkness and it's really 9 o'clock in the morning.  The breeze is chilly and because of the dampness in the air it cuts to the bone.  'Hey Mom, it's May can you get the temps up to normal?'


I'm actually feeling much better, but certain smells make my tummy flip all over again.  I'm a huge coffee drinker but every once in a while I get the smell as the aroma moves around my house and it doesn't even smell good.  What?  Coffee that doesn't smell good?  That doesn't make me crave a nice full cup?  Unheard of!!


Morning has been a bit different.  Slow and lazy at first then a little rushing as my sister got moving to go get her son and run some errands to get his car on the road.  Now it's back to peace and quiet.  Lazy and slow inside but traffic outside is bustling.


My emotions are all over the board today.  I am so excited about the hockey game at 2.  I've waited all week for the boys to take the ice and begin this series, yet as the clock ticks I'm getting nervous.  I think it's a confident nervousness but I'm not sure.  Being the fan I am I want so bad for this to be their year, our year.  So close, yet so far.


A day of mixtures........

Friday, May 19, 2006

Odds & Ends..... New & Old





Just a few to share, all over the board, but wanted to share them :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last one



.... for the night.  I'm off to bed, but not before I posted this one.  This is another new graphic shared with me today.  I had the boy and girl and personal opinion was they went pretty good here.  I had to split them up and resize them to make it work, but all in all ........... almost look like they belong? 


'gnight all



I actually think I like this best.  The graphic, again sent today was that of the water and pier.  I added the sand and the girl.  I had the girl for sometime and just knew I'd have a chance to use her.  Since the entire graphic appears to be spilling out of a book I didn't want too much movement in the water, so I added just a bit of a 'sparkle' effect.  I think I love the way it came out!!!

Green green falls........


This is another graphic I got today.  Again, thank you for sharing!!!  Though the angle is a bit different I think the water movement came out ok.   I left the 'still' area pretty much still on purpose.  I wanted the eye drawn to the various falls in the shot. 

Sea Sick


LOL I got this one tonight and had to give it shot.  I had to name it that.  I will continue to to work on the water movement, just not sure I am making any headway. 

The Scene Tells a Different Story


I did this graphic sometime ago when I was on a kick of windows and blinds.  I hadn't used it because it just hadn't fit an entry.  Until today that is.  Looking out my kitchen window I can now see a boat in the neighbors backyard.  It's on the trailer and not near water but contrary to the cold rainy weather we are having it says summer is coming.  It is, isn't it?  Please say yes!?!  We had some beautiful temps a few weeks ago, but something happened.  Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick or something.  Dark gray full clouds fill the sky, rain comes and goes, the wind is chilly and strong.  Feels more like fall then spring the last few days.  And I wonder why I feel like crud! 


Actually, I am feeling better.  I won't go into the horrid details, but know you do not want this!!  I probably lost a few pounds as I feared eating.  I was starving but I didn't want the after effects.  I also don't agree with this form of dieting, I love my food and want to pick and chose when, where, what, and how much.  LOL  I think I am going to stop and get that tea Sassy mentioned in her comments.  Can't hurt, and if it helps bonus!  Though I did eat a bit today, I could still feel and hear the rumble afterwards.  Thanks for all the good wishes, I do appreciate it.


Got some great local news today.  The local cable company will broadcast all of the games for the boys in round 3.  I only have basic cable and it does not include OLN which is the station that has the contract with the NHL.  I had thought/hoped that CBC out of Canada would carry the ones that we could not because of the contract but it was announced today it would not.  TSN was going to, and I do not get that.  I got to work and immediately called to have my cable upgraded for the month so I could see my boys.  Before lunch it was announced that the cable company would show the feed of OLN on another channel for the basic subscribers.  Such good news and saves me about $35.  I have no doubt once again Tommy Boy stepped in.  He is either paying in full for this to happen or struck up a deal.  I love this man!  He saved my boys a couple years ago from bankruptcy and no doubt being moved or gone all together.  Once again Tom, thank you!  You ROCK!


I got some awesome graphics today and as you can tell there is no hockey so I jumped right on them.  It's a wonderful thing, sharing :)  Thank You!  So up next will be several alerts :::giggle::: Enjoy.

Conference Finals & Totals :)

Round 2 is over.  Edmonton beat San Jose 4 games to 2.  Anaheim beat Colorado 4-0.  Buffalo beat Ottawa 4-1, and Carolina beat New Jersey 4-1.  The Conference Finals start tomorrow.  The match ups are below, get you picks in now! 




Anaheim vs Edmonton

Advantage who?  Edmonton is on the high of coming back from being down 2-0 and winning 4 straight to steal the series from San Jose, finishing only last night and start again tomorrow.  Anaheim has been sitting for a good while.  Will they be rested or slow?  Time will tell.




Carolina vs Buffalo

Advantage who?  Both teams have been resting for about a week.  Carolina coming off a dominating series win.  Buffalo took down the favorite, but it didn't come easy.  It was not as lopsided as the series wins indicate and Buffalo lost a key defenseman for the series and an offensive threat that we are getting little information on, but will not make the trip for the first two games.  Who will have the jump on Saturday? 


We had two folks who called all four series correctly- Congrats!!!




Running total for both series are below.  We lost a few players but had some newcomers, and NO I didn't divide up the points and give them to the newcomers, sorry.  LOL  Thanks for playing and again I look forward to seeing the picks for this round.  Keep in mind the winners here go on to play for Lord Stanley.


xxroxymamaxx- 9

gaboatman- 7
nightmaremom- 6

mutualaide- 6

debbiewebb4465- 6


justplainbill- 3



Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One for me :)


Hey, I can give myself get well wishes, there is no law that says I can't ::giggle::

Creddy's Anyone?

These were done a couple days ago, but figured I'd throw up here.  I just think they are so damn cute :)






What a place!


I haven't been feeling well the last two days.  My stomach just doesn't want to sit still.  It wants to bounce, jump, and wiggle.  I left work a little early yesterday and slept for 4 hours straight.  Today after calling off, I went back to bed and slept a good couple more.  I checked mail here and there but pretty much laid on the couch or in bed.  I don't think it was something I ate, but if it was it is long gone.  I had some toast and very light dinner and everything stayed put.  Now if my tummy would just relax I'd be in good shape.  I will go back to work tomorrow and hopefully just work it off.  After being so lazy today I just hope I can keep awake and not need a nap :)


I saw this graphic and really thought it to be a beautiful place.  Then I remembered the rain in the North East and thought maybe it's not the best place to be.  It is pretty though, isn't it?  Sitting on the second story deck with a nice drink of your choice hearing the hum of the water, and the sweet smell of flowers.  Hell with Calgon, take me here! 

Take a Ride on the Carousel


Click on the graphic to take a ride :)  Stop over to CarnivAOL and check out the new entries, you never know what you will find.  


Want to find new reads?  Meet new people?  Add to the alerts you already get ::giggle::? A little exposure for yourself?  Share an entry of your own that you thought was a good one?  Watch for updates and get yourself in for the next round. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mix & Match