Thursday, May 31, 2007

~ Lunch ~


Today was a good day.  It was hot and sticky and the sun tried and tried to burn off the haze.   My co-worker and I had planned to do lunch today.  We get together for our birthday's and treat the other to a meal.  Of course, good company too :)  Well, we weren't able to do mine until today.  So many things going on and then she went out on disability for shoulder surgery.  We waited for a nice day as we planned to go to the Marina.  It's not far from work (wish it was closer) and there is a little snack shack to pick up a burger, sausage, hot dog, whatever.  We drove down and get right in line to grab something quick.  It was mobbed!!  The grass path along the lake and canal was scattered with chairs and blankets.  The temps were in the mid 80's and of course anyone who could was outside.  We grabbed lunch and sat on the patio on the lakes edge.  The breeze kept us cool.  Seagulls flew over head waiting for a scrap of food to land.  Some didn't even wait.  A gentlemen sitting at a table not to far from us got up and walked away for a second.  We heard him say 'get going' and when we turned to look one had gotten awfully close to his hotdog.  We laughed with images of a bird flying over head with a foot long dog hanging out its beak.  The guy wasn't gone long enough, good thing!  A few boats came in and out, and the ducks were taking a leisurely swim.  Of course since it was a planned outing my camera was with me.  ::grin::  Thought I'd share a few pictures with you. 


I also played a bit with a Molly Harrison tube.  I love her fairies!  I like the effect of the rain as she sits under the flower, and the way the wings look to glisten.  I played with adding a name, but couldn't find anything I liked or a good spot to put it.  So it's a snag as is :)  Hope someone out there likes it.


The time off and then back to work has taken it's toll.  I'm beat and ready to climb into bed and geta good nights sleep.  Only a bit longer and it's Friday.  Whuuuuu huuuuuuuuu   Hope everyone has been having a good week. 







Wednesday, May 30, 2007

~ Blue Moon ~


Just a quick entry tonight, it's been a long day.  To clarify I was actually talking about 2 different sisters yesterday.  My younger one had the Dr. appointment, the other had her 'cocktail' and was quite sick.  I called her today and she was feeling drained, but much better.  She was even able to eat.  I ended up stopping by today with her milk shake and a little dessert.  I picked up an ice cream cake.  I thought it would taste good since it was in the 90's here today.  Even if she couldn't eat it today, her family could and it was big enough to have left overs for a day that she felt up to it.  I didn't hang around long as she needed her rest.   A bit after dinner she called to ask me if I had seen the moon.  I knew it was going to be full but I hadn't stepped outside at that point.  She knows how I am with the moon and told me she was out on her back deck and it was so full and bright.  I didn't talk long but hung up and went outside.  The trees were blocking my view so I took a ride to the corner so I could get a good look.  I stood there for some time taking pictures as the sky turned from blue to black.  I thought I'd share them with you before I head off to bed.  I do hope everyone had a great day........................ 


Once in a blue moon.





~ I've Been So Bad Tag Request ~


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Thank you!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

~ A Few Snags ~




~ Back to Work ~


UGH!!!  The time off flew by way too fast and I can't believe it is time to go back to work.  I should be grateful it's only 3 days and then the weekend, but I'm feeling like I should have taken off more time.  Greedy SOB I am, eh? 


Did take my younger sister to the Dr. this morning, along with my Mom.  Got into the waiting room and she checked in.  It wasn't long before the nurse came to get her.  My Mom joined her, and I stayed in the waiting room.  I grabbed a magazine and thought to myself, not a bad wait.  I read and read and read some more.  It was a good 40 minutes when my Mom came out.  I asked how it went and she replied, 'she hasn't even seen the Dr. yet.'  I was floored.  Forty minutes in the examining room and no Dr. yet?  Mom went on to say that my sister had gone to the restroom and passed by the Dr's office and she was on the phone making reservations for what appeared to be a trip.  WTF!?!  How rude!!!  We were the only ones there, she couldn't see my sister and THEN do that?!?!  It was then we realized that the nurse was tucked away in the check in station out of site.  Oh well, it was true.  She slithered off and my Mom returned to my sister.  It was probably not 15 minutes later and they came out.  I wonder if the nurse went and told the Dr.  I hope so!!!  You wait all that time and then get 5 minutes with the Dr?  I can tell you now I don't like this new Dr.  My sister is fine, she has been on medication all her life and this Dr wants to wean her off and change it up.  It's a tricky thing, and I hope this Dr knows what the hell she is doing!  Her previous Dr tried on several occasions and it didn't work.  She didn't seem to care when both she and my Mom said something. 


Got back home about 2 with a pounding headache.  I tried to putter but instead took some aspirin and laid down.  I woke myself up about an hour later snoring.  LOL  I flew out of bed thinking I was late for something.  Then realized I really didn't have to be any place.  I called my other sister's house to see how her 'cocktail' was, and today was not good.  Her husband answered the phone and she was ill.  Very ill and not even in mood for her milkshake.  I was disappointed, but more worried about her.  This was the first time she got sick.  Maybe too much weekend, over did it, too much snack and crap food yesterday.  Not sure, but I didn't go over.  I let her have that misery in private. 


I did go to the soccer game.  It was a hoot!  This is Gage's first year playing.  Last year he participated in an indoor class and really liked it so they signed him up.  It was more then obvious who the experienced players were, but he did get out there quite a bit.  I have some really great action shots but didn't use them here as they had other children in them.  I tried to blur them but I didn't like the effect so I used ones where he was alone.   He has always commented on the sparkle or what not effects I give to 'bugs' pictures and I've told him he didn't want that on his.  LOL  No sparkles for a boy!   I saw this effect elsewhere and thought I'd give it a shot.  I love it!  Maybe a bit much for this, but he will love it!


Hope everyone had a great day!  Is it Friday yet?  LOL




Monday, May 28, 2007

~ The Parties Over ~


There was no planned party.  It started earlier today when I talked to my sister.  Her husband was looking for some hands, strong hands, to help get the cover off their pool.  Knowing there was no way my sister was going to be able to do this, my son had volunteered days ago.  So while she was on my main line I called him on my cell.  It was all set up.  He would go over about noon and help.  One thing led to another and the next thing we had planned was a cook out at her house.  I did not want her to do the work, but she offered the house.  Something simple for dinner.  Hamburgers, and yeap you guessed it 'lips and assholes.'  We figured we would eat at 5ish.  I hung up the phone and got moving.  I would bring the burgers and rolls, my Mom the dogs.  Chef and macaroni salad.  Snacks galore.  It was a beautiful day.  Clear sky and fairly warm.  The wind was a bit chilly, but it was definitely an outdoor day.  I headed over about 2ish. 


When I arrived the cover was off and my brother in law was dumping chemicals in.  It was a bit discolored but not too bad.  A little shock should do the trick.   Steve had long been gone.  He went and showered and then picked up his girlfriend and they were going to take a walk in a nearby park before heading back over.  Slowly but surely everyone arrived.  We sat out back and enjoyed the fresh air.  The kids (no little ones today) played Jarts.  Remember them?  There was an old set in my sister's shed and we had to explain to the kids how to play.  They don't even sell these kind anymore.  They are the old fashion metal pointy ones.  They played a bit and then turned to Bocce ball.  Most of the shots I have of them are off in the back playing one or the other.  Then of course a couple around the table. 


As I sat at the table there were birds flying to and fro.  No doubt looking for the 'bird bath' they had been using.  They didn't land as the cover is gone, but you could tell they didn't like that we had invaded 'their' space.  I pointed my camera and tried to get shots.  They all laughed as I told them I was trying to get a bird.  They posed, yes, giving me the bird.  One shot I tried to take had the white from a passing airplane in the background.  I focused and zoomed a little to get the dang bird, but by the time my camera actually took the picture the bird was long out of the shot.  I was a bit amazed at what I did get tho.  I got the bird alright.  The big bird.  I have a half way decent camera, and I wasn't zoomed all the way as I was only attempting to get a bird.  This plane was quite a distance away and yet when I looked you could see it.  I never imagined this would be the end result. 




A bit later the moon appeared.  We will have two full moons this month and you can tell it's pretty close to that now.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  I will most definitely using that as a background down the road.  :)  The day was just as magical, and I can't believe it went by so fast!  I do hope everyone was able to make some wonderful memories today.




Tomorrow I am off but I will be driving my younger sister downtown for a Dr. appointment.  My mom doesn't like to drive, and my Dad shouldn't be.  So I offered.  Hopefully it won't be an all day affair.  I have a shake to deliver a bit later in the day and then I plan to go to Gage's soccer game.  A pretty full day and I do hope the weather is nice.  I am getting use to this!




~ Happy Memorial Day ~

I hope everyone has a great day and will keep all those that served close in your heart.   I was looking for something different, something special to put here and then I remembered.............


Our very own Ste singing his version.   Touched me the first time I heard it and touched me again.  Simple yet perfect for this day I think.  Thanks Ste!!! *hugs*



Sunday, May 27, 2007

~ Nature Calls ~

No, it's not what you think, pigs!  LOL The day was actually good.  It never got real sunny but it didn't rain either.  The temps were in the mid 70's and made for an enjoyable 'work' day.  I got things done around the house and then got moving.  I stopped at my nieces house to pick up her shop-vac so I could take it to my parents.  When I pulled in the drive, I was notified by 'Bug' as she ran towards me with her bike helmet still firmly in place on her head that Gagie got hurt.  'Oh noooo' I replied, 'what happened?'  She didn't miss a beat and proceeded to tell me in her fastest speech mode that he had fallen off his bike and he was bleeding all over.  I looked at Dad he and rolled his eyes so I knew it wasn't as bad as she was making it sound.  He stepped on his brake and lost control, the back tire slid and over he went.  He has a doozie of a brush burn on his knee.  He proudly displayed it as he walked out to greet with me with two plastic baseball bats supporting himself like crutches.  Oh, and limping on the wrong leg!  It was hoot.  I had to hear how he slid on a leaf.  Me thinks he was going to fast and skid the tires causing the whole mess.  They were working in the yard weeding and getting ready to put in some flowers.  I had my camera in tow so I went back to my car to get it.  I couldn't resist getting shots of the wonderful colors.   Bright yellow and deep purple.  As I was snapping away, Bug asked to have her picture taken.  'What?  You want to pose?'  She giggled and said yes.  So she climbed up on her little swing set and stood in the castle area where the slide comes off.  I snapped and snapped and then she asked me to climb up there too.  I laughed and told her my big butt wouldn't fit.  'Yes it will, try.'   Thank goodness it was then that Dad had the vac ready to go.  I gave kisses and hugs and headed out to my car.  She followed along and told me as I was ready to get in, 'Watch for me out your window.  I am going to sleep over your house later.'  I got one extra squeeze and kiss in. 


Got to my parents and got the vac in the house.  My sister, Martha Karen, was dressed in her paint clothes with an old baseball hat of my son's.  She was ready to climb in the attic and vacuum it out.  It wasn't too awful bad, but you know how it is when you move in some place new.  She was up there for some time when she reappeared with a brown paper bag, 'I found the family jewels'  Inside was several pieces of costume jewelry.  Most plastic, but some silver and gold (plated at best, I am sure)  Bug will have a hay day!    Spent a few hours there getting boxes of Christmas decorations and 'stuff' up into the attic.  My son and his girlfriend stopped by and we had an assembly line going.  Passing boxes through the house.  It went rather smoothly and definitely quick.  Helped these old legs too.  No doing stairs over and over :)  It was probably after 5 when I finally arrived home.  Since I had my camera I took a few pictures of the wild flowers displayed along the front of the house.  Don't ask me what any of them are, except for maybe the buttercups  ::grin::  Remember picking them as youngsters and holding them under your chin to see if you like butter?   If you saw the yellow reflection it meant yes.   LOL 


Wanted to try the new slide show type that AOL has, not sure if I like it.  To me the pictures aren't as crisp and clear.  Maybe it's me.  Rarely do I post pictures without being in a collage anyway, but thought it would be a bit different.  Aaahhhh gives you an idea of the nature I captured today.  The robins were actually on the lawn next door.  Not to bad for the distance. 


Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!  I will most likely be back with some snags.  If not tonight first thing tomorrow.








~ Mornin ~ SAC


Woke up bright and early this morning.  When I went to bed last night I slept the wrong way in bed so my face was near the open window.  It was still fairly warm and the soft breeze was enjoyable.  I loved it as it caressed my face.  Someone nearby was having a bonfire.  Not sure why, but I actually enjoyed the smell of the sweet wood.  It was relaxing, made me feel like I was camping with all the comforts of home.  I fell into slumber rather quickly.  This morning however I wished I had moved during the night.  The sun was bright as it came up and the rays were now dancing off my face as they peeked in through the blinds.  I tried to rearrange myself, but too late.  I was up.  I came out and made my coffee and got cozy going through mail.  As I sat reading journals my surroundings changed.  It was no longer bright and sunny.  I reached for my desk lamp to turn it on, and spat out goes the bulb.  Don't you know I have no replacements!  How and when did the supply that I thought would last a lifetime run out?  Who used that last bulb and didn't add them to the list of 'needs'?  GRRRRRRR  Not that it's dark but a little extra light about now would be good.  Guess where I get to go later.   The once bright blue sky is now gray and overcast.  The wind is making the tree branches dance.  The leaves appear to be flipped over.  You know that is a sign of rain, right?  I can also smell it.  The birds are chirping and the neighbors dog has found something it wants as it barks.  Now I could sleep!  Might just crawl back in bed and enjoy the sounds and smell.  Nothing so loud and aggravating that it would keep me from finding lah lah land. 


The above graphic was done via a tutorial.  I wanted to try the text effects for later use.  I switched it up somewhat, but do like the different effects.  Using it as a tag request would be a bit time consuming but don't be surprised if I do one and offer it up for a limited time.  I like the tubes that were included but wonder if it'sa bit risque' for everyone.  Thoughts?  I had every intention of using the Dean Yeagle tube for a Memorial Day tag, but the more I played the more it looked like a 4th of July one.  So be it, LOL, it's the end result.  Feel free to snag either.


No big plans for today, I am hoping the sun comes back out.  I was thinking of going to the lake and snapping some shots of boaters etc.  With it like this I highly doubt there will be any out there.  Might take a run to my parents and see how things are going.  Since they moved every last bit I am sure there are still boxes all about. 


Off to get another cup of coffee and plan out my day.   Hope everyone has a good one!  Remember what this holiday is about and say a prayer for all those that fought for what we have :)






Saturday, May 26, 2007

~ SaturDay ~


It's hard to believe the day is over and it is now technically Sunday.  As I sit here I realize just how much I did accomplish, though it didn't feel like it until I sat down to write.  I will try not to bore with you all the details. 


As you've already seen I did a few snags.  They were pretty easy and rather quick.  Hope I didn't piss anyone off with alerts.  Ya know, now that they are working and all.  Or so it seems.  I've heard a few say they still don't have them.  I bet you're saying, lucky for them.  ::evil grin::


Did a little grocery shopping today.  I pulled into the plaza that houses the store I go to for 'quick pick me ups', and found they were having a little carnival.  Rides, junk food, and games.  I actually knew it was going on as it's a yearly thing over Memorial Day but I forgot.  I shuddered when I pulled in wondering how far away I'd have to park.  I was lucky I got within a couple spots of the door, even though it was zoo.  Timing is everything and a car was pulling out as I made my way down that aisle.   I got out of my car and was overwhelmed with the smell of summer fairs.  Peppers and onions for the sausage, hot dogs, popcorn, and the ever craved fried dough with powder sugar or cinnamon.  It tickled my nostrils and made my tummy growl.  Or was it a gurgle from the thought of grease?  One bad thing to do... go shopping when hungry!  I was good while in the store and picked up only what I needed.  Ok, I will fess up, I bought a 5lb bag hot dogs.  The smell outside got me and it's been so long since I had one I thought it would make for a quick dinner.  For all the cars outside the store was pretty empty.  I checked out within minutes and headed back to my car to unload my loot.  As I stood at my trunk putting bags in, cars were driving down the aislesmuch faster then they should.  I heard a little squeal 'Mommy' and out of the corner of my eye I saw a toddler, no older then 4 come darting between cars.  I dropped my bag, and grabbed her around the chest, seconds away from her darting out into the aisle and a passing car.  She screamed help, no doubt thinking I was going to steal her, and I shook.  I set her down and let her know she needs to be more careful.  I looked around.  Where was Mommy anyway?   Could it be that woman nonchalantly walking back towards this little girl?  Oh yes it was.  No worry, no anything.  'Sara I told you to wait I'd be right back'  She grabbed little Sara's hand and walked away.  Not a thank you, not a second look.  Not that it matters much to me, but I did say a little prayer for that child.  How could Mom be so careless with that precious gift?


Did some more browsing for new bedding etc and had no luck.  I found a few things I liked, but I'm picky.  I don't want flowers, and I don't want manly.  LOL  I've always gone with 'easy to care for' because of my cat, but since she's gone :( I have more choices.  Just couldn't decide.  When you aren't looking everything jumps at you, when you are nothing will do.  GRRR  So maybe I don't get that done this weekend.  It's my room and I want what I want.  I want it comfy, homey, and soothing.  Soft to the touch and eye.  Refreshing and light.  Why is that so hard to find? 


Did have some of those hot dogs for dinner, along with potatoes', beans, and salad.  It tasted like summer.  The smell of the hot dogs cooking as their skin ripped and the meat got hot.  The butter melting over the hot spuds, and the salad dressing with its sweet vinegar.  Paper plates too!  I stood at the kitchen sink washing up the glasses and silverware and went back to a day long ago.  My son was 7 at best.  I had the day off my from my job and was watching my 2 nephews, Eric and Jeff.  The  department I worked in was off in a side area of the building and since it was pay day I took all three kids with me to get my check.  I stopped in my department and said hello to the part of the staff that wasn't gone to lunch.  I left the kids there as everyone knew them and went to the main office.  When I arrived back in the department several girls had come back from their lunch.  We did our pleasantries and I asked what they had for lunch.  Lisa replied, 'lips and assholes.'  I was shocked and slightly scolded her for the language in front of the children.  Everyone laughed.  She proceeded to tell me that my nephew, Jeff, who was about 8 or so had told her that is what they are called.  Apparently when she told him what she had he responded with, 'my father says hot dogs are made of lips and assholes.  My father is pretty funny, he's John Candy.'  Something from a movie he was in I'm sure.  Jeff to this day can still recite a good portion of most movies he has seen.  I laughed so hard then and started laughing again this evening as I thought about my dinner.  How can something so gross hit the spot on a warm summer day?  Hmmmm anyone having hot dogs at their cook out for the Holiday?  :::giggle::: enjoy and remember....... lips and assholes.


This turned into a much longer entry then planned.  My mind went wandering and fingers went clicking, and I sit here chuckling again.  Artwork used for the tag ,  snaggable as is if you like.  I do hope everyone had a great Saturday to be followed by a wonderful Sunday. 




~ Days of the Week ~

Yes, more fritillary blinkies.  LOL  After my entry this morning I had a few ask for days of the week.  Since they are pretty easy and rather quick I did put a few together.  Each style is a complete set.  If you'd like them just let me know and I will send via email.   Pick one, two, or all, it doesn't matter, just let me know the name of those you want. 


Beach Blanket



Beach Boy








~ Small Summer Snags ~

Since the season is knocking on our door, I thought I'd do a few small (and I mean small) 'blinkie' types for snag.  I have a ton of these little doll types and since they are freebies, well, I will most likely go to town.   LOL!!!  Maybe it's me but I do think they are cute.  I just don't like when they jump all over the place.  Kind of simple.  Hope you like them.












Friday, May 25, 2007

~ Tag Request Summer Beach ~


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If you'd like your name on this please leave a comment or email me with name, subject & tag # Please make sure your email is open to receive mail from me this will save a lot of frustration and aggravation.  I know sometimes the version of AOL you may be using does not give you the save as .gif option, but you can type it in after the file name.  AIM users do not have this option as far as I can tell.  If you need me to send differently so the graphic and animation stays intact, lets talk.  Some already know to make note to attach instead.  If you need it to go to a different email address please note that. I will gladly work with you so the graphic stays as intended. 

Thank you!

PS Because of the sometimes 'glitch' with AOL alerts, if you do not receive your tag in a week please contact me via email.

~ Messing Around ~


... with some free to use graphics gathered from all over.  Some from tutorials that I didn't like but since they offered the images, well I grabbed them.


Today proved to be an interesting day.  I guess my parents forgot I was coming over.  Hmmm... an age thing maybe?  Or should I take it personal?  Either way when I called over there this morning they were already out and about.  I was not going to go there with my brother home.  There would have been a murder, so I left a message and waited.  It was hours and hours before Mom called me back.  Guess what?  Yeap, he forgot to give her the message.   GRRRRR  That, I know, was intentional!!  His loss though, 'cuz now he gets to do the work.  What an ass!  So I spent my day doing things around here.  Picking up this and that, got a jump on the laundry, and watched some daytime TV.  Can I say that sucks!?!  Not sure how many are into soaps, but cripes I think the story line is pretty close to being the same as it was when I last watched.  What 10 years ago?  LOL ok, so I am kidding.  I didn't keep them on long enough to even know.  The house looks good tho and smells fresh.  Love the smell of summer!  I did do these as well.  Feel free :) 






~ Pick the Winner ~


Well the big show starts on Monday.  The East meets the West.  Make sure you make your pick :)  It's either Ottawa or Anaheim.  Who do you think will bring home the silver?  Don't tell me you know nothing of the sport, just take a guess.  Pick one.   Anaheim has home ice.  


Winners from last week below.  Congrats!!!   I only posted those that got at least one right.  A special shout out to Jan for getting them both right, a Brit and she scored big time!!!   


I'll end with, GO DUCKS!!   LOL










Me - 1

Thursday, May 24, 2007

~ Change in Plan ~


Thanks Chris and Angela for the heads up on Zindy S. D. Nielsen.  She allows you to use her work as long as you give her credit with her web address.  I clearly put the web address on the tag so if you snag it there will be no issues and you won't have to worry about it. 


After the week I've had I decided to take the entire day off tomorrow and have time away from work until Wednesday.  YEAH!!  The temperature was in the mid 80's today and it was absolutely beautiful.  Between work and moving my parents I was completely spent, so a few days of not rushing will do me good.  Mind, body, and soul are tired.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow but my game plan is to go to my parents and help the unpack and straighten things up.  It won't be an up and rush out immediately so I can lounge in the am with my coffee.  You have no idea how much I am looking forward to that. 


I am in the need of toothpicks to keep my eyes open, so I will do a better entry tomorrow.  It appears alerts are down again anyway.  GRRRRRR  Holiday weekend, why am I not surprised?  Hopefully I will find all the entries I missed.  Wishing everyone a great Friday!




Wednesday, May 23, 2007

~ Tag Request Sexy Girl ~


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Thank you!

PS Because of the sometimes 'glitch' with AOL alerts, if you do not receive your tag in a week please contact me via email.

~ An Expert ~


.... I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be one.  I received several emails and comments asking about the license number, the cost, the tags, the art.  I'm going to try and explain it in layman's terms using the information I have or have been given.   First though I do want to address the several comments saying I did nothing wrong.  I did.  I bent the rules as does just about every tagger I've seen on AOL Journals.  I used work from an artist that requires a license be purchased before using.  Does that mean every tag needs a license number on it?  No.  


There are several guilds out there that have contracts with different artists to sell licenses to use their artwork.   This is fairly new, and the lists of artists grow daily and I am sure the guilds will too.  Most taggers get their supplies from different groups and they are shared via email.   It's not always known when we receive the work who the artist is.  Personally, I am learning but I am not going to claim to know them all.  I, as we all have, assumed that since we are being sent them it's ok, or since others use them so can we.  We bent the rules.  It was a quiet community here in JLand and we got away with it until over this past weekend we were exposed, all of us. 


I contacted CILM and discussed a number of different things.  Michelle Geurra was great, and very helpful.  I can't speak for the other guilds, nor can she but she did tell me they are not the 'Big Bad Wolf' they are made out to be.  After talking to her for hours in the course of a few days I will agree.  They are trying to educate.  I don't like the idea of having to pay for something that I basically give away, but the rule is the rule.  Since I will now have to look over my shoulder with each tag I personally will take the extra steps. 


I haven't contacted the other guilds, which I have linked below, but the CILM works fairly easy.  You do not purchase a registration license, but rather a package of tubes.  Once you do that you have the number to use on all tubes you purchase from them.  That doesn't mean you can slap that number on each tag you do that may contain a tube or graphic that they do sell but is in your inventory.  You are purchasing the right to use it.  It's a rather simple process and you can get things almost immediately.  They give you directions and the term of use for each artist as it could be different.   You can do it online with a credit card, paypal, or call them on the phone. 


The other guilds I've been made aware of are below, if you know of more by all means leave a comment and I will add it to the list :)



Michelle was also kind enough to send me some basic guidelines on the use and copyright

Basic rules for proper copyright and graphic use are:

1. If you know the creator of the work ALWAYS give copyright credit.
2. If you don't know the creator of the work try to find out in order 
to give credit.
3. If you can not find out who the creator of the work is then you 
are better off NOT using the work and certainly NOT passing it on to 
other people.
4. If youknow or think you know an artist is pay to use then you 
should have a purchased a package and obtained proper licensing from 
their respective licensing company in order to legally use the work.
5. Never share your license or your paid tubes with anyone.

When using your very own artwork ( not your tag creation ) but say a personal photo you have taken yourself for a tag background then you MUST put your copyright information on it as follows:

photo©and your name, you can't use a nickname it has to be at least your real first name and last name initial if not your entire name.

You MAY NOT put a © symbol on any tag you create with ANY pieces of work that you did not create from scratch all by yourself. If you obtain elements from scrap kits, art work from Free to use artists or artwork from Pay to use artists you may not but a © symbol on your creation.  The exception to this would be if you have your own photos.  You would then do photo©your name (see above)

You MAY however put:

tagged by: and your name or designed by: and your name, in these 
cases you may use your nickname.

Here is a helpful link about copyright and common myths among digital 
artwork users.





Sorry for the boring information but I thought it easier to do here then send a gazillion mails.  Some tags will have license numbers and copyright information, some just copyright information, and some nothing.   I will do my best to look up each artist before I use it, but I am human.  I am not a machine that knows all the answers.  I don't think it makes me a bad person.  I would hope that going forward if someone recognizes something and I've done it wrong they'd contact me.  Not go running to the graphic police.  I would never in a million years turn anyone in for making an error in judgment or making a mistake.  It's up to everyone who makes tags to make a decision based on them, not me or anyone else.   


Wow.. that is a lot of information, eh?  I hope it makes sense.  It's for sharing purposes only.  I am not pointing at anyone, I am not accusing anyone.  I'm giving the information I have or have been given.  Do with it what you think you need to.  I'm going back to being me and having some fun now.  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~ Good... Good... and More Good ~


:::deep breath::: Let's get caught up, shall we?  The last two days have been marvelous.  I will start with the best news of all.  Today is Tuesday, as you all know.  It's my day with my sister, vanilla shake and all.  Well, I couldn't wait for the news so I called and talked to her daughter mid afternoon.  The results of the recent scan were good.  Tumors are shrinking.  It's a small change but it is a change for the good.  The tears flowed as I let out a hoot, and a holler.  It was great news!  It's not gone, and she has a long way to go but this was positive news.  When I got there today with her shake I grabbed and hugged her as the tears flowed.  Power of prayer, good vibes, and great Dr's.  So thank you and please keep it up :)


Mom & Dad are in the new house.  The pictures are not the best, as I grabbed a few shots as we moved and rearranged.  Let me just say they went from a huge house to this.  Did they get rid of anything?  NO!!!!  They moved everything.  I think it's the generation.  As you can see the garage is full, as is the basement.  Thank goodness for the pool table that was left as it worked wonders as a table.  LOL   I won't try to explain the pictures I am pretty sure you will figure out what is what.  There will be lots to be done over the course of the next few weeks as we unpack and get things put away.  Dad is thrilled his PC is set up, but he has DSL and unfortunately the phone company has not got their phone running.  GRRRRRRRR  Mom on the other hand is glad.  It's not like he can do a ton, but he can do and with no Internet he is.  LOL


My son, can I just say I am so proud of him.  He has had a few things come up that he needed to take care of.  Since he works odd hours I offered to help with calls and visits.  He was appalled.  'Mom, I am 21 and living on my own.  How would it look if I had mommy do the dirty work?'  I stepped back and lookedhim in the eye.  He was dead serious.  I told him I didn't mind and it would be ok if I did it.  'Mom, I'm an adult, I can take care of it.  I appreciate it, but it's my place.'  I gave him a hug and he limply stood there like I was some jerk.  I backed up and told him though my heart beat a bit harder as I realized he was maturing I also realized he needs me just a bit less.  Standing on his own two feet is much more then just living on his own but handling the adversity that life throws him, and I was so proud of him.  It is a good thing, but I will be honest with all of you, my chest puffed with pride &my heart did a little skip.  It's so hard loosening the apron strings, but boy does it feel good knowing he can handle it and wants to.  My baby has grown up. 


Well it's been a busy day and I need to get to bed... hope everyone had a great day and I wish you all a marvelous hump day.




~ Announcement ~

Well hello again!  Just wanted to let you know so much has happened over the past couple days, it would make your head spin.  I won't get into all of it, I'd rather just forget.  Anyway, this is the tag that I had posted before the recent drama started.  I removed it, and took the lumps and let the chips fall where they may.  I've been in contact with Michelle Guerra, the owner of CILM over the course of the past several days.  Wonderful lady!!  We had several very interesting conversations.  Very very interesting!  With that said I am now legal ::grin::  I will be doing tags again but probably on a limited basis.  So very many artists are in one guild or another and it is very difficult to find ones that aren't.  Hell, if I am not given the artists name I can't even look them up to be sure.  I will be looking through the other guilds to see what they have to offer as well.  Since I've got to look over my shoulder at every step I decided it best to continue a bit more cautiously. 


I will not open my tag journal,  not yet anyway.  I think it best to keep 'me' under one journal for now.  So every once in a while you will see a tag request posted here.  I will name the title in that manner so you know which entries are for just that.  I don't have my 'regular' list, and I know a good portion visit here, but I'd appreciate it if you'd spread the word.   You'll see my tags will take on a new look as I will be including my license number on each tag that requires it.  Feel confident in knowing these are ok, and there is no fear. 


So if you'd like your name on this one please leave a comment with the name you'd like.  I look forward to getting back into this.   Thanks again for all the love and support you've shown me through this nonsense.   Be back later with 'a real' entry but I wanted to get this up.  :::big ass grin::: 


If you made a request on the previous version please make again as I do not have those requests.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 




Sunday, May 20, 2007

~ Thought I'd Share ~

I mean 'cmon if I have it going through my head, you should too.  Get into now, sing along.  Found two and couldn't decide.  First is actually from the show.  How sad is it that I remember this!?!  Second has the words incase you need them to sing along, or are to young to even know this song.   LMAO


Love ya!


~ And The Beat Goes On ~

Ever hear a song or saying that sticks in your head for days?  The kind you repeat without even knowing it, in a flash you realize you are singing or humming?  It doesn't matter what you do it keeps creeping back.  You hear a funny story and hours later you crack up because it comes to the forefront again.  Doesn't seem to matter where you are, the laughter just comes.  Today I've heard so many sayings and cliches that just keep beating on my brain.  Some make me laugh, some make giggle, some just make me stop and stand still, lets forget about the ones that bring tears.  I  was on the phone earlier with my Mother and I heard myself repeat a few.  I think my eyes about popped out of my head.  Huh?  'Why did I say that?'  Her response, 'I don't know, why did you?'  We'd both laugh.  Not a normal saying of mine, but somehow I think it has become part of my vocabulary. 


I remember when I first starting reading Ste's journal and then we started to talk.  He would say things and more often then I care to admit I had to ask what that meant.  How come he knew my slang but I had no clue about his.  'American TV'  he'd answer.  I was so proud when I talked to his Mum, most of her sayings I already knew and I felt smart :)  Several chats, mails, IM's and journal entries later I was at work and found myself using terms of theirs.   Some terms came to mind, but I didn't use them as I was afraid I would use them out of context.  Hmmmm someone here in my neck of the woods would know?  With my luck, yes.  Anyway, if I remembered I'd ask him the next time.  Co-workers on occasion would look at me with a puzzled look on their face.  'What?  Is my hair sticking up?  Do I have something in my teeth?'  A smile would ensue and they'd ask, 'what the hell does that mean?'   Then it was I who had the puzzled look.  I didn't even realize what I had said.  I'd laugh, explain and generally walk away humming or singing a slightly edited version of a once semi popular song   'I'm turning Britanese I think I'm turning Britanese I really think so Turning Britanese.'


So why do I bring this all up?  Pretty stupid actually.  I got an itch.  I needed and wanted to do graphics.  So I found a picture of mine, found an old tutorial for a frame that I had gotten and did a huge edit job.  I tore some of the tutorial apart and did what I wanted, so I'd have the effect I wanted.  Well somewhat anyway.  Normally you find the brick on the outside of a window not on the inside, but today who gives a shit? I actually like it.  When I first started working, the song 'The Beat Goes On' came on.   That was hours ago and it is still beating on my brain.  The beat sure does go on, kind of like my day.  When I sat down to do my entry that song was screaming in my head.  I thought if I sang something else it would go away.  So what did I pick?  'I'm turning Britanese.'  LOL  Now lets just say I have some hodge podge of a song running thru my head and it isn't pretty.  Yet, when I wrote the title of the entry it was 'The Beat Goes On'....   there you have it.  I've totally lost all my marbles!!  Ahh but it's Sunday. 


This is going to be a busy week.  Back to work tomorrow and then it will consist of packing and moving in the evening hours.  My parents close on their new house tomorrow.  Their house has been on the market for a bit and I can't remember if I even mentioned it.  Either way the big day is tomorrow.  The object was to get something a bit smaller.  Yeah, right!  It's about the same size but there is only one bedroom upstairs and it's like a suite.  My younger sister will get that.  My Dad has several health issues and stairs are not something any of us want to see him do, so it's perfect.   There is a master bedroom on the main floor.  The other was added on above the garage after the fact.  The backyard is no where near what they had but there is a built in pool.  Yeah!!  My Dad loves to swim but has avoided it quite a bit at my sisters because of the difficulty climbing up the ladder to the deck.  The wide cement steps into this will be perfect.  Oh, and my brother, he will be pool boy!  LMAO  Might just pay for his room and board.  NOT!  That's another story for another day.  We wanted them to go into a condo or apartment, but they are stubborn, and my Dad likes to putter around the yard.  He is not ready to give that up.  So something smaller and more manageable will be good.  I will try to get pictures and share.  You know me and my collages. 


OMG!!  I just rambled on about two chapters short of a book.  Sorry.  My boring life.......  I did do a graphic for the upcoming holiday here in the States.  I have no idea about those drums so I say if you want it snag at your own risk.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and I wish a pleasant week for you all. 






Saturday, May 19, 2007

~ Saturday Night - Moon & Venus ~

The day started on a fairly good note.  It was nice out and I was working a graphic of 'bug.'  How could that face not cheer up even the saddest of souls?  I did some normal Saturday chores and I got ready for the boys.  I get a nervous twitch and part way through the game I have to do something.  Still with in ear and eyeshot, but something else to help me not lose my mind.  Log on and play around on message boards, respond to mail, read some journals.  It did not turn out the way I wanted or had hoped but these guys can hold their heads high.  They went out with a fight and that is what counted.  Oh, Danny I saw Christopher and OUCH!!!!  Poor guy, if you're gonna get banged up like that a win would be nice.  My sister called to ask if my flag on my car was at half mast.  We got a good chuckle.  It is still there and will stay for a bit.  I will remove all the symbols of my boys when I go thru the car wash and prepare for next year.  Ohhh it's going to be a looooooooong off season!!  She did have a nice day and is feeling good.  We are looking forward to some good news on Tuesday.  I could use it!  She sends her thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. 


Some journals were boasting the Moon and Venus, which could be seen this evening.  I was a bit bummed as the clouds had started to roll in and I didn't think I'd be able to get a shot.  How wrong I was.  As I talked to my sister I looked out my back window and there it was.  Shining brightly with a little haze.  I told her what was up and ran to get the camera and tripod.  She asked if I was going to howl at the moon or put Bug in a picture.  Outside I went.  Snap, snap, snap.  Some came out blurry, some had too much haze, but as you see I was able to grab a few shots.  I got a few as darkness fell.  The earlier ones you can actually see the shadowed outline of the entire moon.   The larger dark one is not on zoom or anything and you barely see Venus, but let me tell you with the naked eye you could.  Haveyou looked out the window to get a peek?  Some of our friends across the pond got shots too.  Guido over at Northern Trip and Jan at Serendipity.  By all means if you have shots post a link so we can all see.   


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can wake up happy without looking over my shoulder.  I wish you all a great Sunday!




~ 2-3 in OT ~

I could give a play by play of the game, but I won't.  It's about more then that.  It's about fight, will, pride, and heart.  The boys came out fighting tooth and nail to extend their season one more game.  It didn't happen.  Though they tied the game, with just over 10 minutes left in the first overtime the Senators scored to win the game, end the series, and close a magical season for my boys.  Congrat to the Sen's and Good Luck in your quest for the Cup. 

I'm proud of my boys.  I always am.  I get discouraged, angry, and frustrated at times, but they are human.  They are not machines.  Through out the years the team has given me so much joy and yes sadness too.  'This team' has been magical.  Doing things no one expected.  They've made an entire city join together with a common goal.  They fell short, but I have no doubt they will be back.  Ryan Miller.  OMG!!!  Can I just say he has been phenomenal.  How anyone can say he is 'average' is beyond me.   He robbed players left and right with his saves throughout the playoffs. 


Next year it probably won't be the same team.  We have a few guys that are unrestricted (which means they can walk for more money, better contract, whatever).   With the salary cap in place I highly doubt we will be able to keep them all and still stay under the limit.  Two big names are Briere and Drury.  Both HUGE parts of this team, both leaders, and both brining something special to the locker room.  I am glad it's not my decision to have to make.  That is if a choice can be made and we can keep one.   I love 'em both, but my preference would be Christopher (Drury), Capt'n Clutch as so many call him.   In today's game he took a puck to the face.  Cut wide open, he went to the locker room, got stitches, had additional protection added to his helmet and he was back out there.  Still throwing his body in front to help the team.  For the team.  Jochen, oh I would miss him horribly if he goes.  He is underrated and I see what he brings.   I hope Tommy Boy finds a way.


So our season ends, bitter sweet, but not without excitement.  My boys are the best even if they don't have the Cup this year.  They've made believers out of folks, and showed what the true meaning of watching your back and being a team really is.   Thanks Boys... I have not jumped off the bandwagon, and will be right there with you next year!!!


*** Disclaimer: Not all pictures used in graphic were not taken by me but gathered from various sources, I only compiled the collage.

~ Good Day ~


Or is it?  It is here.  Though the temps are a bit chilly the sky is bright blue and the sun is shinning.  The sounds of lawn mowers can be heard and the sweet bitter smell of fresh cut grass is filling my house.  Leaves on the trees are waving in the breeze.  Yes, I did say leaves.  We have bright green leaves!  YEAH!  The street out front is buzzing with traffic.  Last minute errands before game 5 starts.  :::crossing fingers for a win::::  Yes it is a good day!


I want to thank everyone for the comments and emails.  I do appreciate it.  I do want to address something, and then the subject is closed on my part.  I have not mentioned any names and I won't, but it's apparent to some I don't have to.  More and more it's being said if I stop then 'they' have won.  What exactly have they won?  I don't see it that way at all.  I see us all losing.  JLand will forever have a changed landscape.  We are no longer the 'secret' community.  It's been ripped apart and exposed.   I made a tag recently and bent the rules (as all taggers do and have), I have taken responsibility for that.  Could it have been handled differently?  Absolutely!  It wasn't.  We all make choices in life and we have to live with them.  If it is in error we do our best to correct it.  I've called no one a thief, nor did I deserve to be singled out, but I have.  It's a shame, because now that it's been done I have a great fear it will snowball.  So to all you taggers out there I am truly sorry.  It's been said there is hate mail being sent, and if this in fact is true and being done on my behalf, please stop.  It's over and done with.  I wish punishment on no one.  I have lost nothing.  I have friends, good friends at that, I have love, I have family, I have happiness, and I have integrity.  What have I lost?


Off to watch the pre-game show and then game 5.  It's win and live another day, lose and go home.  How 'bout a shout out for my boys?  I'm a wreck.  Nervous and excited..........


Hugs to all


Friday, May 18, 2007

~ NO ~

Nope no graphics, probably won't be for a long time.  Oh, maybe a tacky one that says do not snag, I haven't decided yet.  Personal pictures, yes.  Hockey, maybe.  I answer a simple question about copyright and use verbatim what the site I use says about taking copyrighted material and adding your own copyright to it. 


'any other material that you are given permission to use or display on your web site does not entitle you to claim copyright to the material in question. Permission to use someone else's material does not make you the rightful owner or holder; it just gives you the right to use it under the real owner's conditions. 


Now it has become I called someone a thief when I actually said...


'Artists have a hard enough time, I would not want to be one to 'steal' their work. Some request their copyright information be displayed, and if I know of this I do it.  Sometimes I don't always know the original artist, but that does not give me the right.  I sure as hell know I didn't do it.  I may have created something from their work, but the original I cannot take credit for.  The creation I make has my signature line on it and that is all should have.'


Personal opinion on my work and why my tags are signed like they are.  Based on the information I have at hand.  Nothing more nothing less.  It's a sticky situation and I don't want to be caught up in it.  Nowhere in my entry did I call anyone anything, nor did I lie.... but it sure as hell was twisted that way.


Well, now I've been slammed and reported for using copyrighted material, that I did include in my graphic.  Ok, no I didn't purchase a license, and should have.  Find something else to do at 4am.  Don't track down my work and report my graphics.  Will every other tagger out there that bends the rules be reported?  Probably not.  This is definitely something personal and has been going on since Sept.  Well, I'm done.  I'm to old and to damn tired to play grade school games.   I've got way too much going on in my life to worry about what someone else thinks or will do.  Life is to freakin short!!!!


I have closed down my tag journal and made it private as I don't want to delete it.  Don't take it personal.  I've also blocked mail on that account as I don't want to have to check it.  I'm lazy.  Thanks for all the support, but, ya know what, graphics are no fun anymore.  I have no energy to look over my shoulder each and every day.  Any outstanding requests will not be filled, I'm sorry.  It was real, and a blast while it lasted.

~ Tag Request Journal ~

Just in case you don't see the entry on my tag journal, I wanted to post here as well in case you did make a request for the last entry.  This is the entry I put up to apologize for not being able to fill recent requests. 


'I received an email this morning, and apparently someone took a copyright entry on my main journal as a personal attack.  With that said there are several artists that require a license to use their work and simply adding their copyright information is not good enough.  Tho this person appears to be adding a copyright to any graphic she does whether it be her art or not she felt the need to contact and blow me in for not purchasing a license.  So it is with regret that I cannot fill the requests for the recent tag entry.  My apologies.  But I'd like to send a quick thank you to the person who thinks they walk on water.'

~ Inspiration ~

I do not know this child, but it's been put on youtube, with the ability to borrow so I have.  When I saw it I thought it was so cute.  Can you say inspiration?   :)




Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~ Just One ~

I saw this kitty graphic and just had to play with it.  We all need to be pampered don't we?  I'd love to know who did this so I could find some more, I am sure they have some other great ones.  :::sigh:::  Anyone know who's graphic it might be?  Cartoon?  I added to it, but I don't think it takes away.  I could use some pampering after the stress of earlier tonight, and I don't think my dentist appointment tomorrow is going to cut it.  Leaving work early will help, but I don't consider the dentist pampering in any way, shape, or form. 


Want to thank you all for the extra prayers and good thoughts sent to my sister.  She sees her Dr next week so she'll get the results then.  I also want to say thanks for the good wishes for my boys.  I'm honored that you've all rallied.  I know most of you can't stand the sport, or have no idea about it, but you continue to support me and humor me with your interest.


I'm still a bit shaky and definitely wired but I need to get in bed.  Have a great night and a wonderful Thursday.




~ Just Had To ~

 Got this in email today, and I just had to post it.  Christopher is Co-Captain and is a strong voice in the locker room, so this does hold true to him and his actions.  I just thought this was pretty funny.   Let's hope it keeps the spark going into game 5.                                                    


~ The Boys Are Coming Home ~

And it's not to go golfing.   They came out firing and in the first 9 seconds the boys were on the board.  A turnover that went directly to Christopher Drury who quickly passed it to Derek Roy and it was in the back of the net.  Sabres up 1-0.  I was stoked, but there was a lot of game left.  The period ends with us up 1-0.  The Sabres took 3 penalties in the first and had me on pins and needles.  The Ottawa power play has been deadly, but the defense was stellar tonight.  The second period started and about 4 minutes in we got a power play.  Our power play on the other hand has been horrid, but not tonight.  Max scores on the power play and we are up 2-0.  Four more minutes and Christopher stuffs one home to put us up 3-0.  Six minutes later Ottawa is on the board.  GRRRRRRR  then another couple of minutes and they do it again cutting the boys lead to 1.  Second period ends boys up 3-2.   Third period starts and 20 minutes away.  Can they do it?  They played their hearts out and Ottawa was not standing still.  They wanted to end it tonight, their fans armed with brooms to celebrate the predicted sweep.  Back and forth, both goalies standing on their heads not to let another goal in.  I don't remember breathing at all.  I know my hands shook.  With just over 2 minutes left Ottawa takes a penalty and the end of the game ends with us coming off the power play.  No goals, and when the buzzer goes off the boys pulled it off and won 3-2.  You can put the brooms away, game 5 will be in Buffalo on Saturday.   It's a confidence booster without a doubt, but they need 3 more wins to move on.  Lose and go home.  The city will be buzzing until Saturday.  The faithful showed up in droves down at the arena tonight.  The team opened the arena for away games.  Come and watch on the jumbo-tron and big screen TVs.  They are saying 10,000 showed up....... Believe............

~ Journals ~


I woke up this morning to see the changes in JLand.  I was a bit excited about the change in how to put pictures in because so many have issues.  I tried on my test journal only to discover the first option still does not allow for the animation.  GRRRRRRRRRR   I don't use Flicker, so I tried the URL option and pasted in the URL code from photobucket.  Ok, easy enough and should cut down on the trouble others have.  Then I heard that you couldn't have your entry typed and then add, you will lose it all.  You have to add graphics first.  I haven't tested that yet.... no doubt we will all figure out what is best for us.


What I did notice right off the bat was when I left a comment my name showed instead of my screen name.  WTF!?!  I didn't like that at all.  I could not figure out where the information was being drawn from as my name was not in my profile.  It dawned on me after a bit of playing around that way back when AOL changed their welcome screen and you could customize I added my name there.  I removed it and low and behold, back to my screen name.  So if you changed itwhatever you have there is what will be used when you leave a comment.  To fix it.  Go to Safety, settings, welcome screen, and change to what you want it to say.  I've heard they are working on it as well, so it may not be an issue in a day or two.  It's a personal preference.


I've seen lots of entries this evening about the way things were changed and the dislike.  If you haven't already take a look at what Joe has to say.  Make sure you read the last couple entries to get a feel for what and how.  


Puck's about to drop... crossing everything for my boys.... be back later.


Whuuu huuuu 9 seconds in and the boys score.....   is it a sign? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~ Peek a Boo ~


I told you I'd be back to normal today, and I am.  Well, pretty much anyway.  I woke up happy and it was definitely much better then yesterday.  It poured on my way into work, but it didn't dampen my spirits.  Sure I'd like it to be sunny, but hey you can't have everything.  I woke up, didn't break anything, didn't spill anything, didn't burn myself.......... oh I didn't do my hair today, and I don't melt in the rain contrary to being called a witch.  Oh wait, that's bitch no wonder I don't melt.  LOL


I appreciate all the nice comments and emails about my boys.  I am bummed, but do love 'em and always will.  I've said several times if there is a team out there that could pull this off it's my boys.  They've come back so many times in the season.  Just one thing.  They haven't really given me anything to hang that hope on lately.  At this point I'd just like to see a little fight.  Ok, lots of fight.  If you're going down, go down swinging.  Don't just lay down.  Tomorrow at this time we'll either be bombarded with brooms, or be excited because of a win.  Yes I will watch, and yes I will probably cry either way.  This season has been magical.


I did decide to take some time off from work.  I will extend the Memorial Day holiday weekend by adding part of Friday and take the following Tuesday off.  I think I'm going to redo my bedroom.  Not sure what I'm going to do, but it's old.  LOL  Want something new and fresh.  I will have to think about it some more and get some ideas.  New surroundings without spending a fortune.  Found a couple nice sets in Penney's, will keep looking tho.  I can be pretty picky. 


Big day for my sister tomorrow.  She goes in for her first scan after starting her treatments.  I know she has to be as nervous as all get out.  The thoughts going thru her head tonight will no doubt leave her in a whirlwind of emotions.  I wish I could wave a magic wand for her and have her get the possible results.  I know so many of you have included her in your daily prayers, and have stopped be regularly to light a candle.  I so appreciate it.  She does too.  I know having so much support from folks she doesn't even know touches her heart.  Can we be so bold as to ask for a little extra tonight and tomorrow?   We are obviously looking for good changes, but if we can't have that status quo will work.  Thanks folks, you are the absolute best!!




I'm off to bed, hope everyone has a great hump day.  I'm hoping for sun and good things....