Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trying to lighten the mood

I am just sick to my stomach over what's happening down south and thought I'd try to put a little humor out there.   

I was over at John's place and thought this was appropriate to give at least a half way smile.  

Look at my piggy bank after I bought gas yesterday!!!  


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Answers to those questions :)



Well, this wasn't too bad.  I was worried I would get no questions, y'all had some good ones and I hope you're satisfied with the answers.  Thanks for asking!     


1.  Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely!  There is nothing like it until you experience it, even if it isn't the 'love' you had hoped for.

2.  What is your greatest accomplishment?
My son!  Without a doubt :)  Raising him by myself and seeing how well he turned out.  I know I am not the only force that helped with that, but I am taking credit for some of it.

3.  What legacy about yourself would like like to live on through your childen?
Yikes!  I've thought and thought about this.  I just hope my son will live a good life, be happy, and be kind!  


1)What was the worst day of your life? The day I was diagnosed with being sick, very sick.  Been in good health for 13 years- no worries :) (You will probably find an entry down the road about this, but at this point in time it is not appropriate to write about it, sorry)

2) what person have you hurt the most in your life and how? (tought one, I know)
Long story on that one, but I have to say my son and it was a little white lie.  We've both come to terms with it, but I know it hurt him.

3) What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Running up the stairs at work to use the ladies room.  My heel caught my skirt, I landed face first on the stairs.  When I stood up my skirt was around my knees.  Thank God I had a slip on!  


1. If you had one thing in this life you could redo, what would it be and why. (yes I know 2 questions in one! LOL) I could actually have a list here :)  But I would have to say I'd have gone to college.  I always said I would go back and never did :(  Life got to hectic and now I'm too tired.

2. Have you ever lived outside of the country and if so, where? No

3. If you could retire today, what would you like to do? I would love to go back to school, or teach computer classes for those that need it.  


1: Are you a Buffalo Bills fan? ABSOLUTELY!!!  A bigger Sabres fan though- if you couldn't tell by the name of the journal :)

2:  Have you ever said anything that you meant with good intentions and it came out wrong or offended someone in someway? (I have)
Yes.  I sometimes I open my mouth and then wear the size 7.

3: How did you come to the decision of creating your Journal?
I use to journal in books, long ago.  When things changed in June and I had some time I decided to try it here.  I have to say I love it and have read some beautiful journals that keep me inspired.

Monday, August 29, 2005

A quick summer get away


Wow!  In my search of pictures I came across one that I have always loved.  Don't get me wrong, I knew I had it, but with changing computers, etc., it got 'lost' on a disc.  The picture is of my son and nephew on one of the many boats at the 'quick summer get away.'  Can you say, row, row, row, your boat?  :)  

My brother in laws family owns a fishing cottage in Ogdensburg, NY (near The 1000 Islands).  His parents grew up there, and the cottage on the St. Lawrence River became their summer home.  His Mom passed away, and his dad is a little old to spend the summers there by himself, but we do go up there quite a bit as a get away.  In recent years he has joined us.  What memories that man must hold of this little treasure.  

The cottage is definitely a fishing camp that is nestled on the banks and shore line of the river.  The majority of the house is held afloat by beams and railroad ties.  Surely there is more to it, but far be it from this non mechanical mind to know the details. The backside barely sits on land and after a few yards it goes up hill to a spot of land that runs to the road.  We park on top and have to descend down about 64 stairs to the 'camp.'  On one side there is a slip and the other a small beach.  Very small beach!  Their is a wooden deck along side the slip that wraps around the front of the house and also holds a 'portable pier.'  The pier is portable so it come out during the rough winter season. The deck is huge and is able to hold grills, several picnic tables, chairs and more chairs and still have enough room for the kids to fish right there in front of us.  No fear of being snagged by a fishing hook.  Ok, so only a little fear, but the smaller kids don't even have hooks :)  Now that 'our' kids are older they are more often than not out on the boat fishing.  

The cottage has one little bedroom, and a very large room upstairs filled with pretty much just beds.  Downstairs is the kitchen, living area with a wood burning stove, a bathroom, and a screened in porch that leads to the deck.  There is electricity and appliances as well as running water.  You can't drink the water as it comes direct from the river.  There is a hot water tank and filter for showers etc.  So there are some comforts of home.   

A week or weekend at the cottage is so relaxing.  Early in the season it might get a bit cool at night and you can see the fog roll in off the river.  During the day the shag flies can be a bit much, but the boys love it as it is great fishing weather.  The only part they don't like in the early season is going in the water to hook up the water hose to the house.  Someone has to get in and under the house to hook things up and that water is COLD!  Summer it is wonderful!  The sunsets on the river are fabulous and full of such colors.  The reds, oranges, and yellows mixing together with clouds in a serene setting, as the picture shows.  That is more the common sunset then not.  The river lapping on the deck and shore makes for the soothing sound of restfulness.  Early morning you can find barges running up and down the river.  You don't hear them unless they blow their horns but their massive size is amazing to watch.  Cranes can be found along the shores dipping their heads into the water, surely looking for breakfast.  Yes, we are generally up early enough to witness as we cook breakfast on the deck as the boys get ready to head out for their morning 'fish.'  Maybe the smell of bacon & eggs bring the cranes closer, but they are usually there.  At night as you lay in bed you can hear the water rustle on shore, the light breeze blows through the trees at the top of the hill and you feel an ever so slight sway in the house.  Funny you don't notice it during the day but at night it lulls you to sleep.  Or would that be all the fresh air?  Either way it's not enough to 'move you,' and would never cause motion sickness, but if you sit real still and close your eyes you can feel it.  Maybe, just maybe, it isn't feeling it at all but the rest of the sounds making you think you feel it.   

In town there is a few things to do, but we never go with 'a plan,' other than hanging out, resting and enjoying each others company.  So we spend time fishing, swimming, eating, and drinking.  What better place then to do all of those things?  Many a rainy day we visited Ottawa CN that is one of the most beautiful and clean cities I've ever seen!  

Aaaah, summer on the river.  It can't be beat for a quick get away!  The last hurrah this season will be Labor Day weekend.  Time to close things up and prepare it for winter.  I personally won't be there then as I have other plans.  Sad thing, I didn't get up there at all this year :(  Gawd I missed out!


I got this in mail today.  I've seen it several times before, but thought it was worth an entry today.  

A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared. Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?" The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister..please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do," He pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..." With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. "It's my brother, "he said. "He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up." Now sobbing, the boy asked the stunned executive, "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me." Moved beyond words, the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. He hurriedly lifted the handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything was going to be okay. "Thank you and may God bless you," the grateful child told the stranger. Too shook up for words, the man simply watched the boy! push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk toward their home. It was a long, slow walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair the dented side door. He kept the dent there to remind him of this message: "Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention!" God whispers in our souls and speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don't have time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It's our choice to listen or not.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Back to School

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Back to School



Well, school doesn't start for kids in the North east officially until after Labor Day, and since my son decided to not go to college this semester (a rant for another day), I had to go to the archives for this one.  Not only is this the first day of school, it is the FIRST day of school.  Welcome to kindergarten!  He had no fear as he got on the bus.  He had no idea my heart was breaking with worry, and no way in hell knows that I ran for my car keys after the bus left and followed it to school wiping tears away, 'my baby is growing up.'  What he does know is that I met up with my Mom and 4 sisters for our 'Yeah Day' luncheon, a tradition that lasted for years.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some more playing...........

Well, I didn't get the laundry done like I was supposed to.  I was a bad bad girl!  I played with the program to see what I could come up with.  Let me tell you, I found ways to add to pictures I never thought about.  I was told if I posted my family here in that way they'd kill me, so you will all just have to imagine.  Those I can share I will.  

I was telling my younger sister that she would love working with tubes and making her own tags for her scrap booking.  The girls on the log was just a sample I made to show her.  Not too awful bad for a first try.  I did find out that PSP 9 comes with an animation feature, which I just might have to get :)  That may be the selling point!   Not that you can print the animation, but I love fooling around with pictures for the net.   After playing I went to my sisters for a steak dinner.  It was delicious!  It got a bit silly with my other sisters and family members there.  Nothing like being around family and being absolutely goofy.  We laughed, we cried, we snorted.  Oh, yeah, that is a family trait, yet no one wants to take credit.  My sister K is the winner in that department though.  Once she gets going there is no stopping her.  Ever see the hallmark commercial where the girls pass around the card?  Well, K is in it.  LOL   

I have some great pictures of family members posing with this flower, but this is the one I decided to post.  I want to live another day even if I have to work in the morning!   Off to read some journals and get caught up on things.  Night all..........  


The day after.........

I'm having a tough time getting moving this morning.  Doesn't seem to matter how many cups of coffee I have, it isn't helping.  I don't think an IV with the strongest 'bean juice' would help today.  I feel like I was hit by a Mac truck.  Call it old age, but I am whipped.  For those of you going directly to the gutter, I don't mean by a nice soft mink whip!  :)~  

Party last night was fun.  The 'bug' turned 2 and she got so many cute gifts.  Her brother is 6, and though it appears they have every toy imaginable most are his.  It was nice to her smile as she opened her girly girl things.  Frilly jammies, cute outfits, tea party set, baby dolls, Barbie dolls, a new little pink bike with a basket.  She loves the frills and enjoys dress up, heels, boa's, silly hats, and jewels.  She is all girl!  When bed time rolled around she had a helluva time deciding which new jammies she would wear.  I would not be at all surprised if she woke up later and decided to change.   

I mentioned yesterday about the cards I made her.  She absolutely loved seeing herself on the cards.  She even gave herself a little kiss.  Definitely made it worth while and wanting to learn all I can.  Not one comment about the programs though :(   I've seen so many wonderful journals out there and tons of work, I can't believe not one of you has ideas, thoughts, or suggestions.  'Cmon, help a gal out here.  And, no more teasing about being creative in the next entry ::grin::  

Going to sign off for the morning and get laundry and grocery shopping done but, before I go here is the cover of the card I made yesterday.      


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Where does the time go?

It's hard to believe it's Saturday.  Seriously, I am so glad it is-nothing like the 'ole saying TGIF, but man the last two days flew by and just didn't seem to have enough hours in the day.  Got up at my usual 5:30 on Thursday.  Did my coffee, checked mail, showered and dressed for work.  We had a little summer 'picnic lunch' at work yesterday so I busted my butt in the morning so not to get too far behind.  Funny, but no matter how hard you work you never seem to get caught up, and of course minutes before we are to break for lunch my phone rings.  ARGH!  Of course I picked it up, and handled the dire emergency on the other end.   

Lunch was pretty good.  Company has about 140 employees, give or take a few, so it was nice to be able to mingle.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have picked a better day.  A nice warm breeze coming in off the lake pushed the white puffy clouds over head around to and fro.  The grill was full of hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage.  The smell was out of this world!  I actually had to move to the other side of the grill so not to be in the direct path of the scent being blown around.  I was already hungry and that just made me want to grab a roll and pick out that sausage before it was ready.  The onion and peppers cooking in a pan at the far end of the grill was enough to make you drool.  The only thing that spoiled it was the bees.  OMG!  We found a bees nest in a nearby tree a couple days earlier.  It was high on a branch and was the size of a basketball, no kidding!  Those pesky little critters were as much attracted to the food as we were.  It wasn't long before the salads and extra's were moved inside closely followed by a line of hungry people.   

After a quick dinner of pizza my sister and I went to our 'older' sisters, cake in tow for a little birthday surprise.  My sister, K, who we lovingly call Martha had baked a cake.  To be honest I just think she had a craving for a chocolate cake and used P's birthday as an excuse!  It was nice little surprise and the cake was out of thisworld!  'Martha' drizzled it with carmel and coffee flavor.  MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm  My brother in law grabbed me rather quickly to help him with some settings on his computer.  He has no patience and generally leaves the tinkering to someone else.  Can I just say, I'd rather he not do anything because it is tough following up on someone else's 'tinkering.'  It was well after 10 when we got home and I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to play on my own computer.  I've been champing at the bit to play in Paint Shop Pro Studio and see if it will do or if I need Paint Shop Pro 9.  My brain was fried and decided to go to bed.  

Friday was a riot at work.  Yes, a riot.  Took a coworker out to lunch for her birthday and laughed so hard we were in tears.  To say nothing about having the older gentlemen sitting near by commenting on our contagious laugh.  Pasta for lunch!  It was a great little spot and ate way to much.  I'd have rather gone home to take a nice nap, but it was back to work.  It worked out nice though... a little longer lunch the usual so the afternoon flew by.  YEAH!  

So last night I tried to play with psp studio.  I had some luck with it, but every place I searched I found tutorials for PSP9.  Maybe I should go with that?  Anyone out there use them?  Familiar with both?  Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?  I'd love to do some animation, tags, use tubes, etc.   

So far today?  Well, made 2 birthday cards using PSP studio and pictures.  My great niece will be 2 and her party is today.  She absolutely loves seeing her pictures on my computer so I wasn't being cheap in making the cards, but rather giving her the favorites so she can put them up in her house!  Maybe she'll get sick of seeing them and won't ask each time she is here? ::grin::  After the cards I went shopping for her present.  Now, maybe I should say 'where did all the money go?'   LOL  I get so carried away with the kids, that as I checked out I thought cripes it's only her birthday, why did you buy so much?  I bought the stuff anyway and decided part of my Christmas shopping is done nowtoo!    

Well, this is a half ass entry but I wanted to put something in :)  Off to get dinner going and then it's off for cake and ice cream.  Maybe white cake today?  Ice cream cake?  I wonder what mood my niece is in?  I could go for something really really sweet!!   

Y'all have a great night!  I'll try and be more creative tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ask Me anything

I'm joining in the game that I saw over at Celebration of My Exhistance

The game:  ASK ME ANYTHING !!

Here's how we play:

- Ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, private or random.
- I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
- In turn, you post this message in your own blog or journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you. <hence the finer details>

Ladies and Gentleman, step right up and take a chance !!

** I will answer them in an entry early next week**

Yikes!  Should I be scared of the questions or lack of them?

A lock out for this?

I just need to say I am completely confused, and/or missing something here.  The NHL locks out the players for a year insisting a salary cap must be put into place along with some other changes.  I totally agree.  Athletes today are making way to much money and we the fans pay for it.  Sure it's entertainment and we have choices, but $11 million a year is just outrageous.  That is over $130,000 a game.  How many years does it take for the 'average Joe' to make that much?  The 'average Joe' isn't playing a game, but working hard and long hours.   

So here I sit suffering in silence as I wait for Darcy to do something.  Ok, so I am not silent!  We are in great need of a defenseman and nothing.  Hell, they haven't even signed McKee as of yet.  He hasn't played the same since his run in with Mario a couple years ago, be we need him, his knowledge, experience, and size.  Every site I visit I see nothing but negative comments about management here, about what x-players have to say about here, blah blah blah.  It is wearing thin on me!  I'm trying to stay optimistic and positive but it gets hard.   

So why am I confused? Lost?  How is it other teams can spend $5, $6, $7 million a year on one player, be right at the cap dollar and not have enough players on the roster?  Is Darcy a genius for waiting?  Will something HUGE land in our lap?  Did we lose hockey for a year to see owners not a learn a thing?  To see them continue to go and spend?  Maybe I am just frustrated waiting for my long lost love of hockey start.  I don't know, but I need something!  LOL  Do I feel better? NO!  There are 42 days until the puck drops and I have no idea what my 'boys' will look like!!!   

So many journals talking about change, and accepting it and here I whine for a little change.  Just something little.  Not just do something, anything, but to give my boys a chance in hell to compete!      

Come a long way baby............


 I found this graphic and was waiting for a good time to use it, and thought today was a good time!  I've come a long way baby!  LOL   I shiver when I think of how much I've grown over the past several years.  I can't even imagine how bitter I might be had things not gone the way they did.  It's been said things happen for a reason, and I guess that relationship happened to pull me out of a stone shell and make me live again.  I longer feel as though 'my head is stuck inside the glass'.  :)    

I got to work today and had a wonderful email that I just had to put here.  It says so much!    

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will.

You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time.

You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.

You'll fight with your best friend.

You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.

You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.

So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.    

Then I go tomy calendar and flip to the next page.  I read the quote and chuckled as it was a topic of a Journal entry I read yesterday.  Yes, I had to go back and post it as a comment.    

Ask an angel what she has and she will say, 'enough.'  Ask an angel what she needs and she will say, 'nothing.'  Ask an angel what she knows and she will say, 'only love.'    

It's been an interesting day of surprises and ironic moments to say the least.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's kind of funny

As I went searching through my discs from my old computer looking for pictures of my son I found some old writings.  They are from years gone by, old emails, old 'poems' if you can call them that.  Things I knew I had, but pushed way back in my mind and heart as I didn't think I'd be able to look at them.  I thought for sure if I ever went to 'that place' again I'd be grief stricken, paralyzed with hurt, pain, and anger.  Those little tid bits of writings were meant for someone so close to me at the time.  They will recognize them if they see them, and will know without a doubt when and where they were sent.   

A six year relationship gone up in a smoke without notice.  A disconnected phone, a change of address, email undeliverable, quitting of a job.  Never to be seen or heard from again.  Others contacting me to find them.  To no avail, gone, poof, like the smoke that filters from a blown out candle.  Swirling in the air until it is dissipated and all that is left is the faint scent and a memory.  

That was a couple years ago, and amazingly enough as I read through the words the other day I took my hand to my cheek expecting to find a tear, a dry type tear as I didn't feel it rolling down my cheek, but nothing.  I continued to read and so many thoughts flooded into my head.  They didn't make me sad, but happy for what was.  Looking back I see how much I've grown during and after that time.  How much happier I am, how much more vibrant, how I've opened my soul that you taught me was a good soul, to the world.  The time and energy you took to peel back the layers to reveal my inner self that had been hidden for so long.  

If you ever happen upon this, thank you!  Thank you for letting me learn to dance to the beat of my drum!





laying in the heat of the dark starry night,, she looks
In search for her zylver,, his presence,, strong and gentle,, her goldyn mane,, soft as satin,, as precious as silk ,,,Longs for his breath,, his knowledge,, Over fields and mountains,, destiny unknown,,,, uncharted territory,,,,,,,, Visions of past, present, and future,, complete joy, Endless passions,, for fields of paradise only found within the heart and souls of lovers, soul mates, and friends,, Knights in zylver armor,, cometh and take heart,,,, for the moons,,, and ,,, the Stars will lead you on your way

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Double Up

 Your Monday Photo Shoot: Double Up



they're sisters They laugh alike,they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike --
You can lose your mind,
When sisters are two of a kind.

Did you visit me today?



Standing at the road, the soft chirps of birds flying over head.  Through the maze of trees, the creek glistening as it sweetly kissed it's soft murky banks.  Scents of fresh cut grass, and newly forming buds.  Above, the suns warmth filtered through the film of clouds left from the earlier rain.  Cars passing by, and off in the distance the laughter of small children.  With a blink came the fog.  Slow dancing with the tree trunks, weaving itself like a fine crochet blanket over the blades of grass.  Moving towards me.  A silence.  Suddenly, a breeze.  Gently over my cheeks as though a hand caressing.  In the silence I heard my name, like the howl of a lone silver wolf.  Chills up my spine.  As quickly as it came, it was gone.  The loving arms of the water guided the fog back to it's home.  There I stood.  Did you visit me today?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

This is a shot of a beach in S. California that I had taken a couple years ago on business trip.  Obviously, it is in the early evening, with the sun setting, but it seemed fitting to compliment my earlier post about summer ending.  

Summer Days Ending..........

  I saw this graphic and started thinking, it's late August and summer is almost over.  It won't be long before the marina's are empty as people pull their boats in for the winter season.  The beaches will be just miles of sand with abandoned life guard stations.  No more speckles of colors every where you look.  Beach towels will be washed and packed away, colorful and silly umbrella's will no longer be scattered about the sand protecting elders, lovers, or just people trying to stay out of the sun.  Kids giggling and running will be a sound and sight of days gone by.  Bathing beauties will no longer be glistening in the golden sun.  Sand castles will be washed away with each passing wave and all that will be left are the memories of summer 2005.  Memories that will be stored along with memories of each and every summer of our life.   

I have so many memories of summer fun.  Growing up and camping every summer, either in a tent or pop trailer.  Later in life in RVs and rented homes on the ocean front.  Traveling through the mountains or on the coast.  Unfortunately, this summer I did no traveling.  Circumstances weren't such.  I have to say I missed it too!  This had to be the hottest summer on record, and a lot of time was spent with family and friends closer to home.  Though I did spend a couple nights in a tent, an over night stay or two at the beach in a friends back yard doesn't count.  Many a hot days where spent at my sisters in the pool.  Backyard fires in the pit.   

Aaahhh nothing like a fire!  So quiet you hear each crackle of the wood as the flames dance around the logs.  The colored tips play tag in the air above the pile.  The smoke drifts endlessly to the sky trying to reach the scattered clouds and stars.  Sparks chasing after the smoke only to disappear before they actually catch up.  A subtle dew appears on the grass along side you.  Sitting back and getting lost in the sound, sight and smell has got to be one of the most relaxing things in the world.  It wasn't always that relaxing mind you.  I remember when the kids were little and we'd be camping.  It was just the opposite, and very stressful.  Kids standing around a fire with sticks making spiders, dough boys, or toasted marshmallows can be a nightmare... no pun intended :)  No one ever got burnt, no one ever got poked, but just the same I love sitting by a fire now so much more!  

As I sit here and type this I have smells, sounds and sights of summer.  A beautiful breeze is coming through my windows.  The curtains flapping in the wind with a gentle tap as they fall back in place.  A shout here and there as families ride by on bikes.  The smell of some wonderful dinner cooking on a grill near by.  The left over scent of grass being cut.  The sky turning a bright white in the East, and an orange glow in the West as the sun slowly sets ending another day.    

Another summer day gone as fall approaches.  Kids will be in school in no time, if they aren't already.  Traffic will pick up as folks will drive instead of walk.  The hustle and bustle of life will take over the lazy days of summer.  Where does the time go?

Kids, kids, kids,,,

After my friendly little email yesterday, I decided to look back at my journal.  I only started it in June and definitely saw some progression.  Nothing fancy mind you, but improvements.  One thing I noticed was I had no pictures of my son, not anywhere. I decided I would do something about him, and that was yesterday.  I started going through my pictures, and that led to sorting through them.  I don't have many pictures on this computer as I just got it in April, so I had to go through the many discs I took off the old one.  What a riot!  

First, I was such a novice with my old camera that when I downloaded them on the old computer I never named them.  I was always in a hurry to get them on the PC, view them, and share them with family members and friends.  What a mistake!  I made a mental note when I was pulling the pictures off the old computer to never do that again.  So now with my new computer and camera, I take the time to size the pictures, name them, and make them easy to find.  

Needless to say, I spent hours yesterday looking through pictures to find a candid one of my son.  My 19 year old that hates to have his picture taken.  When I was able to sneak a picture in, he was always looking away from the camera, a sloppy action shot of sorts.  Some I can't believe I even saved.  Then there ones he knew I was taking, a nice smile and popping his mother the bird!   

Oh, he loves me, I have proof.  When he wants some favor or something I usually get, 'Please?  I'll love you forever.'  Hmmmmmmm, he better love me forever anyway!  Even this morning, I woke to my cell phone alerting me of a message.  When I looked he had sent me a text message.  'My phone is about to die, I work at 1, I love you.'  His way of letting me know he is ok, even though he isn't home at 8 am!  He and I will discuss that later :)  

He's a good kid, and occasionally I will pat myself on the back because I raised him by myself since he was 2.  He did well in school, he played baseball, soccer, and then found his true love in football.  Yes, I said football not hockey.  Hockey is an expensive sport to get into as a child, being circumstances were what they were I could not afford it.  I'm not even sure he would have played if I could.  He begged me at an early age to play football, and my answer was the same.  'No, you're not done growing and you can damage your bones.'  Then one day, I think he was 8, we were at the Dr's. office and he asked about playing.  The Dr. thought it was a great idea.  Great!  The Dr. didn't have to sit in the stands and worry about him, I did!  He graduated high school, works two jobs, and just finished a couple summer classes for college.  He had enrolled to take architecture, but decided that wasn't him and currently he is 'thinking' about what he wants to do.  One thing I know he decided, is he is not going back this fall.  I am not thrilled, but I have to trust him.  I have to give him the space to make mistakes or he will not grow.  Sure, I yelled, I screamed, I tried to talk reasonably to him, but his mind is made up.  'I'm not quitting forever, just for now, I will go back.'  Argh, that will be another entry as I could go on and on about that!  

Anyway, back to the pictures.  I was amazed at how I had so many of him when he was young, but the newer ones were comical or something I wouldn't post here.  Then I remembered my niece had sent me an email to her webshot site.  Yes, there were pictures there.  Not old ones either.  She had uploaded pictures of a graduation party we all just attended.  I went back to the site and grabbed one of hers.  So, may I present my son and my niece.............................


Saturday, August 20, 2005

No Balls!

I'm going to vent here for a second, and then let it go.  I started this journal as an experiment and to have some fun.  It wasn't to become famous or to make anyone believe I have great writing skills, or even to think in some convoluted way that my life was going to be interesting to complete strangers.  Hell, I didn't even think it would be that interesting to those that know me!  

With that said, I received an email today.  It was actually sent last evening and quite frankly it pissed me off!  I thought about posting the entire thing here, but then thought why bother, the person sending it must have sent the note and just as quickly removed the name as I tried to reply and found there is no such username.   Can I just say, NO BALLS!   

Your journal sucks!  You have no topic, and you ramble about crap.  Find a subject and stick to it!  You enter contests and can't even follow simple directions!  Why waste all our time?  Give up already.  

Interesting, eh?  Since I can't reply to the email, I will post my reply here.  I apologize in advance.  I hesitated about doing this as it is really so childish, but it sure as hell will make me feel better! :)  Since I just did a little entry for an essay contest I have to wonder if it associated with that.  I hate to think so, as it doesn't bode well for the person running the contest.  My linking to it will not either, but if they want they can delete my comment.  I just want 'you' to know you are an ass!  

First off, read the name of the journal -'this, that, & hockey' Does that or does that not tell you it's a hodge podge of topics?   

Second, get a dictionary!  journal:  a: an account of day-to-day events; b :a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly. 

It is not necessary to have one topic!  Yes, some folks write about a progression of events in their life which will keep to one or two topics, most that I have read jump all over the place.  

Third, have the balls to post a comment on the journal, in a name that others will know.  Don't hide behind a name you have deleted!  

I truly believe one should stick up for the opinions and convictions.  Have the strength and courage to reveal themselves and their thoughts.  Hiding is childish and in my opinion shows signs of being insecure.  No one person is perfect and to believe otherwise is ridiculous, so don't put yourself on a pedestal and think yourself to be better than everyone else.   

I've met several great people in these past few months because of this journal, and never in a million years expected anyone to stoop so low.  Just because you (and you know who you are) sent some nasty, uncalled for note don't think for one-second I will stop making entries.  If I feel like joining in on contests or participating in some of the fun out here in J-Land I will.  Not because I want to or expect to win, but because it is fun.  I have no idea how you found this journal, and I don't care.  If you partake in some of the things I do, grow up and have some fun.  Don't take everything so seriously.   

Let me make a suggestion or two to you.  One, let us all know who you are, especially me, so I can give credit where credit is due.  Two, if you don't like what you see here don't stop by.  I am not so desperate to have readers that I need or want the likes of you lurking around.  Three, knock yourself down a few pegs, you do not belong anywhere near where you've put yourself!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A little hockey.........

Well, I can be happy and clap that almost all the boys are signed.  Jay McKee is still looking for a long term deal and did not sign his qualifying offer.  Now it's back to the table with hopes that they can get a deal done, and soon.  Though, I don't think Jay has played the same since his collision with Mario a few years back we need his body on the blueline.  With that said, he can't head up the defense by himself and I would hope Darcy would get a gritty Dman in here!   

I'm guessing we are probably right around $28 million without Jay's contract, and the cap is $39.  I know they won't break the bank, but awhile back they said they wanted to be around $32.  It gives some wiggle room and hope they take advantage.  I am somewhat pleased with the line up, but damn I want a winner!  It's really hard to evaluate the team without seeing them play.  New rules, I just hope the enforce the old ones!  

When is opening day?


August's Artsy Essay

August's Artsy Essay <--- click to read all about it and enter :)

I believe............  

I thought about this topic for a few hours off and on and then put it in the back of mind while I dealt with real life issues.  A couple days past, and then today I thought about it again.  We all have so many beliefs, some we share, some we will fight with a passion to the bitter end to have someone share that belief, some we just tuck away and leave in the depths of our souls for only us to know.  

I wrestled with what belief I would share here and remembered my Tuesday.  Yes, just a couple of days ago.  My weekend was horrible, and the work week started out just as bad.  I wanted to rant to anyone who would listen about how unfair life is, how sometimes it sucks, how I wish I could wiggle my nose and have all my dreams come true. Then.... Tuesday.  

My 19 year old son called me in a panic.  He had told his cousin he would watch her daughter from 2-7, but got called into work and wouldn't be able to do it.  He felt horrible that he had to back out on her and didn't have her number.  'Mom, can you call her?'  Well, of course, I came to the rescue.   I called my niece explained the situation and told her to have 'great grandma' watch her until I got out of work and I'd pick her up on my way home.  Argh!  I really didn't want to do that.  I love my niece and my great niece, but I was miserable, crabby, and just not in the mood to deal with a child that wasn't even two.   

I finished out my day and drove to my mothers.  As I pulled into the cul-de-sac I could see my younger sister in the driveway playing with the little one.  They had been drawing on the driveway with chalk.  I could just imagine the thoughts going through my dads head.  At 75 the last thing he wanted was colorful scribbleson his driveway.  Don't get me wrongweonly call him 'grump' as a joke, but he already raised 7 kids and had his fair share of 'messes' to clean up.   

When I pulled in the driveway I saw this little curly head face look up and smile a smile that could melt your heart.  She didn't run to the car, but rather stood there calling my name and giggling.  When I got out of the car she ran to me and handed me a piece of chalk 'help' she said.  I bent down and drew the only thing I knew I could, an elephant's butt!  We giggled together and went inside to gather her belongings.  Bag upon bag of toys, clothes, diapers, car seat, you name it she had it.  The whole time she squealed 'ride, ride, ride.'  We packed the car and went on our merry way.  

Once at home we had a quick dinner, her favorite, spagetti-os.  Not something I preferred but with short notice and being a little later than her normal dinner hour it was quick.  We sat at the table, well she stood.  She wanted nothing to do with the phone book on her chair.  She probably wore more dinner than she got in her mouth but she absolutely refused my help.  Each time I asked or tried I got a big healthy, NO!  She helped me clean up by grabbing the broom and sweeping the same spot as I cleared the table and got the dishes in the dishwasher.  She asked for 'toons', but just my luck the cable had to be out and I was lucky if I got two channels, neither being the cartoon network.  I grabbed the radio and chuckled to myself as I said, 'how 'bout these tunes?'  We danced for a bit, but soon she wanted to move on to something else.  We played with the toys, read a book, or should I say looked at pictures, played with more toys, looked at the pictures on the computer, so on so forth...  Hard to believe but it was almost 9 by the time her mother got there.  Where did the time go?  It felt as though she was there only a matter of minutes.  

So, what is my belief you ask?  My belief is that the innocence of a child is the most heart warming thing in life.  In a matter of minutes of being with her I forgot my troubles, my crabbiness melted with her first smile.  The feel of her against me as we sat in the chair rapidly looking at each picture in the book erased all the muscle stress.  The smell of her curls as she cuddled closer to me as we giggled at the pictures on the computer made the smell of roses pale in comparison.   She has a very limited vocabulary, but when she talks she says something, even if it is only a word or two.  She says she trusts you without question, she believes you will take care of her without a second guess, and yes she loves you unconditionally.  Life is so precious.  Every adult should enjoy the company of a child. Savor the innocence and forget the worries of the day.  

Writing this today had Tuesday flood back to me.  Sure I was exhausted after she left, but it was a good exhausted.  I spent several hours with a child and remembered the simple things in life and enjoyed them.  No controversial topic or belief, just a plain and simple belief that children should be cherished and enjoyed, they grow up way to fast and have to deal with that life that is so unfair!

        How can a face like that not make you melt?  Anyone notice the shoes??  Tell me that isn't enough to bring a smile to any face?


UPDATE:   I am not sure if this directly relates to this entry or not, but the timing leads me to believe it does.  It's very sad to say the least, but I needed to vent.  I'm so sorry my intent is not for drama but to get it off my chest.  That is what journals about, right?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hockey update..... or lack there of

Well, I haven't posted much on hockey lately.  To my disappointment there really isn't much happening with my team.  I am not sure what I expected, but I thought this free agency would be fun, and it really hasn't turned out that way.   Down deep I knew management would not break the bank to get big name free agent players signed.  We've got a new owner who just pulled the team out of the depths of bankruptcy.  Surely he would want to get things back on track, compete, and grow back to the team it once was.  Of course, not all this happening this season just because of the new CBA, but over time.  Something the fans here have been waiting on for yours.  

But nothing?  They picked up Teppo Numminen who played with Dallas in 2003-2004.  He is in his late 30's and missed part of the last season due to a heart condition.  Sure he has been cleared by doctors to play and surely passed a physical, but not really the defenseman I was hoping for.   Fans all over the area are screaming and complaining.  Many agree with the article by Tom Doran.  I have mixed feelings on it, as much of it is true, but they are my boys and I want to be more optimistic.  

There are still several RFA that have not accepted their qualifying offers. Restricted Free Agents: Maxim Afinogenov, Milan Bartovic, Daniel Briere, Tim Connolly, J.P. Dumont, Paul Gaustad, Jochen Hecht, Jeff Jillson, Ales Kotalik, Jay McKee, Sean McMorrow, Jason Pominville, Michael Ryan, Henrik Tallinder.
None have filed for arbitration, but the offers expire on Monday, August 15.  Then what?  I think they have until Dec 1 to sign.  Their rights are still the Sabres, but what good is it if they aren't on the ice?  Argh!  That is frustrating, 50 some days until the puck drops and I feel my excitement slipping away.

On another note, the Bills had their first preseason game against the Colts last night, winning 17-10.  The offense started out extremely slow, and this against a depleted Colts defense.  JP Losman played the entire first half and a couple series in the 2nd.  His play did improve over time, finished 11-for-19 for 88 yards and a touchdown pass to Lee Evans.  The defense was awesome!  Willis only played a short time, had 4 carries for 16 yards.  At one point he did limp off the field, but came back for a play or two and then was done.  Of course Manning played for a very short time and after taking a sack stepped off the field and left the playing to others.   It was only preseason and hopefully the next game won't be as ugly.

A new day


I think I am doing better today.  Thoughts of the early morning conversation from yesterday seep in every once in a while, but I'm about over it :)  I'm a good person, a good friend, dependable and caring.  Their loss not mine!  

Today it is overcast with rain on and off since I've been up.  Actually cool outside.  I haven't felt chilled in months and to be honest I sit in front of the window and savor the cool breeze coming in.  This summer, it's been said, has been the hottest ever on record.  Water level is down and many towns are putting a ban on washing cars, watering lawns, etc.  Hard to believe that the melting of the winter snow did not take care of the levels, but with virtually no rain in months and the hot temps it has all disappeared.  Sure, I know where it went.  We've been breathing in that humidity!!  

My girlfriend is coming over today.  She is in dire need of changing jobs and with her computer biting the dust we will get things in order on mine.  Update the resume, search out some potentials and just hang out for the day.  I haven't seen her in months and it will be nice to just hang out.  The cooler temps will definitely make it easier to be inside.  Hell we might even be able to cook a good dinner - using the oven!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


The act or state of expecting or looking forward to an event as about to happen.  That which is expected or looked for. The prospect of the future; grounds upon which something excellent is expected to happen; prospect of anything good to come


My day trip to Rochester was cancelled so I decided maybe I could put an entry into my journal since it had been a couple days.  I wasn’t real sure what I was going to write, but after I got moving, cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, showered and started the laundry I decided maybe I would just ramble.........


Plans had been made for me to go to Rochester to meet up with some friends.  Spend the day lazily, possibly browsing a craft show and listening to music, dinner, and home again.  I got a call about 8:15 this morning to cancel. 


In all my years I’ve never had anyone tell me they weren’t ready to be friends, but in a nutshell that is what the call was.  To give you a bit of background, a friend of mine had introduced me to friend of hers.  We’d all gotten together before, I’ve talked to this man on the phone on several occasions and we shared chats on line and joke emails etc.  Today wasn’t a date, wasn’t thought to be a date, or expected to be one.  The four of them had come here last time so I was going to drive there this time.  We have/had plans for them to come down on Labor Day for a free concert, so I thought ok, fair enough, my turn to do the driving.


I am not real sure what happened.  We firmed up plans last evening at 10-10:30.  It was all set and I would get there about 1-2 this afternoon.  No expectations, but apparently there were some I missed or something I said or did that led on that I had them.  I am not some drop dead gorgeous blonde, nor is my personality so magnetic that one would automatically be drawn in and entangled in a web they could not get out of.  No ulterior motives, just a few friends hanging out for a day.  What’s the big deal?  Apparently, I am missing something and a friendship at this point is not a good thing.  I suppose I will be free for Labor Day too. 


I’m not angry, but I am a bit disappointed that my weekend plans changed so quickly, and I guess a bit hurt that I can’t be considered a friend, or that someone doesn’t want me to be.  I’ve never experienced this before and to be honest it is a weird feeling.  Maybe I am just over analyzing or over reacting, but I am in a weird place this afternoon.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Kicking back.........

Well, it is definitely time for a frozen drink!!                       

I'm going to kick back and relax.  You all have a great Sunday!

Car is home........

Yes, my car is parked snugly in my driveway where it belongs.  I was able to pick up late yesterday afternoon, and it runs like a charm.  I am not as happy as this entry might imply and I will be compiling a letter as soon as I can calm down a bit and get my thoughts in order.  

My car gets towed to the dealer on Thursday night.  I get a call at 10pm on Friday with the news.  It turns out it is not my cluster at all, but my alternator!  Yes, you heard me right, my alternator.  The thing I told them it was on Tuesday.  'no ma'am not the battery nor your alternator.  It's your cluster and it's safe to drive until we can get the part in.'    

 Needless to say the alternator was covered under the extended warranty with a $50 deductible.  The battery is not.    'Excuse me, when I took the car earlier in the week you misdiagnosed the problem, and with that the exact thing I told you it was caused my battery to die, dead as a door nail, and you want to charge me for a new one?'   'Ma'am I'm sorry the battery is never covered.'


I am hopping mad.  I mean had it just happened that my car died I would be fine, but I had 3 people tell me my battery was fine, the dealer being one of them.  Two days later when my car dies because the alternator in fact was bad all of a sudden I have to buy a new one.  Hell it was there!  They should have looked a bit further before sending me on merry way.  

I didhave a few scheduled maintenance things done while it was there, but I can't get over the fact that I am paying for their mistake.  Not only monetary but the fact that I was stranded in a seedy part of town waiting on a tow truck.      

Friday, August 5, 2005

Cluster F....... oh that is so true!!!

Update on the car.  I cannot believe this either!!  Just to bring you back to speed, I took my car back on Tuesday as they said it was ok to drive and it would be 2-3 days for the part to get in.  It had to be specially ordered for my car.  

Everything was fine, except the battery light was still on.  I drove a bit on Tuesday to do some errands.  Wednesday, back and forth to work.  Thursday to work.  I leave work and start the car, no battery light.  Went to the nearby hospital to pick up my sister from work to take her home.  Still no battery light.  Smooth sailing........ oh that is a joke of all jokes!  

Driving along on the main route to get on the thruway, no issues until my anti lock break light clicks on.  Ok, no big deal, they said the cluster might cause these lights to go on and off.  Off it goes, on comes my air bag light.  Then my radio starts sounding funky, like it's really not coming in faint and static.  I turn it off.  All my gages and needles on my dash go off.  How 'bout that I am going 0 miles per hour and on empty.  I turn off the air and tell my sister, we'll just open windows and I'm not getting on the thruway.  I go to open her window and it whines at me, moving very slowly.  I get it open about 2 inches.  My window was already open about that far, but the back windows, nothing. I hit my blinker to get in the left lane so I can make a turn to go home the back way. No blinker.  Oh shit, this is not good!  Get in the left lane, make my left turn.  I get stuck at a red light.  Light turns green, I stall.  Turn my key, tick tick tick, Damn it all!  Sure as hell sounded like my battery was dead.  What did they tell me Tuesday?  Oh yeah, that's right.  'Your battery is fine, your alternator is fine.'  

My sister has never driven in her life.  I have absolutely no power, no flashers, NOTHING.  I can't decide if she should try and steer with no power and I push, or vice versa.  It's rush hour traffic and I am in the midst of the Thursday night outdoor concert additional traffic.  Shit!  Well, that isn't exactly what I said, but I will keep it clean.  All of sudden my oil light comes on, then off.  Then my door ajar light, on and off.  Hmmm a little power.  I turn the key and I start right up.  I put it in drive and go maybe a block and a half before I thump and quiver.  I have a light show going on my dashboard, my car is sputtering and I know I'm about to die,  I pull over and park.  I am freaking at this point.  I am not in the best part of town, I have no power.  It's a 100 freakin degrees in my car and here come two big 'ole guys.  Looking like hoodlums with their pants barely above their thighs, wife beater tanks, gold chains, tattoos, do rags on their heads cussing up a storm and bopping down the street towards us.  Of course they walked right by, but it wasn't the most comfortable situation.   

I call the dealer, arrange for a tow.  Now mind you this is 2 days after they said it was fine to drive.  I was pissed.  Sweat is pouring down my back, my sister is about panting.  I tell her to open her door.  We needed more air then the little crack in the windows was supplying.  Now here come some teenagers, swinging some type of rope.  Laughing and staring.  After they pass the car they turn and look back.  I'm thinking oh damn here we go.  Tow truck where are you?????  

At this point at least my flashers came on. I didn't want to try and open windows further as it was looking pretty threatening out and I didn't want them stuck open and have the sky open up.  I finally see the flashers coming down the street.  We're saved!  LOL But I'm still waiting for my father to get there so we can get home.  Mr. Tow Driver hooked up my car and politely said 'Don't worry, I won't leave the two of you standing on the corner looking like prostitutes.'  I wanted to hug him!  Found out his name was Lenny and he was great!  Waited until my dad got there before he left and took my car straight to the dealers.  

Now, it's well past 24 hours since the dealer had my car.  I called about 3:30 and they still hadn't even looked at it.  They had appointments you know.  Hell with that, my car was in there Tuesday and you said it was ok, had that not happened I wouldn't be in this situation. 

'Sorry ma'am.' 

Oh, I wanted to lay in to him, but thought better.  They still have my car and they have all the control!  So I ask the guy, 'tell me this, do you have the cluster in?'   

Well, he hesitated and then replied with, 'no ma'am that will take 2 weeks at least.'

I bit my tongue, literally!  Said thank you and hung up.  I have to say I've never been so disappointed and pissed!  It's now after 8 and I have still not heard back from them. I called maybe at 6 and he told me they had in the shop and he would call me when he had answers.  I have one car, the one they have.  I need to know the situation so I can evaluate what I have to do.  No car for two weeks?  Oh that is so not acceptable! Yet, here I sit with no control and no idea.  Friday night and waiting to hear something, anything.  Well, not anything.  What I'd like to hear is 'ma'am we found this is what caused things to go, it is covered under the warranty and it also caused your cluster go short out so everything is covered.'  

Yet, I feel like this is the guy at the service counter................................


Wednesday, August 3, 2005

NightmareMom is born

I've had many inquiries about how I came up with my username, and decided I would post a little bit about it.  It all started way back in 1992.  A guy I worked with thought I was way to over protective of my son, who was 6 at the time.  He and I became good friends and he would tease me about being a 'nightmare Mom.'  It was a pretty funny joke back then.  He was a single guy, no kids, and didn't really understand what I was going through as a single Mom.  He lived out of state and took my son under his wing of sorts.  As he traveled, he would buy him T-shirts, post cards, and small trinkets.  My son thought he was the greatest!  Of course, he also taught my son the nickname he so lovingly gave me.  It would be silly most of the time, but there were occasions were my son did not get what he wanted and he'd reply, "Mom, you really are a nightmare mom." I came to love the name!  When my answer to my son was going to be no I'd ask, "Who you talking to?"  He never got the no, but he knew exactly what I meant.  


Fast forward to spring of 1996 (I think).  My ex-husband, who also lived out of state, started working for CompuServe as a tech.  CompuServe was going to be unveiling a new online service.  It was supposed to be the best, so innovative, and unlimited charges.  He thought it would be so great to communicate with our son online (another story).  He built a computer, nothing fancy, but it worked and sent the disc for the service.  Back then I had heard nothing but horror stories about the Internet.  How folks would stalk you, try to get your information, even send you porn, and that you had to be careful with what you did, etc.  

I was a naive, yet pretty excited about trying something new.  When I got the disc, I installed it and set things up.  I had to have a username.  I sat staring at the screen as all the warnings flooded into my mind.  Don't use your name, don't use something that is traceable, don't, don't don't.   

I'm not sure how long I sat that before I was hit with a ton of bricks, square in the forehead, but it did come to me.  Use NightmareMom, surely no one would bother you. So there in March/April of 1996 NightmareMom was born on WoW, by CompuServe. I think I was fairly close to being one of the first users.  I think as I searched I only found like 16 chat rooms, and very few folks in them.  I was afraid to go in, of course, but I did look.   

Some folks out there may actually remember WoW!  As I became more comfortable I did venture out and found some great people.  It seemed everyone knew everyone as we grew together.  The service wasn't the greatest.  It was cheap and fun.  Mail more often then not, did not work.  If you left a room you may never get in again, and how many nights you would get kicked off but your ghost stayed and you would have to sign on under a different name.  Looking back I have some great memories!  

I remember my first experience in a chat room.  I sat and watched as folks talked nonsense.  I had such a hard time following the flow of the conversation and all these abbreviations......... LOL... BRB...... TTYL............ LMAO.  I sat for a few minutes before I had the nerve to ask what the hell all that meant.   

NightmareMom:  What is LOL?  

DaddyDear:  Laughing out loud  

Call it what you want, but I just thought that was too weird, but what was even weirder is we became great friends.  Nightmaremom and Daddydear.  Late night chats, and learning the ins and outs of both computers and the Internet.  I think the majority of my computer talents were taught by WoW members.   

I remember talking to a member that I had met to walk me through setting another chat program.  I think it was freenet? It allowed you to have private IMs like AIM and also had voice where you could talk live.  Needless to say my computer was to slow to do the voice, but it was exciting learning about different things.   

Well, I think it was Jan of 1997 WoW was calling it quits.  AOL was going unlimited and so many of us 'WoWies' were going to AOL.  Most tried to keep some variation of their name to make it easier for us to find each other.  I, of course, had to keep my name!  There was no doubt about it!  To my amazement, I couldn't.  I had to change it as AOL did not allow that many characters.  I found a variation and used it until AOL changed the character limit, then I changed completely.  

So there you have it.  How NightmareMom was born :)  She lives and will live!  LOL I still keep in touch with so many of the WoWies.  Some have long since disappeared, some just hide, some, well who knows.  Life moves forward and so do we, but something's will always remain in our heart and thoughts.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Thank You!


I wanted to send a thank you out to all those that helped me get this journal started.  I appreciate all the help and the tips.  Most of all thanks for the lesson on how to get the sound on here!  That I love and I will update the music, sound bites, etc., every so often.   

                              Thank you for all the help!!!  

Song currently playing is Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  One of my all time favorite tunes.

Hockey..... Ouch! ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  I am getting a little antsy with the free agency happenings, or should I say lack there of by Darcy.  The Sabres right now look exactly as they did two years ago with the exception of Miro, the top scorer for years, and Z, the most played Dman, gone.  We are in need of defense and nothing seems to be happening right now.  Yes, I know it takes time and I know it started out slowly for everyone, but today there seems to be some action and we aren't part of it.  I like Darcy, but I want to see something.  If they can't sign Miro for the sole purpose of picking up D, it needs to happen and soon!   

I cringed when I saw Chicago signed Aucoin, as I thought he would be a good addition.  There are still some strong guys out there, but I am antsy!  

Some of the recent transactions are listed below.

Atlanta Thrashers - Signed unrestricted free agent forward Bobby Holik.

Boston Bruins - Re-signed free agent winger Glen Murray. Signed free agent winger Shawn McEachern.

Chicago Blackhawks - Signed unrestricted free agent defenseman Adrian Aucoin.

Detroit Red Wings - Re-signed unrestricted free agent Steve Yzerman.

Los Angeles Kings - Sign winger Pavol Demitra. Sign free agent goaltender Jason LaBarbera.

Ottawa Senators - Re-signed unrestricted free agent Denis Hamel.

Philadelphia Flyers - Signed unrestricted free agent defensemen Derian Hatcher, Mike Rathje and Chris Therien. Signed free agent forward Jon Sim. Traded defenseman Danny Markov to Nashville for a 3rd round pick in 2006.

St. Louis Blues - Signed free agent forward Trent Whitfield.

Boston Bruins - Acquired winger Brad Isbister from the Edmonton Oilers for a fourth round pick in 2006.

Columbus Blue Jackets - Signed unrestricted free agent Adam Foote, Re-signed unrestricted free agent Francois Beauchemin.

Florida Panthers - Signed unrestricted free agents Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts.

Los Angeles Kings - Signed unrestricted free agent Tom Kostopoulos.

Minnesota Wild - Signed unrestricted free agent Andrei Nazarov.

St. Louis Blues - Signed unrestricted free agent Aaron Downey.

Extended Warranties?!?!

Just have to say I am extremely PO'd right now.  I bought a car at the end of 2002.  It was used, but it is a 2002.  I purchased the extended warranty to safe guard myself.  I've had no issues.  A dummy light here, a dummy light there.  Each time I took the car, nothing wrong and they reset things.  On my merry way I'd go.  Well, the other night we got a hit with one storm that was unreal.  It looked like a monsoon outside.  Rain flying in every direction, the wind knocking over everything in sight.  It only last about 15-20 minutes, but it was a fierce summer storm.  I got in my car after the rain subsided and on comes my battery dummy light.  It flickered a couple times and off it went.  I thought maybe with all the rain it got wet or something.  The next day on my way to work it went on and off a couple times.  Then off completely.  Late Friday night on it comes again.  So I stop at the local Auto Zone and have them check the battery.  
"It's fine ma'am, but you might want to look into your alternator"

Knowing I had the extended warranty I got the car into the dealer.  Or course, they couldn't get me in immediately and I had been driving very little.  No radio, no air, and quick trips.  If it was my alternator I was afraid my battery would lose it's charge and I'd be in deep do do on the expressway or something.  Don't you know it, every time I drove my car I was next to the loudest or stinkiest car in the world.  Paranoia would sink in thinking it was my car.  I dropped the car off last night.  All the way to the dealers I would hear a sound, get a whiff of some stench, and wonder "what the hell is that?"  Then the dump next to me would move on or turn and all was back to normal.  This morning bright and early the dealer called.  

"Ma'am your battery is fine.  Your alternator is fine"

I felt a tension go right up my back, as I knew something wasn't right. "Well, what's the damage?" I asked

"There is a short in your cluster, and it needs to be fixed.  Unfortunately, it is not covered under your warranty."

"So what's the damage?"

"Ma'am, it will be $600"

I felt every muscle tense up, I felt my head start to spin and all I could think was, yep that's a cluster f!

"You've got to be kidding" I whined in the phone.  "I've had this car less then 3 years, and bought the warranty to avoid a bill like that.  What about the other 3 times I had it in there for the other dummy lights?  Don't you think.......... blah blah blah"   

I could feel my blood pressure rising, and my face turning red.  I was furious!  I tried not to take my anger out on the service guy, but I know some of it came across.  After a bit more conversation I decided to call the extended warranty place.  I wanted answers as to why every other thing was covered but the main cluster.  I called and after a good 30 minutes, some of it being on hold I was told it wasn't covered but the customer service rep I was talking to had called the dealer and they were going to work on getting some type of break.  I'd been with the same dealer for over 20 years.  Every car I bought or leased went through them.  They would consider it because of my loyalty.  It would take a week or so to get an answer, but my car was safe to drive for now.  

My initial intent of this entry, to be honest, was to bitch about the money I spent on the extended warranty and that it really got me nothing when it came down to it.  Sure I used it for a few minor things in the past, but $600 is a lot of money and I was furious that the major component wasn't covered.  I say my initial intent was that because as I typed this the dealer called.  The young service guy I spoke to earlier today let me know that they did get through to the powers that be and got a call right back.  They worked things out over the phone and my cost has been cut in half.  The dealer decided to split the cost with me.  Now, I am still not happy about the whole situation, but I have to commend the dealership on their public relations and customer service.  I still have anger over the warranty coverage though.