Wednesday, February 28, 2007

~ Fooling Around ~


HEY!  Get your minds out of the gutter...... not THAT kind of fooling around!!!  Had my appointment with the dentist this afternoon and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I ended up calling off work because of the soreness and irritation.  I talk all day and I just knew I wouldn't make it.  I hated having to use time for that.   I thought when I had all the work done I would be finished with this crap!  I had a nice talk with the her and she assured me this would not be on going.  It is just going to take time, bad part was she couldn't give me the amount of time.  She did go on to say that I'm doing really good.  Really????  Well, she is the professional so I will take her word for it.  More often then not I'm fine, but as things change/heal I get discomfort at times.  I pressed a bit for a timeframe and she figures it would be Mayish before I'm completely done with changes but wouldn't guarantee it.  The work she did today seems to be helping, but I have some chaffing (if you can call it that) inside my lip and it will take a bit for that to clear up.  Then and only then will I know for sure. 


So how did I fool around?  I was being a bit silly.  Since the Sabres have so many injuries and they have called on so many of the boys from the minor team (Rochester Americans or Amerks) I played around with a logo to depict that.  Goofy I know, but hey I had fun and that is what it's about.  Ok, I'm a dork!  LOL


I also did a few more from the wedding.  I love the digital scrap kits that are out there and I've been having so much fun.  Changing colors, different affects, adding accents, fooling with brushes and textures.  I know these are really similar... it just happened.  LOL  Rachel was the Maid of Honor and I loved that shot of her.  She was on the alter and I was actually trying to get a shot of 'bug', but of course she moved and I just casually grabbed one of Rach.  I loved the black and white, so I thought it kind of popped on the red.  Of course, another of Renee and Mike. 






A good friend of mine who is recovering from breast cancer asked for an awareness tag, so I played a bit.  She loved it and couldn't wait to use it.  I thought I'd offer it up as a snag if anyone is interested.  Another spring time snag.  Can you tell I'm ready???  It was pretty warm out there today, and the snow is melting.  I saw the local ice cream shop was open and that is a sure sign!!! 






I'm off to bed.... hope everyone had a great hump day!




Tuesday, February 27, 2007

~ Mixed Emotions ~



I was brought to tears today.  I know it was a mixture of being happy and sad, but just the same it was draining.  Today was the trade deadline for the NHL.  Last day to add to your roster to make the push into the playoffs.  The league has a cap these days, which is a good thing most of the time.  Yet for us, having all the injuries caused us to have other guys from the minor league on the team and it pushed us right to the cap.  In order for some of the guys to come back from injury they had to get rid of salary, so adding anyone new was going to be tough.  Marty Biron has been with our team since 1995.  He's been our back up goalie as well as our starter through out those years.   He deserved to be a starter and could be on several NHL teams, but here he was backup again.  I knew with his salary and the fact that he would be unrestricted at the end of the season and could walk with no compensation to the team, he would be high on the 'trade' list.   I knew all this, yet today when they announced he was traded tears rolled my cheeks.  Marty has such a presence around him.  Say nothing about his 'wolf eyes', he has personality.  He loved to talk, had a great sense of humor, and no doubt was loved by many.  He is a great goalie and only circumstances kept him as back up here.  I know management would have kept him had his salary not been so high, had we not been up to the cap, but it wasn't to be.  He never once caused a stink, never made waves, just played his part.  He is a team player and definitely a calming force in the locker room.  I will miss him terribly.  He is now a Flyer.  They are lucky.. very lucky.  Now how am I suppose to hate them????  Since '75 they've been one of my least favorite teams... sorry you fans out there ...... but now... I have to cheer for Marty and his success.  I really think he will start there.  You guys have a great addition on and off the ice... congrats.  Just need to say..... Good Luck Marty!   We did improve with the trades but I'm too tired to write about it and you'd all be bored.  I am excited tho... very... then Iget sad....  'nuff on that for now............ 


I really have a million things going thru my head so I'm going to cut this short.... 


I did play with another tag offer... kind of simple... but I like it... I found a tutorial for it and just changed it up a little.  If you'd like your name on it just click on the graphic. 






Sunday, February 25, 2007

~ Sunday Night ~


Well, I did the first graphic based on the weather forecast.  It was said we'd get several inches of snow.  Hmmmmm........  it started to rain/sleet earlier then a very little bit of snow, and now it appears to be as clear as a bell.  I can stars in the sky.  Not sure what the overnight will hold, and if I had my choice between the two,  I'm hoping for snow.  I do not want ice for my morning commute.  After my near collision on Friday I can do without the need of spikes on my tires.  Sure, snow won't be much better but....................


Today was a good day.  I really didn't do anything to speak of.  It was a lazy weekend all the way around.  I would like to know though, why when you're at work with little to do does the day drag and when you're at home on the weekend with little to do it flies by?  I can't believe it is almost 11pm on Sunday and I have to work tomorrow.  I needed the weekend to recharge, but it didn't seem to be near as long as I needed.  Aaaahh.. but are they ever?


I'll be calling my dentist in the morning.  I think I need to get in for another adjustment.  I have a bit of discomfort on my bottom.  Like things are rubbing on the inside of my lip, and let me tell you it is sore.  I've tried everything I know and nothing seems to help.  I shouldn't complain ::knocking on wood:: I've been very lucky with the whole thing.  I also got my pre-determination from my insurance on Saturday- it looks like when all is said and done I will have to do about 1/2 of the cost for the permanent set.  I was told we'd wait a year before doing them so I could heal completely but last trip in my dentist thought it might not be that long.  I know I'm healing pretty good, but I am not doing anything until I know there will be no more changes.  I know some folks got their permanents immediately and wonder how or what they did as the healing started... continued.. and finished.  I'll get more information when I visit this week.  With any luck, early this week. 


I know I've been scarce in visiting, and I'm sorry.  Things are all caught up and pretty much back to normal so you will see me again... I will try to catch up.  I know, or at least think, you understand- it just gets nuts sometimes........ but I have missed you all *hugs* and thought about you often and appreciate your stopping by here. 


I did do a hodge podge of graphics ....  couldn't decide on a theme so I just went all over.  The 'I Miss You' was partially a tutorial.  LOL  One I didn't follow at all, but used the movie clip.   I wanted to do a graphic for my best bud who I miss a ton.... and thought it got the message across.  Think they'll get the hints?  ::sniff sniff::  I hope so.. LOL  Find anything you liked?  Let me know.....


Ok, well I'm getting punchy and that is usually a sign of being tired.  I'll just post and be done instead of rambling on endlessly.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Keep warm and safe............ is Spring almost here??????????????????????










~ A Few St. Paddy Snags ~

Can you believe it's right around the corner?  Thought I'd post a few snags.... the puppy and creddy will work best on a white background :) 









Saturday, February 24, 2007

~ Relaxing ~



Today actually turned out to be a very relaxing day.  I worked on some wedding pictures for the a video as well as Renee's photo album.  I had gone to her house for dinner last night and picked up a couple of discs with additional pictures.  On one I found the pictures of 'bug' and Steph from the night before the wedding.  Steph is my nephews girlfriend, and as you can tell 'bug' was playing hair stylist.  She loves combing Steph's hair, and I actually think Steph likes it too.  You can see how silly they got, but I think the graphic/collage came out adorable.  Pretty easy to do when you have such beautiful subjects. 


Other then laundry, I really did nothing all day.  After a week of constant running I just wanted to relax and not have a time table.  It was a good day, but damn it got cold again.  We actually had temps in the mid 30's during the week, but it didn't last.  They are calling for more snow tomorrow, but the storm pounding the mid-west is suppose to die down before it gets here.  I hope so!!!  I am ready for spring!   The snags I am posting were actually done before the wedding, just never posted them.... then of course I've been boring you with wedding shots.  Ummm.... and no I don't think I'm done.  I look through the pictures I just received and get idea after idea.  LOL  So, well....... ahhhhhhhh..... yes you will probably see more :)









Well, the hockey game was a bit chippy tonight, but nothing like the other night.  Neil was still his scum bag self.  I've always disliked his cheap play, but he has really digressed.  Not even sure why as he isn't half bad.  Normally that occurs when the player can't keep up.  The league did rule on the events of the other night and the only thing they did was fine our coach $10,000 for having his tough guys on the ice.  Since that is the line that started the entire fiasco, sticking up for one another it was felt he told them to do it.  Oh well... I guess it's ok to take runs at players and smash their heads.  That idiot even made contact with another star player tonight in pre-game warm up.  GRRRR  He keeps that up, someone will take him out.  He's cheap and reeks of it.  Ottawa can be proud though, ::cough cough:: they had a 4-1 lead and gave it up to a team depleted and playing with 7 AHL players.  Hmmmm... wonder if that might have them thinking... yeah the Sen's ended up winning 6-5, but it they should have kicked ass and couldn't.  My boys just never gave up and played with heart. 


I did do a new tag graphic today.  I thought it came out nice.  I like the mixture of colors and the old Victorian style.  If you'd like your name on it click the graphic to make a request.  It's much later then I thought so I'm off to bed.  Hope everyone had a great Saturday........


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~ Lets Dance ~



I just had to do something regarding the dancing fool.  My nephew is a 'ham' and loves to dance.  He stole the show on the dance floor at the wedding.  Toooo funny!  I wish it wasn't so dark, but I think you will still get the idea.  While I was at it I did a few of some of the other dancing fools. 




~ What A Week ~


This week has been absolutely nuts!  I thank all of you that left comments and shot emails to make sure I was ok because of the lack of posting.  I truly appreciate and value your friendship.  I am fine, just trying to recover.  On Tuesday I crashed and burned.  I was exhausted from the wedding and week prior.  Yes Bill, and probably from staying up too late :)  I decided to call it an early night and I think I was in bed by 10:30.  Yes, that is early for me.  


Wednesday after work the girls went out to dinner.  My sister Marge wanted to treat us as a thank you for helping with the wedding preparations.  It was a nice relaxing dinner at Kelsey's.  The food was good, the company better.  It was after 9 when we got home and I just decided to veg a bit.  Getting up early and being on the go all day took it's toll.  I checked mail as quick as I could and headed off to bed.  


Thursday... ohhhhhhh Thursday was an day full of emotions.  I was excited in the morning as I was going to the hockey game after work.  I haven't gotten to many games this year.  We were playing the Ottawa Senators, and I knew it would be a good game.   I left the house a bit later then normal as I had changed my schedule to go in later and stay a bit later.  No sense in driving home after work only to head back down to the arena.   It was snowing when I left my house.  Not a horrible snow, but the flakes were huge.  Imagine silver dollars falling from the sky and covering the roads with a slick slush.  I got on the highway to head downtown.  Traffic was very light as it was well past rush hour, but everyone was moving a bit slow.  Visibility wasn't great because of the snow.  On more then one occasion I came upon a car I didn't even know was there as they had no lights on what so ever.  Grrrr they had to realize they couldn'tbe seen.  I had no problems slowing down to avoid them, but that really wasn't the issue.   I was in the center lane and could see a little station wagon in front of me in the right lane.  Plenty of room separated us, that was until I saw their break lights go on and the spin started.  The car twirled in front of me and I touched my breaks.  I knew I would slide on the slick slush and swerved a bit to the right as they were twirling to the left.  Another twirl and smack head on right in to the cement barrier between the north and south lanes.  I was paying attention to my car as I missed his tail end as he bounced off the barrier, twirled again and smacked full force again with the side of his car.  I was shaking and tense, white knuckles on the steering wheel.  I was going slow, almost stopped.  I pulled my car over in front of the smashed vehicle.  The whole time thanking a higher power for not having the road full of cars.  I got out of my car to check on the driver.  He was an old man, near 80 I would guess.  He looked dazed and a bit shaken but said he was ok.  I talked for a minute to make sure, then headed to my car to call the police.  I waited for the police to arrive and after they talked to him for a few minutes they came to me.  I gave my version of what had happened, or what I knew happened.  He was not speeding, but I had no idea why he stepped on the break.  Did he come upon a car that had no lights?  Did he start to slide and over compensated?  I don't know.  I was too busy trying to control my car to notice.  The man was ok, and off I went to work.  I got to the parking lot, pulled in my spot and sat there in tears.  I was shaking like a leaf and felt as though my life had flashed before my eyes.  I went into the office, but it was a good hour or so before I was calm enough or composed enough to actually work.   My arms, shoulders, and neck remained stiff for the majority of the day.  I didn't hit anything, I'm sure it was from tensing up in anticipation of the possibility. 


Work was done, yeah.  I was on my way to watch 'my boys.'  This part will most likely bore the hell out of most of you, and some may have already seen/heard it.  I found a spot to park and headed to the arena, camera in hand.  I waited for my guest and when they arrived we grabbed a bite to eat and found our seats.  Wow!  what a perfect vantage point.  We were about 16 rows from the ice off to the left of our goalie.  Only bad part about the seats is above the glass on either end there is netting to stop the puck from going into the crowd.  Ok, so it's a good thing it's there, but bad if you want to take pictures.  I took a few shots of them warming up through the glass.  You can see some of the 'scuff' marks on the graphic above.   I was excited to see Marty Biron would be in net.  He's been the topic of many trade rumors and it could be his last game in Buffalo.  I adore Marty!  I would hate to see him go but I also feel he deserves to be a starter, and could be on many other teams.  He has been nothing short of a team player and professional in his roll as back up.  As we watched the team warm up I looked around and saw many new faces.  We've had a rash of injuries and there were several kids called up from the minors.  It would be interesting to see how they faired against a good, healthy Ottawa team.  Ottawa has been pouring it on in the last few games and are trying to catch Buffalo in the standings.   Could the young guys step up?  Could the veterans keep their stamina for 60 minutes?  It was going to be a hard game to win, but I was excited none the less.  One of the young guys called up was a boy from the area.  How exciting to start in his first NHL game with the team he grew up cheering for.   My nephews know him personally and I was able to grab a shot of him at the bench.  That is him drinking from the water bottle. 


The boys were doing good.  Holding their own against a high powered offensive team.  About 5 minutes into the second period we were winning 3-2.  Then it happened.  It's been said around the league run our guys, they are soft, they can't play that type of game.  Chris Drury was in the Ottawa zone, he passed the puck off and a few seconds later in comes  Neil, making a beeline towards him.  The play was elsewhere and there is no reason to hit Chris, to say nothing about it being against the rules.  He hits him high and knocks off his helmet.  Down goes Chris, blood coming from his head/face.  One of the young guys comes to Chris's defense and goes after Neil.  I was proud of the young guy.  I don't condone the violence, but it had to be done.  A message needed to be sent.  You don't go after one of our best players and knock him out with a cheap shot.  The officials calm things down and start play again after giving out a couple penalties.  You think it is over?  Oh, my boys didn't.  The puck gets dropped and all hell breaks loose.  Players paired off and no matter where you looked on the ice there were punches being thrown.  Old time hockey.  Even the goalies got into it.  I will give kudo's to Emery (the Ottawa goalie) he is a boxer as well and lightened up on Marty.  He could have pounded him and didn't.  Like I said, I don't condone it but I was so proud of them.  They needed to stick up for each other.  Send a message it isn't ok to play dirty and try to take players out.  I watched and not once remembered I had my camera around my neck.  I could have gotten it all on video, but didn't.  Oh well, I was so caught up in the moment.  Twenty minutes, over 100 minutes of penalties, and three ejections later the game continues.  Both goalies get tossed out.  Ottawa did come back to tie the game.  It went to overtime and then a shoot out.  I didn't forget about the camera then :)  




Stafford gets a Gordie Howe hat trick.  A goal, an assist, and a fight.  He was the first to come to Drury's defense and scored the only goal in the shoot out.  A depleted roster of the Buffalo Sabres goes on to beat the Ottawa Senators 6-5.  It's unfortunate that Chris out for a few games.  He took some 20+ stitches to close a gash in his head.  We now have more players from our minor league team then regulars.  As of now the league has done nothing.  I thought for sure Andrew Peters would be suspended for fighting with the Sen's goalie, that Neil would get some type of punishment for his cheap shot, but nothing yet.  GRRRRRR  To top it all off........... they play again tonight.  More fireworks?  I highly doubt it.  The hype is usually bigger then the event, but you know where I will be tonight.





The last clip here says it all....................... a win!!


Monday, February 19, 2007

~ You Asked For It ~


Some of you will probably be sorry you commented you were looking forward to more pictures, others, well you might just skip the entry all together.  :)  No worries, no hard feelings, I'm posting anyway. 


As we sat at my sisters yesterday we had a great conversation about different things that happened the night before.  I was telling them about a nice young guy at the bar.  I had gone up to get some water and he inadvertently caught me with his elbow.  He turned and apologized and we started a nice conversation.  He was actually at the wedding with one of my nieces friends, I thought they were dating.  He was complimenting the party at first, then the people.  Then, well he... lets just say got a bit goofy.  He started flirting and getting closer and closer to me.  I backed up and laughed.  He told me how pretty I was and how nice my hair looked.  He then asked if I had glitter sparkles.  I laughed out loud and said, 'yes they were trying to cover the gray and make me look young.'  The shit then started to get deep.  'You are beautiful, and young.'  I had to stop my self for choking and spitting out my recent sip of water.  'I'm old enough to be your mother.'  I was so thankful someone called my name.  I excused myself and walked away.  A few more times during the night he appeared next to me.  Each time putting his hand on the small of my back and making small talk.  I would scan the room for his date.   When the party was over, he came to me to say good night and planted a kiss.  I am not 100% sure where he was going to plant it, but I gave him no choice but to hit my cheek.   Later during the evening my niece told me he wasn't her friends boyfriend, but a co-worker she asked to come along because her boyfriend couldn't make it.  I know I laughed for about a second, but will admit it did make me feel good.   As we sat at my sisters, a few of the other ladies mentioned conversations they had with him.  Damn!  It wasn't me, he must have been looking for an older lady, he sure as hell wouldn't be looking for a 'sugar momma', we are all broke.  Talk about being deflated!!!  DAMN!  LOL


You can tell the opening graphic is that of the wedding party.  Mike with the girls, Renee with the guys.  The wedding cake is obvious, and was made by Renee's great Aunt.  It was out of this world!!!!  We then have my nephew (Renee's brother) and his girlfriend.  Aren't they just adorable together?  I love the way the background picture is.  Of course my son and his girlfriend.  As you will notice he dressed in red and black to match her not me.  The thought was nice though and I can pretend, right?  LOL  Then of course the wedding party again in black and white. 













Everyone that took pictures will be sending them over to me on disc so we can make a movie.  That should be fun.  I won't bore you with that, but no doubt down the road a few more picture/graphics might appear.  Uh huhhhh... and yeah you can look at it as a threat :)~


I'm off to bed........ hope everyone had a great Monday...  and thanks for all the nice comments... you guys rock!



Sunday, February 18, 2007

~ WoW!.... it's over ~


Not only is the weekend over, but so is the wedding.  All the planning came together on a wonderful Saturday afternoon.   It was extremely cold out, but when I left my house to get to the church early the sky was blue and the clouds were white and full.   I will admit I wore my boots, but didn't bring the red shoes.  As I was walking around the house prior to leaving my right foot kept falling out and I knew I'd never be able to walk.  So as I packed my bag, the black shoes went in.  (only to find out later I did lose weight in my feet because the same thing happened with the black, but no where as bad)   I got to the church and headed to the room where the girls were dressing.  Renee was still in sweats as she primped 'bug', and let me tell you she looked like a little princess.  Ok, in my eyes she is everyday, but she was adorable!  The girls were fluffing and primping themselves.  I changed out of my boots and went to check out the lighting of where the ceremony was going to be.  The church was decorated absolutely beautiful, aisles were decorated with branches dipped in glitter and crystal like gems.  They appeared to be iced, and perfect for a cold winter day.  I was holding my own until I turned and saw Gage escorting someone to their seat.  Seeing him in his tux and looking so grown up brought me to tears.  My hands shook as I gathered my camera to get his picture.  The ceremony went without a hitch.  Well, except for on small portion when the Minister asked who gives Renee.... her father who had practiced the line and had a cheat sheet, hesitated.  Believe me when I say it wasn't hesitation about giving her... it was more he was off in lah lah land.  LOL  The church fell silent and Renee and Mike shot him a look, only to be followed by several chuckles.  At one point 'bug' walked to Gage with outstretched arms looking for his hand or a hug.  Not sure which, but it was so sweet and followed by 'aaaawwww.'   I am so glad I captured that on camera.




The reception was perfect!  I got there right before the 'limbo' (what 'bug' called it all night) and we set up for pictures.  I took what seemed like a gazillion and when deciding on what to use for graphics I was overwhelmed.  So many beautiful poses, funny, serious, and loving.  I will obviously do several more before all is said and done.  When the guests started to arrive everything was a whirl wind.  Smiles, hugs, and kisses.  We mingled and snacked on hor'devours.  It was wonderful seeing family and friends that we don't normally see.  Gage did some talking in the mic and helped prepare everyone for the announcement of the wedding party.  He was so proud and so honored to be doing that for his Mom and Dad. 


Dinner was wonderful.  Started with soup and salad.  The buffet table seemed to be endless.  Rolls, pasta salad, mashed tators, roast beef, chicken breasts in a wonderful lemon garlic mushroom sauce, roast pork, baked ziti, and steamed veggies.  Talk about having a feast!  Every thing I had was delish! 


The rest of the evening was full of laughter, chatting, and dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.  Not to mention it had started to snow and it was coming down pretty fast and heavy.  I've come to the conclusion that both sides of the family are nuts!  I danced more then I thought I would, and my hip/back did bother me a few times, but I kicked off my shoes and tried to not let it bother me.   When they played Brown Eyed Girl, we grabbed my Dad and made him dance with us.  Well, lets say he swayed and we danced around him.  My sisters and I all have brown eyes and we laughed hysterically as he tried to keep up with us singing.  'Bug' was in heaven!  She has been looking forward to that song.  She has called it the wedding song for weeks and has listened to it over and over and over. 


My evening ended with going to my sisters for a bit, taking my son and his girlfriend home and then coming home myself.  When I woke up this morning I did the graphic of Renee and Mike and printed it out on nice photo paper.  I headed back to my sisters for breakfast, and gave out copies of the graphic.  I ended up staying there the entire day, and never got home until after 7 this evening.  It was a day of reliving the events of last night, lots of food, and more laughs.  I put the graphic of the kids together when I got home, and included one of me and Steve.  I am also posting one my hair from the back so you could all see the braid and what I had done.  Now you know why I never ask my sister Karen to take pictures...... LOL.... she cut my head off!!  It was a bit more then I wanted but it was nice and held up until late today when I finally had to pull it out.  My head was itchy and I knew I would need help getting all the pins out.  'Bug' took pleasure in helping there and kept telling me not to cry.  She even scratched my head for me.  Have to love that child!! 






Obviously every detail of the wedding isn't here, I could write a book and I'm sure I bored you to tears already.  Just be warned, there will be more pictures coming.  LOL


Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Mine was fabulous........ long........ and I'm tired. 




Saturday, February 17, 2007

~ Good Morning ~

It is definitely winter time here!  Very cold, but the sky is blue and I can see the sun trying to peek out over the houses down the street.  There is a yellow pinkish glow showing between the trees.  Brings to mind a saying my dad said so many times as we grew up.  'Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors take warning.'  Not a hint at all that my Dad was in the Navy is there?   I was messing with this graphic and when I added the clock I just loved it.  Not exactly sure why, maybe because it is a bit different.  Whatever the reason, you're stuck seeing it. 


I woke up pretty early this morning and thought about going back to bed since it's going to be a long day.  But, thought about it only.  I was afraid if I fell back asleep I'd sleep through my hair appointment.  So instead, I made coffee and decided to start my day.  Surfing the net and drinking my coffee I started thinking and remembering....  Renee was the first on our side of the family.  She was a beautiful baby with all kinds of curls, even more then Bug.  I remember babysitting for her and on more then one occasion I'd have to stand at the kitchen sink with the water running to get her to stop crying.  Don't ask me why but it was soothing to her.  Watching her grow up, become a woman.  Seeing the strength when Gage was born, through all the troubles with him, she was a rock.  How many times I cried in the comforts of my home, praying he'd be ok.  She on the other hand had that mother instinct and knew he would be.  Ok.. 'nuff on that I'm getting all teary eyed.......


My brother in law is home. Yeah!!  They didn't do the Angiogram but will next Thursday.  It was not a heart attack but he does have a weak heart.  The Dr thinks he may have gotten some type of virus that settled there.  He's on meds and feeling much better.  Thanks for the scare Jimbo!!!  I'm so very glad you're better.  He will be at the wedding today but I don't think he'll do much dancing.  Speaking of dancing, I wonder who will be.  I know I will be limited with the sore hip, and everyone has to be sore with all the snow we've been shoveling.  It will definitely be a 'kids' wedding and all the old folks will skip half the dances.  LOL  I remember when we all got married, same 'ole same 'ole.  The young folks danced like fools, were silly, and had a riot.  The 'elders' they sat and gabbed and danced to the slow music and a few of the silly songs.  I never thought I'd be in that 'elders' group, but I think today I may be.  No worries tho, the trusty camera will be on hand.


I guess I should get my ass in gear.. shower, and get moving..  I won't be able to sit still but I do have to shake, rattle, and roll.  LOL  Just a couple of snags today, and my new tag request.  If you'd like your name on it just click on the graphic.  May take a couple extra days to get them back to you but I will get them out. 


Have a great Saturday.........









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Friday, February 16, 2007

~ One More Day ~

Yeap, hard to believe but tomorrow is the big day.  Renee and Mike will say their vows and move forward with their life, venturing into a whole new experience.  She just left and was on her way to her mom's to finish up a few last minute things, take a bath, and get a good nights sleep.  ::cough cough::  She's a little like me and I seriously doubt that will happen.  I hope the soothing warm bath will relax her and get into a 'zone.'  It's been a crazy week for her.  She was notified by the florist the other day that her flowers froze.  They were stranded on a plane out on the tarmac during the storm.  She wanted Bells of Ireland in her arrangements, and luckily the florist was able to have more sent in time.  The added stresses of weddings!   I took pictures at her cousin's wedding over the summer and I thought these of her and Mike came out so cute.  I played this evening and created this.  I love how the hazed shot of them kissing looks on the background.  She saw it and absolutely loved it and we had to print it on photo paper.  I'm sure she'll find something to do with it.  She selected Wild Child by Enya to play while she danced with her Dad.  It's not a real common song so we typed up the lyrics and printed them.  She will have them placed on the tables so those attending will know the words.  I found the video on you tube and thought I'd post it here for those interested.  You have to know her, but let me tell you this is perfect!!! 





My day was pretty hectic as well.  I will let you know my shoes did arrive and they fit.  Well, they are a bit loose, but they will work.  I think I lost weight in my feet.  Is that possible?  I know they didn't get any narrower............ but I do think they are .. ummm... lighter?  LOL  It's absolutely frigid outside and will be sloppy or icy without a doubt.  I might have to wear boots and change at the church and then again at the hall.  Once my feet get cold, I'm cold.  We'll see.  I have my hair appointment at 10, and then I'm pretty much free until I go to the church.  I will arrive early as the girls will be dressing there.  You know me.  I have to get pictures.  I will probably drive you all nuts with pictures over the next few days.  Fair warning.   Can you tell I'm a bit excited? 





Wednesday, February 14, 2007

~ Out My Kitchen Window ~

Ok, so it's really not my kitchen window, but the picture is from my backyard and the view I have out the window over my sink.  The picture is not from today, it's from a few days ago.  I just didn't have it in me to go out there today.  My hip/back is feeling a bit better but not perfect.  Walking around in deep snow wasn't something I wanted to even try.  I'm stiff and being in one position isn't very comfy at all.  I am walking with a slight limp but more as a 'favor'.  I just took a pain pill and I will head off to bed, hopefully I can sleep through the night.  It is off to work tomorrow.  


Valentine's day was nice.  My son called me earlier to wish me a good one.  He's working a ton of hours and nights so it will be the weekend before I see him.  It's ok, his gift is on my desk at work.  LOL  I ordered him homemade cookies from a co-worker. 


Haven't gotten news on my brother in law yet... but no news is good news at this point.  Thank you so much for the good wishes and prayers.  I will update when I have some answers.


I'm posting some graphics I did a few days back.  I know everyone is really tired of snow,  or those living in it anyway, but I couldn't sit here today.  The tea cup graphic was sent by a friend.  I had to do something and figured I would post tonite with the hopes of brightening someone's day.  I also posted a new graphic for tag.  If you'd like your name on it, click  on the graphic to make a request.


Off to bed folks, stay safe and warm.











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~ I Admit It ~

Yes, after all this time I will admit it.  I am freakin old and out of shape!!  I don't have the get up and go like I once did, and yes I was visited by 'this' earlier today.  No, I didn't die for a second, or have my life flash before my eyes, but I was warned.


So I didn't actually put the spoon under my pillow or put my jammies on inside out.  In my neck of the woods you don't have to, not at this time of year.  It was snowing pretty good when I went to bed, and was still snowing when I woke up.  A friend of a friend of a friend plows our driveway and he had already been by.  Yeah!  Only thing is the way we park so all  our cars will fit.    He has to pull the snow up the drive and leaves a 'trailer' behind our cars.  I could see it was quite high and looked pretty chunky for lack of a better word.  Very similar to what one would have at the end of the driveway after the plow went down the street.  Nothing was done between the cars, for obvious reasons.  I flip on the TV and wait for the coffee to be done so I can at least have a little 'jo' before heading out.  I look at the screen and say a silent prayer that work is closed.  OMG!  Yeah right!  I live in snow country.  The 10-12 inches that fell is nothing, well except for schools, they were closed.  So I have some coffee, read some mail, and then throw on some clothes to begin the 'dig.'  There was probably 3 inches more since the plow had been by, but I'm sure I can trudge through that.  What I needed to clear was behind my car so I could back up and pull out as well as the drivers side so I could get in.  Nice drift there, about half way up my doors.   I start behind my car.  Holy shit!  Definitely more there then what I thought as I looked out my window from the warmth of my house.  The wind is blowing and the snow felt like pellets as it smacked my cheeks.  I take a couple swipes at the pile and stop, thinking, I didn't know I had muscles there.  Look around and take a deep breath and do a couple more.  OUCH! this is heavy!!  I move over to the light fluffy snow and start to clear between the cars.  Thinking I will take turns so not to wear myself out.  Yes, I'm old!  My feet slide, I stretch, pull, groan, and catch myself from falling flat on my ass and/or face.  I must have looked like a fool.  I do a few more swipes and my hip and back start aching, burning, screaming.  STOP! I try to stand up straight and I could feel tears well up.  I take another swipe behind my car.  It hurt.  I stood there looking around.  I was sore, tired, fed up.  All last week every morning was like this.  I'd finally get out of the driveway, drive through blinding snow, get to work and it would be beautiful... all day.  I'd go to leave and the heavens would open and dump more snow making my normal 20 minute drive an hour or more.  Not again today, I can't!  I threw the shovel and said 'F it'.  I walked over to the shovel, ok so I kind of limped to it, picked it up so it didn't get buried and placed it on the front stoop.  I came inside, shook off the snow, took off my boots, and promptly picked up the phone and called off.   I had no energy or get up and go to this today.  I took a few Tylenol and my heating pad and went back to bed.  I slept for a bit and when I got up I found myself sore and stiff.  Looking outside it was still snowing.  About 6 more inches of snow in the drive.  ARRRRRRRGH


I don't think I did any real damage, and to set the record straight the tears were more frustration then pain.  It's been an emotional few days around here and I just didn't have the 'umph.'   Besides all the drama around JLand and that same routine of clearing snow all last week, I found out last night my brother in law was in the hospital.  Apparently he wasn't feeling well on Sunday.  He has allergies and does have difficulty breathing at times.  They blew it off as that.  On Monday he was sitting at the kitchen table and once again he had those issues along with sweats.  My sister thought he looked a bit gray so off he went to the Dr's.  He felt a bit tight in his chest and the Dr sent him off to the hospital.  One thing led to another and they kept him.  He had a battery of tests and they kept him again.  He was scheduled for an Angiogram today.  Haven't heard anything yet.  So my emotional state along with feeling old and out of shape just hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'm good, but can you find it in your heart to send a few good wishes my brother in laws way?  We'd all appreciate it.


It's been snowing off and on all day, but at least the street out front is just wet and sloppy.  My car is buried as I left it this morning.  My sister called my nephew and he will be over a bit later to shovel.  I suppose there will be a cost, eh?  I dig you out, you let me use the computer.  I tried my son but he is working and won't be out until 11, that is if they don't ask him to stay late too.  Oh, I wish I was young and strong! 


Hope everyone else is doing ok, this is one mother of a storm hitting the US.  I may venture out to get pictures, but if you've seen one yard full of snow you've seen 'em all.  LOL  I'll be back....  stay safe and warm.





Cupid's arrow reach touch you today.  Happy Valentine's Day!




Tuesday, February 13, 2007

~ Something Different SAC ~

Well the snow has arrived, again!  LOL  It's said we will get a good 14-18 inches.  Hmmm.. it's coming down but it is very very fine.  We'll see what it looks like when I get up.  I think I'm putting my jammies on inside out and putting a spoon under my pillow..  why?   Check this out.. Snow Day Rituals....I've heard it before but searched it on google to get an article so someone else didn't think I was nuts and/or making it up.  LOL 


Just posting a couple graphics...... one SAC.... 

Yeap another short's your lucky day! ....... have a good night, stay warm and safe.








Monday, February 12, 2007

~ Not Much ~


Learned over the weekend that Paul Gaustad will be out the remainder of the season and it looks as though he won't be around for the play offs either.  The other night he took a skate to his ankle.  It appeared not to be bad, but turns out it is.  Very bad.  The skate cut the tendon and he will be having surgery tomorrow.  So sad as he works his ass off every shift and definitely sets an example for the rest of the boys.  Nothing like peer pressure with actions.  His grit and determination will be missed.  Heal fast Goose!!!


I'll be honest here, not much into this entry, and based on alerts or lack there of it seems no one else is either.   Just wanted to send good wishes (in my mind) to Paulie.  I just love this guy.  He has heart, determination, and mojo. 


I'm off to bed folks... tomorrow is another day.




Sunday, February 11, 2007

~ Liar Liar... Pants on Fire ~

Yeap, they did again!  Things were all on track and happening just as they said.  They built my trust and faith.  WHAM!!  It all fell apart today.  GRRRRR  Weathermen!  Why do we believe 'em?  Why do we trust 'em?   They told us it was going to be warm today.   Ok, so not a heat wave and definitely not warm enough to wear that itty bitty polka dot............   LMAO!!!  But they did say it would be in the mid 30's and it barely got over 20.  Some of you might be saying, they were only a bit off, and they were, but those few degrees do make a difference.  Anything over 30 would have felt like a heat wave after the frigid temperatures we've been having.  Shame on them for getting my hopes up... even if I did know it would snow again during the week.


Today was a weird day.  I got up extremely early and decided I was nuts to be up so early after my late night.  I went back to bed.  I curled up and went off to dream land, but those dreams are for a different entry... and different graphic.  LOL!  When I did wake back up I was stunned to realize it was after 11.  I never EVER sleep that late, must have been my comment yesterday about not needing so much sleep.  ::evil grin::  Honestly though, I did feel 'blah' all day, hung over, achy, too much sleep I say!!  It was nice though... just me home most of the day so the TV was off and it was just a quiet relaxing day.  Ok, except for the phone ringing off the hook.  Everyone is good so no worries there. 


My mind is going a mile a minute and I had a few topics I wanted to go into but I do not want this to turn into a ramble.  You know a few lines on a gazillion topics.  Nah, not tonight.  HEY!  Stop applauding!  I'll just post my mixture of snags and get in my jammies, climb in bed, and yes that would be after I turn on the TV.  Funny I don't want it on all day, but I need it to fall asleep.  Hope you find something you like.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I wish you all a peaceful and happy Monday.















Saturday, February 10, 2007

~ Shoes, shoes, & more shoes ~

So what do you think?  Will they go with my black and white dress?  I know I said I wanted red to go with the sweater I will be wearing over the dress, but I just thought these were the bomb!   JAAAANNN you should have been with me!!!!  HELP!!!!   Ok, so I am being a goof, but I could have very well bought shoes like this.  I went to about 10 stores today and found nothing.  I mean NOTHING!!!  Several stores didn't even have red shoes in stock!!!  One store had these vinyl/rubber dance like shoes with a vinyl/rubber bow and fringe.  WTF!?!  They reminded me of rubber duckies that one might wear in the rain, but they had a heel.  Not talking just a wedge heel, I'm talking a heel!!  Maybe I'm out of the 'shoe loop', but who would wear something like that?  And.. would you wear them with a dress?  Dress slacks?  Jeans?  Holy Crap I felt so out of touch.  Maybe not though, they seemed to be very well stocked in that style!  After my run to the various shoe stores I went grocery shopping.  I bought a few necessities, and then hit the ice cream aisle.  I was going to come home and drown my sorrows in a nice banana split.  Damn, it's almost 2 and I still haven't done that.... guess there is tomorrow.   No worries though, I did order a pair of red shoes on line and they will arrive on Wednesday.  The wedding is Saturday soooooooooooooo lets hope they get here in time and they fit!  If not, I will have to wear black.  :::sigh:::  I hate shoe shopping!!!! 


The rest of the day wasn't bad.  I did laundry and some chores around the house.  I cleaned up some of my hard drive and was stunned.  I burned my graphics on to a disc and found that I did over 900 since June.  Yeouch!!  Am I addicted or what?  Maybe I shouldn't even say that, it's kind of scary.  Kinda eludes to... I have no life, eh?  Actually in talking to a friend today we got on the subject of graphics and how much of a release it could be.  And ya know, it is.  I find myself releasing thoughts and feelings in the 'theme' of the graphic.  I know my life is busy, and nothing suffers from my addiction.  I go to work, I pay my bills, I clean, do laundry, shop, spend time with friends and family, watch my boys every game, so it is ok, right?  And Bill.... no don't tell me I don't get enough sleep.  I do that too!   I've never been one that needs 10 hours, hell if I get much more then 6 or 7 hours I am a lost cause.  I feel hung over and lazy the next day.  If I don't get enough, you know me, I'll take a nap on the couch in the ladies room at work.  LOL


In between loads of laundry and chores I played with more graphics.  The 'already used' folder was empty and I felt naked!   I found these graphics and I thought they were just too damn cute to sit and not get touched.  I picked out a few and made a subtle attempt at making some soothing graphics.  Cutesy and soothing, that is what I needed, and figured I'd post them tonight as others might need them too.  Dunno.. maybe I'm just being corning.... or daft as my Brit friends would say :)  Oh well, too late, they going in this entry.  I messed with the wedding one and thought next weekend I will no doubt have some from 'the' wedding.  I am so damn excited about this and so looking forward to it.  Sorry if I bore you with the talk about it, but it's not every day a young couple in love gets married.  Ok, so maybe it does happen everyday, but not with me involved.  Don't you just want to shout it from the mountain top when someone you know is getting married?  When you are or did?  Share all the details?  Ok, so not all the nitty gritty, but some of it?  I got pictures today of a couple that got engaged this weekend, a friends sister.  They looked so happy, and I know she is.  See, I'm not alone!  ::wiping brow::  It's normal....... right? 


Well, reruns of the earlier hockey games are on and now I know it is time to get to bed.  I hope everyone had a great Saturday and wish you a peaceful and soothing Sunday.