Monday, April 30, 2007

~ Be Happy ~


Yes, I can say that now.  I will tell you I was absolutely wild for the past several hours, and I could have easily looked like a crying Minnie.  You all know I had issues yesterday.  The more I mentioned it the more I heard how others had problems too.  I was told it related to cable connection, DSL, and Dial Up.  I am on cable and could not figure a connection between all 3 but was assured it was an area issue and no one could help.  I was so frustrated.  I could get to a main web page a good portion of the time, but if I clicked on a link, nothing.  I'd get a blank white page and it said done.  Yeah, done like toast.  Burnt toast!  If I wanted to log into a secure site I could just forget it.  The boxes to enter my information didn't even appear.  Funny thing neither did the ads on AOL.  LOL  Upload.  Not on your life!  I was lucky enough to get a few up yesterday but today I had the same issues.  I was so pissed off.  I dropped more 'f bombs' in the past 2 days.  Journals?  Oh yeah right!  Once every say 10 alerts I got I could visit the journal.  Maybe 3 I could comment on.  I had more alerts in my in-box then I care to admit.  It was a waste of time to be here to say the least.  Then the evening news said if it was a cable connection, reboot and disconnect the modem.  Wait a few minutes and plug back in and start up.  Well, I did that yesterday a couple times and again today.  Did freakin nothing!   So I go to the cable company web site.  They are in the process of changing over to another company but not everyone is 'moving' at once.  I check my zip code and it says I've not been changed.  So I go to their tech support.  Hey what else do I have to do besides sit there and wait?  I mean why would I be surprised that no other page works but that one does.  Minutes turn to hours and now it's becoming more about principle.  Finally I get help.  I got through all that I've done only to be told I was switched over and I had to go to other companies support area.  OMG!  Can you say smoke out the ears?  Eyes bulging?  Blood pressure going sky high?  I gave that tech a few choice words and a good piece of my mind.  Why did they not have that on the main page?  I checked and it said no.  How stupid is that?  They could avoid so much trouble if they just posted additional information on their main page.  Or at least updated it.  I went to the other companies tech support.  Five minutes tops.  I was fixed.  She said she couldn't see me connected.   I shut down my firewall, went to one site.  POOF there in a heartbeat... just like it always had been.  Turned firewall back on and presto I was as good as gold.  I was appreciative to the girl who helped the second time and wrote a wonderful note complimenting her.  The company before?  Oh they got an earful.  Can you say credit?  BIG Credit!    With all that said and done I have to wonder how many folks know how they are actually connected to the Internet.   Kind of cracks me up.  Either way I am fixed and will spread the word.  If you are in my area and the cable connection is changing try turning off the firewall for a minute go to site and then turn it back on.  The girl in tech support assured me she did nothing on her end.  Things just needed to recognize each other.  Soooooooooooo I am happy.  I'm tired.. but I'm happy. 


I'm off to bed... will wake up happy.... now this just better work in the am.  LOL Hope you all had a good day.  I will try to catch up on journals during the week.  I know I emailed some of you when I could actually get to your journal but couldn't comment. 





DsDesignsBetteDavis.gif  <--- me after the night I had with tech support.  Notice the stiff drink  ::wink::




~ No Patience Left ~


NOTE:  This is the entry I did last night but was unable to post for whatever reason.  I gave up and went to bed after several attempts.  I am not sure things are any better today but I am trying anyway. 


The graphics are in no way going to convey my mood.  I love them, and think they are nice and relaxing.  I made them with the intent of having a happy entry not a bitchy one.  I woke up happy with the sun shining and a bright blue sky.  It went down hill from there.  I logged on to my computer and nothing wanted to work.  I shut down and tried again.  Zilch!  I could get on line and check mail but any web site I went to either timed out or just never opened.  Then I'd have a bright spot and get through for a bit, then back to the same thing.  Needless to say I was getting pissed.  I thought it was me so I cleaned out stuff, burned graphics and removed them. did a scan, defrag, you name it.  Logged back on and same old shit! 


I was frustrated over the game.  I know I was a bit hard on the boys in my earlier post, but I hate when the lose.  LOL  Yeah yeah I know they don't like it either.  I want this to be the year.  I want them to dominate.  Ok, I'm breathing here now no worries.


I tried to load my graphic for the my entry on the game about 6ish, do you think I could.  Hell no!  I just timed out.  I shut down.  Disconnected and refreshed my connection.  Tried again.  DAMN IT what is going on?  I asked around and apparently it was me and not AOL.  I thought about just saying F' it but I am to damn stubborn about things like that.  I want it to work and by gawd it's going to.   My sister came home and told me of issues they had at the mall.  Apparently systems crashed all over and they had a hard time with credit cards or checking things at other stores via the Internet.  My other sister was having issues with the Internet at her house.  Ok, so maybe it was not me.  I bitched and moaned with a friend in email and poof my graphics loaded.  All of them.  YEAH!   Then I went to do the entry.  LMAO I wanted to cry.  CRASH.  No such luck.  Tried and tried and it finally took.  I decided I would test my luck and see if this would go too.  ROFLMAO you'll know if it does.


I'm off to bed this has just given me a big 'ole nasty attitude.  Hope everything went better at your house.








Sunday, April 29, 2007

~ Double OT ~


The Rangers were a bit desperate today.  No way in hell did they want to go down in the series 3-0.  The first period was close and lots of up and down action.  I thought the boys looked out of it.  Passes were not crisp and they looked tired.  Sure maybe the travel on the normal day off, but damn it's only an hour flight, and the Rangers had to travel too.  Mid way through the second Jagr put the Rangers on the board.  He was a man on a mission after being more or less shut down the first two games.  I've always said he was great player when he wants to be, today he wanted to be.  The boys went 1 for 9 on the power play.  Totally unacceptable.  Some of those they didn't even get a shot on net.  The Rangers wanted this bad.  The second ended with them up 1-0.  Mid way through the third the boys came to life on the power play and Danny Briere scored.  Game tied at 1 when the third period ended.  In the playoffs when a game is tied they go into sudden death overtime.  Each period is 20 minutes, unless someone scores.  The first OT was a wild flurry near both nets.  Goalies stood on their head and kept the game intense.  The boys, well honestly they had no business being there, but they looked like just might pull the comeback off, when Derek Roy hit the post with a shot that came oh so close to going in. The first OT ended and another 15 minute break before they made their way to the ice.  You know fatigue is setting in at this point and it's a matter of mistakes and who makes less of them.  With about 4 minutes left in the second OT the Rangers scored to end the game.  Score 2-1 Rangers, series 2-1 Buffalo.  Game 4 will be at MSG on Tuesday.  Game fours are considered to be pivotal with a lot at stake.  The boys don't want to let the Rangers stick around and tie the series and the Rangers don't want Buffalo to go up 3-1.  Should prove to be interesting.  All season long the Sabres wanted to keep from losing 2 in a row.  They were pretty successful for the most part.  Lets hope they can regroup, get focused and come out strong for a win. 


Saturday, April 28, 2007

~ Pollywogs & Tadpoles ~


Day was good.  I got my errands done.  Laundry folded, washed, dried, and even folded again.  LOL  I hate that I never folded the last loads I did, but there never seemed to be enough time.  It's all put away too.  YEAH!  Got some shopping done, and even watched both hockey games.  Well, most of them anyway.  They were on but I couldn't just sit glued to the TV.  I have my boys tomorrow and nothing gets done while they are on so I had to finish up today.  No worries as it rained all day.  Gloomy and dingy with fog rolling in and out.  Not a bad day for laundry I guess.


I saw this first picture and immediately went back to my childhood.  The scene I remember is totally different actually, but some how it reminded me of those days long ago.  I grew up in a fairly small 'burb of Buffalo, not far from where I live now.   The development consisted of 4 and 1/2 streets, all connected about half way down by a grassy cut through.  At the end of the streets there was a small playground, a baseball diamond, a swamp type pond that was actually just run off and some woods further back.  Beyond the woods completely out of view was the fenced in highway.  The neighborhood was full of kids and everyone knew everyone else.  Even the older kids, but that is most likely because we all had siblings and it was inevitable there was someone the same age.  The playground area was never quiet winter or summer.  Kids playing pick up ball, playing on the swings, tag or hide in seek in the woods. 


The 'swamp pond' was always a buzz.  In the winter we skated and the boys played hockey from early morning until late at night.  The town even supplied a light for the dark evenings.   Hmmm suppose that was the beginning of my passion?  Damn straight!  LOL  In the summer you'd always find kids at the edge or walking throughthe water.  Bucket and net in hand.  With or without shoes.  We'd make our way through the weeds and slime looking for pollywogs.  It was not a hard search as they were plentiful.  We'd capture them, put them in a bucket and take them home to the joy of our mothers.  We'd wait and watch as they turned in to frogs.   Sometimes the boys would come and dump them out and watch them flip and flop looking for water.  Not to be cruel to the poor animals, but more to antagonize a girl they had a crush on. They would get attention this way.  I know there were times that mothers got blamed too.  Once they the ones that survived morphed, we'd set them free only to start the cycle over.  :::sigh::: those were the days.


Today?  The neighborhood is still there.  I still have folks I know living there and have driven down the streets.  Yeap, being nosey to see the changes in my old house.  See what might be happening.  The world has changed.  The trees that lined the street when I grew up are mostly gone.  Houses painted a different color, windows changed out, front porches added. The grassy cut through is gone.  Land was sold and bought, fenced in, paved as an extra driveway.  No more an easy access to the next street.  The end of the street has been forever changed.  Each street now has a paved circle so buses and cars can easily turn around.   The 'turnaround' at the end of my street?  Well it covered the 'swamp pond'.  The playground is a bit more modern but appears to be so much smaller.  The baseball diamond is still there.  They also added a covered shelter of sorts and a basketball court.  The woods are gone.  The trees and over grown bushes cut completely down.  A clear view to the highway now.  Kids?  I rarely see any.  During the summer nights you may catch a league game on the baseball diamond but I've never seen a group of 20+ kids play a pick up game like in my day.  Never see anyone in the shelter or on the basketball court.  On occasion I might see a young mother with a young child at the playground.  It's lonely and empty.   No screaming, laughing, or noise of playful children,  just the quiet breeze and the cars passing by way back on the highway. The world has changed.


I hope everyone had a great Saturday and can enjoy a peaceful Sunday.  I should get to bed but I feel wired for sound.  Maybe that last cup of coffee earlier.  Though it generally doesn't bother me I think maybe this time it did.  Or it's anticipation of the game tomorrow.   Either way it's time to sign off.








~ Good Morning.... this and that ~


Good Morning!!  Been awhile since I've done an entry about something other then hockey.  It's playoff time as you know, and it takes over my life ::giggle::  I know by the time I get this posted it probably won't be morning any longer, but who cares?   I wanted to use the rain graphic and by golly I'm going to.  It is raining here this morning and a bit chilly, but it is making my surroundings absolutely beautiful, or will when the sun does come out.  As I made my morning coffee looking out the window across my backyard I smiled.  Not because it was raining, but because signs of spring were every place I looked.  The patch work of green on the lawn.  It is evident in the colors where the dog upstairs fertilized throughout the long winter months.  The patch of woods beyond my yard is full of color.  Green leaves have already sprouted on some of the bushes, different colored buds on the trees fill the skyline.  There are some bushes back there that actually appear to be red.  Not so much the buds or leaves, but the actually branches.  I have no idea what they are but it makes for a nice accent to different greens.  White and orange blossoms on other trees.  It's magnificent and it seemed to happen over night.  I will try to grab a picture later.  I need to get these lazy bones in gear first!


This week was so draining to say the least.  The effects of Saturday lasted well into the week.  I think I've finally gotten back to normal, whatever that might be.  Work was work, and it was hard concentrating from time to time.  I am not sure why, maybe because I was tired.  I know each evening when I got home my brain was tired.  Lots of good things happened at work and I was kept very busy, but at the same time I felt like I accomplished nothing.  Ever feel that way?  I didn't feel like writing and I didn't feel like doing graphics.  OMG!!!  Did I say that?  LOL  I puttered around with a few, but nothing came to mind to make a statement, make a point, it was all the same 'ole same 'ole.  So there you have it, I'm addicted more to hockey then I am to graphics.  That is a relief!   


I was interrupted by the phone as I was typing this.  A sales call.  Great!  I let her start her spiel, and as she talked about the greatest Internet connection available, I about spit my coffee all over the place.  When I got my new computer I wanted something besides dial up.  I called around to see what was out there and how much.  I called this company only to be told it would be over $300 to get a hook up in my living room.  Then over $40 a month.  I think not!!  I went with the cable connection.  Hooked it up ourselves and have been running smoothly ever since.  :::knocking on wood:::  In my most pleasant voice I responded, 'when I was looking for a 'great' connection I called you, I was told it would be over $300 for just the install.  I went in a different direction, but thank you so very much.'  She tried to continue, no doubt to tell me things have changed but I didn't let her.  'Oh, thank you so very much for the call, but too little too late and I am extremely happy.  Unless you tell me it is a free install and I get the service free I won't be changing.'  Dead silence.  I said thank you again and hung up. 


I was reading some journal alerts this morning and came across Bea's  - Wanderer.  She writes about why she reads journals.  I skimmed the alert as I cooked breakfast.  As I was sitting at the table eating I was thinking, why do I read journals?  I came up with first and foremost because I'm nosey.  LOL  Then I thought seriously about it.  I started my journal to fill a gap.  Not sure what it was, but I did it just as an outlet and the intention was to write about my passion for hockey, hence the name.  As you all see for the most part it went in a completely different direction with only hockey here and there (until the playoffs anyway)   I never thought I'd get readers, and in the beginning I only read a few.  A very few.  As visitors came and left their links I started visiting more.  I will be honest some did nothing for me, but you can't please everyone all the time and I don't expect any of us to think that we'd be of interest to all, so I moved on.  Some grabbed my soul, some my heart, some my head.  My alert list grew and grew and grew.  Then AOL decided it didn't want us to have so many alerts.  Go figure.  I had to remove some.  I try to visit regularly, and comment too.  It's not always possible, but I do try.  I consider a good portion of JLand to be my extended family, some have become extremely good friends, and now it isn't about being nosey, it's about caring.  I did go and read Bea's entry, she took the time to list a few of her favorites, and I thank her so much for mentioning me.  I smiled when I saw that and wondered why folks visit me.  Because they are nosey?  LOL  Because they want to read what I write as boring as it is?  Or is it for the graphics?  In the two years here, I've watched my readers change.  Some have been here from almost the beginning and I thank them.  Some have come, some have gone.  Some are probably like me and don't comment on each and every entry but they visit.  Some are lurkers being nosey to see what I've done or said (I'm not an idiot and site meter tells me so ::evil grin::)  It's an interesting thought with a forever changing answer.  Why we journal and/or why we read specific journals.  Think about it ::grin::


Told you this entry was 'this and that'  Did you believe me?  LMAO!!  I did do another tag request.  Yes, good gawd, it's another tile blinkie.  Are you all sick of them yet?  I can't seem to stop.  Just click on the graphic if you'd like your name on it. 




I'm off to try and get motivated and moving.  I have a hamper full of clean clothes that I never folded and a mountain of dirty that has to be washed.  Who the hell left their dirty clothes in my house?   Let's not forget more hockey today too.  Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday.





PS Yes I know it isn't even close to morning any longer.  Sue me for using an inappropriate graphic & title  :)~





Friday, April 27, 2007

~ Some Talent, Speed, & Luck ~


Tonight the game started a bit different.   The Rangers came out firing on all cylinders.  They swarmed our net for long stretches at a time.  Miller was stopping shot after shot.  I felt my tummy flip as I thought of game 2 in the last round.  The boys came out slow and ended up losing.  About 10 minutes in they beat Miller while on the power play.  OUCH!!  I hate it when the opposing team scores first.  I didn't want a repeat.  Sure the boys have come back on many occasions this season, but this is the playoffs.  You need to jump on the opponent and not look back.  Before I could really process my thoughts the boys headed into their zone.  A beautiful pass by Tim Connolly to Brian Campbell, and WHAM to the back of the net.  A perfect slap shot as Brian made his way towards the net.  The Rangers were not going away, they continued their flurry on Miller.  When the period was over they had out shot the boys 13-4.  Four shots?  WTH!!?! The boys are so much better then that, but the score was tied at 1 so I was still breathing.   The second period was more of the same.  The Rangers seemed to want this win more.  They continued to outshoot us, though it wasn't as bad as the first.  The boys looked like they were skating in quicksand.  The passing was horrible!  I was getting really PO'd and on more then one occasion I let out a few choice words.  With about 2 minutes left in the second the Rangers scored again.  SHIT!  Another power play goal.  Something you cannot do with Jagr on the ice, you can't give them a man advantage.  Period ends with the Rangers ahead 2-1.  I paced around between periods, I was a bit nervous.  I sat down at the computer to take my mind off the game and try to relax.  The third period starts and I am reading mail.  LOL  I opened the second piece of mail in my box and as I was reading we score.  Thirty eight seconds in Christopher Drury scores to tie the game.  A beautiful tip off a shot by Lydman.  I giggled.  I was reading mail from their lucky charm.  I've been saying it all season and he didn't fail me tonight.  Thanks Babes!  LOL  A goal I only saw on replay but I was just thrilled it went in.  The boys got their legs and started skating.   The forced plays in the offensive zone and helped keep the puck away from our end.  Ten minutes in Thomas Vanek put home a slap shot and the boys are up 3-2.  I am nervous and feeling my hair turn gray as the minutes tick off.  The Rangers are still pounding.  Miller stands on his head more then once to stop the puck from going in the net.  With less then 2 minutes to go we get called for a penalty and go short handed.  DAMN IT!!  I didn't bit my nails, but I was extremely nervous.  I have a ton of faith in Miller but he is being bombarded.  Stretch.. save... slide.. save... reach save... and the buzzer goes off.  The boys win 3-2 YEAH!!!  The Rangers out shot the boys 33-18, and sure, some were in clear view of Miller, but he had to stop them and did, all except 2.  He made the big saves when he needed to and kept the boys in the game.  Definitely my first star!  I am breathing a bit better but this series is far from over.  It's on to NYC for a game on Sunday afternoon.  It will be on NBC  ::plugging nose::  I am glad the game will be national but I hate the announcers....   but they aren't calling the penalties in the game so I will live.  Keep it up boys!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

~ Off Season ~

I thought this was pretty cute.....  no offense intended towards my Canadian friends.  What goalies do in the off season.  ::grin::



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

~ Concentration ~


The boys came out ready to play tonight.  They looked more like the team that they are.  Playing hard, with speed and great defense.  The first period seemed to be slow, but I know it wasn't.  No goals scored but the boys had about 15 shots on goal to NY's 8.  The first penalty of the game went to the Rangers Sean Avery and the crowd went nuts.  Avery was doing a little smack talking before the series and said he was going to hurt them, hit them hard, take them out of the game.  I'm paraphrasing, but it's pretty close.  His attempt was no doubt to get in the boys head and hope that he could get them to react and retaliate.  It didn't work.  The second started with more of the same.  Shots were a lot closer, and NY actually out shot the boys 15-13 but they came up empty.  We, on the other hand had more success.  With about 5 minutes left in the second period Thomas Vanek tipped in Kalinin's shot from the blue line.  Power play goal and they are up 1-0.  Two minutes, almost to the second, later Ales Kotalik took a wrist shot that rose a bit off the ice and went to the back of the net.  Yeah baby, 2-0!  Then two minutes later Vanek scored his second of the night.  Period 2 ends Buffalo up 3-0.  Half way through the third NY gets on the board with a goal by Marcel Hossa bringing them within 2.  That didn't last long though.  Pominville drives to the net and tips a Jochen Hecht shot past Lundqvist.  He is pushed into the net by a Ranger defensemen and the net comes off it's pegs.  The officials wave off the goal but it is taken to review.  The boys celebrated, but it was a waiting game.  Replays were showed over and over again as the officials were on the phone with Toronto.  All replays go through the league office.  As they showed the play it was clear the puck crossed the line and was in the net before the net came loose.  They then looked at whether Pominville directed the puck with his hand.  It was a good 5 minutes before the officials signaled towards center ice indicating it was a goal.  Sabres up 4-1.  The crowd erupts.  Signs are held high, yellow and white pom poms adorn the arena and TV screen.  With less then a minute left in the game NY gets on the board again.  Brendan Shanahan tips a wrist shot past Miller.  Miller was completely out of the play laying on his belly from a save just prior.   Buffalo leads 4-2.  NY pulls their goalie for the extra attacker in an attempt to score again.  The puck pops loose and Drew Stafford out hustles Jaromir Jagr and pushes the puck into the empty net.  Sabres win 5-2.  Yeah baby... taking a 1-0 lead in the series.   Don't want to take anything away from the Rangers, they did play hard, but the boys were able to neutralize Jagr.  He had only 2 shots in the first period and gave the puck away 5 times.  Can you say defense?  Bravo boys, way to step it up a couple notches.  Lets do it again Friday for game 2!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

~ Tuesday ~


It feels like I put in a full week already.  I doubled checked the calendar and sure enough it is only Tuesday.  The weather has been great, and my windows have been open pretty much since Saturday.  Thank God!  I can only imagine if the weather was crappy, my ass would really be dragging.   I got home from work yesterday and I couldn't keep my eyes open.  My head felt like it weighed 100 pounds.  I went and laid down and before I knew it the clock said it was 8:15.  Oh great!  I will be up all night.  I went to bed about 12:30 and forced myself to stay there.  Tossing and turning.  I think I got into a deep drooling sleep just as my alarm went off.  Always the way, isn't it?  It was a bit tough getting moving, but I did.  I think it was about 3 this afternoon when it hit me.  I wanted to just lay down.  LOL  No Jan, I did not hit the couch in the ladies room.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar.  Can you say rush?  LOL  It got me through the day and I made myself stay awake until I got my second wind.  I know I was so tired because of the long emotional weekend, but I will be back on track now.  I should have no problem falling asleep tonight. 


I want to clarify that my earlier post is not about anyone.  It was pretty much a general statement about life.  I suppose at one time or another we can all fall into that trap, but some stay there.  Never doing anything to change it or them.  I hope no one takes it personal, it was not my intent.  I was just venting a bit about several different things that have happened over the past couple of days.  Nothing specific, just this and that.......  I'd bore the hell out of you if I went in to it, but I am good.  :)


No, you are not imagining things.  I've done more of the tile blinkies.  I know some are sick of seeing them, ummmmmm....... can I say too bad?  LOL  I absolutely love the effect and playing around with different graphics and accents.  I'll get tired of them soon enough :::grin:::  Just remember when you snag to make sure you save them as .gif files.  Resizing can distort and make the animation disappear.  If you need help let me know I will gladly assist you, I'd appreciate you asking........... 


Oh my... the news is on as I write this and they just did a story on the most tragic event.  A young mother was leaving the house thinking her children were all tucked safe inside.  She backed out of her driveway only to realize they were not and she ran over her 1 year old.  The child did not make it.  I felt my heart stop and tears came to my eyes.  I can't even imagine what that poor woman is going through.  We are all enjoying the nice weather, children included.  Take the extra time to walk around your car to make sure.  A small child on a bike will not be visible in the rearview mirror.


I am off to bed.  Have a great hump day.  And again, I'm ok and my entry was not directed at anyone. 












~ What Gives You the Right? ~


I often wonder what makes people think they don't have to follow the rules.  What gives them the right to lie, steal, harass, and bend the rules to fit their needs?  Why is it they feel their sadness, sorrow, or past gives them a free pass?  'Rules are meant to be broken' doesn't always apply.  I'm pretty sick of people who think their need to be 'top dog' outweighs everything else.  No one else matters, no one else has feelings, or is being inconvenienced by their actions.  People should not have to conform themselves because someone else feels the world owes them.  I'm really sorry everyone's life isn't full of cheer and roses.  Mine isn't either.  I don't go around lying and stretching the truth to make myself feel better.  I am me.  I don't expect anyone to drop what they are doing to take care of my needs.  I sure as hell don't blame others for my actions.  I stand up for myself, admit when I'm wrong, and correct the mistakes I can.  I do not lock myself in a miserable place only to drag others with me.   Life is what you make it.  Friends are friends because they enjoy your company, have a belief, trust you without strings attached, not because they are forced.  Not because they owe you, or because the world owes you.  Relax, follow the rules, enjoy the company of people, and most of all be yourself.  Don't put yourself in a prison and expect people to join you.  Try to force them to join you.  Life is what you make it.  Your surroundings are what you make.  If you're unhappy change it.  Life is about risks, about change, about learning from mistakes and growing, not blaming others for shortcomings and thinking you are owed something.  Dare to try, dare to change, try it I bet you find some happiness.

Monday, April 23, 2007

~ The Quest Continues ~


I did tally the first round, but not everyone picked a winner of the series so I've only included those that did. 


GaBoatman - 6

JustplainBill - 6

Mariebm56 - 4

Elainey2465 - 3

Geocachelinda66 - 3

IamdDannyboy - 3


For the record I had 7.  I picked against Detroit.



On to round 2, how 'bout your picks?  There will be 4 different series.  Pick a winner from each and see how you do.  It's a best of 7.  Don't be shy... guess.. pick a city.. just pick and let us know about it in a comment.  Ummm yeah that means you too.  Everyone is guessing so it doesn't matter.  It'll be fun.  You should have 4 picks ::grin:: 



Buffalo Sabres vs New York Rangers  (pick one)

New Jersey Devils vs Ottawa Senators (pick one)



Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks (pick one)

Anaheim Ducks vs Vancouver Canucks (pick one)


Have some fun!  Can't wait to see your picks.  I will post mine later

Sunday, April 22, 2007

~ WoW ~


I can't believe it's after 11 on Sunday night.  The weekend was a blur.  A good blur, but one just the same.  I had a few emails and some comments asking for clarification on my previous entry.  I'm sorry, thought I had done entries previously, but I must have a bit of a foggy brain these days.   The benefit/fundraiser was put into motion about a month ago after my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Her friends swarmed in and decided to put things together to help with all the additional costs that would be coming up.  Tickets were sold and each person who purchased one filled in their name and number.  During the benefit they took the stubs and picked names.  Each winner was awarded a gift or 'door prize'.  Prizes included donated baskets filled with trinkets and such, lottery tickets, and gift certificates to local establishments .  The baskets had everything.... summer fun items, booze, bath items, kitchen items, toys. If you can think of an idea it was probably there.  Like I said earlier, there were well over 300 baskets donated.   A Chinese auction is a type of fund raiser.  The donated baskets are displayed with a number.  There is a matching number on a bag, bucket, or container.  You buy two part tickets with the same number on each part.  One part goes into the bag/bucket etc of the item you would like to win.  You hold on to the other part.  Throughout the evening they draw tickets from each said bag/bucket.  If your ticket is drawn you get the basket/item.  It's a ton of fun and you have the chance to win so many different items.  Hope that better explains for those that asked.  :)  Thanks again for your good thoughts and prayers.


Today was a good day.  I was dragging butt but I wanted to get out and enjoy some of the day.  It was like summer!  Mid 70's and the sun was shining brightly.  It was great to have to wear my sunglasses!!  I did a bit of running for my parents, and tried to finish up some errands around here.  I got a bit behind on my tag requests so I got them taken care of earlier.  Sorry for the delay.  I did have an old one on my PC so I posted that as a new request.  Feel free to click on the country love graphic to make a request.  


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As you can tell I didn't do any new graphics so I'm posting ones I had done messing around with the tiled blinkies.  Summer fun was done in anticipation.. LOL but thought it came out cute and since it was warm today it fit.  This week will be a bit more settled so I should have some time to play around.  The boys won't begin round 2 until probably Wed.  The East is set but I will wait to see what happens in the West before I post the next round. 


I hope everyone had a great weekend.










~ Simply Amazing ~





I have no other words to describe what took place yesterday.  Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.  People amaze me!!  For every bad, indifferent, or cruel hearted person, there are 100's if not 1000's that renew my faith in humanity.  Yesterday was a tribute to the good in my neighborhood, in my life, in the world. 


Yesterday started pretty early for me.  Up and out.  We loaded both my car and my sisters.  We had baskets, food, and tid-bits to be taken to the hall to.  I arrived about 10 am and as I pulled in the parking lot I was overwhelmed.  My eyes filled with tears as I tried to get my car into a parking spot.  Cars and people lined the entrance way and there were boxes, baskets, and supplies stacked waiting for the workers to get there to let us in.  I can use one word to describe what I saw... LOVE.  No other words would do it justice.  There had to be a good 40 people there to get things in order.  One might think it would be utter chaos, but I have to admit things ran like a well oiled machine.  Much credit goes to the girls who pulled this thing together.  Everyone had smiles and worked hard to get tables arranged and decorated.  Moving things here and there to set the hall up in a fashion that would allow the guests to move around with ease.  As we set up the tables to put the baskets on, it became apparent that we didn't have enough tables there.  We added more, continued on with the tasks at hand.  Every time I turned around there were more donations arriving, more truck loads of goodies.  I was truly overcome with emotion on more then one occasion.  People are good at heart!


I left the hall about 1 in the afternoon and got home in time to do a few loads of wash and get ready to head back out.  I arrived around 5:30 and the parking lot was already filling with cars.  I scratched my head in wonderment as the benefit didn't start until 6.  I grabbed what I needed out of my car and headed in.  I looked around quickly and again felt the lump in my throat and tears fill my eyes.  I grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to the door.  I was going to be at one of the main tables to sell some raffle tickets.  It was a great spot to be as I got to see those coming in.   Little did I know how lucky I was.  About an hour later someone came to relieve me.  I got up and headed towards the main hall.  It was then that I had a chance to really take in what was happening.  The hall was full.  People laughing, talking, dancing, every where I turned.  It was amazing.  I decided I didn't want my purse so I was going to take it to my car.  Iwalked outside and was completely floored.  They were lined up around the building to get in.  Hundreds and hundreds of people, all there for my sister.  Later when I finally saw my son he told me he had to park 3 blocks away. 


The evening went by in a flash.  Two bands played, first an Irish music band to go along with the numerous schools of Irish dancers.  My niece (my sisters daughter) danced for years.  She had gone to Ireland twice for the World competition.  It was amazing once again to see the skill and grace of the dancers.  There was food to feed an army.  Sausage, pasta, pulled pork, bar-b-que burgers, hot dogs, salads, chicken, cheesy potatoes, different types of baked beans, meatballs, pizza and a dessert table that made you drool.  If anyone went hungry it was their own fault.  Even though we had an army, we had enough to go around.  My nephew Jeff's band played as well.  His band brought the crowd to its feet.  Dancing and a good time by all.  It was truly wonderful, and I have to say his band was really good. 


Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!  There ended up being over 300 baskets for the Chinese auction.  Because of the number of baskets for the Chinese auction, a good 50 more would be given away as door prizes along with numerous gift certificates to various establishments.  The silent auction was a success as well.  They had about 25 items there all valued over $250.  The drawings went rather smoothly, even though there was a 'log jam' for the collection of the winners on the Chinese auction, how could there not be!?!  What a success!


I had a great time.  It was a party to match all parties.  I don't know the head count but I will say there had to be close to 1000 people there.  I saw people I hadn't seen in a good 20 years.  I missed people too.  It was a good 2 hours into the party before I even saw my parents.  I know I missed folks that I would have liked to talk to, but I barely got to speak to anyone.  I was being pulled in a 100 different directions.  I put together the slide show to give you an idea, and yes I purposely blurred some of the  pictures. 


A HUGE thank you goes out to all those who helped, donated, and came to celebrate!  I also want to thank each of you for your support, good thoughts, prayers and candles lit.  It is simply amazing!


Pat we love you!


Friday, April 20, 2007

~ Six Years ~


It's been six years since the boys closed out a winning series on home ice.  The city was buzzing all day.  The crowd starting building outside the arena hours in advance.  Every where you looked you saw blue and gold.  Flags flying, folks wearing their favorite garb.  Smiles were plentiful and you didn't pass a person without a smile and a hello.  Oh, lets not forget the 'Go Sabs'


The first fifteen minutes of the game was back and forth and nail biting. You want something so bad you can focus on nothing else, but the fear of the unknown, the fear of disappointment grips you.  It took just over the 15 minutes for the Sabres to get on the board.  Drew Stafford scored his first playoff goal ever.  The smile on his face as he lifted his arms in celebration said it all.  He came up from the minors about half way through the season because of injuries.  His hard work and play made it hard to send him back.  At the very end of the season he had to go down for 2 days because of salary cap restrictions when the injured players came back.  It was heartbreaking, but we all knew he'd be back.   Tim Connolly was the injured player that came back, and today he was instrumental in Drew's goal.  The first period ended with the boys on top 1-0.


The second period started and took only 39 seconds for Jason Pominville to find the back of the net.  The population in Pominville went up by 1.  My son has a sign, or should I say banner outside his house that says 'Welcome to Pominville'  there are bars and drinks named after him.  It's a hoot.  One time during the season after he scored, our local announcer was so excited he said he needed birth control.  I about spit my drink all over.  Later when they told Jason what was said you could see the redness start at his neck and go to the tip of his ears.  About eleven minutes later Derek Roy pounds one home after some hard work in front of the net.  Maaaaaxie gets an assist.  Roy and Max had been called out in the media the past couple days for not getting involved with goals so this was huge for them.  Get the monkey off your back!  Period ends 3-0


Third period starts and I just pray for time to run out.  One might think it safe at 3-0, but it's the playoffs and anything can happen.  About five minutes in Satan scores for the Isles.  GRRRRRRRR  He's playing with a grudge.  He played for Buffalo a few years ago and was known for lazy play and floating around the ice instead of giving it his all.  He scored goals, but to be honest most came when they didn't matter.  Empty netters at the end of the game, or when the score was so out of hand.  When we needed him to show up he didn't.  He was a star, ya know?  Well tonight he played with every ounce of his being.  I had to double check to make sure it was him.  He was pretty invisible in the beginning of the series but tonight in our building he wanted to show the fans as they booed him each time he touched the puck.  Two minutes after his goal, Max scored.  YEAH!!  Monkey off the back.  With any luck it's a fire under his butt that will stay lit.  So the score is 4-1 and there is about 14 minutes left in the game.  A win and we move on, a loss we go back to NY for game 6.  Ten minutes left and the Isles score, 4-2.  Seven minutes left the Isles score, 4-3.  The boys got lazy.  They sat on the lead and let the Isles hang around.  Not trying to take anything away from the Isles, they lose and their season is over so they fought, and fought hard.  I was just a bit aggravated with some of the boys play.  The Isles had hope.  They played harder, the came faster, they hit more, they looked like rabid dogs hunting meat.  With 13 seconds left in the game Ryan Miller was the savior.  The Isles comes down the ice and Satan has a wide open side of the net.  He shoots.  I hold my breath, NOOO don't let him be the one that ties the score and sends thing into OT. Miller sprawls across the goal whips his arm out and knocks the puck away with his glove.  Yashin is behind the net and tries to bank it in off Miller's mitt.  No go, Ryan was able to grab it and cover up.  Breath,,, breath.  It was an unreal save and will surely be highlight film.  After the game Ryan was asked about the save.  He could have said anything, but he was brutally honest.  'I panicked. I didn't want the game to end like that, we didn't want to go back to NY.'   Time runs out and the boys hold on for a 4-3 win.  The will move on to round 2 and play either the New York Rangers, or Tampa Bay (depends on the winner of the TB/Devils series) 


The crowd is on their feet, yellow and white pom poms fill the air.  Screams, whistles, and cheers.  Over 18000 inside the arena, almost 4000 outside.  The teams line up and center ice and shake hands.  Each and every time I get chills.  In today's professional sports, the NHL is the only one that has this as an organized event.  Reminds me of all the little loop football games my son was at.  A sign of sportsmanship after the battle is over.  Hugs, good wishes, and pats on the back.  The war is over and forgotten.  Awesome!!   Congrats Boys.. get some rest... it gets tougher next round. 

Thursday, April 19, 2007

~ What day is it? ~


As long as this week has been, today is like a blur.  I had to check more then once to see what day it was.  Between work, hockey, getting some last minute things done for the benefit on Saturday, and hockey (oh.. did I say hockey already?), I've lost track of all time.  Spent so much time on the phone this evening.  By the time I get home from work I hate the phone.  I do not want the thing any where near me, but tonight it rang non stop.  Looks like all is coming together nicely.


I was hoping to get new jeans to wear, but I've had no success at all.  What the hell happened to the clothes industry?  Have they completely forgotten about middle age people?  No offense intended to anyone, but I hate low rise jeans.  I am too thick to wear them and I hate the mushroom effect rolling over the waist band.  I don't need my panty waistband hanging out, nor the crack of my ass exposed if I bend over.  My belly button is not pierced so I don't need that exposed either.  Can't they just make jeans that come to the waist and are not made 16 sizes bigger through the ass and thighs?   I've lost weight, but not enough to get away with dressing like a 17 year old, nor do I want to.  I want to dress my age and I will be damned if I could find anything!  The jeans I fell in love with are not carried any longer so now what the hell am I to do, go to the sportswear section of a department store and wear matching co-ordinates?  I think not!  I will find jeans that fit me comfortably or I will die trying!! 


Did some playing with lighting effects.  I think I like the fairy one.  Played with it for awhile so it didn't give the spot light effect, not sure I accomplished it, but I do like it.  The 'magic' one was just messing around with the different effects available.  I saved it and figured I would toss it out there.  I was to preoccupied to really be creative tonight.  LOL 


Off to bed.. hope everyone had a great Thursday and wishing you a perfect Friday. 








Wednesday, April 18, 2007

~ Blue Bird of Happiness ~


Some of you may remember when I took this picture.  I was looking for a blue bird and decided I would just do this picture a bit different then the first time.  I'm still amazed at the size of the eyes!  LOL  


You all know the saying, right?  The blue bird of happiness shitting on your head?  Well, that is what I had today.  I crawled into work today and what a hoot.  I knew the 'doughnut' was good but I hate driving with one.  I know it's there and it isn't a 'real' tire.  So on the highway I drove like a little 'ole lady.  Well, no I didn't, I stayed in the right hand lane.  Most old folks get in the middle or left lane and go 50.  I had the decency to stay out of the flow of traffic.  Work was fine, it was hump day.  I was looking forward to the game tonight and in a hurry to stop and have my tire looked at.  I wanted to make sure I was home in time for the game.  At quitting time I was out of there!  Like a flash.  And no, I generally don't do that.  I walked outside and it was beautiful.  Not necessarily warm, but I saw blue sky.  A sign of hope, a sign that maybe the weathermen would be right.  I drive to the shop, taking my time again.  I pull in and talk to the guy.  He gets my car in the bay and pulls my tire out of the trunk.  He was amazed at how big the piece of metal was.  It was at least the size of a half dollar.  It looked like it could have been the v shaped top of a street sign pole.  He tried to plug it twice.  Both times it popped loose.  I watched and knew I did not want to be driving on that tire at all.  He turned to me, 'ma'am I would not feel right having you drive on this tire, it wouldn't be safe.'  I agreed.  Then I felt the plop of bird shit.  LOL  Ok figuratively speaking.  I knew my tires were not cheap.  Over $125 later and I am on my home.  Grrrr glad I only had to replace 1.  It didn't take long, but lady luck wasn't with me at the tire place.  :::sigh:: oh well, I can drive and be at ease.  No plugged tire and no doughnut.  I'm happy my boys won and are up 3-1 on the series.  Tomorrow on the highway.  Watch out.  :)~


Only a couple graphics tonight.  I need to get this old body to bed.  Hope everyone had a good day and I wish you a wonderful Thursday!








~ Mr Clutch ~


My head is spinning, but my heart is finally calming down.  The boys came out and fought through this one.  The score really doesn't tell how close it was.   The Isles scored first and I turned into a sailor.  Curse words flowed freely.  It wasn't how I wanted this game to start.  We were just returning to full strength but unable to get into position.  Five minutes later we are on the board with a nice goal from Thomas Vanek.  Vanek was benched a bit last year during the playoffs for not giving 100%.  He came back this year with a vengeance and has shown the hockey world is he is a force to be reckoned with.  Two minutes later Christopher Drury put us ahead.  With only a few seconds left in the first the Isles tie it up.  I am not happy and wanted this game to be a blow out.  I was hoping for a night of relaxed hockey.  Is there such a thing?  NO not in post season!  Less then a minute into the second period Christopher scores again.  Mr Clutch!!!  This guy is a winner if you ever saw one.  When he was a kid growing up in CT his little league baseball team won the World Series.  He won the cup when playing with the Colorado Avalanche.  He leads by example, is down to earth, and even a modest.  A winner in the true sense of the word.  He is unrestricted at the end of the season and I am hoping beyond hope we can bring him back.  Sports Illustrated did a great article on him recently.  It's long, but worth the read.  Mr. Clutch!!!


The third period was buzzing, even if the total shots were only 12.  Down 3-2 the Isles came with a flurry trying to tie the score.  With a little over a minute left in the game there was a scramble in front of the net.  Bodies flying and sticks poking to get at the puck.  The official was positioned right behind the net watching with a close eye.  It appeared as he was blowing the whistle to call the play dead bodies pushed at the goalie and the puck ended up crossing the line.  He waved it off as no goal and after some time of review it was deemed his call was correct.  We only saw a few replays and to be honest I could not tell if the puck crossed before the whistle blew.  Either way the call was made and we've been the victims of what we thought were bad calls too, so what do you do?  Bitch and then get over it, right?  Before New York could get set up again, Pominville went down and scored.  Sabres 4 New York 2.  DiPietro smashed his goalie stick on the net and broke it in two.  The fans in New York again showed some class.  On the ice the garbage came.  The arena has girls that come out in half tops and tight jogging/dance pants.  I've come to believe the fans react in such a manner to get them on the ice and get a view.  Why else would you lose total regard for the players on the ice.  One shot of the crowd showed security helping Sabre fans leave.  Sad... very sad.  It was also reported that during a moment of silence for the VT students these fans hooted, hollered, and screamed obscenities.  Doesn't make me proud.  Glad it did not happen here.  Always a few that have no class.


Well, it's back home for game 5 on Friday.  Hoping the boys can get it done.  Or would that be 'get er done'?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

~ Thank Goodness for Muscles & Nephews ~


I was up a good portion of the night last night hugging the porcelain.  I am not sure if it was the nasal drip from my crazy sinuses or if I had the bug so many have had.  I just know I got up to go to work, and felt like I hadn't slept a wink.  Groggy and weak.  I decided to just stay home and go back to bed.  When I finally woke back up it was almost noon.  I felt better but I wasn't ready to even try and eat.  I moped around the house and nibbled on toast.  It stayed down fine and my body started to wake too.  I took sinus medicine and started feeling better.  I really didn't do much other then change seats in the living room.   I think it was most likely nasal drip as I'm fine now.


A few hours ago I decided to go get some ginger ale.  I come out of the store and what do I find.  A flat tire!!  Well, not completely flat but pretty damn close.  They have an air pump there so I fill the tire and drive like a mad women to get home.  No flag banging this time.  DAMN IT!!!  I suppose better this evening then tomorrow when I'm trying to get to work.   I call my nephew and he brought his muscles over and put on my spare.  We find a nice big chunk of metal in my tire.  It's too late to do anything this evening so I will have to stop tomorrow.  Can't imagine what the hell is in my tire, but lets just say we had no problem finding it.  I am hoping they can plug it, but I'm thinking it might be to close to the edge and I will have to buy a new one.  GRRRR  Thanks for coming to my rescue Jeff!


Another night of a graphic mixture :)  I am loving the 'blinkie' effect as you may have noticed.  Thanks to Diama for the hint on an easier way, she rocks!  I was out looking for different colors to use, anddamn if I didn't have a plug in that will do it for me, any color.  DUH!!  So glad she told me.  I promise to back off soon.  Check out her graphic journal you won't be sorry.  I also have a new tag posted.  Jeannette gave me permission to use her name while she is away.  If you'd like your name on that one just click on the graphic and let me know. 




Hockey, hockey, and more hockey.  I was nice and gave my sister control of the remote tonight.  LOL  She has definitely gotten her full.  I did notice that the NY Rangers throttled the Atlanta Thrashers 7-0 and took a commanding 3-0 lead in the series.  Seven goals in a playoff game?  WWWWWWhoa!  I wonder what the hell happened there.  I really thought Atlanta would put up more of a fight. 


Wish me luck with the tire tomorrow... I really don't want to have to buy one.  Night all :)











Monday, April 16, 2007

~ I'm Breathing ~


Yes, yes I am.  I can feel it, I see my chest going up and down or is it in and out while I'm sitting?  Either way I know I am, I'm alive, I still have nails, and I still have my hair.  It might be a tad bit grayer, but it is still connected to my scalp. 


The first period was up and down and really not the action I had thought we'd see.  The good thing is the boys didn't spot them 2 goals.  It was more defense then offense.  The period ended 0-0.   The second was totally different.  Buffalo came out with some energy and about 5 minutes in, an unlikely forward, Adam Mair,  scored the first goal.  'Adam, Adam, look adam'  ROFL  Maybe 3 minutes later Thomas Vanek came from behind the net and poked the puck in the corner.  It went under review to confirm it crossed the line.  The puck has to completely cross in order for it to count.  They showed replay after replay on TV while the officials went to the booth.  Hmmm booth?  They call Toronto for reviews!  Anyway it took several minutes and as I watched one of the later replays showed the puck completely disappeared behind the line and then the goalie pushed it out.  I say goal, but they don't consult me.  Damn it I say!  They did award the goal and we were up 2-0.  No I didn't breath then, play off hockey does not give you that luxury.  A minute or so later the Isles are on the board.  GRRRRRRRRR  Another few minutes go by and we score again.  Danny Briere crams one home, top shelf where Momma hides the cookies.  No wonder he has the nickname cookie monster.  ::grin::  The period ends 3-2, the Isles snuck one in the net with seconds left. 


The third period was exciting, but no goals.  The boys had 17 shots, some from odd angles and outside ... but the defense was stellar.  They held the Isles to just 2 shots on goal.  At one point near the end of the game a penalty was called on them.  The home town crowd did not like it and started throwing things on the ice, including bottles.  Such class!?!  I don't agree with throwing anything but bottles?  Damn it!!  Just so uncalled for and so dangerous.  Why do some fans have to do that?  I truly think they should be thrown out and all future tickets should be revoked.   Not sure about other fans, but I had a scare early on.  Ryan Miller took a couple shots direct to the mask.  Both times he looked a bit stunned.  What possesses someone to grow up and want to be a goalie?  Frozen rubber being shot at you going about 90 mph.  Ummmm no thanks!   That will probably make news tomorrow.  I do not doubt for one second what our coach said will be taken out of context and will be made to look like he said they intentionally shot at his head.  It wasn't said like that, nor was it implied.  He commented they shot and hit him the head, but no one will finish the statement he made it will end there. 


Well, we are ahead in the series 2-1 and I am thrilled.  Not taking things lightly it's playoff hockey.  Game 4 is in NY again on Wed.  I'd like nothing more then to win that one and then end the series at home on Friday with a win. 


Before I get caught up in the San Jose/Nashville game I should get to bed.  Hope everyone is drying out and staying warm.   Still raining a bit here but nothing like it was earlier.  I hope I wake up to the sun tomorrow.  Night




~ Just One Thing Missing ~


Well, maybe more then one.  I don't see the ponds in the front lawn caused by the rain.  I don't see mini streams flowing down the walk.  Yeap, it is still raining.  This morning we had a mix of rain snow, mostly rain.  It poured all day.  The wind blew constantly.  It wasn't as bad here as it was in other places, but it is still coming down.  They are still saying snow.  Good news?  I talked to someone in MN and it was sunny and 70 for the past two days.  Dare I think it's on the way? 


Sad day today with the horrible happenings at Virginia Tech.  My thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to the families, all of them.  I've not heard all the details nor am I sure much is out at this time but my heart is so heavy.  What would make one so sad and hateful?  Have such disregard for life? 


I'm counting down the minutes to face off.  I am hoping the 'boys' come out like a herd of buffalo and take a stance.  Off to try and eat some dinner..... nerves are shot right now.  LMAO  I'll be back with the results later... give a shot out, eh?


Hope everyone had a good Monday.






Sunday, April 15, 2007

~ Gonna Be Quick ~ SAC


Did the top graphic some time ago, but never used it.  I've seen it each time I did an entry over the past few weeks.  It was never the 'right' one.  Not sure why I think it's the 'right' one today.  Maybe it isn't, or maybe subconsciously I am trying to say something that words can't express.  Hell, do I have the words?  Do I need to write them? 


Do you want to be loved?  You need to love unconditionally, not expect something in return.  Do you want to be liked?  You need to like, enjoy, smile, trust.  Want to be noticed?  Do something worth noticing, do something good.  Goodness is like a magnet.  Do you want something?  Go for it, don't beat around the bush.  Be honest and know there are risks in everything you do.  Don't condemn someone because they have what you want.  Try harder.  Bury the troubles that make your heart heavy.  Open up to someone and try...........   It might hurt a little at first, but I bet you find it refreshing.


I had done the other graphic in the past few days and thought they all fit together nicely, saying something I am not sure how to say.......   Try