Saturday, March 31, 2007



Yes, what do you give an 8 year old who has everything?  I did do the summer theme without the sandals.  His grandma took him the other day and bought him new sneakers and sandal/water shoes.  Thank God she told me!  I knew he was getting some pirate things so I stuck with that theme.  A bathing suit and beach towel (Pirates of the Caribbean), a couple of T-shirts, water gun, chalk, bubbles.  It was a pretty successful choice, but by no means compared to what else he got.  His uncle from his fathers side bought him a cell phone.  Yes, a cell phone at 8.  WTF!?!  I am not sure exactly what it is, but when I first arrived his dad was on the computer to get track minutes or something.   I wasn't paying much attention as I thought it was for the 'uncle' not an 8 year old.   His other uncle, from his moms side is in a band and plays the guitar.  He's messed with teaching Gage a few times.  So what does he buy him?  An electric guitar and amp.  Yes, you read that right.  It's the real deal and his uncle Jeff has been playing it all week.  Jeff likes it so much he is thinking of buying himself one.  It almost looks like a miniature.  I'm not musically inclined at all so I can't give you the details.  I did do a video of Gage playing and singing and then Jeff.  They came out a bit blurry and graining.  I will blame it on the lighting.  LOL  So there you have it.. my family is nuts and my great nephew now has everything!!!







It's been a long day so I will cut this short.  Hope everyone had a great Saturday!




~ Last Skate ~

I was jumping around on YouTube and found these and many more.... the ceremonial last skate at the 'Aud'.  I know I'm emotional these days but it actually made me cry.  So many big time players came back to pay homage.




Let us not forget taking down the banners that were hanging so they could raise them in the new arena.  The French Connection came back and helped, Robert, Perreault, Martin.  Tim Horton who only played a short time with the Sabres and was killed in a car accident on his way back from Toronto.  Pat Lafontaine who is the young guy with the 'C' on his jersey that is shown regularly has since retired and his jersey hanging in the new arena.


Friday, March 30, 2007

~ Better ~


Did better today.  Not sure if it was the fact that several people were out of the office today and I could just concentrate on work and not be bothered every few minutes, or if it was just a good day.  Suppose it doesn't matter, it was good and that is what counts.  Thanks for the nice wishes and comments.


Work was going smoothly for most of the day and then our network was taken down for what was to be about 5 minutes for an update.  Over two hours later it was finally back up and running.  I know I depend on the computer a ton, but I never realized the issues without it.  I had a couple of calls that I just couldn't address without our systems.  GRRRRR   Let me rephrase that.  I knew the issues it would cause but hadn't experienced them like I did today.  What the hell did we do before the computer age?  Cripes looking through paper files for information had to be a bear!!  I know I was in the work force before they came into play like they are today, I just don't recall how bad it was.  Was it bad?  Or did we get spoiled by the ease in which we keep track?  No more need to memorize etc.  I know with speed dial and the phone book in my cell I don't recall phone numbers like I use to.  Damn I still remember the phone number we had when I was a kid, but I couldn't state phone numbers of friends that I call regularly.  It's so simple now.  I say the name into my cell phone and it dials or I push a

pre-assigned number on my land line and I'm connected with ease.    I think we blame old age for not remembering, yet in actuality our brains are lazy.  Ok, my brain is lazy!


Boys won again tonight and for the first time in their history they had back to back seasons with 50 (or more) wins.   Yeah Team!!  Had news today that brought back so many memories of the boys along with my childhood.  About 12 years ago a new arena was built to house the Sabres and other events.  The old one has stood idle all those years.  There was always talk of making it into something else.  Cleaning it up and doing something.  Nothing ever happened.  It just stood that and began to rot.  I'm sure it has also become home to many a creature.  For the past couple of years there was talk that Bass Pro would remodel or whatever and move in.  One month it was on, one month the deal was dead.  More recently it was decided it would be cheaper to tear it down and start from scratch instead.  It was announced that is the plan and it's a go.  Work should begin in a few months.  I have a million memories of the 'Aud' and am a bit sad to see it go, but it's time.  We don't need a huge building downtown for critters.  I can see it now, there will be folks protesting, fighting for it not to happen, letting emotions take over common sense.  We can't move forward if we constantly fight to stay in the past.  These will be the same people who scream that the waterfront is not built up, that the city is dying.   I will definitely get some pictures and do a more detailed entry to bore you with later.  LOL 


Well, the caffeine from all the tea I drank this evening is wearing off and I'm beginning to feel the effects of a long week.  It's time to go to bed.  I hope all had a great day and I wish you all a wonderful Saturday.  I will catch up on alerts tomorrow, promise.  I didn't mean to not stop by it just happened with my mood swing.  I'm sorry.  Love ya'll









~ I Got Chills ~

And yes, they are multiplying.. but not because of Danny :)  Found this video this morning and it gave me chills.  Six games to go and then the playoffs, and I am stoked!  This video sums up a bit of the season.  If you do watch it, listen for when the announcer says 'if you're out and about honk for the goose'  Paul Gaustad is known as the goose here and unfortunately out for the rest of the year with a cut tendon in his ankle, but I swear anytime that comment was said you could hear horns outside.  I've heard it more then once and is just a testament as to what the folks here are doing on  game night even if they are not home's on the radio :)


aaaahh my boys... they give me chills!!!



Thursday, March 29, 2007

~ Thursday ~


I'm not even sure where to start.  Today was just shitty!  From the time I got up and saw frost on the grass and a coating of ice on my car the day went down hill.  I was in a 'blah' mood yesterday but I really wasn't crabby, angry, or upset about anything.  Today every little thing hit me like a ton of bricks.  My emotions were all over the board.  I hated work today....with the pouting, drama, tantrums, you name it.  I was working on a short fuse and boy I felt as though I'd explode.  Nothing major really, but they all added up and by noon I was ready to just scream, 'leave me alone I don't feel like hearing it.'   I don't mind being there, I don't mind lending an ear, a hug, a voice.  But today the same person came to me in tears with every little thing.  I know that sounds mean, but it is a daily thing.  I don't have my coat off and they are at my desk and come back a good 10 times before lunch.  Last I checked I don't have a license on my wall saying I'm a shrink nor do I get the pay of one.  Don't get me wrong, because I know this probably sounds like I'm a bitch or that I'm whining.  Hmmmmm  maybe I am.  I don't know.  Like I said my fuse was short today.  'How's your sister?' and before I can say a word I'm hearing the first 10 things going wrong in their life.  From burning dinner to taking a trip that got a bit mixed up.  :::sigh::: why ask if you don't want to hear?  I don't want or need the attention, but in comparison burnt dinner is not on my high priority list.  Sorry. 


I won't go into all the details but I was in tears more then once today.  I was thrilled to get home from work to an empty house.  I got out of my work clothes and put on sweats and just relaxed a bit.  Did a few graphics to calm my nerves and mellow me out.  Peace and quiet, no one yapping in my ear.  It gave me the time to try and gather my thoughts.  Get my emotions in check, if that is possible.  Some how I don't think it is.  Igo from being me to being so sad I feel like heart is being ripped out. 


This weekend it is going to get cold again.  Just what I need!  GRRRRR They are calling for rain and then even snow.  WTF?!?  I thought spring was on it's way in. The weather is changing like my mood!!  Saturday is Gage's birthday.  He will be 8.  I can't even believe it.  Sooooooooooo tomorrow it is off to shop for a birthday gift.  Any ideas on what to buy an 8 year old who has everything??  I'm thinking summer theme.  Swim trunks, shorts, beach shoes, sandals, beach towel.  He has grown like a weed and I'm sure he will need them.  I kid you not when I say he has everything, and I helped them move into that house.  He does not need toys!!!


Well, enough rambling from subject to subject, topic to topic.  I'm gonna take some drugs and go to bed.  Sleep well .............. enjoy your Friday I know I am going to!!!










~ Few Easter Snags ~





Wednesday, March 28, 2007

~Hump Day~


Today was a typical hump day... I didn't think it would end.  Nothing bad happened just blahze'.  The boys did win tonight which is great.  There are only a few games left in the regular season so it's down to the wire.  They are assured a spot in the playoffs, it's just best to go in on a winning note.  I know me talking about hockey bores you, but today... well I have nothing to say.  Yeah yeah I know some of you think I never have anything to say.  :)~


I could not find one graphic to use in this entry, I tried to do a few but my creative juices were blahze' too.  So you get a hockey one ::evil grin:: One that was a tutorial that I had changed up a while ago,  but this is the original before I played with it ... and a new tag request.  Just click on the graphic if you want to request one.


DsDesignsPreciousWindowViewDonna.gif <--click here to request one :)


No worries, nothing is wrong, just wasn't very original or creative today and after dumping several I just said the hell with it.  No sense in pushing it, you'd get crap......   tomorrow will be better.


Night all........ hope you are all in good spirits and doing good.






Tuesday, March 27, 2007

~ Pea Soup ~


Got up this morning to get ready for work and was amazed when I looked outside.  I could not see the trees in my front lawn, cars in the drive, nothing.  NO it was not snowing, it was fog.  A fog so thick all I could think of was split pea soup.  I really didn't have time to do pictures before I left for work.  So I grabbed my camera on the way out the door thinking I could do some on the way.  I really didn't want to push my luck trying to take pictures as I drove and the highway is not the best place to stop to focus.  It mattered not.  The closer I got to the downtown area the clearer it was.  Oh well, I had my camera and it was so fitting and just my luck that there be nothing to take a picture of.   I got to work and began my day.  About 10ish some folks came in from outside and commented on how foggy is was.  I don't have a corner office with a window so I had no idea :)~  I did however grab my camera and head out front.  The picture in the top left is aiming to the left of the office door.  That street/stop light isn't but maybe a half block away.  The colored item is a metal sculpture in front of the subway (another entry) entrance you wouldn't know it is extremely bright.  You can barely see the building next door, and the rest, well they vanished.   The church steeple is across the street.  I could throw a stone and hit the front steps.  Well maybe not, I throw like a girl, but I wouldn't anyway.  Throw a stone I mean.  The bottom left is the sun.  Yes, the sun not the moon. I thought it looked so cool, and I could actually look at it without eye pain.  Next to that is to the right of the office entrance.  That street/stop light is a bit further away.  The Anchor Bar is on the corner there (top corner below the sun) but you'd never know it.  You've seen clearer pictures in previous entries and you may remember how clear those were.  If you look hard you can see the shadows of the cars at the light and the buildings along the street.  This, at 10 am.   The sun did finally burn it off and it turned into a nice day.  Blue sky with a few clouds and the temps in the 60's.


The day at work was uneventful and at quitting time I was glad to be out of there.  My office is not right in the heart of downtown, I am a bit north of the city.  I take Main St back towards downtown to the thruway entrance.  As I was driving down Main St I could see what looked like smoke.  I thought, oh shit what is burning.  It didn't take long to realize it wasn't anything burning but the left over fog that was hidden between the buildings.  I pulled off to the side of the road and grabbed a few shots.  The whole time thinking, who you gonna call....... ghost busters.  Ok, so I'm weird.   I am quite a distance but you can see the fog linger.  In the one shot where you see archways in the street, that is where the subway comes above ground and runs like a trolly.  You can see a bit of the architecture, but these shots no way do it justice.  When cars started beeping I decided it was time to get out of the street and move on.  Well, they really didn't beep, but I was in the road and thought I best move.  LOL   I tried to drive down closer to get shots, but amazingly enough while in the heart of the fog you couldn't even tell. 





I stopped at my sisters on my way home and brought her a milkshake.  She had her second treatment today and actually looked good.  Said she felt better this time around, but did sleep the afternoon away.  Then I went and did some pavement pounding.  I went to a few local establishments to see if they'd donate gift certificates and/or such for her benefit.   Her friends planned one to help with expenses and any travel that might be needed down the road for other medical things.  I was pretty successful and will do some more tomorrow.  They already have a ton of things, but the more the better.  By the time I got home I was drained.  I had a quick sandwich and then worked on the pictures.  No editing done other then to resize and make the collages.  It was so much fun doing them.  I will have to get some more pictures so you can actually see things, eh? 


Didn't make any animations or tags tonight, but I did have 'friends forever' for another entry but thought I would post it tonight.  I hope everyone had a great Tuesday..... and wishing you a good 'hump day'







EDIT:  Kudo's to Sam for noticing I was in a time warp and had put 2006 on the fog picture.  LMAO!!!  Thanks Sam I appreciate it... now ya all know how daffy I can be. I've fixed it so no, you aren't imagining.  ::grin::

Monday, March 26, 2007

~ My Day ~


First, I again want to say thank you to everyone.  My alerts just started working again and I didn't get to personally reply to all, so forgive me but I do so appreciate it.  Second, I ate like a cow today!


I got to work this morning to a few little presents on my desk.  Treats, cards, candles, it was very nice.  I had several messages on my voice mail and several emails from co-workers.  This on top of the notes I had here when I first logged on this am.  About 10:30 I was just hanging up the phone to hear happy birthday.  It was a candle on a cake from the folks in my department.  Carrot cake. YUMMY!!!  Nothing like a nutritious breakfast.  It went great with a cup of coffee.  For lunch I had a burger and cheesy potatoes.  I really wasn't hungry after the cake, but I ate it anyway  LOL  A few more calls sending good wishes after lunch.  I got home and my sister made a roast beef dinner.  Just the way I like it, along with mashed potatoes & gravy and peas.  All my favorites.  I chomped and chewed, and of course went for seconds on the meat.  A few more cards and birthday cake.  The cake had a butter cream frosting chocolate cake layer, razzberry cream filling topped with white cake.  Coffee topped the meal off.  I was here checking mail and as you know I was completely overwhelmed with the well wishes.  You warmed my soul.  My day was perfect.  I get to celebrate with my son in a few days and I'm looking forward to that. 


I don't want to ruin a great day with griping about AOL, but damn it pissed me off today.  All my alerts went down and then I got a few, then nothing, then a few more but not my comment alerts.  I emailed Joe and told him it was my birthday the least he could do was give me alerts.  I know he worked on it and all of sudden they were there.  Not before I turned them all off, turned them on, deleted, added, cleared history, should I go on?   GRRRRRRRR  I know I missed a ton today and I'm sorry.  I will try and catch up I promise!


I know the saying is ate like a pig... but I only had a cow... LOL  I giggled as I did it, and know it could be much better but this will have to do.  Not much time to do graphics tonight.  The others are from over the weekend.  The non-animated one is something a bit different and was just playing around.  Not my normal style, and not sure what you all think.  :::shrugging shoulders:::  Maybe with some animation?  Might have to play around with that idea.  The old mill just called me.  I loved the picture and the saying.  Kind of where I'm at right now I guess.  Trying to cope, stay positive, be there, all the things you want to do but have to reach deep down to get.  Make sense?  Hmmm... it makes sense to me.  ::grin:: 





I hope everyone had a great day today.  I am off to lah lah land.  Thanks again!










~ OMG ~


I am truly honored to be part of this community.  You guys have treated me so special over the years I've been here, and today you outdid yourselves.  I am blessed to have you as friends!  I am overwhelmed with the wonderful wishes that have come my way.  I got home from work to more and more.  It brought me to tears.  I normally respond to comment alerts, but since AOL has not sent me any alerts, I haven't done so.  I'm sorry, but hope you will take this as a blanket Thank You.  You've touched my heart and soul.  Comments, e-cards, journal entries, snail mail cards.  I'm touched beyond words.  How could I ever say thank you for all this?  Just know I do appreciate it and am flattered.





PS No doubt AOL will not send out an alert.... but I am trying to cover everyone without leaving anyone out.  THANK YOU!!

~ Full Mailbox ~


Thanks guys... you are the best!!  I woke to a full mailbox of greetings - Thank You!!!  Though I'd much rather forget I'm a year older I appreciate you remembering.  You rock!!!


I found some comments when I got here that I didn't get an alert for so I'm glad this entry is going up.  I would never not send a thank you........ so please accept this as my thank you to you....  geeeze.. wonder if AOL will send an alert for this  grrrrrr


Love you guys... have a great day.. you made mine wonderful!




Sunday, March 25, 2007

~ Calm. Cool. Collected. ~


Today was a good day.  I was a bit disappointed that Steve and I couldn't get together, but what can you do?  He and I will do something at some point, I am not worried.  It was absolutely beautiful out today.  It got pretty warm, and the sun was out a good portion of the day.  I was hoping I could get a few good sunset shots down at the lake but that didn't happen.  After dinner I did take a ride but the closer I got the more clouds there were.  I was thrilled that I wore my winter jacket.  As you may be able to tell there is still lots of ice on the lake, and the wind blowing in off it was cold!!  It wasn't long and my hands were like ice.  I got a few sky shots, and then I happened to notice ducks in the water.  :::shiver:::  Spring or not that water is cold!!!  They were pretty far away but I was able to zoom in and get a couple shots.  See how cold the water is?  Their 'hair' is standing on end.  I waited a bit to get some different shots but the clouds decided it was time for me to go.  Thought I'd share a couple. 


On the drive home I decided I had my sweet tooth back and I was going to splurge a bit.  So I took a little detour and stopped at the corner Ice Cream stand.  I couldn't believe the people there.  It was nice to see actually, but I must have looked like a fool.  Here you have shorts, T-shirts, skirts, little sweaters, and here comes me with my winter coat.  No funny looks, but damn I was way over dressed for ice cream.  Not just your normal ice cream either.  My sister was home so I decided to treat her too.  I got two banana splits!  OMG they tasted great!!  My hands are still a bit cold, but well worth it.

My hips can complain later.


Only a couple of graphics tonight.  Yes, even a water one.  LOL  I was playing and the more I did the more I liked.  Maybe it's me.........  I love the water and any type of boat just makes me feel so relaxed.  Since I'm feeling calm cool and collected I thought it was appropriate.  I've seen variations of 'spring' around.  I tried to change it enough so it didn't look like I everyone else's.  Not sure if I succeeded, but I gave it a shot. 


I have a few alerts to get to, then it's off to bed.  Yes Bill, an early night.  Well, I say that now but who knows what will happen.  Thank you all for the wonderful wishes.  I got several cards in the mail, e-cards, and comments.  I so appreciate the wishes and good thoughts.  Maybe I'll just sleep through tomorrow.  LOL


I hope a good Monday follows a wonderful Sunday.








~ Good Mooooooooooornin ~


Sooooooooo did everyone wake up happy?  Thought I'd ask... I use to ask my son that all the time when he was little.  Yeah, I still ask him that occasionally if I know he had a rough go at it before he went to bed.  That always gets a smile out of him.  A quirky little dimple filled smile.  You know, the one Mom's love.  I woke up pretty early, and I guess somewhat happy.  The rain has stopped :)  It's still pretty cloudy out there and looks a bit gloomy, but I see the temperature is rising slowly.. so it's all good.

I slept like a baby last night.  I was going to do an entry but my body disagreed.  It was screaming to go to bed.  My eyelids were like 50 pound bags of sand.  So I just shut things down and off to dreamland I went.




Yesterday was actually good.  It did rain all day, but will admit it did some major cleaning of the roads, the sludge of winter seems to be gone.  Now if the sun would come out and dry up all the rain... the itsy bitsy.....  Ohhhhhhhh meant dry up the mud pit in my front yard :)  I did get my laundry done.  Felt like I did a gazillion loads, but it is washed, dried, folded, and put away.  STOP THE PRESSES!!!  Did all the bedding too and let me tell you, it made it so easy to crawl in bed last night.  While I was putting the fitted sheet on the bed I couldn't help but put my face into the sheets.  Even with my stuffy head I could smell the freshness.  Damn I wanted to just lay there!  Too much to do and so little time.  I did some major purging.  No not my breakfast or lunch.. but the crap in my room.  Rainy Day Chores... and I made some headway.


Had a big breakfast this morning.  Eggs, home fries, and sausage.  It was out of this world!  I don't eat breakfast normally so it was a nice treat to go with the java.  Just one thing.  I'm nice and full and now I want a nap.   Plans for the day changed.  Steve will be working this evening so no dinner date :(  He wasn't feeling well at work on Friday so he switched with someone and left early.. only to make it up this evening.  He called yesterday and it sounds like he has the same thing as I do.  Only thing, he lost his voice.  Can you imagine if I lost my voice?  OMG!!!  You would all suffer as I'd have to write even more BS here to make up for it.  ::grin::  Sooooo I will be looking for something to do later.........

I see the clouds are breaking up and a little blue is peeking through.. 'cmon sun........ come out and play!


Enjoy your Sunday






Saturday, March 24, 2007

~ Easter Snags ~






~ Morning ~


Not sure if I want to call it a good one.... it's raining out... dark and gloomy.  Only bright thing is the fact that the grass is starting to look green instead of 'icky' winter brown.  The sludge and grime that was left by all the snow and plows is being washed off the streets.  Dare I even think that spring is here?  When I see buds on the trees I will be happy.  I did hear on the news that things may be delayed there.  The trees had major trauma back in October when we had that major storm and they will be trying to 'heal' themselves a bit.  I know I mentioned how our landscape was changed forever with all the downed trees.  They've long since been picked up and carried off.  Now you just see trees reaching to the sky with blunt ends.  So many are missing the top branches.  I can't even imagine what they will look like with leaves.  Odd, no doubt.  I just hope the many still in question will come back and thrive.




I won't get into all the details, but can I just say the DMV (department of motor vehicles) is absolutely absurd.  My son went near the end of February to take care of a few things and was told he had to wait until his 21st birthday.  So on that day he goes back and as they are looking through their system they tell him, oh our mistake you have to wait until the 17th, five days away.  He's not happy but doesn't argue.  On Saturday he gets up early and goes to a different branch (the first one was closed on that day)  He gets in line and waits and waits.  When he gets to the counter he is greeted by the clerk who promptly tells him, oh no you have to wait until April 27th.  Well, he snaps.  He loses his cool.  She goes to get help as she tells him she is new.  Two workers attempt to whisper but he hears them discussing that they don't understand and just tell him he has to come back.  He is not a happy camper and I have no doubt he caused a bit of a scene.  This is the third time he has gone and stood in line for hours only to be told a date further out.  They don't want to give him his paperwork back and he drops a few f bombs.  I know this because he told me after the fact.  I calm him down and let him know he needs to kiss ass.  The workers at the DMV answer to no one.  They hold all the cards and can make his life miserable if they want.  No questions asked, no recourse.  I tell him to go back to DMV #1 on Monday, get they same girl and charm her to death like he is so capable of doing.  He doesn't like the idea one bit, but after a bit of coaxing on my end he agrees.  So last Monday he goes back and the girl is not there.  He leaves and goes on Tuesday.  He gets her and explains the situation, how many times dates have been changed.  I know he gave her that cute smile with dimples as he asked for help and low and behold she gives it to him.  She finds errors in the system and adjusts them for him.  She proceeds to tell him the system needs to update and he has to come back on Thursday.  He's not thrilled with that but happy she was able to help him.  He says he will see her on Thursday as he gathers his things and she lets him know she won't be there until Friday.  'Friday it is' he tells her.  So yesterday he went back to the DMV for the sixth time.  YEAH!  All is taken care of.  I have such a problem with this.  Why is it ok for these folks to mess with the rest of us?  Why is it they have no chain of command that keeps things in check?  How is it these people can make error after error and no one cares?  We, the public just have to live with it and do as they say.  GRRRRRRRRRRR  You see it over and over again and no one is held accountable!!


Today is laundry day... oh the joy.  I love the smell of clean clothes as I fold them, but I hate doing it.

It's only my things these days so you'd think I'd be ok, but I still hate it.  I generally put it off and then when it comes time to do it I have mounds and mounds.  I didn't know I had that many clothes!  ::scratching head:: so why is it when I look for something to wear it takes forever to find just the right thing.  Ohhhhhh maybe because it's in the hamper waiting to be washed.  DUH!!!! 


Technology is a wonderful thing, unless you're dealing with the DMV!  I was doing bills earlier and guess what?  My taxes have been deposited into my account.  Steve's are there too!  YEAH!  Things happened just as they said they would, actually a day earlier then they said.   Ummm... and yeap I'm still planning on shopping for more clothes ........ yeap to wash.  LOL  I think Steve and I will be spending some time together tomorrow.  Dinner out for my birthday is his plan I think.  He is working 3-11 and I work until 4:30 so celebrating on Monday will be impossible.  Two days of celebration?  Ohhh the joy of being reminded twice.....  being old is not something to celebrate.  I'd say I don't feel 46 but that would be a lie today... I feel old and tired.  I know it's the combination of not feeling the greatest and all the emotions, but still...... it sucks!!  


I uploaded the graphics for this entry when I noticed I messed up on one.  Ok, maybe on more then one, but one is glaring.  LOL  Can you find it?  My sister says it's me and I'd be the only one to see it, but I don't think so........ it jumps out at me and if you look I'm sure it will jump at you too.  Ohhhhhhhh well, I'm not doing it again so you get it as is.  Maybe I will tell you in a later entry..... :::evil grin:::


I hear dirty clothes screaming...........  have a great Saturday....






Friday, March 23, 2007

~ Friday Night ~


Yes, I know it's technically Saturday morning.  And, yes I am still up, but all is good, I had a little rest earlier.  :::throwing arms up in the air:::  Ok, ok, I admit it, I admit I fell asleep for bit.  My head is still feeling a bit stuffed up and when I got home from work the house was empty.  It was quiet and peaceful.  I wasn't really hungry so I took some cold medicine and relaxed on the couch.  I had a book in hand, but before I knew it, I was laying on the couch and my eyes were crossing as I tried to read.  After reading one small paragraph 3 times trying to comprehend it, I thought I'd close my eyes for a second to refocus.  Refocus I did.  The sun was hot, I could hear the ocean as at slapped on the sand beneath my feet.  Children off building sand castles, young lovers playing in the surf.  My hair blowing in the breeze with the fresh scent of salt air tickling my nose.   Then the phone rang, I sneezed, and I was back on the couch.  DAMN!!!  LOL 


I did get up and muddled around the house and fixed something to eat.  I watched the boys play and rolled my eyes as their arch rival was coming at them hard and fast.  With the score 4-1 in their favor I watched as they let down their guard down just a bit.  Opened a window so to speak.  Something you don't do with 'my boys' because they don't give up.  The 4th goal against us was a fluky one.  The puck bounced off the officials leg and went right to the opposing team, wham!  Goal!  Ryan was PO'ed.  Rarely do I see him lose his cool but you could tell he was angry.  It was then the rest of the team decided to play and help him out.  An exciting 3rd period, if you're a Sabres fan.  They came back and won the game 5-4. 


The week was full of emotions and lots plans being made and finalized.  I haven't been by to see my sister as I am notreal sure if this is a cold, allergies, or what.  I do not want to give her anything if I'm 'catchy.'  I did talk to her today and she sounded great.  Feeling much better after her first round.  Took a couple of days to bounce back but she did get out today.  It was fairly warm here and the sun was shining.  Fresh air was a good thing.  Thank you so much for the continued prayers and good thoughts.  Once you choose hope anything is possible.


Sharing a few graphics that I had done.  I did post a new request tag too.  The other day I did a few with the 'new' effect.  I liked the way it looked and played with different pictures and different animation.  It's no different then doing water animation over and over.  :)~  I'll move on don't worry.  If you'd like your name on the 'spring cabin' just click on the graphic.  The rest are as is. 




I'm starting to yawn here so it's that time....... good thing for you that I'm not going to continue to babble.  Wishing you all a great Saturday!











Thursday, March 22, 2007

~ Lost ~


Good Morning!!  I've been up since a little after 5.  OUCH!!  I woke to sneezing and coughing.  Surely sleeping so much yesterday helped in the early wake up call.  I just hope I'm not dragging my butt at 2 this afternoon.  Aaaahhh... but Jan you know I can nap if I need to, eh?  LOL what a visual... dragging butt.  I wish there was some magic pixie dust to make my head feel better.  I did the 'lost pixie dust' fairy the other day and thought today would be a good day to use her.  I need that dust!!!


I was looking through my file manager yesterday and found my very first animated butterfly.  I have to say I was impressed with myself.  LMAO!!  I remember how excited I was when I got it to flap it's wings instead of appearing to jump.  Yes, it's way back in the archives someplace, you can tell how old it is by the old sig line.  OMG!  I remember writing it like that.  It's already 54 degrees here today and thought it wouldn't hurt to use it again.  It brightens things up don't you think?  A sign of spring and things to come.  I will be so excited to see some flowers bloom.


As I write this I'm actually thinking maybe I will dress up a bit for work.  We have a very casual business dress code, yet I'm thinking maybe a skirt will make me feel a bit better.  It's warm enough to get away with it today.  ::scratching head:: do I have the energy and umph to bother.........  we'll see what happens when I get moving........ speaking of...... maybe I should.


Hope everyone has a great day!!






Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~ 1,000 Pounds ~


I got up this morning for work and my face hurt.  Yeah, yeah, I know it was killing you.  Seriously, I felt like I could pack my lunch in the bags under my eyes.  My lower lashes even felt funny.  My top lashes regularly touch my skin because of the length, but rarely do my bottom.  I looked in the mirror and it was horrible.  It looked like I was punched, without much bruising.  I slowly made my way around the house and started to get ready for work.  I took some sinus medicine and jumped in the shower.  The heat and steam helped a great deal and loosened things up.  At the risk of being gross I will tell you it is not an infection.  All is coming out clear and not green.  It did come out though.  I went to work.  On my way in I could instantly feel myself filling up and I swore my eyeballs were going to come flying out of my head.  The pain along my brow line and cheek bones was horrible.  I had actually thought about turning around and going home.  I was almost there so I just went in.  We had a department meeting this morning and I really didn't want to miss it.  


The meeting was fine.  This and that and some basic informational tid bits, nothing more.  The longer I sat in the conference room the worse I felt.  The room is decorated horribly.  It's way too dark.  They recently painted the walls lighter, but the dark chairs, the black lacquer book shelves and cabinets along one wall, and the recessed lighting makes it hard to stay focused if you're in there any length of time.  When you don't feel well........ forget it!  When the meeting was over I went back to my desk and tied up some loose ends.  My head felt like it weighed 1000 pounds.  I felt if I blinked too long I'd fall over to the floor fast asleep.  My neck actually felt sore from trying to hold my head up.  I decided it was time to go.  When I got home I checked some mail while I had something to eat.  I took more medicine and went to bed.  I slept for several hours.  When I woke up my ears were plugged but I felt a bit better.  It didn't last long though.  As soon as I started moving my head felt as though it was going to fall off my neck/shoulders.  Literally I sat with my chin in my hand and attempted to bounce out of it.  No luck.   Nothing else really hurts or is sore.  It's all in my head... well not 'in my head'.. but in my head :)~  I don't think I have a cold, I think it's either sinuses or some type of allergies.  My little nose is as red as a tomato and almost raw.  I swear if I blow it anymore it will fall off.  Ok, now family members and those that know me will say my nose is not little but a blob on my face.  To you.... :::razberries:::  I will fight through this and hope it doesn't get any worse.  The sneezing and awful tickle in my throat will drive me mad if it doesn't stop!


My boys were on tonight, and while I watched/listened I made a few Easter/Spring graphics.  I will get into more later.  The game was pretty good.  We won 5-2.  It's hard to believe there are only 9 regular season games left.  Ok, so to some of you it seems like it's been going on forever.  LOL  We are the only team so far in the league to be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, but there will be 15 others, just going to have to wait it out to see who goes.  I'm looking forward to the battles to get in and for post season to start. 


Well, I've bored you enough so I will stop here.  Hope everyone had a good day today.  Is it Friday yet?