Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween





Evening!  I hope everyone had a great day and an even better night.  I stopped on the way home from work to grab a few pictures of the kids.  Was there a doubt?   They were so ready to go door to door it was tough getting them to stand still long enough, but I did get a few I could use.   While at my sisters I checked out her new decorations.  She is so into it.  I just loved the pirate and played with the video option on my camera.  I needed help to get it to work properly, thank you Ste, YOU ROCK!!  Trust me, this is extremely short and more or less a test.  :)  My camera (video end) isn't compatible with any of the editing programs on my PC so I guess it's off to the store so I can at least use the option.  No worries, I won't be adding a ton, but I would like to add one here or there. 


It's late and I'm still feeling the effects of the cold and meds so I'm keeping it short this evening.  LOL  I heard that sigh of relief from you all out there!!!!


I do owe Faith an apology, apparently she does exist.  LOL  I tried numerous times to email at AOL or AIM last evening and all I got was she was not a known user.  AOL, gotta love it.  Sorry Faith, I've gotten so much goofy stuff lately... forgive me?


Hope you all have a great night, and wonderful 'hump day'





Monday, October 30, 2006

Droppin In........... with a few Snags

Just a quick entry.  Today was hell!  I've been fighting the crud for a few days and today it hit me full boat.  Stuffed head, ear ache, sore throat.  Grrrrrrr  I feel like I'm full of cotton.  Ok ok, no comments from the peanut gallery 'bout my brain being cotton.  Not in the mood  LMAO!!


Seems Faith (from comment below) 'was' a newbie.  I tried to give her some directions via email and she doesn't exist according to AOL.  Much better then the previous emails/comments I've gotten from mysterious newbies, but why bother?  ::shaking stuffy head::  Kinda wish I knew that before I wrote out a whole email of directions.


Last graphic, 'dew drops' is available on my tag journal.  Just click on the graphic to make your request.  Feel free to snag the others :)


I'm off to bed, the NyQuil has kicked in.  Have a great night!












Sunday, October 29, 2006

~ Sneaky ....... & Misc Snags ~

Mother Nature was sneaky today.  She tip toed in so no one would hear her, and then she started howling, and huffing and puffing.  It was pretty early when I got up.  I swore I heard the blade of a snowplow scraping the cement.  I rolled out of bed and growled, but when I got up and looked, there was no snow.  I decided to stay up and get through some mail.  I was sitting here for a good 15 minutes before I knew Mother Nature was knocking on my door.  Or should I say window?  I could hear bits of leaves and twigs hitting my picture window.  It was then the power went out.  Oh, you know I said 'shit', and very loudly.  It came right back on, only to go off again.  I decided to just shut down and go back to bed.  Before I could get under the covers the power was on, but hell I was already there.  When I woke back up I heard there was a few areas without power.  Again!  OMG!!!  I'd freak out, I'd go right over the edge no doubt!  ::wiggling index finger::  Here's Johnny!!!!  Everyone is up and running now, and I don't think there are any loose limbs hanging anymore.  No doubt the howling today knocked the rest down.  Lets hope so!!!


Today was the start of move back out day.  My son has been staying here until they can get into their new place on the 1st.  The landlord seems like a sweetheart as he let them start moving in today.  His buddy came over about 10ish to grab him and off they could go.  Now they were both out last night, celebrating Halloween no doubt, and looked a little green around the gills.  They came near me while I was on the computer and I swear they are trying to kill me.  They both had cologne on and left my corner smelling like a whore house.  My eyes watered, my throat burned, my nose tickled with a sting and caused me to sneeze several times.  They were going to move, why bother?  I know they were trying to be sneaky and cover the smell of booze.  Why not just brush your teeth?  Ok ok, they do, but geeeeze don't kill me.  I need to inform my son there isn't that much insurance money. 


Speaking of sneaky.  AOL has been pulling some stunts.  Now I know I don't pay for my service, but I am still going to complain.  LOL  They have sold the right to send spam mail to their users.  Each day I have more and more.  Steak coupons, free credit reports, Victoria Secret.  You name it!  I guess I should be happy I am not getting enlarge your penis mail!!  There have even been numerous mails that have been from 'unknown sender' and the subject line is blank, with nothing inside.  Trust me I opened a few to see what it was.  Now why the hell would you send an empty email?  You can't even seen the ISP so you have no idea who or where it came from.  Gawwd these folks know all the tricks, eh?  But what a waste of money if they are paying to send it.  New meaning to shooting blanks for sure!  I don't even bother reporting to AOL, I don't need their canned response.  Sneaky little hacks, all the techy mumbo jumbo and their ad doesn't even come through.  Suppose the next will be viruses being sent that way, if they aren't already.  GGGGGGGGrrrrr


Sneaky snags too.  :)   Yes the background picture is the same for both the boy and girl.  I wanted to do both because I know it's unfair to stick with just the girls.  Believe me though, it's rare I get or find a boy graphic.  The puppy and the leaves, well, I think I did it before.  I couldn't find it so I must have burned it to CD already.  I don't remember what I did, but the picture looked familiar.  Ok, sneaky!  Then the puppies and snow.  Had to start you know, it won't be long before the white stuff............ shhhhhhhh DON'T say it!!!  If you look at those puppies don't worry, your eyes aren't going bad.  I do have them breathing.  My sister looked and rubbed her eyes, she thought the picture was a bit warped.  Nope, I'm the warped one, putting snowing pictures up already.


Well, it's before 11 and I have my entry up.  Imagine that!?!  Must be on a roll today.  Maybe, just maybe I can sneak off to bed before midnight.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I wish you all a great Monday and start to the week.












~ Snags ~ A few Witches LOL





If you're not a frequent visitor, or if you're a new one, I've also linked some of my previous Halloween snags.  Yeap, I started early.  Can never be to prepared, eh?

Halloween as Promised

More Halloween




A Bit Different

Pictures As Promised :)


First, I do have permission from all to post their pictures.  I would never do it without.

Second, you all know me well enough to know that I rarely just post the picture as is.  I always have to play with them.  All these pictures were taken at work.  The group shot was done in the morning before 'Mr Hula' arrived for his shift.  They are standing in front of one of the decorated walls in the office.  The rest, well I will let them speak for themselves.  It's more then obvious that I cut out the background and added something else.  I feel like I am getting a bit better at tubing, or removing backgrounds, so I hardly ever pay attention to backgrounds anymore.  If I don't like it, I remove it.  Ok, so I cheat!!  I will qualify that 'Mr Hula' does have shorts on, I edited them out.  LOL  And he did have a top on, he took it off for the picture.  He's such a ham!  Gotta love him tho!  Yes, John Lennon sang.  He was very good as a matter of fact.  I must be a bit bias though, cuz when he sang Imagine I thought to myself Ste does it better.  Oh, and Marilyn did sing happy birthday, and was so cute doing it!!  Had I known I would have had her sing for my earlier video entry.  Hmmmm... or not... I like the trailer park effect.  :)~  Oh, what's with the pumpkins?  They had a contest, the troll won.  Don't ask.  ::giggle::









Saturday, October 28, 2006

~ The Day... Snags... and Another Picture Journal ~

The morning was pretty emotional, and I do apologize for my little rant.  I had to get it out before I busted wide open.  On Thursday I came so close to just deleting my journal, and then Friday going private.  When I had more this morning I had it.  So much illness, sadness, and heartache in real life, I can't believe I was lowered to bringing such trivial bull shit here.  I'm sorry.


The afternoon was followed by more raw emotion.  The benefit for the girl I use to work with was today.  There were so many people there.  So many I hadn't seen in forever!!  My industry is pretty close knit and you know folks from other companies because they worked with you before, or they are friends of a friend of a friend.  It was a lot of fun, but sad that we were brought together under these circumstances.  She was not able to make it.  She has taken a turn for the worse and is with hospice at this point.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts. 


An odd thing did happen at the benefit.  I was talking to a few friends I hadn't seen in a very long time and a guy stuck his head into the conversation, looked me in the eye and said, 'is your name Donna?'  Of course I replied with yes.  He then went on to ask if I knew who he was.  'No, I don't.  You look familiar but I'm sorry I don't know.  Should I?'  With that I got a look, a bit disappointed a bit odd.  I felt horrible, but I did not know.  'By that look, I should, eh?  Who are you?'  He leaned back over, told me his name and where I knew him from.  I about fell over.  He use to work in a pool hall that was around the corner from my house.  I use to hang out there against my parents rules to play foosball.  It was 30 years ago!!  I haven't seen him in at least 28 years, and he knew it was me.  Told me I didn't change that much and it was some what a guess too.  Small world, he does sales for a competitor.  Wow!!


Now some water graphics..... of course!  LOL  The last one is a picture Julie took.  I had to edit the picture a bit to get the water movement smooth.  There was some detail that wouldn't let me work around.  Her pictures are great and I hope you'll take a jump over.  Click on her graphic and visit :)


I'm about ready for bed... I will post the pictures from my work party tomorrow.  I've only had a chance to work on a few.  Hope everyone has a great night.  Remember to turn your clocks back!!










All Good Things Must End


Well, my boys lost in a shoot out tonight :(  The streak ends at 10 and leaves them tied with Toronto for the record of most wins to start a season.  I will take the tie, but damn it would have been nice.....


The game was like that of a playoff game, lots of speed and back and forth on the ice.  The boys kept fighting back and Jochen tied the game with a little less then 2 minutes to play.  Overtime went scoreless and then Atlanta scored in the shootout and we didn't :(  Of course we knew it was impossible to win them all, and Atlanta is a good team.  They match our speed and their goalie was hot. :::sigh::: 


Thanks boys, I love ya!!!  

An Open Letter

Hi folks, (that would include friends, enemies, associates, and acquaintances)


I've tried to bite my tongue and let things settle down, but apparently folks don't want that. (you know who you are).  I am so very sorry for what I am about to say, I know there will most likely be fall out.  I know of the rumors and scuttle butt going on.  How could I not?  I've spent the last few days receiving mails of, 'did you know.....'  I will say I am extremely pissed that I am here somewhat defending myself against faceless cowards.  If you have something to say about me, leave a comment, show your face!  I'm a big girl, and I've been through much tougher times, believe me.


I will start by saying I wrote a note to Jackie regarding the animation awards.  When I saw the nominations get posted I was concerned over the lack of following the rule of the award.  I know there were several links left in the beginning stages to journals were folks did their own animation.  Original picture or not they took a graphic, edited to animate in some manner, yet they were not in the list.  Instead there were folks who snagged from various places (not trying to take anything away from them.)  With all the drama and complaints over the awards to begin with, I did the email as an FYI.  Either way there would be backlash.  Jackie and Chris were between a rock and a hard place.  It was their decision and their decision only to leave it or fix it.  They decided to fix it.   Sue me, but I think they made the right decision.  Doesn't matter who brought it to light.  If the description of the award says best use of original animation, that is what it should include.


Secondly, I did not leave the Vivi committee because I didn't like Jackie, because of NJ, (how many times do I have to say that!?) or because I wouldn't be allowed to get an award.  I left because I was being sucked into a world I didn't like nor did I want to be part of.  The Vivi's have had more then their fair share of controversy and I felt it best for me to leave so not to draw any more bad light on them.  My relationship with some was being construed as favoritism and that I would be fixing the votes, or I was being asked to.  Not true one bit, but if I wasn't part of it all the better.  So I left.  As for not getting an award.  OMG!!  How foolish is that?  Sure it's nice to be recognized, but my award/reward is the fact that I have the eyesight to see, a somewhat steady hand to create, and the patience to do it over and over again until I get it right.  It's not much fun feeding my addiction if I leave all the graphics on my hard drive, so I share them.  It's nice to see some of my graphics out there, and, yes I will admit, it's nice to see the comments too.  The graphic on my sidebar is in no way, shape, or form my motivation!


Now, the boycott I've heard so much about.  If you want to email me and tell me about how folks are boycotting my journal, or how they will not vote for me, include a name or the actual email, tell the person to write to me personally, or leave it alone.  I am not sure what is expected by sending this information to me, but let me assure you I don't see you in any better light, I've actually lost respect for you.  Again, I say if you have something you want me to know, or others to know, leave the comment here.  Show your face and don't go about it in such a cowardly way.  Using your so called friends as pawns is disgusting and immature. 


To any and all readers, do what your heart and gut tell you.  Visit who you wish, comment were you like, and vote for who you think deserves the award.  I've said my piece, sorry for the rant, and I thank you for listening.  Lets end this now please.  I'm tired.




Thursday, October 26, 2006

~ Thursday Snags ~

Ok, so I couldn't think of a unique title for this entry.  Are any of them unique really? What can I say?  Work was long, and I'm still reeling with excitement from the game tonight.  I had several ideas for my entry this evening, but damn I can't get my thoughts down now.  I tried a few times and each time I start writing I am not happy with any of the words or results.  No matter what I say or how I say it, it appears to be drama and I'm so tired of it I'm just letting it go.  Folks are going to believe what they want anyway.


A week ago today the snow started to fall and by early morning on Friday the 13th we had the mass destruction.  I've heard there are still folks without power, but that is because of issues with the wiring on the house and the homeowner has to have it fixed before the electric company will do any more.  Argghhh can you imagine that?  I can't!!!

Still bits and pieces of the storm left in areas but no matter where you go you see workers trying to clear the debris.  No doubt they want it gone before the next snow fall.  Because of this debris, some neighborhoods are actually canceling Halloween.  To dangerous for the kids to be walking around and crossing streets with walls of tree limbs near the roads.  I guess I understand, but I do hope the towns will come up with something else for the kids.  It's a huge deal here. 


Tomorrow at work should prove to be interesting.  We will be having a little celebration.  Of course calling it a Halloween party is not politically correct so they've come up with some other title.  GGggrrrrr  Why bother?  We all know what it is.  Doughnuts and cider, a pumpkin carving contest, and dress up.  No, I've decided not to dress up this year.  I really don't have the energy.  I do have all intentions of taking the camera.  Maybe I can get some to pose and agree and to be put up on the net.  LOL  I already have one person more then willing!!   He is coming in as a hula dancer, grass skirt and all.  This should be good!  LOL


Just a few more tags to snag.  A bit of this and a bit of that.  I was going to do more Halloween but I wanted to watch the game.  If you're looking feel free to go into the archives, I've done a ton if you missed them. 


Thanks again for all the sweet comments and well wishes.  I appreciate the comments about how strong I am, and what a warrior I've been, but really it is my son who deserves the credit here.  He was my rock through it all and didn't even realize.  He grew up so fast in that time, and that face greeting me each morning and evening made me fight as hard as I could.  His hugs always refreshed my soul and gave me the strength for another day.


I'm going to try and get some sleep.  Last night was a bit better, but not what I like or need. 












Record Tied!



Kotalik, Afinogenov, and Pominville lit the lamp!!!


DsDesignsGoalLight1.gif                DsDesignsGoalLight1.gif                   DsDesignsGoalLight1.gif


A perfect game by Ryan Miller and the boys beat the NY Islanders 3-0 to tie the leagues record for the best start ever with 10 wins.  They go for the record on Saturday against Atlanta.   They also have a franchise record of 15 straight wins in the regular season (obviously going back to last year)


Can ya tell I'm a bit excited?  LMAO!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On a much lighter note... ~ Misc Snags~

Just wanted to post some fun stuff after the last entry.  Thanks for all the good wishes.  I didn't write for that, though I do appreciate them.  I had so many warnings of my brain blowing up I wanted to explain as well as let you know it's not gonna happen.  Not today anyway :)  Now I'm off to bed, I hope everyone has a great night!











Headaches and more...

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful well wishes after my entry last night.  I appreciate all the comments, emails, and IM's.  I assure you I am fine, even though I've mentioned some serious head aches over the past several months, I'm good.  I do not have a brain tumor, nor anything close.  I've been to the Doctor's and the reason behind all this is actually my mouth, not my head. 


What I'm about to say is known by very few folks here in JLand.  It's not something I wanted to dwell on, and to be very honest has been somewhat hard to talk about here in my journal.  I am not good with talking about such personal things.  I didn't/don't want pity, sympathy, or sadness.  I wanted this to be fun and relaxing.  I guess after all the concern I just feel it's time to get some of my past out so you can maybe relate or at least not worry so much. 


I have serious issues with my teeth.  Not because of poor dental hygiene, but medicine I was on years ago.  Basically, the roots of my teeth are disintegrating.  What medicine?  Hell if I can remember!  At the time, I was on so many different med's it's no wonder I even remember I was on any, let alone one that no doubt has 106 letters in it. 


Thirteen years ago shortly after Memorial Day weekend I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  The entire summer was a whirl wind, did I say summer?  I meant year +!  Tests, surgery, poking and prodding.  Med's for this and that, 30 zaps of radiation followed by a 3 day stay in the hospital for an constant internal zap, and over a year of chemo treatments.  One of the med's for bone protection, I think, is what effected my teeth.  I was warned at the time, but what choice does one have?  So I took it.  I've been clean of cancer since.   I'm a bit of a warrior :)


A couple years ago I got an abscess and it was treated immediately, but not before it could start this whole mess.  My mouth is in constant pain, and I tend to grit or clench my teeth at night causing a vicious headache.  Some days are better then others, but over all I've learned to live with it, with or without sleep.  I do go to the dentist regularly and they are treating it the best they can.  I will live.  So no worries, I am not dying, I do not have a brain tumor, I am not on the verge of having an aneurysm.  I appreciate your concern, but honestly I am fine.




Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a Few.........


.......... words because I really don't have anything to say and I am not much into talking tonight.  Day was long, drawn out, and rough.  Came home with a pounding headache that did not want to quit.  Laid down before dinner thinking it would help, but woke up crabby, miserable, and still with that headache! 

Posting some graphics and it's off to bed.  Maybe 'hump day' will be better.  Hope everyone is doing good.  G' Night












Monday, October 23, 2006

A little bit of everything and nothing... including snags

I saw this graphic and I had to animate it.  I was reminded of the numerous times I've tried to get a shot of my son and he made faces, popped me the bird, put pillows over his face, or even threw the pillows at me.  Surely others have experienced this type of behavior from kids, or others.  It can be comical at times but sometimes I just wish he'd let me snap a half way decent shot. 


I stopped by journals to give a nod of congratulations on Vivi Nominations, but AOL was being funky.  On a few, the comment section would not open, on others I found I was blocked from leaving a comment.  Oh the joy of drama!  Anyway, for all of those I have missed, for whatever reason, congrats and good luck!


Fall seems to have passed this area by more or less.  The leaves never really got to turn the bright golden colors of years passed and a good portion of them are already on the ground.  Today was extremely cold.  I think the temps got to about the mid 40's but the wind chill made it feel like about 25.  Brrrrrrr  I wish I had a heavier coat on today.  And yes, they are calling for snow south of the city.  Further south then where I am, but 3-5 inches.   With any luck at all we will have an Indian Summer soon! 


You can tell by my previous post I am a bit excited over the start of the boys season.  I know they can't win all of them, but it is exciting to see them out of the gates in such an impressive fashion.  :::doing a happy dance:::


Putting some assorted snags out there for you.  Maybe you'll find something you like.  I will be going over to my other journal to fill requests for the sleepy kitty, so if you made one you should see it in your mailbox shortly.  Then I'm off to bed.  Hope everyone has a great night. 












9-0 and just a little stoked! LOL


Well the boys have the best start ever for the franchise.  Beating the Montreal Canadiens 4-1 has them sitting at the top of the league with 18 points and a 9-0 record.  Wuuuuuuuu Huuuuuuu


"The Sabres are playing well right now," Niinimaa told reporters at Sunday's practice. "But they are going to lose a game, and it's going to be on Monday."   Sorry Janne, wrong Monday I guess.  No doubt that was posted in the boys locker room to give them some added motivation.  The boys need one more win to tie the NHL record of 10-0 start that was set by Toronto in the '93-'94 season.  Next game is set for Thursday against the New York Islanders. 

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Take Your Pick

I must be missing my kitty today.  It's been almost 2 years since I had to put her down and every once in awhile I still expect her to come jumping up on me or to rub on my leg.  I've yet to bring myself to get another :(


To request your name on the 'sleepy kitty', click on the graphic and leave a comment with the name you'd like.  Others are for snag as is.  :)