Saturday, October 11, 2008

~ Lies ~

Remember throughout the years as folks lost journals .. either they just disappeared or were deleted in error?  Remember how they were told there was nothing AOL could do?  LIES!  Not that it matters now, but low and behold during this transfer to blogger they've now been able to restore deleted journals, restore lost comments.  How is that?  Because it was always available but the techs or powers that be could care less or were to damn lazy. 


I am thrilled that so many were able to move their journals without issues.  I'm even thrilled that those that had issues over and over could finally move them.  Mine and lots and lots of other large journals are being hung out to dry.  Literally I'm afraid.  In two weeks this community will gone and so many journals will go poof along with it.  I've been told for 3 days they are working on it.  AOL nor Blogger can seem to fix the issue.  How is that this issue wasn't tested in the past months as they decided to do this?  In my opinion.. no one cared.  They figured several would move and folks would be happy.  They'd have empathy for those that it didn't work for but in a few days it would all be forgotten.  AOL and blogger did wondrous things to try and make it work for all.  :::cough cough:::  I don't buy it.  I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but damn what did they use to test the system? 


Ya know, I was only going to use this as an archive anyway so I guess no one really cares.  My issue now is what size limit is there at blogger?  I've got roughly 1900 entries here, and lots of graphics.  In the transfer I can't get half way.  Believe me I tried.  I let it sit there doing nothing for over 5 hours.  Nothing changed, nothing happened, nothing went to blogger.  Does that mean at 800 entries in blogger I will be done?   We will be done?  Will I not be able to put in graphics, will you not be able to?  I'm not familiar enough with it, but seems to me if there is no limit both large and small journals should make the move easily.  Not happening and they know it.


Speaking out will not help my cause, I know.  But WTF!?!?!  They need to do something for those that have their lives on their journal.   The count down has begun...........  


ilbelle said...

Donna, is there at least some way you could download your journal to an external drive or anything like that???  I'm SO sorry that you all are having to go through this mess & hope things start to turn around for you!  I've enjoyed your thoughts & graphics ... don't give up!!!!


stansgirl2004 said...

I hear you hun. This whole thing really sucks!

lifes2odd said...

That really sucks! The only thing I can suggest is looking for the help areas at blogger for assistance, not here on AOL. I think Blogger is much more likely to try to resolve the issue. There has got to be a way!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Donna.....Boy do I agree with you! Today, I recieved an aol email letting me know that the problem was there weren't enough people "in" the journals anymore so thats why pulled the plug on us. They can kiss my fat ass! I'm still not there and I'm am afraid that I will lose all of those years of journaling.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Damn that sucks!!!!  I wonder if I can pull up an old journal I deleted a long time ago??  I didn't know that.  Hugs!!

lanurseprn said...

I just hate this whole situation. I've been having so many issues I just turned off my computer for two days! I was sooooo frustrated!! Finally, today it seems to have been migrated. But, what a pain in the ass! I still don't trust that it's done right.
I hope you still do your graphics Donna.
Hugs to you,

bridgetteleigh75 said...

When I found out they could restore my comments after going from private to public, I said to my husband, "WHAT?"  

All these years, I may have gone public again with my 'four' journal, but it made me too sick to think of losing my comments.  So I never did.

You're was crap.  

I really, really hope you're able to transfer, D.  

The manual transfer takes FOREVER.  I got 611 of my 667 entries manually migrated...and then decided to try the actual migration when I found out my comments could be saved.  It took me 4 times, but finally worked.  

I will say that it helped to hit refresh when the transfer seemed to 'freeze up.'  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

inquestoftruth said...

I care.   And because it's you, I care all the more.  Just because JLand wasn't part of their lives doesn't mean it was vitally important to many of us.

mutualaide said...

Oh Gosh Donna, this is horrible, horrible, horrible.  I am waiting to do mine until I have enough sanity stored to make the try.  I tried with my public journal ... turned out I made TWO but nothing transferred.  Since I only had 27 total entries in the darn thing I copied and pasted what I really wanted.  The rest?  I'll just delete the journal so AOL CAN'T.  I'll do it myself. But yeah, what of my private?  I'm concerned ... but haven't even tried yet.

There are some other methods ... I'll find the one I was looking at but didn't get to yet ... and send it to you.

SUCKS.  Can't wait to be out of here ... and at the same time, sad to go.  

How dumb is that?

sunnybethe said...

I hate this, I hate this I hate this!!  And because of me, it's because of people like you, your journal, your graphics that I settled into JLand.  It pains me to think that the words and humor of those that have passed will be lost forever.  And the painful time you went through when your sister was ill will be lost as well as the comfort of "comments" of people you've known for yrs.  Not that you'd want to relive the pain, but you those words are there for you.  Ugh!  You know for at least the year I've been in Jland your Journal has been one of the, if not THE most commented Journal in JLand.  Those techs & AO had to know this.  It was written right before their eyes in People Connection-Blogs.  I'm ranting, I'm out raged and frustrated for you.  Me? With my transfer all of the graphics I had posted are cut in half.  I did notice there is a maximum "1024 mb" allowed.  I've used 5 of my MB's already with 2 little posts.  I wonder if that is the problem (?)  Keep at it sweetie, AOL had to anticipate this happening.  They had to...  ((hugs))  Bethe

jjdolfin9 said...

Oh Donna I so hate this for you and anyone else who is having problems.  But especially for you.  You are probably the single reason I started my journal.  Your encouragement and your great graphics have given me such pleasure and comfort.  I cannot believe the way this whole thing has been handled.  Damn AOL..

linnpooh said...

I'd do anything to help you...anything, I just don't know what. I'm so sorry Donna.......I'll be sending every good luck vibe I have to you, and every hex I know THEIR way.

Pooh Hugs,

nelishianatl said...

I wish I could pull up a journal I deleted years ago.

This is horrible and scary.  I feel so bad for what you and many others are going through.  You are right.  They had months and months to fix this, not just take a wait and see approach.  

I wonder if we reach a certain point on Blogger where we've made all they entries they allow if we will be blocked from going further, I mean I wonder if they have a limit because if you can't upload, does it mean you have too much?  

This is worrisome and I have lost almost ten days trying to fix it myslef.  Just last night I got very lucky.  Still lost many comments.  The uploading has taken days and days and days for mine.  I'm finally over there but again, I'm really sorry about what is and has been happening with your journal.


a2002v2002 said...

Oh, D that is sad news ! Darn all the work you put into your Journal and your huge following. I did not always say alot as I knew you usually had your mail box over flowing with 400 plus e-mails each day or so from fans!

I found with my biggest one good thing I did delete it twice:) I still had over 1500 entries. I found when it froze like that I had to hit back button and do it again and again and again.................... Well ,you get the idea. Finally, it worked, I was so up tight I am still sore in my shoulders!

Please someone help D get this Wonderful Journal moved to Blogger!



dbp2000 said...

D - I am just sick for you!  I was fretting over my little journals and cannot imagine how you feel to potentially lose all of your hard work.  One thing I did before I did the migration was print it out.  I am not sure it is an option for you or not but at least you wuld have a hard copy.  I would offer to help print it from my office but the graphics are blocked there.  If you want a copy of the entries with out any graphics so that you at least have the text, I will be glad to help and then mail them to you. Let me know.


stetsonsfyre said...

I'm very sorry Donna :(  I hope that something can be figured out... like many others have mentioned you have worked very hard to bring us all kinds are art :) and I know I really appreciate it!  Trolls and all  LOL.  But I'm following you over on Blogspot and I hope that there isn't a limit on anything. I also hope that if there is ~ they figure out how to deal with the migration of JLanders over there.
Blessings* Teresa

jaymact1 said...

So sorry you are having all this bother I was one of the lucky ones I only had 500 entries.  Hope they can fix this for you before the end of the month.  Love Joan.

jeadie05 said...

Dear Donna I am sorry to hear you are having these issues ,could you save them to my documents as Jeannette traveld did for me ! I agree AOL  have treated us like well            I cant say it here ,Will they disapear with out telling us too ..leaving us high and dry again ,love Jan xx

cuteallison1980 said...

I hope you don't lose all of your hard work.  I think you can still save it to your computer can't you.  Have a happy Sunday Donna.  Luv ya!


mizred2u said...

Hey there,  long time reader first time commenter (now i feel like a person calling into one of the radio talk shows :oD )  Any who, I was able to transfer my blog to blogger, but lost all my photos and graphics.  I'm just glad I saved all my graphics and what not to photobucket first.  It took me almost a week, but at least all my work was saved.  

As for Blogger.  I went to Blogger after AOL started putting the Ads at the top of our journals.  I was one of "those".  I have actually enjoyed blogger a lot more then the AOL journals as my photos can be uploaded large and Blogger has a great tech support and other fellow bloggers who are kind and helpful.

I hope you can get your journal transfered, or at the very least, save it somewhere.  It sickens me to think, that all our emotions, thoughts, silliness, work, and passions are just thrown to the ol AOL curbside, but then again, this isn't unusual for AOL to not give a rats azz.  Since they went to the "free" format, they gave up giving any kind of thought to anyone.

WOW, sorry, I wrote a novel for my first comment.  I appologize.

I wish you the best of luck.


tschuckman said...

I admire your spunk and courage to speak the TRUTH!   That a girl !

Would you please email your Blog URL to me again -- as I had to start another blog and name it differently again....?

Tom Schuckman

heli-gunner Tom

chat2missie said...

I agree!

lurkynat said...

hi Donna!
you know what?
I have had gigantic trouble too!
please email me when you hear of some real help!
Please send me your new link!
love ya

fisherkristina said...

Ugh, I just want to say I am sorry to you Donna, if "This and that and hockey!" never makes it over.  So so sorry.  I would be so hurt if it was Sometimes I Think.  How do you let about five years of work just go down the drain?  I am  not sure how long you have been blogging, but for me it has been almost five years.  How it would hurt if i lost like five years of my life.  so so sorry.  but i don't want to talk of sadness now.  only better days ahead...

Before we think of better days ahead though, I want to say goodbye to this side of Jland.  Well, goodbye...  To all the friends I had here, all those whose blogs I read and all those who read mine, I am hoping I will catch you on the flip side, and we will have just as much community over there on blogger as we had over here.  Goodbye Jland AOL, Hello Jland Blogger.  I'll turn off the light, Donna, but I am turning it on on the other side.  See you over there.  Love ya,