Monday, July 31, 2006

I think I can sleep

OMG!!  The day surely ended with a bang.  It was a completely uneventful all day.  I've been sitting on the computer doing some graphics and my sister went off to bed.  I was going to do a quick post to say good night and remind everyone to check out Vivian's Journal (see previous entry). 


I got up to use the powder room and when I came out, something whacked me in the head and scooted off.  It came from someplace in the back of the house and headed back in the same direction.  Scared the shit out of me!   I screamed and woke my sister up.  This was not a fly, a skeeter, or bug.  It was something much bigger but I wasn't sure if it was a bat or a bird.  My house is not that large and it's a flat.  How the hell did it get in my house???  There is no freakin holes in the screens large enough to let something like that in.  My sister and I were two characters.  She took the lead with the duster and I with a towel.  We swatted and swooped and lead him to the hallway.  It was most definitely a bird.  We got him in to the hallway and shut the doors only to realize that the front screen door was shut but the main wooden door was wide open. 


We sat and laughed and tried to get our hearts from jumping out of our chests.  It was in the high 80s today so both doors leading into our place were open.  I have to think the damn thing was in the basement and found it's way up and in our house without us seeing it.   How long was he flying around or perched in the back room?   YUCK!!!  


I called Steve as he should have been on his way home.  I wanted him to come by and open the screen door and see if it could get out.  If he didn't know already he does now.  His Mom is a whack job!!  It was a great idea but he is staying for some OT.  I snuck out and shut the basement door and opened the screen door to let it out if it was still in our hall or the upstairs hall.   We waited a good 10 minutes and then Karen and I made our way tothe hallway.  We had to shut and lock that door so we could go to bed.  We didn't see our visitor, so he is either back in the basement or found his way out. 


Now how the hell am I supposed to fall asleep?  My heart is racing and every time I think of the bird I laugh.  Or should I be scared.  You see not 5 minutes before all this happened I was emailing about the Twilight Zone music.  How spooky is that?


Ok I have to try and get some sleep.  I know the bird is not in my living quarters so I should be able to rest easy......   ::::spooky music playing as I log off:::::

3 Years!!!

I've only been in J-Land a bit over a year, but they have been around for 3 years.  In years past the folks here in J-Land did some great celebrating for the anniversary.  Vivian is trying to get the ball rolling again.  Go stop by her journal and give some ideas, suggestions, your thoughts. 


I know so much has changed, but so much has remained the same.  The folks here are still wonderful and caring.  For the most part you can count on a nice word, an outstretched hand, a shoulder to lean on in rough times.  A smile, a laugh, and a good joke when things are good.  Some have moved on, but we can make this a special year.  With or without the ads, the 'burps', the drama. 


Are you still here?  Get over there!  :)


Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Bit of Everything





A few new, a few that have been sitting on my hard drive that I hadn't used yet.  Basically took some graphics and added to them to make some type of an impact.  Did it work?  LOL  I will be damned, I don't know.  I just figured I'd post 'em and see what 'you guys' (yeap and northeast phrase) thought. 

Silly Sunday (SAC)

Good Afternoon!  I really thought I'd get to this entry much earlier, but I was interrupted several times and it just didn't happen.  I got this graphic either yesterday or this morning (can't remember which) and though it is a bit AC I really wanted to do something with it.  I decided to have her sitting in front of a window and appear as though she was contemplating what to wear with her skirt.  Not sure if that came across, but I thought it was cute & silly at the same time. 


This morning was very relaxing and I enjoyed it.  Will be the last day I'm alone for a bit, I'm sure, but I think I'm ready for some 'action' around the house again.  LOL  That is until drama unfolds, then I will want to run!  Steve canceled our breakfast plans, but I don't blame him.  He has worked 60 some hours this past week and his friends were headed to Six Flags at Darien Lake so he decided to go along.  It's pretty warm out and the rides, friends, and relaxation will do him good.  I keep telling him he doesn't have to work so much.  He needs to have some time for himself to regroup.  If he doesn't, he will be hating that job no matter how good the money is. 


I was talking to my younger sister via IM this morning and I am trying to get her to do a journal.  They finally got DSL and they are all loving it.  I knew they would, it was just getting them to try it.  I know my Mom likes it, she has a phone again!  I am not even sure how long they were on dial up but it will be great calling and not getting a busy signal.  Well, that is until my brothers friends figure it out and call non-stop.  ARGH the woman cannot win!


I was up pretty late last night and made the rounds through J-Land.  I didn't leave a comment at all my stops as I would never have gotten through them.  If I didn't leave a comment for you, don't fret I was probably there :)  I was a bit nosey too.  I clicked on a few links on the sidebars of some and was amazed.  I found so many new journals to visit, like there is enough time in the day.  LOL  But I did have fun.  I also found some dead links, some that hadn't any entries in months and journals that were private.  It got me to thinking what was on my side bar.  I don't know if there is such a thing as 'journal link etiquette', but I decided to clean mine up.  I didn't add any, but I did remove some that were dead, gone private, or haven't posted in eons.  Just made sense.  If you're not there please don't be offended there is no way I could list everyone and like I said I just cleaned up what was already there.   Someday I might do something with all the journals I visit, but until then I will make the suggestion of leaving your link with comments you make.  If there are folks out there that are in a nosey mood like I was last night they will probably click and stop by.  Also, it will give me a link if I am not already visiting. 


I also did another tag for my tag journal.  I am not completely sure I am satisfied with the movement of the falls, but I am offering it up to be personalized with your name.  If you'd like one, just click on the graphic and leave a comment I will get it out to you.




Saturday, July 29, 2006

Orlando Bloom


I did a few graphics of Johnny Depp earlier, and had wanted to do one of Orlando too.  I had such a hard time finding a picture of him in 'pirates' garb.  Well, I finally found one and tubed it myself.  The only problem I had was, he had no feet.  LOL  So I misted him and added him to another picture of Rob's. I have no idea where the picture was taken, but thought it fit in nicely.  Can't even tell he ends at the ankles can you? 

A few Scenes




July 29, 2006

Today was a good day.  I was up fairly early and did a few things around the house.  The sun was shining and I decided to take a ride to a park not to far from my house.  It had been a very long time since I'd been there. 


When I was in High School each Sunday during the summer we would meet up there.  It was jam packed with kids and the main road through the park was filled with folks playing catch, Frisbee, eating and drinking.  It was party heaven.  Sometimes we'd get up early so we could have a shelter.  We'd pack the coolers the night before.  Someone would be in charge of getting a metal garbage can.  We'd arrive and immediately start a fire.  Holes would be punched in the can near the bottom and we would flip the can over the fire.  With the bottom covered with tin foil we'd begin are ritual of cooking breakfast.  The smell of bacon would drift through the trees and ultimately bring a few stragglers over to see what we were doing.  A pot of coffee would be perking and we'd laugh and joke over a good solid meal.  By the time we were done the park would be filling up to capacity. 


My Senior year of High School we planned our Sr Skip Day for May 11.  The day turned out to be extremely hot.  If I remember correctly, it was in the 80's that day.  One of the first really nice days after a cold winter.  I had to work at noon, so I was only there in the morning.  About 2 in the afternoon a friend came into the restaurant and the look on her face was full of shock and sadness.   She pulled me off to the side to give me the news.  A few kids had ventured back to the reservoir to take a dip and cool off.  Because the water was still extremely cold one of the guys got cramps and started screaming for help.  Tons jumped into help, but to no avail.  When all was said and done 2 young promising boys had drowned.   I still think of Johnny and Mike regularly and often wonder what they would have become had they made it out of that water. 


In thewinter we would spend hours sledding down the hill.  The toboggan shoots would get you started and on more then one occasion we'd travel all the way to the tree line.  Going down was a blast but the climb back up was killer!  We'd take snacks and hot coca and go into the lodge and gather by the huge fire place to warm our fingers and toes.


When Steve was little we'd go there regularly as well.  The party spot was no longer there but the winter thrill was.  He never liked the toboggan shoots, he would much rather just go down the hill on his sled. 


On clear days you could see the city skyline so I thought I'd try that today.  When I got to the hill it was too hazy to see downtown, but it didn't stop me from taking a few shots.  The view of trees beyond the bottom of the hill.  The shoots locked tight for the summer.  The run you would take on the toboggan.  You can see how far the sleds would travel but do lose a bit of the depth in the hill.  The lodge, the fireplace, and the swing I sat on more times than I can remember. 


It was wonderful to just walk around and remember all the times there.   The fresh air, and wind blowing through my hair.  Then I realized the wind had picked up.  I could see the dark clouds rolling in.  Cracks of thunder in the distance.   It was then I decided to go home.  I thought for sure I'd get caught in the rain but it never rained in my area.  Steve met me for dinner after work and said it came down like cats and dogs north of the city.  Ouch!  Once again they got the storms.  Funny how lake effect works. 


Well, it's past my bedtime and I need to get my arse in bed.   Just thought I'd share a bit of my day.



Friday, July 28, 2006

Peaceful Evening


I started this graphic to use for myself.  I was going to post how peaceful my house has been all week.  How on Sunday it would probably come to a screeching halt when my sister comes home.  That didn't come out exactly right, but the commotion will start when her boys stop over, come and go, fill her in on their drama.  I've missed her to be honest, but I do like the calmness too. 


Anyway, as I started and finished the text, I decided to add the dove.  I really like the effect of that on the graphics.  When I saw it finished I decided to do it as a share.  Not sure if anyone else likes it like I do, but it says so much to me I thought there might be someone out there that felt the same. 


It's late so I'm off to bed.  Happy Friday!

Hot & Wild

Now, what did you expect when you saw the title?  Hmmm?


It's been so hot around the world, and I got these cute little bears, I just had to cool it down.  I highly doubt this snow graphic will make it snow, so my sister should be fine with it.   Besides, just remember those days and this heat and humidity should not bother you so much :)~


Today was a good day, and the fact that it was Friday made it even better!  Last night it rained all evening and north of the city really got pounded.  I woke up to the news stating some roads in these areas were closed due to flooding.  Under some viaducts there was as much as 4 feet of standing water.  Ouch!  What I don't get is all those folks who tried to drive through it.  WTF??  I understand a little water, or maybe even the first car, but they were showing a number of cars stuck after they attempted it.  Now, if you were driving along and you saw standing water that looked fairly deep, hello people 3 feet!?, and cars already stuck, what the hell makes you think you'll get through??  They should have made them push their own cars out. 


The rain ended mid morning and the sun came out with a fiery furry.  The breeze was nice early on but as the day progressed the breeze was gone and we were back to hot and humid.  It's going to be the same this weekend.  Happy happy, joy joy. 


It appears AOL is back to normal.  :::scrunching nose:::  well no yesterday as it was screwing up was more like normal, today it appears to be a good day and working smoothly!  I came home from work to a mailbox of alerts.  As an FYI I did post a few shares last evening so if you missed them and care to look go ahead and click on 'back to journal'   ^--------- (up there) and you will see the entries.  If you don't care, skip 'em.  


While I was in my 'animal' folder getting my bears I grabbed a few to share.  Hope you like them :)





Thursday, July 27, 2006

Plain......... Hello

Like I said, my personal preference is plain but I know a lot of you like your graphics to use in your journals and you like the sets.  I don't think I will ever do complete sets, but thought I'd share these few.  :)










Summer Showers

It's been raining off and on all day today.  Beautiful summer showers, well except for the couple of major downpours.  It was hot and sticky all day with temperatures in the high 80's.  You knew it was going to rain, you could feel it.  About mid day a rumble occurred and the skies opened up.  It came down almost perfectly straight.  It was so hot you didn't mind getting wet, that was until you went to the a/c.  Then it was freezing!


On my home from work the rain was still coming down but the sun was peeking through the clouds behind me.  In front of me was the most beautiful rainbow.  How I wish I had my camera.  The sky was dark but there behind the vibrant colors of the rainbow was one large perfectly snow white cloud.  The bit of sunlight coming through made it glow and it looked so out of place in the dark sky.  I tried to hurry home to get a picture but just my luck it was so faded it had about disappeared totally. 


Got that good news at work.  Thank you so much for all the good vibes sent my way.  I can't get into here but know I do appreciate it and if I could share it I would.  ::grin:: 


Apparently the journal upgrade from this morning messed up alerts.  It's been said they are down yet I have gotten one here or there.  Go figure.   With each upgrade/improvement something goes wrong.  I can only hope that the articles I've seen are true.  Apparently there is some talk/rumor that AOL will be free to broadband users.  I actually heard this a year ago after the CL program was eliminated, but just rumors.  AOL is not confirming the stories, but it does make one wonder.  And... if they do what happens to our journals?  Will we be allowed to continue here?  Here is one of the articles. There are several out there, if you do a search in google you will see them. AOL For Free?


I'm all over the place in this entry, sorry.  Just rambling on.  I did a few graphics this evening, and will post them plain and with 'hello'.   Nothing major, just playing around.  I'm not one for complete sets, but then again I'm not one for name tags either.  LOL Imagine that!  I love making 'em but never use them.  I love to create and share.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006






Is it cheating if you use old graphics in an entry?  What about if you pimp yourself?  LOL  I say who cares.  I had such a headache I didn't do graphics like I normally do so I went into my archived graphics and used some I haven't used yet.  I figured you wouldn't mind, and if you do, sue me :)~




Want your name on this tag?  Click on the graphic and it will take you to my tag journal.  I do set expiration dates so if you look around watch the dates.  I know there are journals out there that don't put limits on time, color, size, or even number.  Unfortunately, I don't have time or room to keep things forever.  I do have a life too ya know ::grin::  If you've never been there read my sidebar.  


Yes, I am guilty of snagging.  I actually grabbed this sail boat from Rob's page the other day but had only asked for one and didn't want to use it without his permission.  He sent a note this morning.  Thanks again Rob!  I absolutely love all his pictures and he wasn't sure they were 'good enough' or at least one of the ones I used.  He didn't specifically say which.  Either way, can you believe it?   His work is magnificent!  And yeap, his writing is great too.  If you haven't stopped by already stop and take a peek.  You won't be disappointed.


Now on to Warwick Castle.   Jeannette recently went for a visit.  She knew I grabbed some of her shots and I am sure she will be surprised at what I snagged.  Thanks Jeannette!!  I started working on them the minute I took them but added the finishing touches last night.  Jeannette's journal is private but I am sure if you email her and let her know I sent you she will allow you as a reader. 






I'm feeling much better now.  I wouldn't even call the pounding in my head a gentle roar, for that matter I am not even sure I'd call it pounding.  Maybe a slight pressure is a better term.  I pretty much laid around all day.  I had toast for lunch and some fruit and cottage cheese for dinner, also drank a ton of ice water.  I needed to eat something but was a tad nervous about eating anything too heavy.  All is good, but all I keep thinking about now is a steak hoagie.  Steak, (real steak, not that steak um crap) lots of melted cheese, fried onions and mushrooms.  Sounds yummy doesn't it?  Maybe tomorrow.  I am home alone and it would be a perfect 'quick' dinner.  ::giggle::


Thank you all for the sweet comments and the notes of concern.  I do appreciate it.  You people out in J-Land never cease to amaze me, always giving, always caring.  I am just so glad I took the plunge all those months ago. 

WARNING: Some Might Consider This Pretty Graphic

I had every intention of going to work today.  My alarm went off at it's usual time, and though I didn't want to get up, it was nothing different.  That was, until I moved to shut the alarm off.  I could feel my head pounding.  I slowly got out of bed thinking it was the change in the barometric pressure that was wreaking havoc on my sinuses.  I went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face hoping the cool water would give some relief.  Then it was off to make coffee to get my morning fill of caffeine.   I turned on the computer to read my mail, a normal routine.  I got my coffee and came to the computer.  Each key stroke caused a pain in my head.  The tip tap of the keyboard sounded like hammers pounding or better yet bombs going off somewhere.  I decided not to type but to just read.  The dull roar in my head subsided for a few minutes and I decided to start getting ready.


Off to the shower.  I let the warm water rush over my skin and hoped it would relax me.  I stuck my face under the stream of water with the thought it would be warm enough to break up the sinus congestion.  I had decided to dress in a skirt today as it was supposed to be warm and muggy.  I got my lather so I could shave my legs and bent over to apply it.  The base of my skull felt like it got hit with a sledge hammer and the pain quickly traveled to the top of my head and then my forehead.  I felt as though if I opened my eyes completely they would fall out and travel down the drain with the excess water.  I held on to the wall as the wave of nausea hit.  With such quickness, and barely a warning, there I stood vomiting in the tub.  I hadn't eaten anything so it was just coffee and bile, but with every gag I felt I lost a piece of myself.  Like I was getting rid of my insides.  My head felt as though it was going to blow at any moment.  Soon came the dry heaves and then nothing but a gut wrenching pain.  My head was throbbing and every piece of my being hurt.  The water hitting me caused pain like I was being stabbed with little needles.  I grabbed the shower head and rinsed out the tub, and washed me off leaving my one leg only partially shaved.  I got out of the shower and called off sick.  I swear it hurt to talk and leave the message for my boss.  About half way through the message I remembered she would be late so I called a co-worker to give her a heads up.  I knew she'd answer her phone and the thought of actually having to talk sent my eyes into a blur.  I let her know what was going on and it was off to get some med's and get back in bed. 


I took a towel and got it wet with cool water.  I laid with my head at the foot of my bed in front of the window to get the little bit of cool air coming into the house.  I felt so hot, so sore, like I was dying a slow painful death.  The fan in the hallway had a low hum but it felt like samurai swords spinning in my skull.  I couldn't turn it off for fear I would just completely melt in the humidity and the heat I was feeling.  I say feeling because looking back I really don't think it was that warm or humid I just felt like I was suffocating.  I covered my eyes and forehead with the cool wet towel and tried to lay there with no thoughts, no sounds, nothing.  I swear there were a few seconds where I actually left my body as it worked.  Nothing was happening.  No breeze, no cars on the road, no light, no heat, no fan, no towel on my face.  Rotten eggs, the strong scent of rotten eggs took over.  It was as though I was laying in a field of eggs that had been baking in the sun for weeks.  It was then everything came rushing back to me and I ran towards the bathroom.  My head was pounding so bad I couldn't get to my knees so I just leaned over the porcelain God helplessly.  I had nothing left in my stomach but the dry heaves would not stop.  With each lurch my eyes filled with tears and my forehead felt like it was cracking against the wall.  No doubt my brain will be falling out soon.  It felt like I was there for hours, but it was only a couple of minutes.  My body was drained and as I walked back to my room it felt as though I was carrying 200 pounds of cement.   I practically fell back into bed and sleep finally came.


I woke up several hours later and felt better.  I still have a slight roar in my head and I feel as though I ran amarathon.  Every muscle hurts, a little queasy and I am slow in movements for fear the pain will come back.  I got dressed in shorts and a tank top and let a little chuckle out as I realized I had one partially shaven leg and beautiful black nubs every where else.  No need to try again I have no intentions of going any place. 


Migraines are not fun.  Not at all.  They come without warning and make you feel like you will be meeting your maker in a matter of minutes.  I use to get them a lot, but haven't had this lovely experience in some time.  Let me tell you, I haven't missed it at all. 

Monday, July 24, 2006

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Today at work wasn't half bad.  I really dreaded the thought of going in after the weekend of relaxation I had.  I figured I would be ready for a nap about 2.  Then Sammie played the protector last night.  For those of you wondering, he is a Chinese Chested Powder Puff that was shaved because of the heat and humidity.  Anyway, he joined me in bed last night and had to be touching me.  No matter how many times I moved my feet or legs he moved along with me.  Each time a car or bug flew by my window he let out a little growl.  Not bad, but enough to keep me from sleeping.  After several times of 'shushing' him I decided to just close the blind completely so he got no reflections or light.  That seemed to work, but by then it had to be close 2.  Good Gawd I thought, I will really need that nap! 


I woke up without problems and let the little guy out to do his business.  I really thought he would run and go but not my luck.  I stood there in the back door in my jammies waiting for him to finish sniffing out his spot.  Finally, after a good 15-20 minutes he was done.  I came in and got ready for work as he followed me around the house.  As I showered he stood outside the bathroom door and whined.  No barking, just cried for me.  So silly! 


Even though I was a bit worried about what he was doing in my house, the day flew by.  Work was pretty easy and I am waiting on some good news.  Cross your fingers for me please.  I could really use this news to be positive.  I mean really really use it :)  Before I knew it, it was time to go.  I was thrilled.  When I walked in he greeted me.  Tag wagging and hopping a bit to welcome me home.  As I took off my shoes he licked my toes.  Ewwwww... doesn't he know I have stinky feet?  Oh, yes he knows, he'd have to, he just didn't care.


We played outside a bit and then we came in to eat.  His 'Mom' got here about 9:30 and he was so funny.  He didn't want to get in the car, he wrapped his legs around my niece and cried.  Apparently he really doesn't like the movement of the vehicle.  We said our good byes and he was off to see his kids.  It was weird the rest of the night.  No one licking me, wagging their tail, nudging my hand so I would pet him.  Just me and the stillness of my house.  Peaceful stillness that reminded me it was time to get to bed. 

I don't say this nearly enough........

I don't generally take requests, but today I got an email asking if I had any graphics with 'Thank You'   It seems this person is getting tired of what she has.  I decided I would grab some and add a Thank You. 


One: for you to snag :)


Two: to let you all know I do appreciate all the support and kind words you give me.  I truly appreciate it. 


J-Land is a wonderful place! 


I know these are probably a bit larger then you're use to, but I didn't like them smaller.  They lose their clarity and, in my eyes, their beauty.









I'm in Heaven!!

OMG!  I am not sure who's journal I was at, but I clicked on a link to a wonderful place.  You know I went absolutely nuts when I saw the pictures.  I left a comment and asked to use this picture.  It didn't take long for Rob to respond giving me permission.  Thank you Rob!  He has a wonderful journal and some beautiful pictures.  Don't forget to click on his link in the sidebar to view additional shots he has taken.  You'll be in awe as I was.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


My day was really nice.  I did the few errands I had, and then I stopped at my parents to talk for a bit.  Like I said earlier I haven't talked to my Mom in forever and I missed her.  I usually talk to her everyday or at least every other.   It was nice to sit and chat.  I also talked to my Dad some more about DSL and he did take my advise, he is waiting on the availability.   Apparently July 31.  I don't get their set up at all, as some can get it some can't.  They have a waiting list??? 


I got home and started my dinner.  Nothing fancy, just something fairly quick.  I really hate cooking for myself.  Hmmmm maybe I should say for 'just' myself.  It's almost a waste.  I was about to sit down to eat and the phone rang.  I picked it up and after saying hello I heard, 'Aunt Donna'  Not quite a question, but a sort of whining tone.  I know that tone, I think every kid has it when they want something.  Before I could even say 'what's up' I was being asked if I could do a favor.  I said no, and laughed.  Turns out they are having a blast up at the river and decided to stay one more day.   My niece needed a babysitter.  I'd have to run to her Aunt Debbie's and pick up the bundle of joy and bring him here to spend the night.  They will be home tomorrow and she will grab him then. 


I finished dinner and headed out.  I got a bit down the road and thought I should have my camera, so I turned around to get it.  Aunt Debbie lives a bit further in the country and is higher up so I thought I might be able to get a shot of the sunset.  As I drove out it was beautiful.  Windows open and no a/c, felt good having the cool air blowing thru the mop I call hair.  The trees were too high to get any decent shots of the sun going down through the clouds, but as I turned the corner to go down Debbie's street there in the fields were a couple of horses.  I pulled over and tried to zoom in and get a shot.  It turned out a bit blurry, but I think it was because of how far away it was or it's me and still not having a good feel for the camera.  Getting there though!  




I got to Debbie's and buckled Sam in.  He wasn't thrilled with moving again, but sat nice for the ride home.  Just past the horse farm I happened to notice a family of deer having their dinner.  I turned around and from across the street took a picture of them.  Shortly after I was done, something spooked them and into the woods they rain.  Tails bouncing high in the air.   Had I thought fast enough I would have tried that as a shot, but who wants to see ass?  Deer ass that is!


Got home and settled.  Sam made himself comfy in Karen's chair.  I had to take some pictures.  It's the same spot my Fluff loved to sit.  Probably not a good idea taking the picture, she'll have proof of him being on the furniture.  LOL  Sammie is a good little guy, no peeps or anything. 



Steve stopped by, probably more to see Sam then me.  He let me take a picture of the two of them on the couch.  He even gave me permission to post it.  Not the greatest picture of him, but it will do.  He is pretty red from being in the sun all day today.  He and his buddies went rafting in a local creek, and according to him had a blast. 




Off to watchthe news and get some sleep.  Back to work in the morning.  ARGH!  I hate Mondays!





Good Morning

Well, it will probably be afternoon by the time I get this posted, so Good Afternoon!  I did enough lounging and puttering yesterday to take care of everyone in J-Land, plus.  It was easy to do since it pretty much rained all day and I was exhausted from a long hectic week.  Sitting with a cup of tea and silence made the day heavenly, but I will pay for it today.  I woke up this morning before 5 ready to go.  I actually got up and logged on to the computer.  Can you believe it?  Years ago I was coming home at that time on Sunday morning not getting up.  Geeze, a sign of old age no doubt!  I played around a bit and after a couple of hours I forced myself back into bed.  I knew if I didn't my sleep pattern would be so screwed up I'd be up all night tonight and not able to move on Monday when I had to go back to work.  I probably timed going back to bed pretty good.  The sounds of a summer weekend hadn't started yet and I do think I actually slept for another hour or so.


I got up this time ready to start the day.  I made the coffee and made the few phone calls I needed to make.  It was then my 'tummy' started to gurgle and wiggle to let me know it needed something in there besides coffee.  I am generally not a big breakfast person, but my sister and I will cook at least one day over the weekend.  I think I was being reminded.  I didn't want a big breakfast and peeked in the cupboards and fridge to see if I could find something that looked good.  In the last cupboard I looked in I saw the cinnamon.  Yum!  I can't even remember the last time I had toast and cinnamon so that was it.  It hit the spot perfectly! 


The rain did stop at some point last evening and today is a glorious day.  Not too hot and virtually no humidity.  For now, anyway.  I think I heard on the news last night it should rain again this evening.   Not that I want anymore rain, but it will help the grass in my backyard.  My neighbor is a Boy Scout leader and they had camp this past week.  He had laid down a tarp in the yard to wash it.  It wasn't there but a day, yet it turned the grass a horrible brown.   I notice now the green is coming back and it should be back to a vibrant green in no time with the help of rain.


Not much planned for today.  I will run to the grocery store and pick up some odds and ends to get me through the week, most importantly coffee!  I am planning on stopping by my parents.  It seems like forever since I've talked to my Mom.  Between Dad and my sister being on line and my brother being on the phone, it is always busssssyyyyyy. I've tried a gazillion times to talk them into going with DSL or cable and as of yet they haven't budged.  I can't imagine being on dial up again.  I moved to cable last year when I bought my new computer.  I couldn't justify the new PC and wasting time on pages to load because of dial up.  Can't even imagine what this journal would be like on dial up, besides sloooooooowww that is!  Hmmmm, come to think about it I don't think I'd even have gotten into graphics if I was on dial up.  The uploading and downloading would have frustrated me to no end and I'd have given up before I got started.


Speaking of graphics, this morning I did a few scenes.  Nothing to fancy, but sometimes simple is good too.  I will post them next and then get moving.  Y'all have a great day!

Saturday, July 22, 2006






The day has been so peaceful.  I woke up fairly early and lounged with my coffee as I read through mail and surfed looking for news on my boys.  It had rained pretty hard through the night and the morning there were still traces.  The temps had cooled off a bit and the sky was overcast.  As I sat and read the news I could hear the rain start up again.  I gathered myself in my favorite chair, covered with a soft fleece blanket, closing my eyes I put my head back and listened.  My house was completely silent.  No TV, no fans, but I could hear the peaceful activity outside.  Birds chirping in the rain, yes they do fly when it rains out.  The whooosh as cars passed by and the tires splashed the water on the street.  There was a definite rhythm.  Silence, then a gentle sound growing stronger as the car got closer, only to begin to fade again.  Before the sound could completely disappear I could hear another car coming.  Three or four times in a row, then silence for a few minutes.  Again it would start and last a bit longer before the silence came.  My head was close to the open window and I could feel the cool breeze pass over the window sill and gently brush upon my cheek.  The rain danced off the wild flowers in the garden out front and when the rain picked up the 'music' was soothing.  No thunder, no lightening, just a peaceful rain after the hot and humid week.


I've basically done nothing but lounge around today.  I did get dressed, but I have no intentions of going any place.  I'm enjoying the stillness of my house.  I love my sister dearly, but since she moved in almost two years ago I've lost my down time.  I love being around people and a good chat is something I truly enjoy, but I talk for a living.  I have to listen, comprehend, and talk.  Sounds quite simple, but it can be draining.  There are days I get home and I just enjoy the quiet.  I don't want to have to think, listen, pretend to care.  Mean?  Not meant to be, just kind of fact.   The TV is constantly on, comings and goings of her sons, my son.  The phones ringing, both cells, and the land line.  Bitching, moaning, drama.  Lately it seems to be more common.   Before my sister moved in it was my son and I, alone, for some 18 years.  Friends would stop etc, but the house was never so hectic for such a long time.  Like I said, I do love them, and enjoy my sister being here, but once in awhile we need a break from it all.  This is perfect for me.  I can keep the house quiet, dark, loud or bright.  I can do it my way without worries. 


I was playing with this graphic earlier with the intention of just giving the rain feeling and the next thing you know I have the dove and I really loved it.  I played some more and before I knew it was to large to upload.  Darn it AOL!  I wasn't removing any of my effects so I just made it smaller.  I still love it, but the larger version is so much more effective. 


Well, now what?  Do I nap?  Start dinner?  Finally turn on the TV?  Read a book with a cup of tea?  I can't decide.  LOL  Maybe I am bored with all the silence?  NOT!! 


Have a great day!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Helluva Week

Today is one of those days where 'Thank God it's Friday' couldn't be more true.  This week was pure hell.  I got back from my weekend away and was pretty tired after being on the go and up late each night.  There were two folks off this week and picking up the slack was a bit tougher then usual.  Of course any issue that could come up, did.  It was hectic non stop during the day.  Barely had time for lunch and I worked late each night.  Driving home I blasted the a/c in my car to help keep me awake and refresh me from the high temps and humidity.  It helped until I got out of the car and was suffocated with thick heavy, hot air.  I don't have a/c in my house so coming in and getting dinner going and sifting through hundreds of pieces of mail pretty much wiped me out for the night.  I had no energy or ambition to post anything.  I tried to visit journals and comment.  I even tried to do some graphics, but I just didn't have it in me.  Even tonight I am exhausted and so ready to go to bed, but I need to get a good night sleep.  I don't want to be up at 3am and unable to fall back asleep so I am forcing myself to stay awake a bit longer.


I thank you all for the emails and comments concerned for my well being.  I am tired, but fine.  I am home alone this weekend and looking forward to the peace and quiet.  No doubt I will be catching up as well.  I do have some graphics I want to do, and I do have some I've done that just have not made it up on the journal yet.  No doubt you will probably get sick of the alerts. 



Sunday, July 16, 2006


I arrived back into town about dinner time this evening.  The weekend was an absolute blast!!  I pulled into my friends driveway about 7 on Friday night.  We went out to eat and then went back to the house for a few drinks and some great conversation.  We sat up well into the night talking and laughing.  The plan was to get up early and go out to the craft festival, but when we got up it was a steady rain outside.  We had a big breakfast and took our time.  They had said the rain would stop by noontime, and it did. We jumped in the car and headed to the festival.  The sun was hot but there was a nice breeze coming in off the lake so it made it tolerable.  Without that breeze we would have melted.  We spent the majority of the day walking from display to display.  We found so many neat little trinkets.  I even met a painter who's work I've played with.  It was awesome! 


The heat finally kicked in and we headed back to the house for dinner.  We had a light dinner and cleaned up.  It was off to the casino.  I'm not a gambler, and really could care less but Gary was so looking forward to going.  We took a drive to the lake first.  I had hoped I could get sunset pictures but it wasn't to be.  As we sat and enjoyed the calmness and the cool breeze a lighted fountain appeared.  I was able to grab a picture and was pretty pleased with the way it came out.  It was to dark to get any great shots of the water, but it was fun playing around with the camera.   We took off for the casino and spent a few hours playing the slots.  It was noisy and crowded.  The bells and whistles I could have done without but we did come winning some of the money that we spent back.  It was about 1:30 when we got back to the house and we had a few drinks before going bed.  I was exhausted and surely fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. 


We got up early today and lounged around talking and drinking coffee.  As I sat at the kitchen table I realized the little rose bud in Nancy's vase had bloomed.  It was perfect.  A gorgeousred and perfect shape.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.  I cleaned out all the background from the table and laid the full front view on black and it just popped.  I did the same with the side view and added it to the picture.

I just love the way it looks.  Barely looks real, but I swear it is. 


This entry is much longer then I thought I'd do.  I am literally running on empty right now and need to get some sleep, just wanted to let you all know I was back and had a great time.


Thanks Nancy & Gary for a wonderful weekend away!!!



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bizarre Changes?

I can't figure out what is happening to me lately.   Am I changing as I get older, or have I become totally bizarre?  Ok, not a fair question to pose to you.  Maybe some creative juices have taken over.  I just find myself being interested in doing such a wide range of graphics.  I see something and I examine it for several minutes to decide if I want to challenge myself and try and create something from it.  I've been doing several fairy tags on my tag journal, Ds Designs.  (a sick plug for my other journal, isn't it?) Not that fairies are bad, and I know so many folks like them, I just never thought I'd be interested in doing so many.  I find myself doing more 'dark' graphics then I ever thought I'd do.  Suppose subconsciously I am in a dark place or living a fantasy?  LOL  Maybe just over thinking the whole 'expanding my horizons'. 


I had this graphic for sometime I just couldn't find it after I downloaded it.  I have more graphics, elements, and tubes then I can ever possibly use, but I just keep grabbing them thinking, 'someday.'  I wanted to give the effect of the rain while she stands in the cave protected.  I am pretty sure birds don't fly in rain, anyone know for sure?  Not that it matters now since it's done, I just wanted to see if I could get that effect.  The rest are ones I played with while AOL was giving us all fits.  I need more moon shots.  Mine is appearing in more and more graphics and is getting old ::grin::  Maybe this weekend when the rain and fog goes on it's merry way. 


Not sure where the time went this evening, but it's late and time for bed.  I have a busy day tomorrow as plans right now are still to go to Rochester until Saturday evening.  I will leave pretty much right after work, so if you don't see me you know why. 







Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where Did Everyone Go?

Why they went to the CarnivAOL of course :)  Yeap, it is that time again.  Looking for a good read?  Check it out, Mickey is interested.  Some great entries again this time around.  While checking out all the entries think about one of yours and get involved, it's a great way to find new journals and find new readers. 


I opened my eyes this morning as my alarm went off.  My room was still pretty dark but it wasn't because it was too early, it was dark and gloomy out.  It had rained on and off all night long.  I wanted to stay in bed but knew I had to get up and move.  Since summer had arrived I set my alarm a bit later.  Not much traffic going in, but it also didn't give me the luxury of lounging for long before I had to leave.  The house was fairly cool because the fan was on.  They had called for rain so all the back windows in the house had been closed when we retired for the night.   I made the coffee and did my normal morning routine.


When I stepped outside it was stifling.  It wasn't raining but the humidity hung in the air as thick as pea soup.  Not foggy, but moist.  I could feel the dampness on my skin even though there was no rain falling.  My chest felt as though there were weights on me, pressing me up against a wall.  My sinuses immediately felt like they were stuffed with wet cotton balls.  I got in my car and turned the air on full blast hoping for some relief.  Wrong!  I was blasted with a musty stale water smell for the first few minutes.  Oh today was not going to be fun! 


The ride to work was uneventful until the rain started to fall again.  It really wasn't bad, but the drops were huge and splashed as they hit the windshield.  I must have been behind someone who has NEVER driven in the elements before.  From the desert maybe?  Immediately they stepped on the break and drove in the passing lane going 30 miles per hour.  I barely had my wipers on so I know it wasn't that they couldn't see!  I moved into a different lane and went on my merry way hearing horns honk as made my way down the road.  The poor folks behind me didn't have the option of moving over apparently so they just blasted their horn over and over again.  Did the slow car move?  Of course not!  I pulled into the parking lot at work and parked my car.  I gathered my things and got a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Oh my Gawd!  I looked as though I stuck my finger in a lightsocket.  Why did I bother fixing my hair this morning?  The humidity breaths life into my curls and there is just no controlling them.  This way and that, ringlets, spirals, a little frizz.  I rolled my eyes and just said screw it, no one there I want to impress anyway.  By the time I got to my desk I could feel that it had gotten worse just walking through the parking lot.  I pulled out a mirror and saw Elvis Presley flips.  ARGH!!!  So be it, do what you want I thought to myself it wasn't going to change and nothing I did, short of cutting it all off, was going to help.


It rained off and on all morning and before I knew it lunch time arrived.  I decided I needed to get out of the building, so I grabbed my umbrella and was on my way.  It wasn't raining when I first arrived outside so I made it to my car safely and unharmed.  What more could the humidity do?  My skin felt clammy and my hair was a wild mess.  I went for a short ride and arrived back at work to see folks standing in the back parking lot.  I stopped to mingle as I still had time left.  As we stood there I was grateful for the umbrella.  It started to sprinkle a little.  I stood talking and watching the drops hit the puddle nearby.  The drops would hit and the ripple would make its way to the edge, only to be followed by the next ripple.  Not in the exact spot, just far enough off the mark to give the illusion of waves.  As the rain fell harder, the drops got bigger, as did the ripples.  I couldn't pull my eyes off the effects.  The ripples were no longer circular as the next drop would fall before the ripple could move.  Stars, ellipse, ovals, octagons.  It reminded me of playing with 'spyrograph' as a child.  I was fascinated and wished I had my camera.  I don't ever recall seeing that effect before.  Then, all of a sudden it looked like a rolling boil.  I know I've read about 'rolling boils' in recipes but I never have the patience to wait that long.  Today I actually saw what it would look like.  In a puddle in the middle of the parking lot.  That's when I decided to go in.  LOL


The rest of the day was off and on rain.  Thunder, lightening, and then a calmness.  It remained dark and gloomy all day but at least now the humidity has subsided and the temperature dropped below 70.  It's actually refreshing or is it just me because it was so sticky all day?  Today was reported to be the 'bad' day of the week.  The temps will be rising.  By the weekend it is suppose to be sunny and in the mid 90's.  Hmmmm, and I have plans to go to Rochester for an outdoor craft/art show.  Oh yeah, I'm so smart!!  Give me the A/C and/or a pool!! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I had planned on doing an actual entry this evening, but I'm just to tired.  I have writers block to boot.  AOL pissed me off again this evening.  Got home from work and had tons of mail only to be told it wasn't available.  Those that were, wouldn't load the graphics, and the links to journal entries did not work.  I just logged off and said screw it!  I have noticed when the ads in mail are just blank white boxes instead of the wonderful animation they force down our throats I have issues.  I noticed Joe posted at 11:50 this morning that the issue was fixed, but hellloooooo I don't even log on until 6ish so either they had a relapse or someone is blowing smoke up their bosses arse and saying it's fixed.  Here nor there bitching doesn't fix it, no one seems to give a flying rats ass the service is going in the shitter!


:::deep breath:::  Did I say writers block?  LOL  On to the good stuff.......... enjoy :)







Sunday, July 9, 2006


Remember the days when kids would gather in a backyard or small park and play ball or games all day long?  Leave right after breakfast or chores and be gone until dinner?

I know I was like that.   When school was still in, I would get home, do homework, and be gone.  Home by 5:45 for dinner.  Clean up and out the door again to be home when the street lights came on.  Summer days were the same, right after chores I was gone.  I don't even recall coming home for lunch.  Remember those days?  We had Atari at some point, but we were not allowed to sit in front of a TV all day playing it.  Come to think of it, we only had one TV!


Before us it was our parents.  My Dad, who is in his mid 70's, grew up on the southern tip of the city.  Close by his home was a small park nestled in between a few streets and lots of houses, Butler Park.  It was his home away from home during the summer.  His buddies and other neighborhood kids would be there day in and day out playing.  Baseball seemed to be the game.  If one kid had to leave for family matters another stepped in without missing a beat.  From dawn to dusk.  Even as they got older they still showed up there to play.  No complaints just a good pick up game that had no ending inning, it just kept going until there weren't enough kids left to play. 


The group of guys haven't lost touch.  Every year right around Father's Day they meet at the park to play ball.  I'd gone to watch a few times, and I took Steve to watch too.  He was young then, maybe 15 years ago.  He was amazed that his grandfather could hit the ball and run.   None of the guys ran quickly then, but there was a time!   Years have gone by and some of the guys aren't around to make it anymore, but those still here go to park.  Some bring their gloves, balls, and probably even bats, but they don't play.  I'm not even sure if they play catch.  They sit and talk and reminisce about the good 'ole days.  Crack jokes, have some hot dogs or something of the sort and then call it a day usually by stopping off at one of the guys house for a few more hours of laughter.


This year a local paper stopped and did a little story on the bunch from south of the city.  The picture was in the paper and a few comments from some of the guys.  My Dad got the colored picture and emailed it to me last night.  With his blessing I am posting it here with a few of my additions.  The original had a few bends and marks in it and I took a few minutes to clean it up.  One mark was right through my Dad's face so the 'fix' isn't the best, he looks grumpy.  I, of course, teased him about it, since his nickname is 'grump.'  My nephew could not say Grandpa when he was little and it came out grump.  Well 25 years later and he is still called that or Papa Pal. 


The guys in the picture won't mean much to you, but to me it means the world.  For those interested, my Dad is sitting at the table in bright red.

Told You So


It wasn't much after breakfast/brunch and cleaning up that the phone rang.  My sister called to see if we'd like to go to the 'Lawn Fate.'  That spontaneous call, and yes off we went.


A local church has been having this lawn fate yearly for a long time.  I really don't know how long but I remember going before I had Steve, 20 years ago.   I remember going as a young adult out of high school.  We didn't do the rides, we hit the beer tent!  When Steve was young I took him to ride the rides and play some games.   We'd usually go on Sunday, ride all day for one price and get the chicken bar- b-que to go.  There were times were I'd get a sitter and meet friends on Saturday night and go to the beer tent.  It was like a reunion that could be matched by nothing else.  Always a great time!  Then it got to big.  You couldn't park, couldn't walk around, and definitely couldn't move in the beer tent so I stopped going.  Steve was too big to go with me anyway.  He still goes with his friends, and not much has changed.  Cars parked all over and down the main street.  The beer tent is mobbed, but it's always a good time.


Today we went to walk around.  Renee and Mike brought the kids, so I took the camera.  LOL  expect any less?  The sun was out and it was hot!  I mean real hot!!  There was a breeze, but barely enough to cool you off as you stood with the sun beating down on you.  The smell of cotton candy, candy apples, sausage with peppers & onions, fried dough, pizza, chicken, clams, you name it.  The smells were wonderful and made your mouth water for the delights of the good 'ole days.  We walked around and played a few games, entered some drawings, and giggled as the kids acted like, kids!  The 'ewwws and aaaahs', the jumping up and down with excitement, and the tears to spend more money.  LOL  You know how it goes.  We walked around for a couple of hours and then the kids were thoroughly exhausted.  Combination of the excitement and heat.  When they left, I walked over to the beer tent to meet up with everyone else.  Had a cold beer and decided I was done too. 


Steve was here when I got home.  We ordered pizza and looked through the pictures as we waited.  We then started 'ewwing and ahhhing.'  We had such a difficult time deciding what pictures to put in the collage for the day.  I have to say those kids are just too cute!  How wonderful it is to look at them on the screen ::evil grin::  Sssshhhh listen,  what, don't you hear it?  The silence!  I am pretty pleased with the ones we chose and love the way the different pictures capture the day.  I randomly took shots of things, the bigger rides, the ice cream stand.  I do like the touch of them in the collage.  What do they say, a picture says a 1000 words?


Hope everyone had a glorious Sunday!

Sunday Mornin'

Lazy days and lazy nights.  I got up very early this morning, maybe 7.  It was cool and fairly quiet.  Even the birds were still sleeping.  I was going to stay up but the longer I sat here the more I decided to go crawl back in bed.  I was able to fall back asleep and get a about 2 hours more of sleep.  Not that I had to have it, but it felt good.


It's still quiet now.  A few birds chirping here and there, the sound of the morning news, and a car passing every few minutes.  If this morning is any sign, it's going to be a hot one today.  It's about 75 now and I can feel the warm air coming in the window.  At least there is a breeze.


No major plans for today, but my family is so spontaneous that could change in a heart beat.  A dip in the pool, a cook out, a ride.  Something is bound to come up. I've been pretty lazy the past few weekends and not sure if I'm just old or if I'm just lazy!  LOL


Off to cook some breakfast/brunch.  Yummm... my tummy is telling me the coffee isn't doing the trick this morning.



Saturday, July 8, 2006

Caron Vinson

I've seen this work before, but actually got the web address earlier today.  She allows her work to be tubed with a few stipulations, so I took her up on the offer and did two today.  I know a lot of my graphics get snagged and the file names are changed.  Please leave the name intact.  It represents the original artists work, whether it is mine or someone else's.  In this case it is part of the artists request when using her graphics.  Thanks!   While on the subject, it is common knowledge that when my graphics are used I request that you link back.  I know it's not always done, and I've commented in the past.  There is no need for anyone to send a link to the journal entry where this is not done.  There could be reasons it was missed, and if it is never done then the person may just not feel like giving the respect that is asked.  Either way, lets not cause drama or police what others are doing.  I appreciate it, but my mailbox is overflowing 99% of the time :)  If you're not linking back, can you make things fair and please link back.  Help a girl with a full mailbox out, eh?  :)


Feel free to stop by Caron Vinson and check out her work.  She has some great things.  You will see the originals of the two I did and see the slight changes I made to add animation.  I absolutely love the way the 'witch' turned out.  I know I have done others of hers without realizing her rules, but now that I know if I have any others of hers I will be adding her information.  Please do the same :)



In Honor Of........

Had to laugh... I did the one looking out in the water the other day with the intention of posting it when the movie came out.  I'm so good at timing, eh?  Anyway I got the graphic of Depp today and thought I will do another and post both.  I finished up and came on to AOL only to have an alert.  Jeannette had done entry stating she went and saw the movie today.  Again, my timing is off.... but I will wait no longer...






I warned you these were coming.  Expanding my horizons one might say :)




I love these little kids, and when I was going through some of my tubes to clean things up I found them again.  I remembered while we were camping over Memorial Day I had taken a picture of a little bridge that was in a yard at Lily Dale.  I thought the two would go nicely together.  Using some elements from a digital scrap kit I collected along the way I added the 'pearls' to give it a frame and the kiss charm.  I added the ribbon as an after thought.



The little girls were just adorable.  Not as cute as our 'bug' of course, but adorable.  I used some digital scrap elements to create a frame.  The frame looked a bit bare so the butterfly went on it too :) I added an extra layer and faded it a bit to try and give it a frosted effect to appear as though there was glass over the picture.  I must be on a 'sister' kick.  No, I didn't say I wanted to kick my sister!  :)~




The bench is my favorite.  I think it might be because both pictures were taken by me.  The bench is actually a decoration in the front yard of the house next to my parents.  The flowers grow wild in a huge patch in my parents backyard.  It took a bit of work to clear out the background on the bench picture, but I thought it would look much nicer on the flowers.  After arranging the two I misted it to soften it up and :::giggle::: to hide some mistakes.  The quote was something I saw along the way and thought it fit perfect. A simple frame and drop shadow finishes it off.