Sunday, April 30, 2006



I've heard butterfly kisses so much that I have butterflies on the brain.  Then I saw this picture.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I remember months ago when I started animating, trying to get a butterfly to fly instead of jump.  I was so excited when it worked I about jumped off the chair knocking the computer to the floor.  My sister no doubt had all her suspicions confirmed that I was completely nuts and addicted.  While I had it down and to practice, I made several and just hung on to them to use at a later date.  With spring in the air they are coming in so very handy.  This picture screams spring.  Warm temps, wild flowers in a field, and butterflies.  Today it was 75 degrees and was absolutely wonderful.  Windows wide open, humming and buzzing of power tools, lawn mowers, motorcycles.  Birds chirping and bees buzzing.  Even saw a few lady bugs on the windows.  It was glorious!  This is my kind of weather!  My kind of day! 


I wasn't really out much but I did get to feel the sun kiss my cheeks and breeze whisper to me.  I had an urge to kick off my shoes and run through the grass.  A few more nice days like this and that urge will be stronger then me.  With temps in the 60s at 9:30 at night, I strongly think they are here to stay.  Do I dare?


I did watch my boys today.  Anyone out there surprised?  LOL If you haven't noticed by now, more often then not I plan my days around their schedule.  All 82 games and post!  LOL They came out flying today and looked great, winning the game 3-0.  Yeah, it's Miller Time!  Congrats to Ryan for his first NHL playoff shutout.  I have to say I hated the announcers on NBC!  According to them the only player on the ice was Peter Forsberg.  Look at Peter, Peter this, Peter that, look at this replay (from a previous game).  It was nauseating!  I had to turn the sound off.  Not trying to take anything away from the man, he is a great player, but that much attention to one person is just so bias and obvious.  Game 6 is Tuesday in Philadelphia.  I hope the boys play better this visit.

Love this plug-in


Oh, I really love this plug-in and the options.  I did this pretty quickly and really should have a smaller saying but I love this one and actually thought it went well with the graphic.  I will have to continue to play around with it.  I am not completely pleased with the way it got resized in the filter, but hey others distort my graphics why can't I?  ROFLMAO  Did I say I love this plug-in?



I got a new plug-in that allows for a few different things and I wanted to try the lightening.  It's a bit dark, and really not my style but I know several of you like it so I finished it up and figured I would post it.  Karen said it looks like the 'wrath of God.'

A spot of Tea, anyone?



The garden picture is actually a picture taken of my sister Karen's garden a few years ago.  She actually collects tea pots and the ones in the picture were a gift to her.  The pot is a birdhouse and the cup is a water dish or food dish.  Just too cute! 


I had the tea party graphic and couldn't resist having a little 'chat.'  We thought they went well together.

Shoe Fetish?


LOL ok so my 'Fred Flinstone' feet would never fit in there, but I loved the glitter and the way the purple made the shoe pop.  I know some of you have a 'thing' for shoes, so here you go :)

Wow! What a sunbather


ROFLMAO now that I got your attention..............  still playing with water and getting a movement that looks good.  I just couldn't resist putting this little guy in the shot.  He looks comfy doesn't he?  :)

The View!


I only wish it were from my window, or do I?  Sure it is pretty and the sounds would be different.  Crickets all night, the soft hummm of bees as they skip from flower to flower.  A gentle rustle as something unknown runs through the tall grass.  The sound of cars and the rumble of motorcycles would only be at a distance, and from the looks of things it would be a pretty far distance.  I don't think I would be in the changed flight plan for the airport and I am pretty sure I would not hear the rumble of what sounded like a train only to look out my window and have it appear there was a car in the sky.  Peace and quiet, beauty all around.  Mmmmm that sounds so very nice!  A longer commute to work, no neighbors to yell hello to or help during the winter dig outs.  Friends and family not close by.  What would I be willing to give up to have this view?  Honestly, not much. 


I have some wild life behind my house.  Besides the covert operations you saw earlier it is not unusual to see a family of deer roam around looking for food.  Wild turkeys, ducks, and geese.  I am not in the heart of the city but close enough to all the necessities.  My entire family lives within minutes and most importantly my son is around the corner.  If I was a spitter I might be able to hit his back porch.  I couldn't give that up.  I love the hustle and bustle of my life right were I am.  I get the quiet when I need it and the noise and commotion on a regular basis. 


We are in for another beautiful day if the morning is any sign.  It's 10 o'clock and it's 64 degrees.  I will take it!  The sky is blue with a few cotton candy clouds here and there.  Since it is Sunday the noise level is very low.  Only a few cars have passed by since I've been sitting on the computer.  An occasional bark of a dog as it runs through their yard.  :::giggle::: chasing a duck?  The gentle sound of my CPU and low sound of the news on TV in the background.  Smell of coffee is filling the house.  Aaah Sunday morning! 


No major plans for the day other then sitting in front of my TV at 3 to watch my boys.  Today is game 5 and the series is tied at 2.  When round one is over I will post the complete results along with the next round for you to pick.  For those of you trying to keep track two of the series are over.  Ottawa won 4-1 over Tampa Bay and New Joisey won 4-0 over the NY Rangers.  Two more could end today depending on the game results.  Colorado is beating Dallas 3-1.  I am thrilled for Theodore (the new goalie for the Avs), but I liked him much better in Montreal!  Besides, right now my friends from the Dallas area are in shock and disbelief.  San Jose can also finish things off today, they lead Nashville 3-1.


Well, my stomach is dancing and singing a lovely song so I am off to do some breakfast.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fresh Air


Today turned out to be a beautiful spring day.  The sun was shining all day and the breeze was warm and refreshing.  I had some errands to do so I was in my car a bit today.  Windows open and music playing.  So many people out working in their yards, cutting grass, clearing garden areas, sitting on the porch enjoying the day.


The first round of the play offs are winding down.  I did get to see a little bit this evening but I will be honest, I fell sound asleep.  Must have been all that fresh air.  I was in the living room and didn't hear a thing.  Out cold for a good couple of hours and now I'm wide awake.  I surely don't want to stay up or tomorrow I will be a zombie by mid day. 


Not quite warm enough to hand the laundry outside, but I do look forward to the day.  I thought I'd post the graphic anyway get everyone in the mood :)



It's a wonderful day in the Great White North!  The sun is shining, the air is clean.  A nice southerly breeze is bringing in warmer temps.  It's about 60 now and I am ready to go.  Not sure where I want to go though :)~   Laundry to be done, grocery shopping, and a few other errands.  Will be nice to just be going..........

Friday, April 28, 2006

Blow Your Own Horn!


I'm not sure how many of you are aware of CarnivAOL, but it's a great idea and a wonderful way to showcase your talents.  I may be a little out of the loop, (ok so a lot out of the loop) but just recently got hooked up with it.  I'd like you all to consider taking part.  If not to showcase yourself, check out some new journals.  I've met some great folks world wide from my journal/reading others and I think promoting ourselves will make this community stronger and even better then it already is.  Check it out won't you? 


This, and that, and no hockey :)~

Sorry about the little rant earlier, apparently I ruffled some feathers and pissed some folks off.  "You offer them to snag, we should be able to do what we want with them."  I guess I was put in my place, eh?  I will leave it at that. 










I hope my boys are not going to resemble these ruins.  They lost again tonight and now the series is tied up at 2 a piece.  I was pretty nervous about this game tonight and rightfully so I guess.  You have to win 4 to move on so there is time, but tonight the lack of experience showed.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they bounce back on Sunday and get their rhythm and timing back.  I'm proud of them either way, I didn't expect a sweep, as a matter of fact I thought the series would go to 6.  I just don't want all the momentum going the other way.


Talking about ruins...... I've seen several graphics, both mine and others out on journals that are in ruins.  Resized, stretched, and distorted to the point where they look horrible.  Some so badly you can't even make out the graphic.  I don't mean to sound like a snob or a bitch, but how can one look at the finished entry with a graphic like that and be satisfied or think it looks good.  I know I can't be the only one that does graphics that feels hurt when they see their work like this...... or maybe I am.  Working very hard on something and sharing it only to see it like that really saddens me.  Don't take it personal if I comment or send an email.  It's not me telling you not to snag, I'm flattered you do but if you feel the graphic is too big for that entry wait and use it another time when you can use it as it is or ask someone to resize it properly.  Please don't storm off, remove all graphics, that is not my intent.  I am not here to piss folks off, but to share what I can and give a smile here there.  I don't ask for much, just a few little things when snagging...  


Sorry for the little rant, maybe it's the boys loss, maybe it's the weather, or maybe .. just maybe..... I'm in ruins. 

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring Garden






Which season is it anyway?  Mother Nature cannot decide what weather to give us here in the 'Great White North.'  One day it's 75, the next it's 30.  One day the sun is shining and the colors of spring are glowing, the next day it rains.  Then we get wonderful snow- at the end of April!  I do remember having flurries as late as May before, so it's not completely unusual, but cripes!  I am ready for the nice weather.  I am ready for the blooms to finish instead of curling back up into the fuzzy silk covers to stay warm.


Mother Nature is not the only one who can't decide.  Work has been doing a few minor tweaks, changes here and there in mid stream.  Makes my brain get tired!  I couldn't decide on what graphic to use tonight.  I have a few new ones that I absolutely love.  I decided on this one because it reminds me of the weather.  The colors say spring, but there is a chilly breeze and rain has been falling off on.  Bare feet?  Well, that is my trade mark year round!  I hate shoes.  I am probably one of the few woman who doesn't have a closet full.  Since I was a little girl I had to go shoeless.  I wanted my toes free to wiggle.  I suppose that is one reason I have 'Fred Flinstone' feet, almost as wide as they are long.  Any shoes I decide I do like don't come wide enough.  Sandals, hell, forget it, my toes don't fit under the strap.  I kid you not!


My boys lost last night.  They are still ahead in the series 2-1 and I don't think anyone thought for a minute that either team would win 4 in a row, so tomorrow's game will prove to be pretty big.  For the most part they came out unscathed, but one player who was out a good chunk of the season with hernia surgery did get speared.  It was done by the same guy who did a cheap shot in the game before, but it is pretty hard to tell if it was intentional.  Dumont laid on the ice for a long period of time and the PA announcer in the arena had to tell the fans of Philadelphia to have some class as they booed when he got up.  He did come back and play but it was scary for a bit. 


My back is much better and I appreciate all the nice words from everyone.  I think it was either I slept wrong or got a chill from the windows being opened while the painting was done.  The living room looks great by the way.  It's off white on 3 walls and a very pale spring green on the fourth.  What a difference!


Well, I am yawning up a storm here so I will end my indecision of a topic babble and post a couple of spring graphics for you before jumping into bed. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Yes, you read that right!!  What happened to our weather??  I got up this morning with back spasms of sorts.  I don't know if I moved wrong or slept funny but my thigh on my left leg kept going numb of sorts, like it was asleep.  I would go to walk and it would feel as though I had nothing between my knee and hip.  The weirdest feeling and one I never experienced before.  I decided to call off work and go back to bed.  I took some Tylenol and slept for several hours.  When I woke up my leg was back to normal, but my back was still feeling sore. 


I went to the kitchen to get a drink and as I looked out the window it was freakin snowing!  Yes, snowing at the end of April!!  It wasn't sticking and was very wet but it was definitely snow!  What the hell happened to our 70 degree temperatures?  I knew it was going to get chilly again but I thought 50ish, not 30ish!!  I went and laid on the couch for a bit.  Did I say a bit?  LOL  I was there most of the day!  The firmness felt great and I slept there on and off all day.  I don't do soaps, and ESPN can get boring after a while, jock or no jock! 


The snow didn't last long, or at least I don't think it did.  I didn't have the greatest view from the couch.  I just know it is colder then a witches..... (you know the saying) and want spring back!  Those poor leaves and flowers that started to stick their heads out......



I wasn't going to comment on the series the boys are in until it was over but I changed my mind.  We've played two games and are up 2-0 in the best of seven.  The first game went into double overtime and Briere scored the game winner.  During the game one of our defensemen, Brian Campbell, gave an unbelievable hit.  R.J. Umberger, of the Flyers, was skating up the middle of the ice with his head down (something you learn day 1 not to do), and wham Brian hit him.  A perfectly legal hit, but much harder than anyone expected and Umberger lay on the ice several minutes before getting up and going off with help.  Umberger had no idea where he was as was evident when they showed his face.  Dazed and confused really doesn't even cover it. 


I was haunted by previous games of the 'Broad Street Bullies' and wondered how the Flyers would react to game two.  My fear was they would come out being extremely physical and forget the reason they were playing.  My boys came out flying and in the first 15 minutes of period 1 they were up 5-0.  Philadelphia then lost their cool in the second period.  They virtually went head hunting and had 7 penalties for a total of 33 minutes.  It was scary and completely out of control.  I am just glad no one got hurt.

After the game the coaches had their interviews and our coach stated 'the more they played like idiots the more we wanted to play.'  The score ended up being 8-2.  When the Flyers coach gave his interview he commented on how embarrassed he was.  Not for his teams play, but rather for being beaten so badly.  A reporter repeated the 'idiot' comment and he got angry and stormed out.  On his way he was caught live say, 'tell Lindy to f' off' and continued with 'he needs to mind his own f'in business.'  Talk about losing control!


We now go to Philadelphia for 2 games.  Apparently apologies were made, but Iam haunted, scared of the direction this series is going in.  I've seen fans get way to involved in their teams play.  I've seen Philly fans stand, applaud and cheer as Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys lay on the field not moving.  I've seen them throw drinks at players and coaches.  Batteries on the playing field at anyone they could hit from the opposing team.  I even remember a fan climbing on the glass to get into the penalty box of an opposing player and falling in still swinging.  This is not the sport I love and I am hopeful nothing will happen but a good clean game.  


I am haunted....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

This & That



Odds & Ends




I was experimenting with some new/different water movement.  I still haven't gotten that rolling effect, but I did get the 'sea sick' effect with the lady one.  LOL  Though I am not happy with either I figured I'd share.  Anyone who gets motion sickness do not look!





Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring Showers


I know I hadn't mentioned this, and shame on me!  My sister is the absolute best!  I got home from work on Thurs. and she had started painting the living room and hallway.  We don't call her Martha Karen for nothing!  She has been on spring break and decided to undertake the project.  We have popcorn ceilings and let me just say if I ever meet the person who invented that, watch out!  I will just have to kill them!!  And surely she will want a turn since she did all the painting this time around.  She did more on Friday and started the hall.  My other sister had called and invited us to dinner, so she cleaned up and I met her there after work.  Dinner was the bomb but I had to come home to get some hockey in.  The satellite service my sister has did not have one game on.  Whhhatt?  Me without hockey on the first day of post season?  I think not!  The games were good, with no surprises really, although Edmonton did give Detroit a run for their money.  Our first game is tonight and I am so stoked!!


We had some showers late last night and early this morning which made the temperature drop.  It's back to the mid 50s, but we have green!  Lots of green!  The grass is bright and the buds have sprouted exposing all different shades of green, yellow, purples, pinks and red.  It's magnificent!


I saw this graphic and thoughts of sitting on the porch with a steady rainfall outside came to mind.  I am thrilled with the results.  So thrilled in fact, that I am actually putting it on both journals, so if you want it personalized with your name stop by my tag journal and leave a comment. 


Got a few things to do prior to the drop of the puck.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Summer Dreams




Summer Dreams


The weather has been absolutely wonderful here the last couple of days.  Sure, some of you have been 'rubbing in' the nice weather for a bit.  LOL  Here in the great white north April temps are usually around 50-60 with a couple of tease days thrown in for good measure.  Well, this week we've had those tease days.  Highs in the 70's with blue sky and a warm sun.  A nice subtle breeze that actually had a hint of summer scents. 


Work has a picnic table set up out back for relaxing in the nice weather.  It's in the parking lot mind you, but it is a nice touch and effort.  It sits off to one side next to a fence and below a huge maple tree.  We've wondered which came first, the fence or the tree.  We think as the tree grew and the trunk widened it pushed up against the fence causing the chain links to become embedded in the bark.  It's so deep in spots it actually disappears only to reappear a few inches away.


Today several of us sat out there for a little break and to soak up the sun.  The tree was covered with buds.  The silky covers on some were pushed back as the leaves were exposing their toes to warmth.  The vibrant green added a nice touch to what has been a dreary scene the past several months.  If the weather stays this warm it will only be a matter of days before all the leaves are exposed and bright green will be seen everywhere.  The sweet smell of blossoms on the trees next door drifted over to us and filled our nostrils.  The squirrels ran around looking for something new, we saw a few lady bugs, and a couple of bees.  Ants were busy looking for food as they came out of their winter shelters.  Crows flew overhead and screamed to each other that it was safe, warm, and fun to fly from tree to tree, with an occasional stop on a roof top.  Every once in a while the wind would blow just right and you'd get a whiff of Cheerio's being baked at the General Mills plant on the other side of the city.  You'd hear music escaping through an open window of a car, kids giggling and playing in a nearby yard.  It was horrible having to go back inside.  I wanted to sit there the remainder of the day and let the sun kiss my bare skin.  Think of days on the beach, sleeping with my window open as the warm evening breeze and crickets singing lulls me to sleep, short sleeves, shorts, and open toe shoes.  Summer Dreams!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Ok, now that I got your attention ROFL I thought I'd share some great graphic sites.  I hope no one minds me using a screen shot of their journal in the graphic.  If you do, I'm sorry, let me know and I will remove it immediately.  I don't know all the graphic journals, so I apologize if I forgot anyone.


I hope you'll check them out.  Please, everyone has their own rules and requests so be sure to read what each person says about snagging etc before you just help yourself.







Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You decide...




Well, I couldn't decide.  The difference is pretty subtle, but I do like both and decided to just put them both up and let you decide.  LOL  Ohhh... and if you're gonna snag I better see your picks on the entry below.  :::evil grin:::  Don't make me name names!  Ummm... and I will :)~

The Quest is On........


The Stanley Cup was donated in 1892 by Frederick Arthur Stanley.  He purchased the trophy for what amounts to about $50.00 and is one of the most coveted awards in Pro sports today.  Ironically, Lord Stanley never saw the trophy awarded.  Because each member of the team has their name inscribed on the trophy bands have been added under the 'bowl,' and some older ones have been removed and retired along with the original bowl are stored in a Vault.  There are spelling errors as well as names X'ed out.  In 1983-84 The owner of the Edmonton Oilers, Peter Pocklington included the name of his father, who had nothing to do with the team and it was later X'ed out.  The first error was corrected on '95-'96 winners.  Adam Deadmarsh was misspelled (Deadmarch) and the correct spelling of his name was added.


Now the match ups are set, and the quest starts on Friday, it has not been announced who plays when yet.  I've listed the match ups below.  You will need to pick a winner in each series for a total of 8 picks. The number in parenthesis is the seed number for the conference.  The higher seeds have home ice.  Feel free to go HERE  for a breakdown on how the teams did against each other during the regular season.  Make sure you get your picks in by before Friday.  I am counting on you!!  :)



Ottawa (1) vs Tampa Bay (8)

Carolina (2) vs Montreal (7)

New Jersey (3) vs NY Rangers (6)

Buffalo (4) vs Philadelphia (5)



Detroit (1) vs Edmonton (8)

Dallas (2) vs Colorado (7)

Calgary (3) vs Anaheim (6)

Nashville (4) vs San Jose (5)


Monday, April 17, 2006

All over the board.....

Not much into writing tonight, but thought I'd share a couple.  If you snag all I ask is you give credit and link back.  Not much to ask, eh?







Sunday, April 16, 2006

J-Land lost a Friend Today..


It's with great sadness that I tell you that Pam from Just One Girls Head Noise, lost her battle with cancer today.  Jimmy has posted some additional information if you would please stop by and see what plans he and others have in mind.   There is also a chat room set up, feel free to stop by.  Life - Talk About Pamela


We have an Angel in our Forever Secret Garden... A beacon of hope, a pillar of strength, a ray of sunshine.  Oh how many she has touched and will continue to touch.  Rest in Peace lovely lady!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!


I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday, however you celebrate it.  I hope the sun shines on your day and you are able to spend it with loved ones... calming and relaxing.




PS  If you snag the graphic please give credit and link back :)  thank you

Saturday......... Lazy Day and Lazy Nights


Just a day today, nothing to exciting unless you think laundry does the trick.  I was too lazy to even attempt to hang clothes outside today so the dryer it was.  The fresh scent of the dryer sheets is refreshing though.  Helps me get through the folding process.  Ya know, laundry wouldn't be bad if someone would sort the clothes, carry them downstairs, run down and switch loads, bring the dry ones up, and put them away.  I will do the folding.  ROFL!


I was able to watch some of the Philly vs NY Rangers game today.  It was good to see the Flyers show up and gain 2 points on New Joisey.  We played Montreal tonight and won 4-2.  The win broke a franchise record for wins in a season (50) and most road wins (24)  Congrats boy!  The win also prohibited Montreal from clinching their post season run.  I am sure the Habs will make it, but mathematically there are teams that can catch up so it's not a guarantee 'in' yet.  Tampa Bay, the reigning champs are still fighting to get in too.  Two games left for most teams and I think it's going to come right down to the last game before we know who we play.  Don't worry as soon as I know the match ups I will post them :) 


I liked this graphic.  I thought it was so pretty, peaceful, and calming.  Thought it might be a good graphic for this evening.  Lazy days and lazy nights. 

Be Careful!!!

If you eat too much candy and chocolate you may be walking like this....





and flirting like this.....





Not intended to offend anyone, just being silly.  Remember, if you snag please give credit and link back :)

Signs of Spring.....


Easter always helps usher in the spring season.  In my neck of the woods that is usually the breaking point in the weather.  It may be chilly, or rainy, but all in all a warm spring follows rather quickly.


This morning I woke up early and could not fall back asleep.  I came out to the living room and attempted to get a few more winks on my couch.  That usually helps, you know, because I have that rule.  'No laying on the couch!'  Well, it didn't do the trick and I decided to log on and surf a bit.  The house was quiet and it was still a bit dark outside.  After a bit I could hear the birds chirping as they looked for food.  I pulled the curtains back to peak outside.  It was then I wished I was more in the country, with no houses across the street.  I could see the rays of sun kissing the clouds good morning.  The darkness of the clouds had a glow of orange and yellow.  There was a slight twinkle reflecting off the windows of the cars in the driveway.  I wanted to grab my camera but the glorious color wasn't high enough.  To much of the neighbors house was in the way.  Truly disappointing!  I opened the window a crack and let the cool breeze flow in.  It was refreshing and smelled so clean.  A hint of warmth, the scent of grass.  The birds songs engulfed me just like a lullaby, because that is when I went and crawled back in bed. 


When I got back up the sky was bright and clear.  The sun was out and barely a cloud in the sky.  The window was still open and the fresh air had filled the house.  Nothing like out with the old in with the new.  Something about fresh clean air sweeping its way around the house.  My sister and I decided to make breakfast.  An early treat to our Easter brunch tomorrow.  I had picked up fresh polish sausage the other day at the store and we cooked it up to have with eggs.  The smell of marjoram from the sausage filled the house.  I don't know what it is about that smell, but I love it!  I know some folks hate it, but it reminds me of Easter, of spring, sweet times from the past. 


Not much planned for today.  Laundry!  Argh!  One of my least favorite things, but it has to be done.  If it warms up a bit more I may just hang a few things outside to dry.  A true sign of spring!  I will probably put the hockey game on this afternoon as well. It has huge playoff implications that will effect my boys.  Philly, New Joisey, and the Rangers are all jockeying for position and depending on how they fall in the standings determines who we play.  A bit of a secret, I do not want to play Joisey in the first round!  Not that the other two teams mean a guarantee win, there are no guarantees, I just think we have a better shot moving on not playing the Devils.  Aaah the playoffs... another sign of spring :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Path to Enlightenment


Wow!  Thanks for all your comments on my 'Curious' entry.  I am usually one to stay away from politics, money, and religion.  I have very strong opinions and I usually end up regretting getting involved.  Not that I don't respect the opinions of others, it's just safer to stay away.  I used the grocery store as the most recent example of how some Christians drive on a one way highway-theirs!  I think Charley said it best when he quoted St. Francis of Assisi "Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words."  Sounds so much better than that is the way it is live with it.  I'd like to have hope that folks will one day look in the mirror and say, 'hey, why am I being like that, doing that, living like this?'  Walk down the path to enlightenment and look inside instead of pointing the finger to someone else.  We all make mistakes, we just need to own up to them and do our best to correct them and learn from them.


I was going to post a different graphic this evening and end the topic but when I saw this one it called to me.  I tried to get a subtle fog effect to go with the movement of the water.  Get a bit of a mystical effect to go with the season and the deep subject matter.  Not sure if it worked, but I for one will be standing at the mirror in a bit to look deep inside me.  You?

Hockey 101




I had some comments and emails regarding the hockey playoffs, and 'lack' of knowledge on the sport.  I decided I would give some very basic information regarding the game so you can all decide on your picks starting next week :)  I won't try to teach you all the rules, regulations, and theories of the game in one post as it will bore some of you to tears and others may run off screaming! 


The breakdown is pretty simple.  There are 2 conferences, East & West.  In each conference there are 3 divisions and each division has 5 teams.  As in major sports, the championship game puts the 2 conferences up against each other.  There are 82 games in a season.  Each game is 3 periods, and no game ends in a tie.  If after 3 periods the score is tied there is a 5 minute sudden death overtime session 4 on 4, if it is still tie there is a shoot out.  For each win a team is awarded 2 points, if a game goes into overtime the winner gets 2 points the loser 1.  Points are accumulated and this determines the clubs standings.  Eight teams from each conference go to the playoffs.  The top 3 seeds in a conference are determined by who wins the division, regardless of the number of points (so you may see a 3rd place team with less points then the 4th place team).  The remaining 5 are seeded by points.  I won't get into tie breakers at this point, as I don't think it will be relevant this year. 


There is still some jockeying for position but the season ends on Tuesday and the playoffs start on Friday.  When the teams are seeded the first place team for each conference plays the last place team in the same conference in a best of 7 series.  Second seed plays seventh, third play six and so on.  The higher seeded team gets home ice advantage. 


I will list who plays who to make it easier.  If you want to look at things feel free to stop and and go to standings :)   I will give you a bit of a hint.  Throughout the season teams play their division foes 8 times.  This was done to create a rivalry.  You may want to look at the records of the teams in each division, if the division is a bit weaker the points may be a bit deceiving, but then again maybe not.  LOL  Without taking anything away from Detroit, I will use them as an example.  They are in the West (central) division.  This is a very weak division and 3 of the 5 teams are below .500 and have over 30 less points.  With this said, the Wings got to play these teams 8 times a piece for the possibility of 48 points.  I don't remember how many they actually won against the weaker teams, but it is food for thought.   


I had thought about doing a pool where you pick who wins it all, but that maybe be a bit difficult so I will go series by series.  It is a best of 7 and they generally play every other night.  I do hope you will all humor me and play along.  :)


PS The logos in the graphic are not drawings of mine, I can only take credit for the design and animation.



I've been thinking about this a couple days and thought today was a good day to pose the question.  In your eyes, what is a Christian?  Is it someone who proclaims the love of God, who quotes scripture, flaunts religious graphics?  Is it what they say?  What they do?  Or a combination of both?


I'm amazed with these self proclaimed Christians who flaunt their religious beliefs yet fail to live by them.  Going to church does not make you a Christian if in fact you walk out and curse a neighbors life style, child, or habits.  Saying God Bless means nothing if you don't live a 'blessed' life.  Reading scripture and twisting it to fit your needs at any given moment, breaking rules and attempting to manipulate folks into going with your interpretation of the rules with threats and storming off when one does not give in.  This in my eyes is not a Christian, but a 'wannabe.'  I am far from perfect, and never claim to be.  I am human and I make mistakes.  I try to live a fair, giving, loving life.  I don't stomp off if someone's beliefs are not the same as mine.  I don't intentionally disrespect anyone's wishes or dreams.  I don't try to manipulate people to give me what I want.  I respect the work of others, and if I inadvertently disrespect something and it is called to my attention I do not turn my back and storm off pretending to never know the person.  I work with them to resolve the issues and make things right. 


I stopped at the store today after work to pick up a few things for my Easter dinner.  I was amazed at the folks arguing, grabbing, abusing others as they were shopping for their Holiday goodies.  Christians?  I think not!  I am amazed!


Treat people with the same respect you expect whether it is in their work, their beliefs, their lifestyle.  No one is perfect and we all have rights.  What a wonderful world it would be without theft, lies, manipulation....................  I am amazed!


Thursday, April 13, 2006