Thursday, October 2, 2008

~ Mystery Blogger Update ~

You all crack me up.  I was a bit disappointed so many thought the mystery blogger picture looked like bug.  Not because she isn't adorable but I thought I was unique...  damn!  So nope it is not me!  LOL  But I do see 'bug' there too.   Our Mystery Blogger this time is Winivere from the Glass Box...  she is a doll then and now!   I don't think I have a blogger link for her so please stop by her journal here and say hi. 


The rest of the Mystery Bloggers will be done over at my new home...  Ds Designs and other things

If you've sent me your picture please send me the URL to your new blog so I have it.  Sorry but I haven't gotten completely organized with them there yet.  If you don't want your picture going up there let me know. 


I did add a subscribe option there which should send you alerts.  Just fill in your email and then verify...   hopefully it will do what it says :)





floridalady4u said...

I signed up for something yesterday ....hopefully I will still get your alerts.

Hugs ...have a great Friday!!


jeadie05 said...

I loved the picture of Win ,she is still a pretty lady ,see you over yonder Jan xx

heavenlybama said...

Hehe...I rescind my comment from your last entry.